The quantum code of love

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The pot of happiness

Oh why?

Why the manoeuvres of the heart? A condition where a lovely heart suddenly turns cold and wretched with feelings of guilt and humiliation. But the wheel of time turns as ages come and go, yet one truth remains. The human heart is a loving organ and it will always find a way to love. Along the wheels of time, love spins around us melding broken souls and healing wounded hearts because love is a medicine for the ills of life. Some people in life finish the race of life weak and sometimes finish too early because they lack that energy the race of life requires. I was almost one of those people, I was born and left in the side of the universe that was so negative. That is why this book is written. To make every one finish the race of life strong by loving ourselves, others and everything in our world the way they are. It is written to wash away the stone of guilt from the water of the mind, because the mind can only become clean and tranquil in that undisturbed calmness that comes from within. The book encourages us to turn inward, because that is where the power is. The power is inside each of us. The power to light up the whole cosmos is in human vessels and that power is in you. To unleash this power we must begin to learn the skills of being loving. Love is the wheel that rolls the vehicle of time, and with love, the stone of tears can be pushed aside and darkness turned to light just as a wounded heart can be melded. Love is a fortress to a broken heart and a healing to a wounded soul. It is this power that can save the world from this loneliness that has taken over the hearts of so many souls on the planet. Love is the eye of the world, without it, darkness cannot really go away. If darkness does not go away, we will remain enemy of ourselves because we cannot see who we really are. The world that does not love is blind, at this point, sight becomes a thing of the heart. It is better to see with our hearts than to see with our eyes, because a heart that truly loves does not lie. The daily frustrations of life can be cured just by staying loving. If you are reading this book, it is because the universe has kicked the door of happiness open for you

The book is a masterful epic and it takes the reader into that quietest corner where grace descends. Virtually the book has no match when it comes to matters of the heart relating to human happiness. It covers all areas of love and affairs, including the love you develop for your nation as well as that for our universe and the world around us. It was written in a fictitious manner, intensely enjoyable series of teachings from the old man to the sermon of Reverend Blade. Each chapter will leave you with a buzz in your chest. It is a compelling saga, one designed to take your heart through that pot where happiness lies. A book that is powerful and urgent, that is emotionally engaging. It gives answers to the most important aspect of human experience in life. Love. And yet a lot of people all over the world really do not understand the meaning of love. Love is a birth right of every person on the planet because it is almost impossible to live a human life without some sort of love in one’s life. Love is what gives each and every one of us the sense of meaning and purpose.

In life, human days are like a burning candle, as we grow older, our lives become shorter and shorter and eventual it disappears. This is the evening of the human life, it does not take so long before it comes. I assure you, the evening of every life must surely come, that is why I am asking everyone to start loving because our evenings are coming. It does not matter what you do why on earth, the question is whether you lived a happy life and that really means, if you were loving and got loved by people. That is what we mean when we often times ask if someone lives a better life. Love is the best life for the human soul.

In this book, I recommend the medicine that makes the soul sweet. It is love and a life without it will be a mistake, because those who dance are considered insane by those who cannot hear the music, but the truth is, a heart that loves will dance because once you have become a victim of love, your soul begins to dance and you cannot remain silent. It makes the mind clean and young, of course you know what a young mind can do, all sort of exciting things. It does not matter how old you are, there is a drug that will make you look younger always. It is love. Therefore I want us to esteem our world to a garden full of flowers, because humans are cosmic flowers, we are flowers planted on the garden of the planet earth for the sake of love. These flowers must be watered on a daily basis, that is what I am doing now, I am watering your soul so that the seed of love planted in your heart begins to grow. The soil where this seed is planted is your heart and the flowers are we the humans. The flower is expected to produce a fruit and that fruit is peace. A heart that loves is peaceful. This is what I called the pot of happiness. A heart that loves carries this pot in his soul as he walks the earth, and each day, his mind will become calmer and cleaner

Finally, I believe that every man and every woman on this planet is a star, we begin to shine the moment we turn our light on from within. The true light of every human being is within our souls. This is called, the law of inner beauty, it says, true beauty comes from within and that nothing in the world can buy us happiness than the one that comes from within us. Love is such an expensive venture, it is one thing that money cannot buy and it comes from the heart. People who think they can but true love with money will never find love. Those who live and avoid love are cowards, they all have one thing is common, that is unhappiness.

Keep love in your heart, for a heart without it cannot blossom. It is only blind that makes the snail to fall into fire by trying to run away from the stone that falls on its way

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