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The quantum code of love

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Love is the right prescription for any problem in life because love has a healing energy. It is the highest force that triggers peace. I want to give the formula of peace. This is the formula to solve the whole of humanity. Love and forgiveness are the factors of peace and hatred isn’t. Hatred will trigger wars and fighting, thus, hatred is a factor of war and disunity. Therefore the equation is: Peace is equal to love plus forgiveness minus hatred. Let’s put it mathematically. If peace is P, and love is L, and hatred is h, the formula will be P=(l + f)-h This is what we can use to solve the problems of humanity. It is only at this level from this deduction that the heart is at rest.”

Stanley Nos Izuyon
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“Earth has no sorrow that love cannot heal.”

Stanley Nos Izuyon

Yeah it hurts!

It was like that soulful cries that cannot be expressed. I couldn’t stop crying for days. No one should be able to cry that hard. I cried tears when I felt this numbness throughout my body that left a giant hole in my heart. It was as if a sharp pain hit me and I Sobbed in my distress as my world came crashing down. I was in the middle of a great sorrow that brings fort tears as pain and regret lumped inside of me. When a lovely heart turns lonely and sad, that heart surely needs love to fill that inner emptiness within, because it is a heart that does not know love that will continue to nurture sorrows and pains. Although our hearts hurt and mourn in humanly pains, love helps us through our times of grieves, because earth has no sorrow that love cannot heal. Love is a mystery hidden under the sands of time, but reveal by our own humanly passion and by those feelings within the crevices of our souls in that quiet moment when we listen to the voices of our souls where lie the ever flowing stream of joy. Love is a healing power, a healing energy, and a heart that truly loves may never get ill because love straddles a very important line in holistic healing. It can cure even our pains of the past and those mental and chemical imbalances in our energy level. As it is to this day, we know that birds do not get depressed when they fly, they get energy from flying. I say that to bring this point to hand because we are born to love and love is the real wealth of human learning. It is the true colour of human beauty and our true beauty never fails once we begin to learn to love.

Love is a medicine of time. It is that wheel that rolls the vehicle of time. As time continues to spin around us, love will continue to heal all wounds and deliver us from the pool of sorrows and from the pang of shame. It is our emergency brake as humans, it holds us back when everything goes wrong. Love is stronger than pains, hurts and even hatred. Its power seems to surpass generations, ages, races and cultures. It quells the distraught emotions of pains and regrets. Love is the fuel of the human machine. It is that energy within us that brings joy out of a sorrowful heart like a gleaming rainbow, it stops that aching emotion of sadness. When two hearts fall in love, they have come to experience the most intense sensation on the planet. It is a pleasurable one, yet it is like the feeling of insanity missed with obsession. It is ridiculously amazing to fall in love because it is like the win of nature that gives us that giddiness and a feeling of oneness. But we often tend to forget as humans, this controlling power of the universe when we are faced with rejection, guilt, hurting feelings and shame, because these are the ones most humans face each day and we must find a way to deal with them.

Oh who will learn me how to love! Love is of immense value to human life on this planet, because it opens us to some certain dimensions of life with a possibility to transact in some certain ways with less amount of friction in order to create wellbeing. This is the most fundamental aspect of human life, to live and be loving because there is a pleasure in this way of life. More so, the human being is the most amazing machine that exists, it was designed to function with love and once it is disconnected from love, this human machine begins to depreciate faster with time.

It is better to love than to be in hurt. My heart was hurting and I needed to reconnect my mind. I needed to teach my mind to know the new way to live. I know a man many years ago, he was so dear to my heart and he was a friend to my soul. My whole life was torn apart when I heard of his death as grief and loss filled my heart. I was sick and frail, the pains of his death took my joy out of me. I felt pains inside my heart and it pained deeply. Life is full of sorrows and everyone has one, our secretes of sorrows which the world knows nothing about. That thing that is hurting deeply that creates the pains in our own hearts, I mean our share of issues as human beings. But there is only one medicine the universe has to offer for this kind of ailment, the sickness of the soul. It is Love and forgiveness. A heart that loves wears off from pains, sorrows and grieves. Even in that moment of mourning we still have to understand the rule. A heart that truly loves, also mourns and recovers because love connects us to the universal energy that births peace.

It hurts when our loved ones are leaving us behind as their memories gradually begin to fade away. ‘As you mourn, you must be head up and heart strong, the best gift you can ever give to the one you truly love is a heart full of love. Love heals all injuries including the pain of losing a loved one. Life is full of pains and sorrows, yet love is stronger than pains.’ As I clung to the past, I remembered these words from the old man before he left me. Then I collapsed as sobs raked my entire body. I began to remember him as pains filled my heart.

Oh! The old man is gone. The thought of this made me sick. How can the old man go just like that? He was the best in the world, the greatest gift the universe has ever given to humanity, because he was love in human form. Tear poured against my dry paled cheeks and I began to sob very passionately. He was like a father I never had, my mouth dropped open and I began to weep. I could not understand, one minute he was with me and the next he was gone. I couldn’t believe that the old man was gone. The truth is those we love are never really gone. Their bodies may wear off and run its course but their souls live forever.

How can death separate this mind from me?

The greatest mind the universe has ever given to mankind is gone. I thought about this as I remembered the words of the old man, “Our bodies may not last forever but a heart that truly loves never dies.” The following morning, I got up from my bed, sobbing, weeping and wailing. I cried throughout the night. I felt his presence, it seems the old man was standing with his walking stick I made for him, he stirred at me deeply. I could see him whispering as he poured out the liquid inspiration of his voice to quench the thirst of my spirit. He said, “my son” and continued, “if truly you love me, go and tell the peoples of the world to learn to love and never hate. Love is the only hope for the human race because life is a gift that is opened only with love. Love is like water, it is colourless and odourless but it has the power to quench the taste of any thirsty man. The world will know peace if only if, we learn how to love. You must act as if it is impossible to hate your fellow humanity because what you learn is what you become and what you become is what you die with. I have learned that it is better to love than to hate, to hate is not to love, and not to love is to be a victim of hatred. Love is strength and hatred is weakness. Therefore my son, do not look for heaven in the sky while you can create one on earth. A heart that loves truly lives in heaven. When two people are bitter and twisted at each other, there is some distance in their hearts they covered. That is why they continuously shout to hear each other as they struggled to continue each conversation, yet they fight and get bitter against each other. The angrier they are, the more they will shout to hear each other through that great distance. Anger separates two hearts from loving. But When people fall in love, you can see the beauty of this experience. They do not shout at each other in a conversation, they talk softly and speak kind words because the distant between these two hearts are now so close and of course, you know that talking with one another means loving one another. But sometimes they do not need to speak, they only whisper and even get closer the more. The most beautiful part is that, sometimes they do not just whisper, they only look at each other in the eyes and their hearts connect. Like attracts like. A heart that is full of love operates at the corner where grace descends. The universe understands this rule and the universe opens just like that.’ It sounded so clear, I thought I really saw the old teaching me now. Maybe it wasn’t him, but this can’t be just my imagination. I do not believe in ghost, but even so, there are some truths we still do not know, I wouldn’t dare to say there are no ghosts after all, I did see the old man, he floated with ease with his eyes as they bored into the depths of my soul. His presence was that ethereal glow that glitters a beauty from another world, and his eyes sparkly, full of colours and it seems to pierce through my heart. My body was not so familiar with this kind presence as I jumped out of my skin and broke into cold sweat with my eyes wide opened while my palms went clammy and my teeth frozen. My entire system was shaking like a leaf as my hair bristled when he spoke some of these words to my ears. I felt goose bump covered my entire body at that quiet moment of the conversation. It all was like a dream, I am pretty sure it was.

I was glad to realize my folly. It was just a dream. It was weird, but It was a nightmare and one that scared me to death. There was no old man, and I did not lose him, it was just a terrible dream I had that lasted the whole night. I woke up pondering about the dream that scared the hell out of me. I have begun to remember the whole dream in detail. The old man taught me so much about love in that dream and I know you want to hear more, and I will tell you in a moment.

The sleep was the one you wouldn’t imagine to lose. It was a chilling adventure and there was something about it that was beyond wonder. It came with no disturbing features as I had my blues music feeding my soul and I was lured to sleep by it. It actually put me to sleep so fast than an Ambien, I slept so well that I began to snore so terribly. I could hear myself as I took every breath and better still, I couldn’t help it. I slept. Afterward, the dream had continued with the old man lecturing me on love and affairs. It was a sleep serenity.

“I want to teach you how to live as a higher level of being. You can design the type of life that gives you happiness, because you have some special power within you to create love in the universe. It is not easy but through practise and practise you will get better and better, you have a fast recovering rate when you learn to love. Life is so beautiful to go about it loving everything that you see just the way they were designed in the universe. The universe will unfold at the right time, so my son go for what is yours in the universe. The first way to get the universe to work out for us, is to learn to love everything and anything as it is. This is the first language the universe understands, the language of love. You can download the whole cosmos with love, therefore, Learn to love and never hate. You are here as a vessel for the universe to function, if you have been selected to live here on earth, life has a gift for you. In life whatever that happened to you, there is a lesson in it. See yourself always as a student of the universe ready to learn. Love increases through a constant practise, a heart that practises how to love will surely see the secretes of life.” He said as the dream continued,

“To hate to love, is to love to die and to love to die speaks of a heart without love at all. For if truly you have love in your heart, you would want to live and touch lives before you go. We are on a mission here on earth, our mission here is to live, to love and to die. These three things are thus inevitable as humans. However, to fall in love implies falling into a deeper mystery that humans know little about. It means that the process is some way uncontrollable and risky and yet very vulnerable. It speaks of falling as to fall into a whole or to fall off from a high mountain. To fall in love has so much pains attached because it involves two conscious minds signing a non-verbal contract we call love. So then my little boy, this is such a crucial moment and you must be willing to learn the skills of being master when it comes to the matters of the heart.” He said and then continued, “understanding is the key word here. When you say to someone that I love you, what does it mean?” He asked from his previous lesson, then I replied, “it means that you enjoy his or her presence or you want to enjoy this person as your emotion is sweetened because love is some certain sweetness of emotion that is pleasurable.” I said. “Good!” He replied and continued. “That is why love is risky, when you fall in love, you would want to enjoy this one just as your emotion is sweetened, you do not know if this one is dying. Yet you signed a contract of a love affairs without knowing it.

“Please father, tell me about this contract upon which you speak.” I said quietly as I nodded for every words he said in satisfaction. Then he continued without answering my question, “you lose everything if you do not have love in your heart, because very soon everything will begin to go against you. A heart that loves heals up easily from pain. Life is happening right now. Life is at this moment and you deserve the best the universe has to offer. Do you know the best thing our universe can ever give us? It is the ability to love and accept love, to stay loving and be willing to give out love to others even when they do not love you. Most people go through life holding back, they hold themselves back from life and they short circuit the flow of the universe. This is called selfishness and love isn’t selfish. Most other people do this with a feeling of shame, guilt and feelings of rejection, they stopped the flow of life. I am asking you to turn the table around with love and contribute so much to the lives in the universe, by this, life is appreciated and everyone to some extent is happy. The easiest thing to give to life is love, not money or material possession. Love is the motivating force behind the infinite supply of the universal energy. It flows the world around.” He said and added,

“Let me learn you the code to romance a woman.” Why he was yet speaking, I turned and I woke up. Then, I turned with a start and looked around, there was no old man and of course, in reality, I didn’t meet with him and therefor the story penned in this book is fiction designed to create a world of peace with the language of love. This book will keep you enthralled from start to finish with the amazing teachings of this fictitious character, the old man.

Now, these were the things I learned from this beautiful dream experience. Where there are experts, there will be no lack of learners. Experience comes from learning true skills from an expert. Love is wide and deep. No man can truly know love genuinely if it isn’t taught. The school where love is thought is life and the soil where love is sown is in people. One thing I respect deeply about the old man was his wisdom, from his prudent lessons about love to his judicious encouragement, I have come to agree that true wisdom comes with age. His quirky manner and elegant insight expands the mind to stay loving. Lastly, I have learned that love looks not with the eyes but the mind because love is freedom.

………We live in a world of stories. The greatest one ever told by man is the magic that bridge two hearts. The story of love………

“A heart that loves never grows cold because love is

some certain sweetness of emotion.”

Stanley Nos Izuyon

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