The quantum code of love

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Chapter 1

A conversation with the Old man

How to create a conscious love affairs.

“the sight of you set my whole body on fire.

My charming father I wish to love you till I am dust.”


What a day!

Like the glowing marble of blue sky and a colourful lagoon still and peaceful yet alive with birds is the best way to describe it. It happened so first and by some quirk of fate that I met an old man who spoke on the subject of love and since then the story was stunning ever after. I was quibbling and looking for love when I met a wise man who spoke like a charm on the subject. I have never heard about love or known love in that manner he spoke, though I had gone through life in some difficult ways and the injuries were still fresh in my memory. The injuries remained fresh probably because, I do not believe in, or I do not allow myself to love. It takes a whole lot of heart break and disappointment. It was either of the two reasons that I shied away from love. I have a good heart though, similar to love in many ways mainly because it is part of it. It takes a good heart to love after all.

Yeah It was on that morning, that sunny morning as I was pretty much ready to face the day, the light breeze had swooped over our emerald and green water of the lagoon at the back of our tent, then as I looked through the window, I saw an old man with grey hair and bearded. He had beard sparkling like sun and hair above his mouth. He sat down on a stony cave by the brook near our pavilion garden in that island of beauty, he looked pale and haggard but I saw a light shone through the crevices of his soul as he sat down and reminisced about his good old days. Smiling very hard, he gazed at me and said, “Young man you’ve got so much lessons to learn in life. I saw you and I think I like you, I am willing to teach you love and the code of love because I believe that the real flower is in people, but you must be willing too, to teach the people of the world after this manner I have taught you. For the lessons of life are better learnt by example. I have so much stories to tell you. I promise you that it will be sweet, because love is too sweet, it is sweeter that the sweetest thing if there be any. Love is the sweetest thing on the planet, sweeter than anything that is sweet, if you have tested everything that is sweet and not know love, you better try what is sweet, for only one thing is really sweet and that you must taste. Whether we live a life of luxury or peril, love is the greatest. Love is like a Spiritual wisdom of oneness it steers us away from our destructive habits.” He paused and smiled tightly while he looked straight at the stunningly scenic image of a gigantic mountain by our side. Arguably, the best sight in the world. He looked and was blown away by such iconic grandeur of nature. Beautiful is one way to describe it and rocky is another. Once you visit the top of the mountain, there you will see the sky and the stars looking like jewels on black velvet and you will live with love and respect for nature the rest of your life.

The old man brought me here. He was really very old and weak, he was so weak and clumsy in his old age. I watched him walked to the mountain top with the strength similar to that of a twenty five years old mountain climber, yet he looked weak somehow. He limped and hobbled and then trudged himself through the heels. His breath tangling and gasping as he took every step, he walked patiently to this high mountain top. What is he trying to teach me? I have asked this a hundred times. With my head spinning with thoughts I could no longer ignore, I followed him like an infant, wanting to exhort knowledge as I waited patiently to know what he has to learn me.

He looked at me and said, “I do not know what pulled you to me. I really do not know young man. But destiny. Destiny my love.” He cleared his throat and looked at a particular direction, whether to the left or to the right I do not know, he looked in a special way and it was difficult to tell exactly where he was looking at and why he acted that strange. He had really started acting like an old man now. I thought this at once. But the more I looked at him, the more I am convinced he had got something to teach me. The old man minded his business, he walked up so fast as if he might not walk down the mountain. It was as if he knew what was coming. The top of the mountain was far, really far. Even as a young lad with so much strength, I began to get tired. I sweated all through this journey to the top. When we finally got to the mountain top, I thought the class has begun. He must be ready to give me the instructions on a tablet of stone. But then, I saw the old man, he sat quietly as tears slowly streamed down his eyes. The sound of water falls coming down on the mountain top sounds like sad tears from his eyes. Did he know what was about to happen? His eyes sparkled with a blue as deep as a thousand oceans, bringing down fog into the air that cooled the warm air around us. We sat upon the high mountain all day and all night just wanting to connect with love and the beauty of nature. The sky burned with fire and thunder ripped through the heavens like the voice of the god’s when the oracle has got secrets to tell.

As we stayed connected to the beautiful energy of nature, I felt peace as the cool air blew across the mountain top. Then he spoke to me after hours of silence. It was at this final moment that I realise how beautiful life could be though I still do not know what the old man wanted to learn me after all. Then he opened his delicious mouth,

Guess what!

Words poured out of his mouth, wise words like a hot pot of soup serve in a cold evening. He sounded like a chatty track of a piece of great music clean to listen. “I love to reminisce about my old days,” he said and added, “because it reminds me of what it takes to live this beautiful life over and over again. Well, my days are numbered, but yours is still fresh and new, you are a beginner and you have so much life ahead of you, therefore, I must plant in you, the seed of love.” He said and further added,

“I brought you to this beautiful mountain because I want you to take a look at the world around you, I want you to see the beauty and the pains of life. Because as we sit on this mountain as you shall know, I have found out that being on top of the world does not keep one away from the pains of life. No such thing.” He shook his head in pain and said, “I have seen so much darkness and I have seen the light. The darkness is really dark, but the light is stronger. Love is light. To hate or not to hate, but not to love is seemingly dark. Love is like a rain bowl it brightens your life after you have been through the dark. When it appears no matter how dark the sky seems, darkness will disappear. Come and see.” He said to me and continued in this manner,

“Come, look at this direction my son, look very well. Here you will see the hearts of the peoples of the earth so broken. Many have never loved and many do not know love. This is lesson number one (1), yes lesson number one. In live everyone talks about love, but not every knows it. Do you know why it is so?” He pulled my ear closer to himself and whispered, “because love is some ‘Certain Sweetness of emotion.’ Some certain sweetness of emotion. Yes some sweetness of emotion. Some of these sweetness of emotion are chemically supported by nature, some are not. They are just sweetness of emotion that are pleasant. Too many people do not know this, they think love is some certain feelings they must feel and if they do not feel that way there is no love. But they fail to realise that love is deep, it is deeper than what they think. Love is sweetness of emotion that is pleasant and you must experience it. If love is sweetness of emotion, then you may not feel it, but you must experience it because it is experiential. I want you to go and open the eyes of the world, show them love as I have done to you. Everything is lovable and anything can be loved, because love is a code when opened you see what it takes to be a better human being, love is the engine of nature that drives the human machine, love is the fuel that roll the wheel of time, love is an empty basket with holes on all sides, it keeps demanding more and it’s never full. love is life and life is love. Let’s explore this mystery and the chemistry of nature my son. Love is all it takes to run the human race. I’m ninety two and I’ve got so much to tell, young man listen to me. I have seen it all.” He said.

Why he was yet speaking, I’d so many questions on my mind. So then, the inevitable question for me was, why has this old man chosen me? And why is he talking about love? Did he know that I wasn’t a happy child? How did he know? I couldn’t answer all these questions but not a moment did I stop wandering. I kept ruminating on these questions. Then he continued as though he has read my thoughts, and I thought this old man is really wise and he must have seen it all. Now I was clever for once in his own eyes. He kept reading me like a book and he could see what I was to do. The evil coming that where hidden from my eyes. My expressions weren’t hidden though but I was still fascinated how he sees everything about me just like that. I was like an open book. Afterwards he looked at me and said, “young man everything that is sweet isn’t really sweet. Except this one thing, less I forget, have you known love. When I die love will keep you, but how I die will be in your hands. Love is really sweet and the odour is like the scent of a rose in a moonlit. Amazing is the language but yet not spoken very often. My son, sit down and let me learn you the code of love.” Then I sat on the edge of my seat, eager, and very anxious to know love and the code of love. Afterwards I said like an insatiably curious man, “Tell me what love is because I want to know that which is sweet.” Then he replied,

“Young man, there are things that are better not tested, because you may test and still cannot design the taste after all. You do not hatch the chicks before the laying of eggs. Do you? Do yourself a favour. I see, you have a sour tongue and I do not mean to refer to your tongue, but I see something similar. You may test and blame love, but it is really your tongue that has a problem. Love is perfect. My son you must wash your tongue properly because a tongue that is sour cannot know the true taste of love. I speak in riddles because I know you do have a problem with yourself, but you have a pure heart and willing to know love. Love is a hard lesson to teach and to learn my young man, it takes more than having a pure heart. No man is ever wise by chance. Experience is the language. Therefore if you must know love, you must be willing to learn and experience the codes, the skills and the attitudes that a genuine love requires. You must be patient.”


I thought goodness me! I want to know love, I really want to know love and the code of love, I want to love and be loved, I want to love everything and anything and possibly everybody. I want to love and never hate.

Then he looked at me and said, “young man you are too in hast and you hurry too much for my liking. You cannot know love like this, love waits, love is patient, love is not harsh, love is kind. But I know because I told you that love is some certain sweetness of emotion you are anxious to feel it. This is where you are wrong, you must be tested. Young man, the lessons are over, the tests have started, but you have already failed and I can’t take you through the next level.” He said, and I felt sad, tears came down my eyes. The old man wasn’t really willing anymore.

“Oh. I’m sorry! Please learn me love. I do not know what love meant, I have never had love in my life. As a child I suffered emotional breakdown, please wise one help me. My heart is in pain, I have injuries and bruises please help me. I have walked in hatred and never known love. I want to know love.” But the old man seemed to have lost interest on the subject. I felt so awkward, I thought he came to help me. Then I said, “father!” I did really called him father now, I was desperate to know love and never hate, I continued calling him father because he did acted like a father I never had, “please father,” I cried, “learn me that I could say to the people of the world that love is stronger than hate. Teach me that I might show the world that though we have wars and hunger and sickness and problems, love conquers it all.” But the old man was still unwilling. Here am I standing like a wounded soldier in the heat of a battle, yet the old man was still so unwilling. I felt so wounded that I began to hate him.

“Hate?” Yes I actually began to hate him.

But how quickly have I changed. I wanted to know love and never hate. But now is the opposite. I just hated the old man. I hated him so badly that the thought of his sight disguised me. But how could I hate when I have learnt so much lessons about love, and yet the fire of my hatred was pointed towards the one that brought me love. He taught me love and he showed me love when I never asked for it. I couldn’t think about this. I thought I have found a guide who now is unwilling to guide me and he’s turned against me, I just was really very angry. Why did he bring me to the mountain top? To make a fool of me? My anger fired the more.

Wait a minute! Maybe this was what the old man saw, when he spoke about my tongue. I wanted to know love, I wanted never to hate, I wanted to love and be loved. But here am I. Did I control myself? I am not so sure I did! Laugh all you want, I know certainly didn’t.

Oh! So sad to hear what I did, I felt so angry as the stupidity of the adventure on the mountain struck me that I was so angered by the second. My patience now had run out and my temper flared as rage boiled through my whole body. I barely had a chance to think of my actions. As I saw the whirling and rushing wind blew across us, I pushed the old man down the mountain.

Oh my goodness! What have I done?

How could I do that! Oh dear me! I have killed this wise man, who will teach me love! I couldn’t forgive myself. Back to square one, I thought I learnt some lessons, but guilt has filled my heart. Oh what have I done! I love this man. Then shame gripped me, “this old man, who had grown weak and clumsy in his old age and yet I pushed him down from the mountain top and I killed him. Where is my conscience?” I cried and then, I said this bitterly to myself. “I will never forgive me. And I hate life, I will commit suicide as soon as I come down the mountain. I hate me and I hate to live. I so much hated to see me that I was ashamed of my shadow. Crying bitterly, I began to walk down the mountain. Yet I felt I have killed this nice old man. Why do bad things happen to good people? This old man does not deserve death. He has something to tell the world and he needs to live. To think that I killed him was just unbearable. I was walking down the mountain singing songs of sorrows, death has come. This is where my life will end. Then I finally came down eventually.

Unbelievable! As I came down I realise that the old man was some sort of epic being. He had survived. I ran towards him, the thought of suicide had seized. I held him, kissing him from all sides. I leaned upon him. I couldn’t know what to do to him.

Hope came!

So this isn’t really the end, there is still a second chance. I thought really deep. Joy filled my heart. I couldn’t even remembered what I have done wrong. What was I thinking? For real! Yes it is for real, the old man is indestructible. Or isn’t it for real? The old man hasn’t spoken a word, he looked really weak now, even weaker than the way he was before he fell. Something is wrong, the old man was dying. Oh! I pitied him. “What can I do to save you sir?” I asked quickly, still happy he did not die after all. He was silent for a while, then he spoke so loud, “keep love in your heart, for a life without it cannot blossom.” He looked at me with love, tears came down his eyes. “You must free yourself from anger.” He looked at me, staring back I said “please,” but the old man had seized me up, “don’t even go there.” He said and added,

“I have forgiven you. Love always forgives. The flower cannot blossom without the light from the sun. Son go and live with a heart that loves. For we are born equal to live, to love and to die.”

“If this is what love truly is, and that we are truly created equal, I must live and love and I must be willing to talk about it. Love is the greatest. Love is true and I am a product. I will love everybody and everything. I will love plants, animals, the creations, the creator, humans, everything. I will love the mountain where forgiveness was born, the rivers and everything including me.” I thought this for a while as love filled my heart. The thought of forgiveness engulfed me, because I saw all that it takes to be a better human being, to live, to love and eventually to die. Life became so beautiful that I was willing to do anything for this old man with such a heart. I kneed down before him and said, “father, thank you for bringing beauty to my world.” He looked at me and said,

“Lesson number two”

I thought, ‘lesson number two!’

What could that be? I reasoned. “Get me a stick, a cane that I may use to walk, to ease pressure on my legs and to aid stability when I stand and also my love, to correct you in case you forget the lessons. I can’t walk on two legs any more, I needed to have an extra leg. I have pain all over me.” He said, then I ran to the nearby bush and got a stick that could support his two legs. He was so pleased with me. “Thank you my son.” He responded. But here was a thought that journal while I was there, “how come the old man never remembered what I did on the mountain top, has he lost his memory? He should at least bring it up so that we could talk about it. I am sure he did not lose his memory because each time I wanted to bring it up, he seized me up. Maybe he is trying to teach me something, that love forgives and never brings it up. No! this will be too hard to learn. How could I forgive and just let it go! I haven’t even forgiven myself yet. He did said lesson number two, what could this be? I reasoned within me,


I called. Now I have so much love and respect for this great master, he was my lord, my father and my teacher, he thought me love. So, I called him sir sometimes, “sir, you did mention lesson number two, what could that be?” The old man smiled with his radiated white set of teeth that elated happiness, his mood was soft and kind when he looked at me, he gestured, “come my son,” I went more closer, he touched me by the side of my arm and said, “life is full of series of lessons and you are about to learn the vital one. What you love, you must protect, what you protect you must preserve. Thoughts, images and emotions are all connected to love. What you love you think about, and what you think about you will see, when you see it comes the emotion, the beautiful part of it. This part of emotion does not really mean feelings. Many have been deceived by their feelings, they fall in love and fall out because they feel and sometimes they do not feel. Love is a sweetness that is pleasurable, so what you see you must enjoy. You see plants, you have to develop sweetness for plants and enjoy their presence, this is how you must treat a woman. When she is in your life, you may not feel her, just enjoy her. Though that type of love will be chemically supported by nature and with the chemistry you have more advantage.”

When he mentioned woman, excitement filled my heart, I had wanted to hear this great man talk about the opposite sex, you know how I mean. This type of love, I smiled. I was so fascinated as I began to reason within myself, “what is he going to say about a woman’s breast, kissing and even sex?” The breast, that ripe apple located at the chest of a woman has always interested me. You know, planted around that site, I am sure there is more, like it is built for comfort, and amazing to behold when it looks out from the woman’s doubly blessed underwear with hard erect nipples. I have always wanted to hear this, I have never touched a woman’s breast before, but I have done some kissing with one or two girls, beautiful girls you know. But to learn the skills from this great man was just too beautiful for me. He talked about love as a sweetness of emotion, the emotion was just really great when I had my first kiss though I received a slap from my girlfriend then, Susan after I kissed her. I can still remember, of course yes! Our lips were filled with water of nature as we kissed in the field and under the tree. She screamed like small goddess on a mission. Actually Susan asked me to kiss her on a Monday morning before the class had begun and I did and she slapped me afterwards. The kiss I understand but the slap I don’t. As she slapped me, it was so hot that I pursed my lips. The taste of the kiss disappeared when the crack of skin against skin echoed off the school halls. Vibrations of pain started from my cheek and spread to my entire face. I stopped hearing for a moment, then my sight disappeared and came back at once. I try to talk but I stammered. I couldn’t believe this was coming from a woman and I hated her so badly for doing that. The kiss was nice but the slap wasn’t. But the second kiss never got me into trouble though I was confident enough to kiss Swanta after Susan slapped me for a kiss. Believe me Susan became my enemy ever after. You can’t give me a hot slap after a hot kiss. I couldn’t forgive that. I remembered this so fresh in my memory. So, when the old man talked about a woman I was very interested to hear why I had to get a slap after a woman willingly kissed me.

But I really thought lesson number two (2) should be a lecture on the female anatomy, romance and the code and skills to woo a woman. I was wrong. The old man was wiser than you think, he brought that in to draw my attention. But he read my mind again, now he acted similarly as he did on top of the mountain, I was like a book again.

“No! Not this time.” I said with a shrug. He read me over and over again. I was like, dear! Where are my secrets? He looked at me and said, “when you love, you must do anything to nurture that love, because love grows.” Then he continued,

“I am thirsty and need to drink water.” He said. Then I replied, “there are no river here great one.” Then he said, “this is the test, the next river is in Umuofia village, it is some kilometres from here, it will take a car an hour to go and return, you are to walk down there,” he said sternly and added,

“Hurry you must go now because evil looms around. Yes, evil looms around.” He added and continued in that manner,

“The river is called the water of life, you must fetch me a drink with this golden pot and I must drink within the next twenty four hours, otherwise I will die. Remember I told you that, the way I will die is in your hands.” He said still speaking, “go, I shall not die, miles cannot separate two hearts that love.”

I set out for the journey. I ran, I walked, I fainted and gained back strength. The mission was almost impossible if not for the love that I had for this old man, he must not die, he has not taught me the love for a woman yet, I really want to hear him on that topic. I will do all that I can to save him. I mumbled in a sad mood. And finally I got to the stream, it took hours of walk, but I made it. On the stream, I felt the old man’s presence more than ever. Everywhere was silent, the light was beginning to fade, night had set in,

Oh dear me! I have no coal of fire, how can I walk back to the old man? I am doing this for love. It was really dark now. The birds are chirping, frogs are croaking and rib biting around the bush, I had no form of light, but the old man had said, “Love is fire, the more you love the brighter you see and that a heart that loves never walks in darkness.” I thought about this and I began to see. I saw everything in the dark, ‘I have the water, at least the old man will not die.’ I said.

Then I stepped on something, it was sharp. I screamed. Yes I did. The snake.

“The Snake?”

Oh goodness why me! Tears, I cried. The pot is broken, the water poured out. I watched my blood missed with the water I laboured for. The snake has bitten me. I have had more than enough, I had to deal with floods and tsunamis of hurt and pain in one day. Something I worried about the most, the old man. He was dying, and it is quite draining. It was bleak. And come to think of it, the pot.

Oh the pot!

I was between two desires, I wanted to go back to the stream but I had no pot and I was bleeding, the venomous snake had beaten me and I needed to be cured. But the pot I still think about. But in reality, I would that I go home to meet the old man just as I am, I needed help now. So, I allowed the pains to wear off slowly so that I can handle each wave of emotion as it comes. The leg got so swollen that I waddled my way home. When I got home, the old man was fine. The old man was alive and healthy, I couldn’t think about my condition, just to see the old man strong without the water of life gave me joy. This is the message! Can you be happy that others are making progress while you seem miserable? I was very happy, really happy, I could not have done this if not for the old man. He thought me that love is a sweetness of emotion, now I knew exactly what he meant, I felt peace, maybe I really did not feel it, I did experienced the humanity in me. Then I said,

“Father, you are fine. Thank you for being strong for me.” I said, then he replied, “I do not need the water any more, I forgot I had a healing plant at the back, I twisted the leaves and the water of life came out and I drank it,” then he asked, “where is my pot?” Fear gripped me,

“The snake! The snake!”

I replied and pointed to the spot where I was beaten. He ran towards me, cleaned the wound and treated me with the healing plant. Then I sneezed and the following morning I was just alright and well. When I saw him, I knew that I have passed the test. Then he said to me, “my son, love is greater than hate. Love breaks every anger. Man is a beautiful creature that must function with love, if you do not love you will be unhappy the rest of your life and if you must live long, you must love long enough to keep you longer on earth. Love pays.”

Now let me explain what I have learned If you have been following the story.

“Love is the greatest, the act of love is to know what to overlook. It is best to learn wisdom by the experience of others. The old man was wise and finally, if you have love until it hurts, there comes no more hurt but love. That was in my case. And then, we are born alone and we will live alone, but it is only in the experience of love that we create a moment were we truly are not are alone. This is for you. A heart that loves never grows cold because love is some certain sweetness of emotion.

Love is the greatest and forgiveness is the language.

“Darkness is the only difference between yesterday

and today. To Hate is to walk in darkness.

not to love is to be a victim of hatred.”

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