All For Love

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Chapter 7

Kelly closed up the bakery and went home to her house and got something to eat. She sat there thinking about everything. She couldn’t believe her own mother wanted her to get back with Mitch. She wondered why her mother wanted her to take his lying cheating ass back. The doorbell rang. She got up and went to the door and opened it and saw Paul and Tara.

“Hey bro,” Kelly said.

“Hey sis, can we come in?” Paul asked. She let them in and closed the door. They sat in the living room.

“What’s up?” Kelly asked.

“After you called and told me what Mom said, I called Dad, he told me that Mom wasn’t home so I drove around and saw her car at the rehab center,” Paul said.

“I have a friend who works there, I was texting them, they told me that your mom was visiting Mitch,” Tara said.

“Probably telling him that I plan to file for a divorce and wants him to fight it,” Kelly said.

“Exactly what is going on, she told him that she is going to make sure that the divorce doesn’t happen,” Tara said.

“How can she stop it, she doesn’t know who my lawyer is now, she thinks it’s Larry,the family lawyer but it’s not,” Kelly said.

“We know sis, she has connections at the courthouse,” Paul said.

“Why is she determined to keep me and Mitch married,” Kelly said.

“That’s what Dad is going to find out,” Paul said.

“You told him?” Kelly asked.

“Yeah, she’s his wife, he deserved to know what she is up to,” Paul said. The front door opened and closed and Peter came in.

“Hey Dad what did you find out?” Paul said.

“There was a clause in your grandparents’ will,” Peter said.

“What did it say?” Kelly asked.

“That if any of her kids gets a divorce, your mom loses her inheritance,” Peter said.

“What,” Paul said.

“But your mom doesn’t know that it doesn’t include infidelity, which means you are clear to divorce Mitch and your mom doesn’t lose anything,” Peter said.

“So we can only divorce if our spouse cheats?” Paul said.

“Yes,” Peter said.

“Did you tell her that?” Kelly asked.

“Yes but she refused to listen, she is determined to keep you both together, she thinks you two are soulmates,” Peter said.

“Bullshit,” Kelly said.

“She is so stubborn,” Paul said.

“Yeah she is,” Peter said.

“Dad, what are you going to do,” Kelly said.

“Keep on her about it, I got ahold of the connections she has at the courthouse, they won’t stop the divorce, so file the papers, honey,” Peter said.

“Okay Daddy, I love you,” Kelly said.

“I love you too baby girl, and you too son,” Peter said.

“Love you Dad,” Paul said. Peter hugged them and left. Paul and Tara hugged her and left. She locked up and went upstairs to the bedroom and took a shower and got into bed and sent a text to someone and went to sleep.

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