The quantum code of love

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Chapter 2

The Lessons in the jungle.

In the cold breeze that I walked along, while the memory of my wrong to the old man burns within me, not quit long that I cried pain and sorrow on the mountain top. The injury was still trying to heal up because of the old man’s forgiven heart. I stared at the mountain top and remembered where forgiveness was born.

It was a quiet moment, and the stillness was awful and sublime. The second phase of the lesson will soon begin and it was pretty scary as I wondered when the light faded creating some new shadows and dark images around me. I panicked with extreme fear of impending sense of doom as I walked on a hard stick beneath me. It was thin and thick but plush like a tapestry made of a solid oak. Then my eyes twinkled and my eyelids fluttered from the tree hollows. I wondered and began again to wonder as the wind wailed between crushed trunks carrying the dusty stink of dry rot. I needed to move. If I stayed still I thought I was going to die. I moved heavily and clumsily as I struggled to walk away quietly. Wherever I was, I had this overall feeling of needing to escape as fear engulfed me. At the heart of it, I sighed with great wondering,

“Father! Father! Where are you?” I called so high and loud as my voiced echoed like a nerve of the sky.

The old man wasn’t so far away, yet I got this surge right through my entire body that scared the hell out of me. We have been in the woods both day and night and the lessons was about to begin. But why he brought me to the woods, I couldn’t figure out. The old man had said he’s got something to take care off, but it seems he had since disappeared. My mouth dropped open and I began to wonder, he asked me to wait why he gets some work done. I lifted my face and couldn’t see him afar off, “please father let’s go home.” I cried. Sobbing and snivelling I said, “I do not want to learn love anymore.” I started to sound really appealed as I yelled in order to make my fear go away.

Then surprisingly the old man had replied quietly from a distant. He said,

“Caution.” He said in a weird manner, probably because he was in the woods. Then he added, “a man must be conscious of his origin as a child of nature. The woods is a special place full of love and beauty.” Then again I heard him say, “caution son, some animals are very intelligent and wild, they do not live like us in the world of humans, they obverse things by smell.” He sighed and added, “young man you must be very careful here. Anyway, there is excitement in the woods if only you know the rules. I know why I brought you here. Here is the perfect place to learn love. You just have to love it here and that is it. The woods is full of nature’s darlings and they are amazing to behold.” He said and continued, “My son, love is best announced using signs because there are those that will not get it when it is voiced.” Then he continued in that manner,

“Here is another culture and you must keep to the culture of the animals and respect these lives in the jungle. It is dangerous here and your noise might just give you away. Stray animals! Yes, there are stray animals here. You must learn how to walk and talk in this jungle. This particular one isn’t safe. If you know the rules, even the wild cat here will come to love you as a human being.” He said and stayed focus on his job. Then, I felt so frightened in trembling as I got really nervous. I thought deep, not again! Why did he bring me here, if it isn’t safe here? I said quietly and when I thought about the scene on the mountain top, I spoke with caution because I wanted to leave yesterday behind me and I do not want to walk in hatred any more day in my life.

But the old man seemed to have mastered the life in the jungle, he looked so relax and calm as if he was having an exotic holiday on a sunny beach with some humid sea air cooling his nerves while he takes a stroll as the sun warmed his face. It actually seemed he was having a peaceful hike through the scenic hills. But it wasn’t so, he was just an old man who had so much mental application in whatever he does. I felt fascinated with his way of life. Amazing old man, he got traps with baits placed around the jungle just to lure stray animals in. I watched him inspected his traps one after the other. He was a lucky old man, one of his traps caught a squirrel and that was a beautiful scene to watch. I captured every moment as the animal struggled to find his way out of the trap. The animal struggled but to no avail. Squirrels are amazing kind of creature swift and agile. They are day-active animals with slender bodies and with sleeked thick fur and bushy tails. They have coats that are black, brown or reddish above and light below them. I watched the old man lurched around this beautiful specie, he almost fell as he tried to kill the animal with the walking stick I made for him. He tried standing on his feet, he was unable, then he leaned backward and dazzled and fell off. I watched the dramatic scene, beautiful is the simplest way to describe it. I almost laughed, but I kept caution, stray animals, I remembered. I thought of helping him, but the fear that I could mess up things struck me. Then I watched quietly from behind and began to walk to meet him, prowIing like a wild cat. As I made the first move, the branch of a tree by my side creaked. What have I done! The bee. Yes the bee hummed out of the pennyroyal as the wind whistled around the trunk, I saw lizards scrabbling around on trees bark. I heard all kinds of things, hostile screeches from animals in the woods.

I thought oh goodness! This isn’t the best place to learn love. I came here to learn love but now I have the chills which only fear brings. I made a second move, a fearful grin spread across my face. I ran as a snake slithered out of the nest. Fear hit me. I have been beaten once and I wasn’t about to be punctured by this poisonous reptile. I then stood tall and with a flick of my hair, I whirled on my heel and ran backward and disappeared into the twilight. It went so well for me, I wasn’t beaten again.

At last, the old man was skilful and able to kill the trapped squirrel with his walking stick. The cane I made for him has done a good job. This was almost the most beautiful part of our experience in the primeval forest before the lectures began and the memory will be cherished the rest my life.

The next morning still before the lessons began we had our breakfast in the old man’s hut in the forest. The old man’s hut was packed with spectacular images I have never seen, some iconic, some obscure, but all beautiful in their own way. A great place for anyone looking to spend their time exploring a beautifully scenic area. The view was breath-taking. It was a wonderful moment, the one I will never forget and the breakfast was one that you can get in a while. What made the meal so great was more than the food. It was the environment. You know, breakfast in the woods. The experience was just brilliant and the food was really delicious and the sauce was a perfect blend of fresh spices that marry so well. The union was just too perfect when it was served with a well garnished squirrel meat. I had to be remembered that I was still somewhere on the planet. When I took a bit, an explosion of comfort hit my mouth and I felt my checks had gone crimson immediately. Then I looked down at the dish placed in front of me and took a closer inspection, inhaling deeply. Imagine the scene if you will. It was fun, it was great. While we were eating I was almost tempted to live in the jungle for the rest of my life. It was a meal that stirred up the vehemence of emotion that sweetened my heart.

Soon after the meal, the air of the morning was very still and dimed with peculiar mist as we both observed some minutes of silent. Then soon afterwards, the old man coughed, drank some water as he almost choked. He cleared his throat and began the lessons. It was impossible to forget that day.

The most difficult problem was my curiosity. I wanted to dig into every detail and learn new skills of being loving. I do know from the old man’s lessons that curiosity is important trait of a genius. But it appeared I was overdoing it. The lessons had begun, but my mind was still on the meal, I never knew the old man was a great cook. I thought deep with passion as I fell in love with the meal. He had just proven to me that he was a great cook who had got this knack for knowing what types of seasonings and ingredients to put together for such appealing taste. Though It was wholly improbable that he could be so impressive in kitchen matters, he was indeed that spontaneous and creative. He scanned me with his eyes and touched me with his steak and said, “do not be distracted my son, the meal is over and you must be willing to learn love now. Before I go further, let me be clear that you are with me.” He paused and drank some water again. “take this, drink it will keep you focused.” He stretched out his hand and gave me a cup of coffee. The old man was a master controller of suspense. He looked straight at me with a clear and bold eyes, then he shook his head from side to side and took a deep breath and started the lessons.

“Love is another dimension of human experience and it is wider than what we think. Love should happen as an explosion within us as human beings, because love is really a sweetness of our own emotion. The phenomenon of love is too deep for the pleasure seekers to understand. It isn’t for the pleasure seekers. It is for the risk takers because love does not cover a minor area of our existence. It involves our lives in a huge way, that is why I brought you here to the woods. I brought you here because I want you to learn the risk of being loving. Therefore do not live and avoid love. The process of life is not worth living unless something exuberant is happening within us. It is only in the experience of love that we can come to this dimension. Life is not worth living unless something big is happening in terms of our own experience. If you live and do not have the complete experience of love that is a tragedy because it is only in the experience of love that our emotion can come to the highest level of sweetness. There is a universal language spoken by the human family, and when it is spoken, someone with a diminishing ability to hear sounds hears it, while someone unable to speak, still recognises the sign of a genuine love and even to the blind, their sights may be taken from them, but their hearts aren’t. this language is called Love. Love is a thing of the heart. It is a strength to the weak and energy to the least. It is a power of attraction that is not bound by time, not limited by age or weakness and not restricted by colour. It is the rope that ties two hearts together and once they are tied, these hearts begin to walk as one. Love is a powerful element of nature. It is like a light that blossoms in the garden of my heart many years ago, when my love was born and since then, it left me the seed of love that has grown into a forest. It can no more be uprooted. Oh love how powerful when it overwhelms a heart. It controls one like the air service controller who directs the air plane on the ground and in the air. It is the wind of nature that drives away our fears and hurt. The power and the magnet of attraction dropped something in my heart that makes me think about her all day and all night. I talk in reference to the woman that I love. Love is sweet. Sweeter than honey. Yes it is sweeter than sugar. It is the only thing that can make a man of sorrow to smile.

We want sensible people in life that will do the right thing. To experience love in our highest energy level is the right thing. So love is action and not just feelings, love is that thing that you do and experience. If you are truly in this level, there are four areas were you will undergo these actions of love. Action occurs in many levels, there are physical actions, emotional action, mental action, and energy action. These are the four levels were we must build up love in order to function as a proper human being. If you truly understand love in this way, you will know everything that is worth knowing in this life. What I am trying to learn you young man, is to set up the necessary fundamentals you need to know in order to genuinely learn love. Love is a human emotions and human beings are capable of being loving. This is a big possibility and if you want to grow in life and develop this human experience of being loving, you must appreciate what is there. All the miserable people in the world are people that truly do not know love, either the love for one self or love for another. They are people that reversed the whole equation of what love is, they live not to enjoy their emotions and the emotions of others around them. They are people that couldn’t enjoy the presence and space of everything the universe has to offer. They did not know that the experience of love is happening everywhere and that love only flowers in the community of loving people. This is the real essence of love, love begets love. No intelligent thinking happens once you switch yourself off the button of love. Love is a fantastic way to express this sweetness that cannot be explained in words. This enjoyment or sweetness of life in this way is what I called love. One level of involvement in a genuine love activity will surely bring out the humanity in you. Because there is humanity in every one of us, love brings it out from where it is hidden. Therefore we must live and accept love because it is only in acceptance that life truly happens. Love is a huge acceptance of everything and everybody the way they are. The most important thing in life is that we are pleasant within ourselves and with everything. This is the highest dimension of love and once you come to this level in love affairs, you become the master of your own experiences and then we say, you are in a conscious love affair. Without this conscious love affairs, there is no wellbeing for humanity. But Why do people want to feel better in there emotion rather than having a taste of this sweetness?” He pulled me to himself and said, “there is no intelligent in this and it does not make sense.”

The old man gave a deeper meaning to love and I really like his ways. It was like his classic, a teaching that evoke sensuality, blended with the excitements in the wood I was just blown away. Undoubtedly, the words from his mouth and others like it are to be stored. He was like a school of human wisdom. He was my teacher and he spoke words like an oracle.

“I want to tell you a story. A very interesting one.” He said with a gaze trying to connect with his eyes if I was following his expressions. “As we grow older and continue to change in age, there are things we can never change. The wheel of love turns as ages pass bye and life turns with it. Life functions with the vehicle of love. We live and die but life keeps spinning around us. Do you know what made it so? Love did and I think everybody has enough intelligent to know this.” The urgency in his voice left me breathless as he further continued in this manner, he said, “I want to tell you a story that formed me, this is the story that made me, that shaped, and the one that made me a better human being. My love story. My mistakes and my wrongs. You have never thought I was young. Do you? I know you have never thought I once had a girlfriend.” The old man said jokingly, “I have been young and I have had love in my life and it was a juicy one to recall. I made a huge mistake with my love life and I do not want you to repeat that same mistake as a young man. As a starter in life you have so much to learn in the school of life. When I was a young lad, I was too young at that time and couldn’t handle sensitive issues. But pay attention now my son, it will change your perception of what love really means. I mean my love story.” He said and added, “ I had a woman and she had a fear of people because she suffered so much hurt and shame in her life. She was, in fact, sexually abused by her own blood. Her father raped her and tormented her. And I was too young then to handle that as a husband.” While he was speaking, his voiced died in his throat as he narrated the story to me.

“During the first week of February that year, a month before her birthday, she decided to go on an exotic vacation in Spain. I was receding in Belgium at that time and we first met at the Lagos international airport in Nigeria, and to my astonishment we were together on board. She was preened and polished. Her matured body softly moulded within tight coloured suit she wore. What a beauty! I sighed.” The old man spoke quietly and continued. “She was sculpted in a woman’s body which looked twine-thinned. All these I saw from afar. When I got closer, she puzzled me with a beauty that left me to wonder if she was created or she was designed. She was a woman by any standard you can use to rate a woman. From her hair, her waist, the nails, her teeth, what can I say, to her complexion, her eyelids and eyeballs, her eyes, her mouth, you could tell that an angel visited the universe and got stuck on planet earth. She was an epitome of a lustre of gold. I can tell a 24 carat gold when I see one.” He said carefully while narrating his love story.

“I saw the most attractive part of her body.” The old man added and further continued. “This was where her beauty lies.” He looked at me, smiled and said, “What are you thinking? Do you know the most attractive part of a woman’s body?”

“Where?” I asked with a desire to know.

“Her brain.”

He replied and added, “the inner beauty of a woman reflects in her brain.” He said plainly and further continued describing his old lover, “she was beautiful, clever and eloquent. She was a woman with a brain and she learns so quickly. Her virility blue eyes were fixed as though she really was angel sent to spy the earth. I thought she must be a native and must be well cultured. And I fell in love with her at first sight. But I never knew that this beauty was so broken in her inside. She had suffered hurt and so much rejection in her childhood life and the trauma placed her between two worlds.” The old man said so bitterly. Then he added,

“I wish she was still around so that I could tell her sweet things, I wish she was here so that I could give her a worm hug, I wish she was here, that I might tie my skin against hers and let her know she is loved, but alas, she is gone. I have lost her to the cold hands of death. Her time here has ended. She was needed in another world. A world that is a stranger to us.

Oh! Love is a thing we must share with others while they are around, because time is swift.” He said so wobbly. You could see the pains in the old man’s red eyes as he spoke. He looked at me and said, “love is like a garden, if you do not cultivate it, you cannot harvest it. Therefore my child, in life, you must love like it isn’t going to hurt. This is lesson number three.” He said, but I thought so deep about lesson number three, it made sense to me. We must love like it isn’t going to hurt. Then I asked very politely, I said “father how can we love like it isn’t going to hurt?” I listened with an air of urgency to hear his wise answers. This is a simple wisdom the old man can just give away. Yet I could not get it at once, he must learn me over and over again. Moreover, he looked at me, shook his head and replied, “children of nowadays, they say ‘I love you’ and do not truly know what they are saying. The frog does not hop for nothing. There should be a reason why you say, I love you to someone. You can’t just say it. Love exists, but you can’t experience it if you do not create a conscious love affairs. This love upon which we speak is a love that is chemically supported by nature. The chemistry is the problem. The chemistry has to do with feelings, but love isn’t feelings, love is greater than feelings, our feelings are not enough to describe love to us, so all that we know about love is what we felt. You see, this is where our intelligence hijacked our hormones and then we lose control. It contained well of wisdom to be fetched. You fall in love and can never fall out of love, you only make a decision not to love again and not because you fell out of love. Therefore, ‘I love you’ is a code, this is what I called the code of romance. What you are actually saying whenever you say to someone I love you if decoded is, I want to enjoy you or I enjoy you. You are saying, your presence makes my emotion sweet. So many people do not know how to explain this sweetness that is bursting them inwardly, so they respond with ’I love you. To love like it isn’t going to hurt is to enjoy the person just as the emotion is sweetened. At this highest level of love affairs, there is no selfishness. Because it is what I called, the conscious love affairs.” He said and continued his story.

“I had her in my life. She was the woman of the moment. Her hair was like the shades of the safari bushes. Her glowing porcelain-lightened skin reflects softness, kindness and love. her laugh makes the sun shine and her heart was filled with all sort of rich colours, name them, blue, rose, silver, gold and even diamond. The fact remains, no woman will ever match up to her.” He said as we both observed some moments of silent. At this time I was still wondering how the most attractive part of a woman’s body could be her brain. I use to think it was something else, may be her breast or something else, you know how I mean. That watering hole located in between her legs. I was quite silent for a while, I smiled at my ignorance but solace in the fact that I was still learning.

“Goodness me! this for sure is the most lovely thing about a woman I have ever heard.” I sighed as the old man continued.

“Without some sort of love in our hearts, the human world will be called the human zoo. Tell me the difference if those in a golden world, and those on a concrete streets, live even worse than the buffalo that shelters in a jungle.”

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