All For Love

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Chapter 9

Kelly walked into the bakery and saw her mother at the counter. She walked by her.

“Kelly!” Melissa said.

“I don’t want to talk to you, I told you not to come back until you support my choices,” Kelly said.

“You will not get your divorce,” Melissa said.

“Why do you want me to stay with a lying cheating asshole, huh, because your parents said none of your kids can get a divorce or you would lose your inheritance, is that it?!” Kelly said.

“No Kelly, your father told me about that, I don’t want you to be seen as a woman who could keep her husband satisfied,” Melissa said.

“Oh so that’s it, so you want me to be seen as a women whose husband cheats on her but she looks the other way and is too stupid to do anything about it, that I’m a woman who can’t keep her husband happy so he looks for pleasure elsewhere, well I’m sorry Mom but I’m getting my divorce,” Kelly said. Her phone beeped and she looked at it and smiled.

“And I got it, my lawyer fast tracked it and got it finalized quickly,” Kelly said.

“What!” Melissa said.

“Yeah Mother, I’m a free woman, I’m no longer married, the judge signed off on it, I’m a single woman now, I can find a guy and get married tomorrow if I wanted to, I don’t have to wait six months,” Kelly said.

“You divorced him while he was in rehab,” Melissa said.

“He understood why it had to happen, I didn’t hold a gun to him, he signed it willing, he got the house and doesn’t have to pay me alimony so it was a clean break,” Kelly said.

“Seriously Mom, I thought she told you to stay away,” Paul said.

“She just destroyed our family name,” Melissa said.

“So this what it was all about, our family name, wow, all I did was divorce my husband because he cheated on me when I gave him no reason to, I kept him happy, I gave him everything and he lied to me and cheated on me, and that’s my fault right?” Kelly asked.

“Kelly,” Melissa said.

“Get the hell out of my bakery!” Kelly said.

“Kelly please,” Melissa said.

“GET OUT!” Kelly yelled.

“Go Mom now!” Paul said. Her mother quietly left the shop. Paul hugged her close. Tara stood with them rubbing her back.

“Hey what’s going on?” Matthew asked.

“Oh Matt!” Kelly said. She went into his arms. He held her close.

“Our mother was here,” Paul said.

“Oh Kel,” Matthew said.

“What’s going on,” Harris said.

“Her mother doesn’t want her divorcing Mitch,” Matthew said.

“I was just with him, he got notice that it was finalized already,” Harris said.

“Yeah it happened quickly because my mom threatened to stop it, she thought it would destroy the family name,” Kelly said.

“She’s wrong about that,” Harris said.

“I think there is more to it than that, I’m going to do some more investigating,” Paul said.

“I’ll help you, Paul,” Harris said.

“Hey Daddy, bro,” Melanie said.

“Hi honey,” Harris said.

“What’s going on?” Melanie asked. Sarah told her everything. “Paul, I’ll call David and see if he can help you, from a legal standpoint,” Melanie said.

“Okay thanks Mel,” Paul said.

“Kel, you will always be my sister,” Melanie said.

“Same goes for you,” Kelly said.

“Hey all,” Laura said.

“Hey Mama,” Melanie said.

“What’s going on,” Laura said. They told her what happened. She came over and hugged Kelly.

“You will always be our daughter, we love you,” Laura said.

“I love you all too,” Kelly said.

“Let’s go have a chat, Kelly,” Laura said. They went and sat down at a table in the back out of earshot of everyone.

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