All For Love

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Chapter 40

Kelly woke up in the room she was in at a little bed and breakfast four hours away from home. She had cried herself to sleep the night before. She had to leave. She knew she couldn’t stay once Matthew found out that it was Mitch’s baby she lost. She needed a fresh start and she was going to find it. She had enough cash to last her for awhile since she figured Harris would use his connections to find her. She never gave her real name and she covered her scars and hid her identity. She got up and changed and packed up her things she had with her and checked out and headed back on the road. She drove until she came upon a small town and figured she could blend in there. She saw a help wanted sign at the small diner and went in and applied and got the job and they agreed that she could be paid in cash. She found a small house for rent and it came furnished and she paid cash and moved in. She sat in the living room. She looked at her fingers and pulled off her rings.

“I’m sorry Matthew but I have to do this, I need a fresh start and I won’t get it there, oh god this is so hard, I love you so much Matt but you deserve better than me,” Kelly said. She put the rings on her necklace. She went shopping for clothes and stuff and came home and found a guy and a girl on her front steps.

“Can I help you? Kelly asked.

“Hi there, I’m Abby and this is my husband, Trey, you new here?” Abby asked.

“Yes I just moved in,” Kelly said.

“Welcome to our town and the neighborhood, we live next door,” Abby said.

“I’m Kelsey Johnson,” Kelly said.

“Nice to meet you Kelsey,” Abby said.

“Nice to meet you,” Trey said.

“Yo Trey!” Tanner said.

“Hey bro, come meet our neighbor,” Trey said. The guy came over and their eyes met.

“I’m Tanner,” Tanner said.

“Kelsey, nice to meet you,” Kelly said.

“I’m sorry but I have to ask about the scars,” Tanner said.

“An accident I had awhile back,” Kelly said.

“Must have been bad,” Abby said.

“It was, I got glass in my eye and couldn’t see but I’m back to normal now, I just have the scars to live with,” Kelly said.

“You’re beautiful,” Tanner said.

“Thank you,” Kelly said.

“How would you like to go out for dinner?” Tanner asked.

“Okay,” Kelly said.

“We can make it a double date,” Abby said.

“Abs,” Trey sad.

“Abby,” Tanner said.

“Maybe some other time for that,” Kelly said.

“Pick you up at seven,” Tanner said.

“Okay I’ll be ready,” Kelly said.

“See you then,” Tanner said. She went into her house and closed the door. She put her stuff down and sat down.

“I can’t believe this, I don’t know if I can do this, how can I do this, why did I leave Matt, maybe I should go home, no I can’t go home, I have to move on, they need to move on, he deserves better than me,” Kelly said. She went to the bedroom to see what she could wear for her date.

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