All For Love

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Chapter 51

Kelly was brought out a few hours later. She had bandages covering her cheek and arms.

“Hey,” Kelly said.

“Hey beautiful,” Matthew said.

“What’s going on?” Kelly asked.

“There is something we need to tell you,” Harris said.

“But first sign these,” David said. He handed her the papers and she looked at them and saw they were divorce papers. She looked at Matthew.

“You want a divorce,” Kelly said.

“Kelly, they aren’t for your marriage to him,” David said.

“Honey, let’s let Harris explain,” Laura said. She looked at Harris. He came and sat down and explained what happened at the courthouse and about the papers. She looked at them and looked at Matthew.

“So I was really still married to Mitch all this time,” Kelly said.

“Well legally you are, but only after they started undoing everything,” Harris said.

“They told Melanie who came with David and he brought the papers and I signed them and you just need to sign them and we can end the marriage for real this time and you can legally marry Matthew,” Mitch said.

“What happened to the divorce papers from before,” Kelly said.

“The guy shredded them before they got to the judge,” Matthew said. She signed the papers and handed them to David who left with Melanie. Matthew knelt down beside her.

“Why can’t we ever be happy, why is there always something happening,” Kelly said.

“I don’t know baby but there is no way in hell that I’m ever letting you go,” Matthew said.

“I never want you to,” Kelly said. They left the hospital and went home and he got her settled into bed. He got on the bed next to her and she rested against him.

“I love you so much,” Kelly said.

“I love you baby,” Matthew said.

“I want to be your wife so bad,” Kelly said.

“Let’s start planning a wedding then,” Matthew said.

“I think we should just elope,” Kelly said.

“Don’t you want your father to walk you down the aisle to me?” Matthew asked.

“Oh yeah I do,” Kelly said.

“I want you to have the wedding of your dreams,” Matthew said.

“I kind of had that when I married your brother,” Kelly said.

“Well it’s time for a new dream,” Matthew said.

“Yeah I had two different ideas for weddings,” Kelly said.

“Let’s do your other dream wedding,” Matthew said.

“After I take a nap,” Kelly said.

“Okay baby,” Matthew said. She rested against him and closed her eyes. He held her close and kissed her head and swore to himself that he will give her everything she’s ever wanted and will never let her go. His phone beeped and he looked at it and saw a text from his sister.

“Bro, I’m with David and he got the papers in and signed off with the judge and it’s official, Kelly is free to marry you, let me know the plans,” Melanie texted.

“I’m going to give her a wedding of her dreams, she had two dream weddings so she is getting the other one, she’s taking a nap right now,” Matthew texted.

“Tell her I will help out,” Melanie texted.

“Okay sis,” Matthew texted. He put his phone down and kissed her and held her close.

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