All For Love

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Chapter 33

They sat there waiting for the results. Matthew sat beside her holding her close.

“Matt,” Kelly said.

“Yes baby?” Matthew asked.

“I need to see again, I need to be able to see you, to see our baby if I’m pregnant, I need to see again,” Kelly said.

“You will baby, it gets better day by day, you will see again, I know it,” Matthew said.

“Oh god Matt, why did this happen to me, why did this happen to us,” Kelly said.

“I don’t know baby but we are stronger than ever,” Matthew said.

“I love you so much,” Kelly said.

“I love you baby more than life,” Matthew said. He kissed her forehead and held her as the doctor came in.

“Hey you two, I got your results,” Dr. Martin said.

“Tell us please,” Kelly said.

“You are pregnant,” Dr. Martin said.

“We’re having a baby!” Matthew said. He hugged Kelly close as they cried happily.

“Matthew, here is everything that you both need to know and the stuff she will need, I made an appointment for you next month, here you go, congratulations to you both,” Dr. Martin said.

“Thank you,” Kelly said.

“Thanks doc,” Matthew said. They left and went home and he got her settled on the couch and sent a text to everyone to come over. An hour later, everyone was sitting in the living room.

“What’s the news sis?” Kate asked.

“We just got home from seeing the doctor, Matthew and I are going to have a baby,” Kelly said.

“I’m going to be a grandpa again!” Peter said.

“Aunt!” Kate said.

“Uncle!” Paul said.

“Uncle!” Mitch said.

“Grandpa,” Harris said.

“Great Grandma,” Martha said.

“Aunt,” Melanie said.

“Aunt,” Sarah said.

“Aunt,” Tara said.

“Uncle,” Benjamin said.

“Grandma,” Laura said.

“Uncle,” Ryan said.

“Uncle,” David said.

“Aunt?” Lindsay asked.

“Yes Lindsay, you will be aunt to this baby,” Kelly said.

“Aww baby, I won’t be letting you go,” Mitch said. He hugged her close. Everyone hugged Matthew and Kelly.

“I’m happy for you sis,” Paul said.

“We all are, sis, we are pregnant at the same time, I may be further along but we have some time being pregnant together,” Kate said.

“Yeah I wish I could see you and me together,” Kelly said.

“You will, sis, I know you will get your sight back,” Kate said.

Two weeks later, Matthew woke up and saw Kelly still asleep. He got up and went downstairs and made breakfast.

“MATTHEW!!!!” Kelly yelled. He ran up the stairs and into the bedroom and saw Kelly sitting up on the bed.

“Kelly baby?” Matthew asked.

“Oh god Matt!” Kelly said.

“What is it, what’s wrong?” Matthew asked.

“You are still as handsome as ever,” Kelly said.

“Oh baby you can see!” Matthew said.

“I can see you!” Kelly said. He kissed her deeply and hugged her to him. She cried as she held onto him.

“Oh god baby I’m so glad!” Matthew said.

“Me too,” Kelly said. She got up and removed her shirt and went into the bathroom and looked in the mirror.

“Baby,” Matthew said.

“I have to see,” Kelly said. She looked at her body and her face and looked at him.

“Matt,” Kelly said.

“It’s not as bad as it was, baby,” Matthew said.

“I need to see,” Kelly said.

“Baby no,” Matthew said.

“Matt please I need to see how I looked before,” Kelly said. Matthew got his phone and found the pictures of how she looked before. She started sobbing. Matthew took her in his arms.

“Oh god!” Kelly said.

“I love you so much,” Matthew said.

“Don’t let me go,” Kelly said.

“Never baby,” Matthew said. He held her as she cried against him.

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