All For Love

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Chapter 38

The next day, Kelly and Matthew were at the doctors office for an appointment.

“So are you both ready to see what you will be having,” Dr. Martin said.

“Yes,” Matthew said.

“Yes,” Kelly said. She got everything going and they watched the screen and saw the baby and smiled.

“There’s your baby,” Dr. Martin said. They looked at the screen and smiled.

“Our baby,” Kelly said.

“Our baby,” Matthew said. He kissed her forehead and rested his head against hers.

“I can see the gender of your baby,” Dr. Martin said.

“Boy or girl?” Kelly asked.

“What are your guesses?” Dr. Martin asked

“Girl,” Kelly said.

“Girl,” Matthew said.

“You want a girl?” Kelly asked.

“A girl who looks like her mother, my little princess,” Matthew said.

“You both are right, it’s a girl,” Dr. Martin said.

“A baby girl,” Kelly said.

“Our little princess,” Matthew said. He kissed her softly and rested his forehead against hers.

“Congratulations to you both,” Dr. Martin said. They got Kelly cleaned up and she fixed her clothes and they went home.

“Should we get started on the nursery,” Kelly said.

“Yes baby I’ll get to work on that,” Matthew said.

“You okay with me being your assistant,” Kelly said.

“I’m okay with it, this way we will be together and I won’t miss a moment,” Matthew said. The doorbell rang. Matthew got up and opened it and saw his parents, brothers, sister, and their other halves. They came in.

“What’s up,” Matthew said.

“We knew you had an appointment today,” Melanie said.

“So what are we having, grandson or granddaughter,” Laura said.

“It’s a girl,” Kelly said.

“A granddaughter, I’m so happy! I would have been happy either way,” Laura said. She hugged them. Everyone hugged them.

“I guess you can’t name her after me huh,” Harris said.

“I’ve thought about that, I know we have a Sarah here already,” Matthew said.

“I think I know what you are thinking,” Sarah said.

“What is it,” Laura said.

“Sirrah Marie Jones,” Kelly sad.

“I get it, instead of it being spelled like Sarah’s name, you can spell it like Dad’s name spelled backwards,” Benjamin said.

“I love it,” Laura said.

“I’m honored you guys,” Harris said.

“Dad, you and Mom did so much for us, we are married because of you both,” Matthew said.

“They made the right choice there,” Mitch said.

“Bro,” Matthew said.

“No bro, you are better for her than I was, I messed up,” Mitch said.

“Yes you did but now things are as they should be,” Matthew said.

“Yes they are,” Mitch saied.

Three days later, Matthew came home from the office and found the house quiet. He called Kelly and got her voicemail. He called Melanie who was at the bakery and she said Kelly wasn’t there. He looked up the location of her phone and saw it was turned off. He called the hospital and talked to Dr. Martin and she told him something that made him sit down. He hung up and called the family over. They gathered in the living room.

“Son, what’s going on?” Harris asked.

“Bro,” Mitch said.

“What is it,” Paul said.

“I came home and Kelly wasn’t home so I called around, I called Dr. Martin, she said that Kelly had been there this morning,” Matthew said.

“Is she still there?” Peter asked.

“No she was released,” Matthew said.

“Where is she?” Kate asked.

“I don’t know, the location is off on her phone,” Matthew said.

“Where is my grandbaby,” Martha said.

“Bro,” Melanie said.

“Dr. Martin said that Kelly lost the baby,” Matthew said.

“Oh god no,” Laura said.

“And no one called you?” Ryan asked.

“I’ll look into it,” David said.

“Matt,” Peter said.

“She told me after they cleaned her out, she insisted on leaving and checked herself out of the hospital, I don’t know where she is,” Matthew said.

“We should go look for her,” Peter said.

“Hold on,” Mitch said. He got on his phone and looked up something.

“Dammit,” Mitch said.

“Mitch?” Paul asked.

“There was a locator on her car, it’s off too,” Mitch said.

“I’ll make some calls,” Harris said.

“Find her Dad, please find my wife,” Matthew said.

“Don’t worry son, I’ll find her,” Harris said.

“I’ll help Dad,” Mitch said.

“Me too,” Benjamin said. Melanie and Laura hugged Matthew as he began sobbing at the loss of his child.

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