All For Love

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Chapter 48

The next day, they met with the specialists that Harris called in. They did a full examination on Kelly.

“We will go over these tests and be back with our findings,” Dr. Parks said.

“Shouldn’t be more than an hour,” Dr. Adams said. They left the room. Matthew held her close.

“It’ll be okay baby,” Matthew said.

“I hope so,” Kelly said. Matthew’s phone beeped and he looked and saw his father calling.

“Hey Dad, yeah we are waiting for the results, what, you sure, you are kidding right, how is that possible, no one knew, I doubt she did either, let me know what you find out, bye,” Matthew said. He hung up and looked at her.

“Matt?” Kelly asked.

“Baby, your mother is still alive, she was being held captive for four years,” Matthew said.

“What?” Kelly asked.

“The woman who died was her twin sister, apparently they got separated at birth and the twin came to town and took over your mother’s life,” Matthew said.

“How could anyone not know,” Kelly said.

“She had help studying your mom’s life,” Matthew said.

“Who was helping her?” Kelly asked.

“Some guy who was involved with your aunt,” Matthew said.

“Does my dad know?” Kelly asked.

“Yeah, he’s with your mom now, they are here at the hospital,” Matthew said.

“I need to go see them,” Kelly said.

“Okay as soon as the doctors come back,” Matthew said.

“Matt,” Kelly said.

“They know to wait for you and your mom won’t be going anywhere for awhile, she was beaten and severely dehydrated,” Matthew said.

“Oh god,” Kelly said.

“Paul and Kate are on their way,” Matthew said.

“Matt I don’t think I can wait,” Kelly said.

“Baby just be patient okay, maybe we can share some good news,” Matthew said.

“I hope we are able to,” Kelly said. The doctors came back in awhile later and looked at them.

“We went over the tests we ran and the X-rays we took, we should be able to fix the problem, we will have to do surgery to repair the damage but it may be possible that we can repair it and you will be able to have children,” Dr. Adams said.

“Thank god,” Kelly said.

“When can she have it?” Matthew asked.

“I want to schedule it for Friday,” Dr. Parks said.

“In two days?” Kelly asked.

“Yes, is there any issues?” Dr. Adams asked.

“No that’s fine, the sooner the better,” Kelly said.

“Okay then here is all the info you will need to get ready for it and we will see you Friday morning at six am,” Dr. Adams said.

“Thank you so much,” Kelly said.

“You’re welcome,” Dr. Parks said. They left and went to find her family and walked in and saw her mother lying there on the bed. Peter, Paul, and Kate were gathered around the bed.

“Mom, Kelly’s here,” Kate said. Kelly went to the bed and looked at her mother.

“Kelly? Oh my baby girl!” Melissa said.

“Mom!” Kelly said. She gently hugged her as they both cried.

“They told me what she did to you, I’m glad she’s dead because I would have killed her myself for hurting you,” Melissa said.

“I am just glad it wasn’t you who did this,” Kelly said.

“I could never hurt my children, you three are my life,” Melissa said.

“I told your mom everything, you guys met with the specialists today, how did it go?” Peter asked.

“She will be having surgery on Friday to repair the damage,” Matthew said.

“I should be out of here by then so I can be there for you both,” Melissa said. She began yawning.

“I think it’s time for her to sleep,” Peter said.

“We will come back tomorrow,” Kate said.

“Love you guys,” Paul said. He hugged them. Kate followed. Kelly hugged them and she and Matthew went home.

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