All For Love

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Chapter 36

Three days later, Kelly and Matthew arrived home from her mother’s funeral. She stood at the window.

“My love?” Matthew asked.

“Hmmm?” Kelly said.

“How you holding up?” Matthew asked.

“I don’t know what to feel,” Kelly said.

“It’s okay to feel the way you do, after all she did to you,” Matthew said.

“But she was still my mom, she gave me life, I wouldn’t be here,” Kelly said.

“I’m thankful that you are,” Matthew said.

“I love you,” Kelly said.

“I love you baby,” Matthew said.

“I’m going to take a nap,” Kelly said.

“Okay baby, I’ll be down here watching TV,” Matthew said. She kissed him and went upstairs and laid on the bed and fell asleep.

Three weeks later, Matthew was at the office. Kelly was at the bakery doing paperwork. Melanie came in with an envelope.

“Someone just delivered these,” Melanie said.

“Who?” Kelly asked.

“A messenger,” Melanie said. Kelly opened the envelope and saw pictures of her husband with another woman at his office.

“What the?” Kelly asked.

“What is it,” Melanie said.

“Pictures of Matt at his office with a woman,” Kelly said.

“Okay?” Melanie said.

“They are hugging,” Kelly said. Melanie looked at the pictures and looked at her.

“That’s his ex girlfriend from high school, they broke up after graduation and remained friends,” Melanie said.

“Oh,” Kelly said.

“Kel, he loves you, he always has and always will, you are his life now, and you have something she doesn’t, his heart, and something else, his child,” Melanie said.

“I need to go see him,” Kelly said.

“I’ll go with him,” Melanie said. They went to Matthew’s office and went to the door and knocked and opened it and saw Matthew sitting at his desk with the woman sitting on it beside him.

“Kelly, Melanie,” Matthew said.

“Hey bro, Darla, long time no see,” Melanie said.

“Melanie hey!” Darla said. She got off the desk and came over to them.

“What brings you here,” Melanie said.

“I just moved back to town with my mom and my son and I looked up Matthew and came to visit,” Darla said.

“You have a son?” Melanie asked.

“Yeah I met someone in college and we got married and we had a son and then my husband left me for another woman and he gave up his rights to my son, I moved back here with them for a fresh start,” Darla said.

“This is Kelly,” Melanie said.

“Hello,” Kelly said.

“Kelly? This is your wife?” Darla asked.

“Yes she’s my wife and she is pregnant with our first child,” Matthew said. Matthew came over and hugged Kelly close.

“How on earth did she get these scars?” Darla asked.

“My mother,” Kelly said.

“What?” Darla asked.

“Kelly owns a bakery with her twin sister and two best friends, her mom threw her into the donut case there,” Melanie said.

“Oh my lord why on earth would she do that to her own child?” Darla asked.

“I used to date Mitch, we found out that she hooked up with him before he and I started dating, we got married and three years later, I found him fucking his assistant in his office one day and filed for a divorce, my mom wanted me to go back to him,” Kelly said.

“Why,” Darla said.

“So she wouldn’t be tempted to hook up with him again and cheat on my dad again,” Kelly said.

“But then we found out that he got injured at work and got hooked on painkillers so he checked himself into rehab and Kelly’s brother’s girl had a friend who worked at the rehab center and they told her that their mom was there and got caught with Mitch having sex in his room, that extended his stay there and she was banned from there, so my father-in-law filed for a divorce and her mother put all the blame on Kelly and threw her into the case where she got the scars and for awhile she was blind,” Matthew said.

“I’m so sorry for all you went through and now look at you, you are back to normal and expecting a child, I would say you came out of it stronger than ever,” Darla said.

“Yes I did, now I want you both to explain to me why these pictures were delivered to me today,” Kelly said. She got the pictures out and put them on the desk. Matthew and Darla looked at them.

“What the hell, baby these are just me greeting a friend, that’s it, I don’t know why you got these but they are not really bad pictures,” Matthew said.

“I know that but who would send them to me and why,” Kelly said.

“I did,” Crystal said.

“Who are you?” Darla asked.

“She’s my assistant and she has questions to answer, sit down Crystal,” Matthew said. She sat down and looked at all of them.

“Talk,” Kelly said.

“I took the pictures and sent them to Kelly in hopes she would get upset and mad and storm over here and go off on you and leave you,” Crystal said.

“Why would you do that,” Darla said.

“Because she wants my husband, that’s why,” Kelly said.

“Crystal, is that true, you did this to get to me?” Matthew asked.

“Yes, I wanted you for myself,” Crystal said.

“You would never have gotten me,” Matthew said.

“I did have you once,” Crystal said.

“What,” Kelly said.

“What,” Melanie said.

“Matthew?” Kelly asked.

“Matthew and I shared a night of passion,” Crystal said.

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