All For Love

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Chapter 52

Kelly woke up and saw Matthew gone. She got up and saw a note on the dresser.

“My love, meet me out back,” Matthew said in the note. She walked downstairs and walked out the back door and saw the backyard. She gasped and covered her mouth with her hands. She felt arms around her from behind and lips on her neck.

“What do you say beautiful?” Matthew asked.

“Yes! Yes!” Kelly said. She turned in his arms and kissed him deeply. He took her hand and pulled off her rings and held up a new ring.

“New fresh start of our life together,” Matthew said.

“I love you,” Kelly said.

“I love you more,” Matthew said.

“Now we can start planning,” Kelly said.

“Mel wants to help,” Matthew said.

“And I am sure your mom does too,” Kelly said.

“Yes she wants to help as well,” Matthew said.

“I need to call everyone,” Kelly said.

“Already did and the girls will be over soon,” Matthew said.

“I can’t wait to be your wife officially and spend the rest of my life with you,” Kelly said.

“I can’t wait either which is why I am setting the date three weeks from today,” Matthew said.

“I can’t wait for the day,” Kelly said. He kissed her deeply and held her close. He stroked her unbandaged cheek.

“Beautiful,” Matthew said.

“Handsome,” Kelly said. They went inside after they cleaned up the yard and made dinner and ate and waited for the girls to show up.

“Mitch said that he and Lindsay are still going strong, that the whole thing didn’t hurt their relationship so she will be here and I am going to ask if we can make love,” Matthew said.

“Don’t bother asking her, we can, just be careful of the bandages,” Kelly said.

“Oh baby now I wish they weren’t coming over,” Matthew said.

“Too bad bro, we are here and in planning mode,” Melanie said.

“Well I want him here for it, it’s his wedding too, he should have a say, I want him to have an opinion and approve of everything,” Kelly said.

“Baby whatever you pick is fine,” Matthew said.

“No baby, I want you to have a say, I want you to pick as well,” Kelly said.

“Matthew, you know she will win the argument,” Melissa said.

“I know, I can’t say no to her,” Matthew said.

“Good boy, now you sit there by her side and help us plan your big day,” Martha said.

“Yes ma’am,” Matthew said. He kissed Kelly’s forehead. Tara, Kate, Sarah, Lindsay, and Laura arrived and they began planning the wedding.

“Okay so we got the location, where we can get flowers, which I will call tomorrow, wedding bands which Matt will get tomorrow, we will need to make an appointment for suits for the guys and dresses for the women and the wedding dress as well,” Melissa said.

“Sis, who is your maid of honor?” Kate asked.

“Who do you think?” Kelly asked.

“Kate, there is no one she would want as maid of honor than her twin,” Peter said.

“I know, I just thought she would want Mel, Tara, Sarah, or even Lindsay,” Kate said.

“We will be perfectly fine as bridesmaids,” Tara said.

“Well if Kate is going to be maid of honor, then Ryan should be best man,” Mitch said.

“Hold on right there, bro, who said I didn’t want you to be best man,” Matthew said.

“The ex-husband as best man to the guy marrying his ex-wife, what would people say,” Mitch said.

“Mitch, you guys are in a great place now,” Harris said.

“I want you and Ben to be my best men,” Matthew said.

“You want us to share the title,” Benjamin said.

“So I get to walk with them both?” Kate asked.

“Well Ben can still walk with Sarah,” Matthew said.

“Yeah I want to walk with my girl,” Benjamin said.

“I love you babe,” Sarah said.

“Love you baby,” Benjamin said.

“We can figure all that out on who is walking with who at rehearsal,” Laura said.

“We need to take note on who is what in the wedding,” Paul said.

“Kate is my matron of honor, Sarah, Tara, Melanie, and Lindsay are bridesmaids,” Kelly said.

“Mitch and Benjamin are my best men, Ryan, David, and Paul are groomsmen,” Matthew said.

“Now we should work on invites, like who to send invites to,” Kelly said.

“We can tell Darla and Tanner, how about her son as the ring bearer,” Matthew said.

“We will need a flower girl,” Melissa said.

“My niece can do it, she’s five,” Tara said.

“Okay, oh I want to invite Abby and Trey,” Kelly said.

“Okay baby,” Matthew said. They continued talking about who to invite to the wedding.

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