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Chapter 47

Kelly sat there at her desk in deep thought. She was keeping something from her husband and knew it would come out at her appointment.

“Kelly, baby?” Matthew asked.

“Hmm?” Kelly asked.

“Where did you go just now?” Matthew asked.

“I was just thinking about my appointment and how it will go,” Kelly said.

“I hope the doctor gives you the all clear so we can start trying again,” Matthew said.

“Yeah I hope so,” Kelly said.

“Baby what’s wrong?” Matthew asked.

“What if losing the baby caused damage to where I can’t have more babies,” Kelly said.

“We will deal with it together, I love you baby,” Matthew said.

“I love you too,” Kelly said.

“Baby something’s wrong,” Matthew said.

“What,” Kelly said.

“You are keeping something from me,” Matthew said.

“I’m not,” Kelly said.

“Yes you are, Kel, you want to share your secret with me?” Matthew asked.

“Matt, I’m not hiding anything,” Kelly said.

“Kelly, what’s going on,” Matthew said.

“Nothing,” Kelly said.

“Bullshit,” Matthew said.

“Matthew!” Kelly said.

“I know you baby, I can read you like a book, you are keeping something from me, tell me what it is now!” Matthew said.

“Matthew, I’m fine,” Kelly said.

“No you are not, you are keeping something from me, do not keep secrets from me, your husband, we should be completely honest with each other,” Matthew said.

“Matthew,” Kelly said.

“Kelly, tell me what is going on, right now,” Matthew said.

“Noting is going on, I’m fine, I’m not keeping anything from you,” Kelly said.

“Kelly,” Harris said.

“Hi Dad,” Kelly said.

“What’s going on?” Harris asked.

“My wife is hiding something from me and she won’t tell me,” Matthew said.

“I learned a long time ago, you never keep anything from your spouse no matter how bad it is,” Harris said.

“I’m not hiding anything, I’m just worried about my appointment,” Kelly said.

“What is there to be worried about,” Matthew said.

“I’m scared that I will be told that I can’t have babies, that the miscarriage caused damage beyond repair,” Kelly said.

“I think we got our answer,” Harris said.

“What’s that,” Kelly said.

“What you are hiding,” Harris said.

“I said I am scared that’s what the doctor will say,” Kelly said.

“Especially if it is true,” Harris said.

“What,” Matthew said.

“What,” Kelly said.

“I have friends at the hospital, Kelly, I can find out things,” Harris said.

“Kelly?” Matthew asked. She looked at him with tears running down her cheeks.

“Matt, I...” Kelly said.

“Oh god baby why couldn’t you tell me,” Matthew said.

“I didn’t want to hurt you, or upset you, you were so happy at the thought of us having a baby and I didn’t want to destroy that,” Kelly said. Matthew knelt down beside her and took her in his arms as she sobbed against him.

“Why did you keep this from me, baby,” Matthew said.

“I’m sorry, I just wanted to protect you,” Kelly said.

“Baby, you can tell me anything, you don’t need to hide anything from me, I love you, I can handle anything, we will figure things out,” Matthew said.

“I can call in some specialists,” Harris said.

“Dad, meet us there tomorrow so we can talk with you after the appointment,” Matthew said.

“All right,” Harris said. He came over and hugged Matthew and kissed Kelly’s forehead.

“I love you both and Mom and I are here for whenever you need us,” Harris said.

“We love you Dad,” Matthew said. He left. Matthew helped her up and they went home. He fixed them dinner and they watched a movie and went to bed. The next day they met Harris at the hospital. They went to the appointment. Dr. Martin examined her.

“Dr. Martin, are you sure she can’t have children?” Matthew asked.

“I’m sorry Matthew, but the miscarriage caused irreversible damage to her uterus,” Dr. Martin said.

“Is there any way to repair it?” Matthew asked.

“I’m not experienced in that area, there are doctors more advanced at that,” Dr. Martin said.

“I guess that’s where my dad comes in,” Matthew said.

“If he’s got connections, then yes,” Dr. Martin said.

“Can he come in?” Matthew asked. She nodded and he sent a text and Harris came in.

“Do I have permission?” Dr. Martin asked.

“Yes,” Kelly said. She spoke to Harris about the specialist needed and he nodded and made some calls. Matthew hugged Kelly close.

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