All For Love

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Chapter 49

It was Friday and Kelly was having her surgery. Matthew, Kate, Ryan, Melanie, David, Paul, Tara, Benjamin, Sarah, Peter, Melissa, Martha, Mitch, Lindsay, Harris, and Laura were sitting in the waiting room. Darla and Tanner were covering the bakery for them. Greg and Dawn were babysitting Dallas. Darla’s mom had her son.

“I hope this works and she can have kids,” Kate said.

“Me too sis,” Matthew said.

“I looked into these doctors and they dealt with very similar issues in other women and it’s been very successful, those women have gone on to have big families, their last patient is pregnant with her fifth child,” Harris said.

“I hope for as many kids as possible, I just pray nothing goes wrong,” Matthew said.

“Matt, in the case something does, Kate and I talked about it,” Ryan said.

“Being Kelly’s twin, we pretty much are the same in DNA, so if something does go wrong, I’ll be your surrogate,” Kate said.

“Me too,” Sarah said.

“I will be as well,” Tara said.

“I would but I don’t think I’ll be able to carry my brother’s baby,” Melanie said.

“I will look into that, sweetheart,” Harris said. The doctors came out and they all stood up.

“Doc,” Matthew said.

“It was a success,” Dr. Parks said.

“She will be able to have children,” Dr. Adams said.

“Thank god,” Melissa said.

“When can we see her?” Kate asked.

“She’s in recovery right now, once we have her settled in a room, then we will let you all visit her,” Dr. Adams said.

“Thank you docs,” Peter said.

“Thank you,” Matthew said. Harris and Laura hugged Matthew.

“Dad, thank you for finding them,” Matthew said.

“I would do anything for you and your brother and sister, you three are my life,” Harris said.

“And Mom too,” Matthew said.

“Of course she is,” Harris said. He hugged and kissed Laura. Mitch and Melanie hugged them and Matthew.

“Matthew, you can go to your wife now,” Dr. Adams said. Matthew went to Kelly’s room.

“Hey babe,” Kelly said.

“Hey beautiful,” Matthew said.

“You know,” Kelly said.

“That it went very well and we can have kids,” Matthew said.

“I’m so happy,” Kelly said.

“Me too baby, we did have a backup plan out there in case,” Matthew said.

“What was that?” Kelly said.

“Kate offered to be a surrogate, since she’s your twin, Sarah and Tara offered as well,” Matthew said.

“Oh babe,” Kelly said.

“I’m just so happy we don’t have to disrupt their lives to have children,” Matthew said.

“We could have adopted as well,” Kelly said.

“Yes baby,” Matthew said.

“But I really want a mini you running around,” Kelly said.

“And I want a mini you as well,” Matthew said.

“Or it could be double of each,” Kelly said.

“I can’t wait to get started, baby, I love you so much,” Matthew said.

“I love you more,” Kelly said.

“Kelly how you feeling?” Dr. Adams asked.

“I’m okay I guess,” Kelly said.

“Any pain?” Dr. Parks asked.

“Not really,” Kelly said.

“Okay so you will need to rest and heal so no strenuous activity for six weeks, you should be back to normal completely in three months tops,” Dr. Adams said.

“Oh okay,” Kelly said.

“It’s worth the wait baby,” Matthew said.

“Yes that’s true,” Kelly said.

“I’m not going anywhere,” Matthew said.

“I know you aren’t,” Matthew said. The doctors left the room and Kelly fell asleep. Matthew sat with her.

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