All For Love

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Chapter 46

The next day, Matthew and Kelly held a small service for their baby. Everyone was gathered at the cemetery as the baby was buried close to Melissa.

“She may have done horrible things, but she was my mother, I can’t condemn her for the things she did recently when she was the best mom when we were growing up,” Kelly said.

“She can make it up to us by looking out for my niece,” Kate said.

“Our little Angel,” Peter said.

“Our first grandchild,” Harris said.

“She will always be in our hearts,” Laura said.

“Harris, Laura, Kate and I were talking yesterday, I know you are only related through Kelly, but we were wondering if you both would like to be grandparents to our son,” Ryan said.

“We would be honored,” Laura said.

“Yes we would,” Harris said.

“More love for my great grandson,” Martha said. They all went to Matthew’s house for a dinner and just talked about things. Everyone left a couple hours later. Kelly stood at the back door looking out. Matthew hugged her.

“I love you beautiful,” Matthew said.

“I love you handsome,” Kelly said.

“Let’s get to bed,” Matthew said.

“All right, and we are going to work tomorrow,” Kelly said.

“All right my love,” Matthew said. They went to bed. They got up the next morning and got ready and went to the office and Matthew showed her what to do.

“I’ll be right inside baby,” Matthew said.

“Okay boss,” Kelly said.

“Baby,” Matthew said.

“By the way, I have a doctors appointment tomorrow morning for a checkup,” Kelly said.

“Okay baby I’ll go with you,” Matthew said.

“You don’t have to,” Kelly said.

“Baby I’m your husband,” Matthew said.

“I know babe,” Kelly said. They heard the elevator and they looked and saw Darla get off with Tanner and her son.

“Hey guys,” Darla said.

“Hey,” Tanner said.

“Hey guys, what brings you by?” Kelly asked.

“Tanner would like to speak to Matthew about a business proposition,” Darla said.

“All right let’s go into my office,” Matthew said. The guys went into the office and Darla set her son up with some toys and came over and sat down by Kelly’s desk.

“How are things going?” Kelly asked.

“Amazing, he met Parker and they bonded so quick, it was like they were father and son,” Darla said.

“Really?” Kelly asked.

“Yeah, Parker is usually shy around other people but when he met Tanner, he hugged him and would not let go,” Darla said.

“Wow that’s great, how are things between you two,” Kelly said.

“Amazing, I think I see a future with him,” Darla said.

“I see one with you and Parker,” Tanner said. They saw Tanner and Matthew at the door.

“So what’s the scoop?” Kelly asked.

“Well he was looking into leasing some office space for work so since I own the building, he’s going to take the floor below us,” Matthew said.

“That’s great,” Darla said.

“Have you looked at it?” Kelly asked.

“Matthew said it’s pretty much like this floor and they maintain it once a week,” Tanner said.

“I can help you get all set up,” Darla said.

“I was hoping you would be my partner going into this,” Tanner said.

“Yes I will, my mom can watch Parker,” Darla said.

“Actually there is a daycare center down on the second floor,” Kelly said.

“There is?” Darla asked.

“Yes, there are many workers here with kids and I checked with them all and they wanted one so I opened it up,” Matthew said.

“I’ll have to check it out,” Darla said.

“We will go look at the floor and then go check it on the way out,” Tanner said.

“Okay then bye guys,” Darla said.

“Bye,” Kelly said. They left. Kelly hugged Matthew.

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