All For Love

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Chapter 41

Kelly sat there in the bedroom thinking about everything. She looked at the rings on her necklace. She got out her phone and saw all the missed calls and messages from Matthew and her family.

“Sis, where are you?!” Kate texted.

“Baby girl, please come home,” Peter texted.

“Sis, come home please,” Paul texted.

“Kel, we know the truth, that the baby was mine, no one is upset or mad, come home to your husband, he’s lost without you,” Mitch texted.

“Kelly, my son needs you, please come home,” Harris texted.

“Come home honey,” Martha texted.

“Sis, Matt is heartbroken, he loves you and needs you,” Melanie texted.

“Kel, come home please,” Tara texted.

“Come home Kel,” Sarah texted.

“Sis, we all love you, come home, my brother needs you,” Benjamin texted.

“Come home honey,” Laura texted.

“Sis, we need you,” Ryan texted.

“Kel we need you home, Matt needs you,” David texted.

“Kel, please come home,” Lindsay texted.

“Kelly, come home please, he needs you,” Darla texted.

“Baby, please come home, I need you so much, you are my everything I’m lost without you, please come home baby, please!” Matthew texted. She got up and went next door and knocked on the door. Abby opened the door.

“Kelsey hey,” Abby said.

“Um is Tanner here?” Kelly asked.

“No he’s at his house, what’s wrong,” Abby said.

“I need to cancel the date and I’m leaving,” Kelly said.

“What where you going?” Abby asked.

“I’m going home,” Kelly said.

“I don’t understand,” Abby said.

“My name is Kelly Foster Jones, I’m from Atlanta, I was pregnant and lost the baby at eight months and I couldn’t handle it so I left town and my husband to be alone but I made a mistake and I need to go home to my husband,” Kelly said.

“Oh my goodness, okay I understand now, I’ll tell him okay, be careful going home,” Abby said.

“I will thank you, there is a key under the mat, there is food in the fridge you all can have, I’ll come back to talk with the landlord about the house,” Kelly said.

“Okay thank you, take care, here is my number, stay in touch,” Abby said.

“Thank you,” Kelly said. They hugged and she put her number in her phone and went back and got her things together and got into her car and drove back to Atlanta. She stopped and put her rings back on her fingers and sent a text to Kate telling her she was heading home and to tell the others and continued on.


Kate looked at her phone and squealed.

“Baby?” Ryan asked.

“It’s Kelly!” Kate said.

“What did she say?” Paul asked.

“Kate?” Peter asked.

“She’s coming home!” Kate said.

“We should tell Matthew,” Paul said.

“No,” Peter said.

“Dad?” Paul asked.

“I think I know, it should be a surprise,” Kate said.

“That’s a good idea,” Martha said.

“Yep,” Mitch said.

“He’s asleep anyways,” Harris said.

“He needs it,” Melanie said.

“I’m so glad,” Laura said.

“I think we all are, Mom,” Benjamin said.

“I wonder where she’s been,” Kate said.

“It doesn’t matter, she’s coming home,” Peter said.

“Yeah,” Paul said. Melanie and Laura went upstairs and looked in and saw Matthew asleep hugging Kelly’s pillow. They smiled knowing she was coming home and it was going to be a surprise for him when he woke up.

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