All For Love

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Chapter 39

Matthew sat there in his house with the family there around him.

“I don’t understand why I wasn’t called to the hospital,” Matthew said.

“Okay I made some calls, I got security to look at the footage at the hospital and they are sending it to me, they said the front desk receptionist saw her leave and she was crying and she was alone,” Harris said.

“Did an ex of his come back,” Mitch said.

“I contacted my guy in Seattle who is watching Alyssa, she’s on bed rest due to complications of her pregnancy and she is engaged to the father of her baby and from what he could tell, they are in love,” Harris said.

“Darla?” Melanie said.

“What,” Darla said.

“Got anything to tell us?” Melanie said.

“You think I had something to do with this?” Darla asked.

“You are his ex,” Melanie said.

“I told you all that Matt and I are just friends and that’s all we will be, I was being truthful with you all, I swear to you,” Darla said.

“Mel,” Matthew said. Harris heard his phone beep and he looked at it and saw the email with the footage and they looked at it and saw Kelly leave the hospital and get into her car and drove off.

“So she was alone,” Matthew said.

“Her phone records show no calls around that time,” Harris said.

“Why the hell did no one call me to the hospital,” Matthew said.

“I got the answer for that,” David asked.

“Bro tell us,” Ryan said.

“It was at the request of Kelly that Matthew not be called to the hospital,” David said.

“What!” Matthew said.

“Why didn’t she want him there?” Mitch asked.

“Because there was a mistake made,” David said.

“What do you mean, David?” Laura asked.

“Kelly was further along in her pregnancy,” David said.

“How far along?” Benjamin asked.

“Eight and a half months,” David said. Mitch sat down in a chair.

“So the baby was Mitch’s baby,” Lindsay said.

“Yes,” David said.

“I don’t understand how a mistake like that could be made,” Matthew said.

“You guys had an appointment the other day,” Melanie said.

“The ultrasound showed the baby and it only looked like she was five months along,” Matthew said.

“Guys, it’s how mine was too, I was eight and a half months and the baby looked like he was only five months, he had a growth spurt between then and the time he was born,” Kate said.

“It was the same with Paul and the girls, they are small until it was time for them to be born,” Peter said.

“Oh god,” Mitch said.

“So she left because it was his baby and she thought I would be upset and angry about it,” Matthew said.

“I have people looking everywhere, we will find her, son,” Harris said. Matthew nodded and sat next to Mitch.

“My daughter, she was my daughter and we didn’t know, she was on the pill the whole time we were together,” Mitch said.

“Sometimes they aren’t as effective, that’s how I got pregnant,” Kate said.

“Wait a minute, she was ill at the end of our trip and took antibiotics, that much have affected the pill,” Mitch said.

“Dad we need to find her,” Matthew said.

“I’m on it,” Harris said. He went to make more calls.

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