All For Love

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Chapter 8

She woke up the next morning and got up and dressed and went to the bakery and went to her office and found David there. She sat down and he handed her the papers.

“Kate and Ryan told me about your mom and her plans, I plan on getting them to the courthouse and into the hands of Michael,” David said.

“She has no clue who he is,” Kelly said.

“He is going to handle it personally and quietly, no one will know when the papers will be filed, you can say you are going to wait until he’s done with rehab, but it will be done before then,” David said.

“Thanks David,” Kelly said.

“And Mel is totally on your side,” David said.

“I knew she would be,” Kelly said.

“Let me know when you are ready and I’ll get it done,” David said.

“Thank you so much,” Kelly said.

“You’re welcome,” David said. He left. She read through the papers and signed them. Sarah and Tara came in.

“The papers?” Tara asked.

“Yeah,” Kelly said.

“Want one of us to go with you to take them to him?” Sarah asked.

“No I’ll be fine,” Kelly said. She left and went to the rehab center and stated her name and relationship to Mitch. She was led to a big living room area. She saw him sitting by the window staring out. He saw her and got up.

“Kelly, I’m glad to see you,” Mitch said.

“I wish I could say the same, I brought you these,” Kelly said. She handed him the papers and he took them and sat down.

“Your mother said you wouldn’t go through with it,” Mitch said.

“Since when are you buddy buddy with my mom, I heard she was here visiting,” Kelly said.

“I am grateful for her support,” Mitch said.

“Are you fucking her too, that’s the only explanation I can think of,” Kelly said.

“God no I wouldn’t do that,” Mitch said.

“She calls what you did a mistake, that’s wrong, one time is a mistake, three months is an affair, you both just don’t get that part, I cannot forgive you for that,” Kelly said.

“I told her that but she said you would come around,” Mitch said.

“She’s living in a fantasy world,” Kelly said. Mitch sat down and read the papers and looked at her.

“I get the house?” Mitch asked.

“Yes, I found me a place of my own closer to the bakery,” Kelly said.

“You don’t want money,” Mitch said.

“No, the bakery has been doing well and I’m comfortable,” Kelly said.

“I wish it didn’t have to be this way,” Mitch said.

“Yeah well it is, it didn’t have to be if you were honest about your accident at work and getting hooked on painkillers and you didn’t put your dick into your assistant and using the excuse that you thought she was me, she looks nothing like me and she isn’t as skinny as me,” Kelly said. He nodded and signed the papers and handed them back to her.

“I’m sorry for everything, Kelly, I wish you all the best,” Mitch said.

“Thanks, I hope you get well for your brothers, sister, and your parents, goodbye Mitch,” Kelly said. She got up and walked out the door and went to David’s office and handed him the papers. He hugged her and she went home.

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