All For Love

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Chapter 37

Kelly looked at her husband and looked at Crystal.

“You had a night of passion with my husband, when was this so called night of passion?” Kelly asked.

“It was the night before he left for Seattle,” Crystal said.

“Oh okay well that was before we were officially together and he had annulled the marriage,” Kelly said.

“Well then you guys aren’t married then,” Crystal said.

“Oh we are, the annulment didn’t go through,” Kelly said.

“He was still her husband officially,” Darla said.

“He deserves better than her,” Crystal said.

“Oh really, why is that?” Kelly asked.

“You are ugly with those scars,” Crystal said.

“Well the scars obviously don’t bother Matthew,” Darla said.

“He’s seen me at my worst and still said I was beautiful,” Kelly said.

“Crystal, that one night did not mean anything to me, I love my life more than anything in the world, scars and all, she’s beautiful inside and out, you’re fired, get your things and get out of my building and never come near me or my family or else,” Matthew said.

“Call Dad, babe,” Kelly said.

“Why,” Matthew said.

“Because we can’t trust her,” Kelly said. Crystal’s eyes widened.

“Good idea baby,” Matthew said. Matthew called his father who came in with Mitch and Benjamin. Matthew told them what happened. Mitch and Benjamin took her out the door.

“Wow,” Darla said.

“I have always hated her,” Melanie said.

“Babe, I’ll come work as your assistant,” Kelly said.

“Baby what about the bakery,” Matthew said.

“I’ll work at the bakery,” Darla said.

“Really?” Kelly asked.

“She’s good sis,” Melanie said.

“You aren’t going to try to get my husband, are you?” Kelly asked.

“Kelly, you have nothing to worry about, Matthew and I are only friends, the love we had is gone, I respect your marriage and would not want to destroy the family you guys are building,” Darla said.

“Darla, how old is your son?” Kelly asked.

“He’s five years old,” Darla said.

“How long has it been since you and Matt were together,” Kelly said.

“Ten years,” Darla said.

“Kel baby,” Matthew said.

“I just want to make sure,” Kelly said.

“I understand how you feel, Kel, I see Matthew more as a brother now,” Darla said.

“I’m glad, I just can’t lose him,” Kelly said.

“You won’t, Kelly, you have all of us here for you,” Darla said.

“Yeah, sis,” Melanie said.

“Okay so Mel, how about you take Darla to the bakery and show her how things go,” Kelly said.

“Got it,” Melanie said. Melanie left with Darla. Matthew pulled Kelly down in his lap.

“You will never lose me,” Matthew said.

“I hope not, I can’t be without you,” Kelly said.

“And I can’t be without you, it would kill me if I lost you,” Matthew said.

“I hope we never see Crystal ever again,” Kelly said. Matthew’s phone beeped. He looked at it.

“We won’t, Dad said she got ahold of a knife and came at him and attacked him, Mitch shot her, she’s dead,” Matthew said.

“Babe, what are we?” Kelly asked.

“Baby, we are just a normal family with high connections,” Matthew said.

“We aren’t mafia?” Kelly asked.

“No baby,” Matthew said.

“Is Dad okay?” Kelly asked.

“Yeah, he got a cut on his arm but he got it taken care of,” Matthew said.

“I’m okay Kelly,” Harris said. Kelly got up and went and hugged him. Harris held her.

“I’m sorry, I was just worried when he said she attacked you,” Kelly said.

“It was just a little cut, nothing to be worried about, I’m glad she didn’t have a chance to come at you,” Harris said.

“I know I have plenty of protection,” Kelly said.

“Yes you do,” Harris said.

“I just thought of a name for the baby, if it’s a boy, I want to name him Ryan Harris Jones,” Kelly said.

“I love it,” Harris said.

“I love it baby,” Matthew said. He got up and came over and hugged her close. Harris joined the hug.

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