All For Love

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Chapter 45

Kelly and Matthew were looking at each other and looked at Tanner.

“What are you guys thinking about?” Tanner asked.

“Do you have a job here?” Kelly asked.

“I work from home, I can work anywhere, why?” Tanner asked.

“How would you like to come to Atlanta?” Kelly asked.

“What’s going on?” Tanner asked.

“We know someone who is single,” Matthew said.

“You mean you want to set me up with someone?” Tanner asked. Matthew showed him a picture of Darla. Tanner looked at the picture.

“Her name is Darla, she dated Matthew in high school and they broke up after graduation and stayed friends,” Kelly said.

“She’s got a two year old son, her ex left her for someone else and gave away his rights,” Matthew said.

“He gave up his rights to his son?” Trey said.

“That’s just wrong,” Abby said.

“Oh god,” Tanner said.

“Bro?” Trey asked.

“I want to meet her,” Tanner said.

“We will be heading back soon,” Kelly said.

“I’ll follow you guys back,” Tanner said.

“Hope things work out, bro,” Abby said.

“Yeah bro,” Trey said. Kelly and Matthew finished up at the house and headed back to Atlanta with Tanner following them. They arrived at the bakery and got out.

“This is your bakery?” Tanner asked.

“Yep,” Kelly said. They walked in and saw Darla and Tara at the counter talking.

“Hey guys,” Kelly said.

“Hey Kel,” Tara said.

“Hey guys what’s up,” Darla said.

“Darla, I would like to introduce you to Tanner Nelson,” Kelly said.

“Hello,” Tanner said.

“Uh hi,” Darla said. They both stared at each other. Kelly smiled. Matthew wrapped his arms around her.

“Would you like to have a coffee with me?” Tanner asked.

“I’d love to,” Darla said. Tara made them coffees and they found a table and sat down to talk.

“Where did he come from?” Tara asked.

“A small town six ours from here, it’s where I went when I left, his brother and sister-in-law lived next to door to the house I rented there,” Kelly said.

“Hopefully he can fill the void in her and her son’s life after being hurt by her ex-husband, leaving her for another woman, giving up his rights, that proves he’s an idiot,” Tara said.

“Is it okay if I take off, we are going out on a date,” Darla said.

“Go head and have a good time, both of you,” Kelly said.

“Thank you,” Tanner said. They left. Kelly sank into Matthew’s arms.

“Love you baby,” Matthew said.

“Love you more,” Kelly said. They went to the office.

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