All For Love

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Chapter 42

Everyone was sitting in the living room waiting for Kelly to come home when the doorbell rang. Paul got up and opened the door.

“Can I help you?” Paul asked.

“I’m Dr. Martin, I was Kelly’s doctor,” Dr. Martin said.

“Come in,” Paul said. She came in and saw everyone.

“Dr. Martin,” Kate said.

“Hi Kate,” Dr. Martin said.

“Kelly isn’t here yet,” Melanie said.

“I brought her baby here so she can decide where she would want her buried,” Dr. Martin said. Mitch stood up and came over and she handed him the box. He sat down with it. Lindsay sat with him.

“She and I will decide once she’s home,” Mitch said.

“About that, it turns out she was only five months along so it’s Matthew’s daughter,” Dr. Martin said.

“Well then I’ll hold onto my niece until they decide together,” Mitch said.

“Okay and I do apologize for my mistake, I’ll be resigning from the hospital tomorrow,” Dr. Martin said.

“Dr. Martin, you don’t have to do that,” Kate said.

“We understand that it was just a mistake,” Mitch said.

“Please stay on, I want you as my doctor when Ryan and I are ready for another child,” Kate said.

“Dr. Martin, I speak on behalf of Matthew and Kelly, don’t resign,” Harris said.

“Okay then I’ll stay, thank you, take care,” Dr. Martin said. She left and they sat there looking at the box in Mitch’s hands.

“Harris, Peter, our grandchild is in that box, oh god our little granddaughter,” Laura said. Harris hugged her close. They heard the door open and close. They saw Kelly standing there. Kate ran to her and hugged her tight. Paul joined the hug as did Peter.

“Don’t you dare leave us like that again,” Kate said.

“Don’t leave us again, sis,” Paul said.

“Oh baby girl,” Peter said.

“I’m sorry!” Kelly said.

“Oh honey,” Martha said. She joined the hug. They heard footsteps coming down the stairs. Kelly saw Matthew coming down the stairs and he looked up and saw her once he got to the bottom. He ran to her and took her in his arms and buried his face in her neck. She cried against his chest.

“Don’t you dare leave me again,” Matthew said.

“I’m sorry!” Kelly said.

“I love you always and forever,” Matthew said.

“I just thought you would be angry and upset,” Kelly said.

“Why because there was a mistake made, the baby was a part of you, I would have loved her as much as if she was my own,” Matthew said.

“Guys about that, Dr. Martin was just here, she left this for you, she said she made a mistake, the baby was yours, bro,” Mitch said. He handed them the box and Kelly broke down sobbing as did Matthew.

“Oh god!” Kelly said.

“Shhh baby,” Matthew said.

“We are here for you both,” Peter said. Everyone gathered around them as they all mourned the loss of the baby together as a family.

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