The quantum code of love

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Chapter 3

The Jungle.

The human beasts in a golden world.

“Oh yeah! The spiritual side of love.

It truly makes the world flow around. That energy of nature.

Love is the language of human emotion, it can stimulate a wounded soul even without spoken words. When love is expressed in our world, it can jump between the human mind, to our environment, and everything in between and finally to our physical universe because it has a metaphysical influence and emotional grip that is expressed through our humanly feelings. Let me be clear here, love is real energy, you can feel the vibrating power when too hearts that love connect. Love is connected to what we see and feel in the universe of so much energy as we connect through our hearts and emotions and with the world around us. It is that aspect of the humanity within us that is stronger than any other thing we do or experience. Love comes with a sense of strong emotional upwelling when we experienced it in our energy level and with its power in our hearts things can be healed and rearranged. Love breathes life into our greatest joy.

Without some sort of love in our hearts, the human world will be called the human zoo. Tell me the difference if those in a golden world, and those on a concrete streets, live even worse than the buffalo that shelters in a jungle. If we humans begin to evolve with no sense of humour, without having some sense of sharing and caring for one another, then I will say, we are less than beings with two legs. What are we becoming by the day?” The old man said still narrating his love story.

He was quite impressive. Probably the best version of human being in the world you could ever meet in life. Why he was talking, I gave full attention to him, he got my ears as I agreed with every words from his mouth by simply saying ‘mmm, hmm.’ It was once in a life time experience to learn true love from an expert who once made mistakes with his love life. Moreover, he continued the lessons in the jungle

“It was coincidentally perhaps we boarded the same flight, but it wasn’t coincident that we sat close to each other. I made this happen as I swop my ticket with a fellow next to her. She sat with her legs crossed as I perched on a seat next to her and we began a great conversation which covered various issues. She had a bouncy personality and a sugary attitude. Her voice was soft and kind as we talked on variety of topics and to her credit it was a wonderful discussion, we spoke on various issues and she was challenging and interesting while I was a bit confusing for her and quite funny too as we shared our conflicting views on love and affairs. I was in my early thirties and I was really considered by many in the language of the new age people to be hot and sexy.” The old man said with a clear and distinct voice while he gazed at a particular direction and made a flash back. “Being a young man who was saddled with desires to love, I feel in love with her over and over again, it was an amazing experience. Then I looked at her and whispered to her ear.” I said, “my dear, you are so beautiful and if an angel ever walked on this earth it must be you. What do you think about love? I asked.” The old man said and continued.

“Then quietly she replied, ‘love is a personal thing.’ She said with a little concerned. Then the old man said, “can I tell you a poem? A beautiful one.” She replied plainly, “go ahead, I am all ears.” The old man got so excited with his story. At this point I became so amused with the old man’s erudite and elegant insight. While he was speaking I felt he made a mistake, you must begin a conversation by introducing your name. I reasoned within me. The old man didn’t get it right. I thought this a bit, still wondering that he must have read the poem to her without knowing her name. He continued his story afterwards

“True beauty opens one’s eyes whenever it is truly seen. I see gold in you beautiful one. I see diamond in your eyes. Oh the beauty of a woman, how magnetic it looks to feel her skin. Please I bid you, wet my mouth with the water of your mouth. For a kiss of a woman is like a drop of water in a desert, when you get one, you will surely need more. Put your tongue in my tongue and let us communicate in the language of the tongue. Let me feel your skin angel of god. For it takes a god to understand the body that a god or goddess possesses. Give your heart to me, for it takes a heart that has a key to open up a heart that has frozen for so long. Give me the secret of your heart for my heart is a friend that is willing to come closer to the heart that he loves. It takes two hearts to build an empire of love. Love is real. But only for those hearts that understand each other. Your heart needs love. Yes love!

But while is a heart of beauty so lonely. The body of a god needs human. The heart of woman needs that right key that can open it up. Beauty, please let me feel your skin. The skin of woman is a mirror design by nature to direct one in the dark. Light up my world great one. Love me I pray, for love is the only reason why we live. I have two reasons to live. To eat and to love. To eat because my body needs it and to love because my world needs it. I am designed to love nature and the beauty of nature. I see god in you.” The old man said with a laugh. Actually he knew what I was thinking, he had really known me by now

“Whatever god you are talking about, I believe begins with small ‘g’.” She replied.

“Well, maybe it begins with small g, but I see the face of a god, the eyes of an angel, the hair of a she goat and the skin of a woman. You are what it takes a blind man to see. When your name is called a deaf man can hear the sound because love has no barrier and when it comes to your matter, a muted man will speak a word to describe your beauty.

Oh beauty! Beauty!!

You deserve love.

I know you cannot deny love to the beauty of nature. What makes beauty is love. Love is what changes the world. Love is the source of confidence and without love we as humans lack that emotional feathers and without such feathers we cannot fly above our darkest moments of sorrows. We need love to fly so high even above the sea of despair. When one is sick of love, the traditional doctor of safari and the modern doctor of the western world can’t help. For the sickness of love is a sickness of the soul. No wonder our world has been so lonely.” Then afterwards, she replied mournfully.

“Everyone claims to have love, yet our hearts are so lonely. You seem to know so much about the subject.” Then she leaned backward and temple her hands under her chin and further continued, “I see you are beginning to act like them. I mean like men. You are trying to win my heart just like that. That was not a poem, you wanted me to fall for you. So is this what your so called love is all about?” She said with a look and added, “I can see now that you see love differently and I do respect your view on the subject but you sound so interesting too and it seems you are an expert in this area. I know little on the subject, I love matters of this kind that is why I get involved in this conversation. But I do believe in the exclusive uniqueness of every individual, we may look alike, but we are never the same. To love someone just as he is, is just too beautiful but I believe it is a personal thing. I do not want to be drawn into an argument but I’m sorry I do not believe in love, love is selfishness on the receiving side. The receiver takes advantage of the giver. Can you explain why is so? I believe in respect and human dignity. I believe in associated with people of all kinds not because there is something that defines it to be love, but because it is human nature to do so. I speak with you now because I am a social being, not because I love to speak with you but because we are structured do so. I believe some things in life should be priceless, but still love isn’t my way. I have never been and I do not think I will ever be.

Life is fun, isn’t it? It is cool. Isn’t it? I like peace and quietness not because I love nature.

Why do we have to define life with love, just live, enjoy every moment and die when it comes. Nothing more. If I do have sex, I do so now because I want it and because it is pleasurable for me. I do not care about how the partner feels. People define it this way and it has to stay this way. Too many people say I love you and in the end they do not love you, they just want sex or something in return. My argument is that love does not exist, and if I am correct, then, there is no love.” She said in a defensive manner.

“I knew something was wrong. I knew it wasn’t perfectly normal for a young adult, beautiful to behold to see love in this way. She must have had it hard growing up. What could that be? I was willing to find out.” The old man said. While he was yet talking, I began to get bored as the sun peeped into the woods but still he continued. I pretended I was not bored though, I said, “please sir tell me more about it.” He replied, “a little suspense is good for the heart my dear, anyway we did get married eventually.” He said still talking.

“I looked at her and replied, Love is the best thing you can ever give to a frozen heart. You sound so wounded and beaten by emotion. He who cannot believe in himself cannot believe anything else. You are very intelligent and beautiful my dear. What is it? Tell me about it please.” He looked at me and said, “I wasn’t trying to pry into her privacy, I thought she’s got issues to fix and I might offer some help. I observed that she has lived for so long in a private world, she got to let it go. Life isn’t private thing. Love makes life open and it opens it beautifully. That wasn’t a bad idea to force conversation upon her, because it turned out to be so beautiful afterwards.

He pulled me to himself and said, “come closer my son, come. This is a big lesson you must learn. Every human being, unconsciously writes his or her own software to function with in life. Every human being is capable of loving someone or is capable of being loved by someone, it all depends on the software you have created for yourself. The guy that walks in hatred thinks he is like that, but we know that isn’t the reality. He had hurt he couldn’t control and as such he lives in hatred the rest of his life. In life one way to hold a woman isn’t to hold her like what you see on the street. To hold a woman you must know her pain and disconnect her from it. Locate her hurt and relocate her to an atmosphere suitable for a love affair. The same is true of everybody in a general way. If you must win a woman’s heart, you must let her know that you can protect her. This is lesson number (4) four. You must do this if you want to warm any women up or even win her for yourself.” The old man said and continued the story. He said, “my son, there are attributes I think are necessary and sufficient to establish a love affairs. Of course love is of the heart but it has a lot to do with our decision. A decision to love and stay loving. I knew what her problem was, because she told me.”

He shook his head in pain and said, “some men will never learn. She was sexually abused by her own blood, her father raped her every night after she lost her mother at the age of six. Her father did that to her till she was sixteen. She was told not to tell anyone otherwise she will be thrown on the street. If she refused, her own father will beat her until she becomes unconscious and will still rape her afterwards. She lost confidence in herself as she grew to see herself like a sex object. It started when she was eight that her imbecile father, fat and three times her age destroyed the future of his own daughter.” I felt pain as the old man spoke these words to me. Then the old man continued the discussion he had with his wife in the plane. “As the vehemence of emotion stirred up by grief and pain struck me, I said to her, so this the picture of love you carry along, it is difficult to say you never loved him, because you did loved him as a father. Certainly not in the manner he took it. My dear that bastard does not deserve you as a father. That devil does not deserve you at all.” Then she said silently, as great pain welled up in her. She cried bitterly and responded,

“I do not know what parental love means. My father destroyed me and as each day passes by, I am being overwhelmed with shame and guilt. This is a rare experience for most people because not everyone shows up here. Now psychologically, I am very weak, I have schizophrenia. Every day I feel I die slowing. This is the world where I belong. I’m sorry but ever since, I’m bitter and twisted against men. I do not like men and however harsh it seems, I do apologize and I keep the rest to myself. It is pitiful, heart breaking and sad. But in reality, this is the world where I belong. My father made me sick in my head.” She lashed out. “Nobody drives straight on a twisting lane. My whole body has disorganised and I my wiring changed. I have fear of people, especially men. My father dealt with me and I am deeply scared. I have injuries in my heart and I live every moment with shame and guilt.” She said as tears streamed down her eyes.

“We were together in that mood of sullen silent and just about landing as the pilot made an announcement to fasten our seat belts, I fastened her to myself and cuddled her warmly. I fell in love with her over and over again. This beauty must not be destroyed. She was still in her growing years probably in her early twenties. I felt the urge to help this young woman. I began to teach her things she must know. I said, it is quite frankly, a little unfair if I do not tell you this. I will show you how you can leap forwards and backwards in time to heal the injuries of the past. You must do this if you want the spirit of love to remain in your life. Otherwise you will be swallowed up by the pains and the guilt of the past and your life will seize in the moment, then you can no more explore life. What you do not know will hurt you. I see that you are dragging your past into your future. Life is in the moment and you must love in every moment because if you do not, your past will extend into your future, then your future will not be in your possibility. That is why love is so beautiful, it is a backup system. It is an act of the human will. You decide to love, because everybody is capable of being loving. So my dear you must forgive your father. Forgive him and let the past go. The reason people find it had to forgive is because, they always see the past better than it was, the present worse than it is and the future less resolved than it will be. This is not the spirit of love, loves sees it as it is, love is not fake, love is genuine, love makes it real. You have great future, please my love heal up the pains of the past. Darkness is the only difference between yesterday and today. To Hate is to walk in darkness. Not to love is to be a victim of hatred. You are really a victim of great hurt. It is a pity that your own father could become a devil, but do not worry I am here for you now. Then I kissed her check as we landed. It was a beautiful journey in the end and it was a great flight as six hours flight distance seem to look shorter with the conversation that just was too beautiful. Finally as we landed, I was about reaching out for my hand luggage when she held my hands, squeezed them tightly against each other while she robbed it calmly with her hands and kissed it.

“You taught me how to do this, thanks. Love is really the medicine for pain. Love heals all wounds and a heart that loves wears off from pain. I have now forgiven my father. This is really from my heart honey. You are so right. I have to let it go. Thanks again,” She spoke in a brittle voice. Then the old man finally said, “now I know that she was a passing angel sent to touch many lives. I scanned her with my eyes as he finally said,

“An angel touched my life and I will worship you the rest of my live, I am Ramsay then she replied softly, am Kate. Thank you Ramsay. We landed as we both exchanged our phone numbers.”

Then the old man got up, he looked at me and said, “my son lets go home, today’s lesson is over. We must hurry.” He said and added, “the cloud is darkened from this side.” He pointed towards a direction. “When it is darkened from here the rain pours. We have some distance to cover and we must go now.” He started to get up like a man with years and wisdom marked across his face, he dazzled, almost fell. Then I grabbed him by his arms and lifted him up. He stood up and looked around, I gave him his steak and we both walked away.

Now these are the lessons I learned from the old man’s story and the hard lessons in the wood,

Love drives away fear, because after the lessons I wasn’t afraid of the jungle any more. Secondly, love heals all wounds as in the case of Kate and lastly, a heart that loves is always beautiful and it forgives. Therefore, you must Keep love in our hearts because true happiness is from within and nothing in the world can give joy if your heart isn’t loving.

“He who conquers others is a strong man, but he who conquers himself is mighty. To love others you must first begin to love yourself. Fruit is evident, just look at the tree, a heart that loves should blossom like the tree. ”

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