The quantum code of love

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Chapter 5

Fixing a broken home

The sermon of Reverend Blade

“Oh! The pains of the heart!”

I thought deep as quietness and emptiness filled my heart. I listen passionately as the Reverend Blade echoes the church hall. The church was a brown brick of a mega structure gallery surrounded by properly trimmed trees and grasses. It was an imposing edifies and the marvel of architecture was a wonder. When the pastor was introduced as Reverend Blade, I did not expect him to be that good since the old man was a master in the area of love and affairs. “A pastor what could he say?” I asked myself silently as the reverend started his sermon. He said,

“Grief is forever and will not go away once your heart is disconnected from true love. The earth is not here just to nourish the loneliness of mankind. Therefore, if you are going through a relationship that just ended, do not cry because it ended, smile because it happened because grieve and love have conjoined. Love is that smile we give out with a belief and promise that everything will be okay. This is the way of love and all through history, it has been noted that the way of love always wins. Love has unlimited potentials for human happiness. It is in us as human beings radiating out through our expressions to ourselves and the world around us. It is said that tears wash away the pains of the heart, but love makes the heart clean. Therefore, there is a limit to the grieving which the human heart can take, why cause the heart pain when we know that hearts are fragile.

Love is the seat of our emotional wisdom. The human heart is a loving organ, a caring one full of tenderness, when you have the chance to have a human heart, you must use it for what it is made for. It is not just meant to pump blood. This is nothing difficult to pinpoint. Love functions similar to a magnetic force, there are things you must do to attract a woman or even a man, just pull the trigger and everything plays out, because once the magnetic field of love is pulled, infatuation or lust cannot set in. This is the seat of real love and we know that love is the strongest part of our personal power as human being. Therefore the greatest weapon to destroy your enemy is to conquer him with love.

But again this can only be understood with a spiritual mind. That is why I will divide the program into two parts. Part one will cover a wide range of biblical revelation and in part two, we will be using the law of physics, I mean scientific quantum law of physics to fix our broken homes.” The Reverend said. On this score, at least, I suppose the Reverend has a point to make.

Indeed it was subtle as well as powerful sermon presented in a fascinatingly strange manner that is both unique, jaw-dropping and gripping. It was a sermon with rich diversity that triumphantly gives that emotional alertness to the listeners as Reverend Blade stretched me with the desire to learn. The point of his sermon was clear and they were carefully designed to win a hearing as the first cluster of his answers satisfies my desire to learn love in a manner relating to the supernatural and metaphysics.

The Reverend Blade was a down good show man with a deep arresting voice that delivers with the grit and pace of a speaker. He was a tall handsome dark young man probably in his forties and had a look of confidence that etched permanently into his features. They call him Reverend Blade, but he was a maestro in my own word, because he delivers sermons powerfully in a manner that sounded very original, yet he’s got big, absorbing and smart ideas that are incredibly moving and utterly satisfying. On that beautiful evening, as fate would have it, I meant with this great man who was adeptly encompassing, dynamic and versatile. When I compered him with the old man, I concluded that the best gift is in human beings and that it takes a heart that genuinely know love to communicate it in the way of an expert. These two, I mean the old man and Reverend Blade were just too impressive.

Before I meant with Reverend Blade, I was still with the old man as he brought his love story to full circle and it was a tragedy. My heart was filled with tears knowing how his wife and his only son died. Surely he took me to the land of tears and it was a bitter experience. It was indeed humbly and inspiring to hear him speak, but still I couldn’t stand the pains that came with his family story. I looked at him in the eyes, then I said,

“Please father I have had more than enough, I do not want the lessons any more. Father please sir, I need a break. My heart is breaking apart.” I said, then afterward he replied.

“My son this is not a sign of weakness at all, it came from a pure and innocent heart. I fully understand and I am willing to let you be for sometimes. I will give you two weeks off and after which the lessons begins again.” He said

I decided to be left alone and I was not to see the old man until after two weeks. I began to think about the pains that people go through in their relationship. The secrets that we can’t share with people close to us. If the old man hadn’t told me his story, I wouldn’t have known how his wife died. So many marriages and relationship all over the world, are they really working out? I began to figure out ways I could help people with difficulty getting on with their relationship. I wanted to share from their pains and hurt and probably find a way to solve the problems of divorce. It is very unkind and rude for one to just walk out of a relationship that you did not build alone. Because when you just walk out, the other may go through pain and suffering as the weight becomes heavier. It is no laughing matter. If this is not a problem, I do not know what it is.

What will I do? I thought really deep, searching for answers. I was hurt with this kind of human behaviour were we like to take advantage of the weak and vulnerable. I felt it deeply and almost permanently. I know that from the moment we are born, we begin to die, but I do not want to believe that from the moment we are married or jumped into a meaningful relationship, we begin to develop hatred towards the people we claim we love. If this isn’t the case, then why do we still have separation, defection and divorce in so many relationships?

I thought if something can’t work out, we may at least try to fix it. But why can’t we fix this one the moment it starts to break? Do we need to end it in order to fix or we have to enter into it and in the end, end it? I was too young to know this, maybe experience will tell. But is it a human way of life to keep on testing the waters? I do not want to see it like these crevices in life where things fall in and you just can’t reach them to pull them to keep right because each time I see children at the orphanages, the thought keeps coming, that we need to fix a broken home. We need to bring mom and dad together. When I see abused children who suffer without a good mom and dad to love and care for them. I feel pain and great hurt but I always know that they don’t stay children forever. Some people grow up easily, many grow up later. But due to many reasons some others never really do. But just remember that some people in life are older versions of their earlier kid version. They grow to change in age, but in reality, they have never really grown from where they were destroyed by poor parenting. Adulthood destroys childhood. I do not mean to put it that cruelly, but it is true and it hurts and I wouldn’t dare not to. I know how it feels for a child to grow up without the love of parents. I was raised by a single mother, and it was tough growing up. I suffered hurt without both parents to guide me in love, now as a young adult growing up, it has become difficult to be with people and still I do not want to be alone. I sit around knowing that something is really wrong with me, yet I watch the world get along while I find my space and can’t get one. I could see people, all slotted into their lives, but me, I’m lonely and lost in the universe. It hurts, it really did. It is like that pain you feel when someone pierces your skin with a needle. I need mom and dad together.

As someone with a life-long insatiable curiosity I spoke with my girlfriend Ruby who introduced me to their pastor Blade. Let me recall the sermon that changed my life as Reverend Blade began the sermon.

“I am not just a believer in god, but I am also a believer in love because the good book says that the creator is love. So what I want to do just now is to substitute god for love. If the creator of the universe is love, therefore I would say that love created the universe and it is love that set up the cosmic genesis. Love isn’t just an astonishing gift of the creator, love in its self is personified here.” Reverend Blade said with a buzz as I nodded my agreement. Honestly, this pastor can make you go simultaneously laughing and singing at the top of your lungs. For me, it was such an explosive adventure and one that I considered breathtaking. He is one of the few speakers whose words could be described as additive. He kept everyone enthralled to the last word as we all sat on the edge of our seats. Moreover, the Reverend Blade continued,

“I want to speak to us on what I called, ’the Bliss and the Blister of marriage.” When I heard that from him, I said to myself, “yeah, this is some sublime stuff.” Pastor Blade wasn’t just a preacher, he was characteristically funny, and a searingly eloquent speaker. “The Bliss and the Blister of marriage.” When he said that, a roar went from the congregation. Moreover, the Reverend continued his sparkling and a gripping narratives from the book he often referred to as ‘the ancient wisdom of the bible.’

“From the sophisticated account of the biblical creationism we have come to know that love is the cardinal requirement for every dividual here on the planet. So in the divine mind, love can only exist by brotherhood. By brotherhood, I mean to say, that love is a thing that we must share with one another because we are social beings and the bible agrees with this truth. The divine standard for loving others is yourself. So in the words of scriptures, ‘love your neighbour as yourself.’ You see, if you do not love yourself, you cannot love other people. Many people begin to have problems in their relationship because they do not love themselves enough. If you do not love yourself enough, you cannot love your spouse enough.” The pastor said still speaking.

“Goodness!” I snarled with great enthusiasm as the pastor had continued,

“This is the whole teaching of the bible, because the bible, the compendium of god’s thought and a whole university of god’s edifying knowledge boldly declares without any equivocation that the creator came to earth because of love. So in this moment, I want to declare that love is so unique and it changes the world because this is the essence of life on the earth. Love is a thing that formed us and without it, we can never be humans. That is why as we continue to live as human beings on this planet, love will continue to give gladness to our hearts. It is the wine of nature that was instilled in us by the creator. Love is the source of creation that created the universe and it came into us when the creator breathed into us the breath of life. So, from the biblical point of view I am right to say that the source of creation lives in us.”

The pastor seems accurate with his revelation. While he was yet speaking, I thought about the old man. I haven’t asked the old man about his religious back ground, I do not know if he is religious at all. But the pastor tends to act like the old man in some ways, probably because they are both sharply observant with their eyes fixed for great details. I thought about the biological evolution against creationism and I remembered the physics law of the big bang theory. But it seems his ideas make more sense to me than the biological evolution because he tries to connect life with love with a sense and meaning rather than just an assumption that we evolved. I do not intend to make an argument against evolution but I just like the pastor’s view on his subject. He was a remarkable man and one that is highly recommendable.

As hours crept, the Reverend was still speaking. It was his classic, a masterful epic and a delicious sermon on the subject of marriage. I said to myself, “I will surely tell the old man about pastor Blade, he is such an icon. The old man needs to hear this spiritual guru.” I said as I sat down with my hands folded across my chest with my mouth wide opened. I was just blown away with the conventional wisdom of this great man. In a sharp acrid humour, the Reverend Blade continued.

“Love is a spiritual process of oneness. This is the essence of human happiness. Because love is more connected to spirituality than just a mere bond. In our sacred book, I mean in the bible, we are told in the book of genesis that love created the universe and placed a family in a garden. But you see, the first man failed in marriage and that was while love has to come to earth and live as a human being. He became one like us in order to restore mankind back to his original intent that was intended in the garden. It was because of the re-enactment of marriage that made love to come down here on earth. That is while apostle Paul calls love ‘the second Adam,’ because the first Adam failed in marriage, the second Adam has to come and restore the concept of marriage. Since the coming of the second Adam, the problem of marriage has been resolved. Because, the second Adam was the head and his wife was the body. His wife was the church, a type Eve in the garden.” The Reverend Blade said with a gesticulating hands that drive home his point. He was extremely exciting and very inventive. The sermon was really exciting, wonderfully entertaining and deeply affecting. Goodness, the Reverend was immensely moving. He impresses like a master in theology. While he was yet talking, I half turned to listen. I listened with a rapt attention as if this was my first time to visit a church and it was a great moment. It was a type I will tell my children’s children.

“Humans have been flashy gifted with the ability to love and be loved and yet many live their lives in hurt because they do not know love. No one in recent history has been able to live successfully without some sort of love of any kind. So tonight, if you have found love in your heart for an opposite sex, you must keep. If you are married, do not allow you love to die. If your love dies that is the only time you begin to think about divorce. This isn’t supposed to be since marriage is a beautiful experience. You came into it by love and not selfishness. And if you sincerely come into it by love, though there may be challenges you will surely overcome them. Because wood already touched by fire isn’t hard to set alight. You have immense power within you to build your home, because where love dwells there is no darkness. Every one of you here tonight can make your marriage work out. Because this power was breathed into you when love formed life here on earth. Every one of you can take your relationship to another level, because I know you can. I know a lot of things about you than you can ever imagine. I do know a lot about you without knowing you. I know that you all have greatness in you, you have the power to do the impossible. I know that you are a creator of all things and there is no single thing you cannot create. By proper communication, you can create a better relationship with that woman you are already with, with that man, with that boyfriend of yours and off course with your girlfriend as well. You can reunite with that father or mother you haven’t spoken with for so long. Because the way of love is different. You can do it. the source of energy lives in you. The ability and the right attitude to genuinely romance your partner is you and you can bring it out tonight. Yes, I know so well that you can make that relationship work out because you are a maker of things, that is who we are as human beings created in the image and likeness of god, you can make impossibility possible.” As he spoke the congregation was lapsed into a deep sense of calmness. It was an authentic work of a wonderful talent, compelling and astonishing and great is not a word to describe it. Anyway he had continued,

“What hurts most is that most people go into relationship because of selfishness. I want to settle here and spend some time proving my point because there is no greater thing out there for two human souls, if not to feel that they are made for each other for life, they are tied by love and can never be separated by selfishness or self-centeredness. This is one of the most definable causes of failure in relationship. Yes it is self-centeredness.” He said bursting with humour.

“So what is romance?” The Reverend Blade asked and continued

“For a successful romance to be profitable, you must take yourself above the chemistry or just mere bond between two opposite sex. You must do this if you have to succeed in your marital or sexual relationship by creating a conscious love affairs.” He said in such a way that is totally brilliant. This time I just was blown away by the wisdom of such an incredible man.

“What a Reverend!” I sighed deeply with amusement.

“love is like an egg, it needs to be treated tenderly. Romance often starts as a ‘state of mind’ because through crawling, a child learns to stand. But it must move beyond mere thoughts and intentions and be communicated to your lover through words, actions, gifts, gestures, or just a tender look. You must know the rule and what to do, so this isn’t just a church gathering, it is a place to learn. There are Stages of love, but you first start with a romance because the issue of divorce is a heated argument.

Most often, very slowly the relationship you have built begins to collapse, you must listen, this is where most people miss it, they see it coming and they do nothing about it. No human relationship ends on the brick, it is a process, it gradually begins to happen. Is like your house, if you observe a crack on the wall, what do you do? You try to fix it,

isn’t it?

This is what most people do not do. They see a crack in their relationship they spent so much energy and time to build and they watch it collapse before their eyes. So the point I am making is that you are responsible for your love life because you can make it really work out. It is not the load you carry that breaks you down, it is always the way you carry it. This is true.

Why is it so? I thought humans are wise. You could love and still suffer divorce if you do not know the rules. There are ingredients that a genuine love requires to succeed: Proximity, similarity, reciprocity, and physical attractiveness are all in one way connected to love and affairs. This brings me to tears everyday as I think about it. The strain of separation. Why? When a married couple decides that they do not want to be married anymore or stay in their relationship any longer, they get a divorce. The couple may first go through separation without legally being divorced and If they can fix their problems, the relationship begins again.

The pains of going through a divorce is not worth it, one who truly loves you always wants you especially if kids are involved. So this is my final message to everyone here tonight, every home that is broken can be fixed with a simple language of love. If your love is falling apart or your home is breaking out, follow this rule, we can talk it over and handle it together with love, because love is a sweetness of emotion.

To say love does not exist is not true, and to say marriage is a game of luck, that is not true either. Love is more than wealth and it is the requirement before we go into a relationship.

When chosen a partner, you must look out for that which is not seen, a letter from the heart can be read on the face. If it is based on material property; on selfishness, it will not work because when a heart truly loves, he loves you even with your dirt. When chosen a wife my young ones that are here, you must be very careful because hell has no fury like a woman’s scorn.” When heard that, I smiled.

“That was nice.” I mumbled looking at Ruby. She pinched me, “you must listen.” She said. Ruby was the girl I really love though I have never told the old man about her. Ruby has always attracted me, though we promised each other that when we grow a bit older we will get married, I still haven’t kissed her and I am waiting anxiously to see that day. Her skin shines with glow of life, smooth and fair. Her eyes were more beautiful than that of the birds. “Oh what a future partner we will make together.” I said silently still listening to the Reverend.

“To go into a relationship without love, is like having a vase without flowers to decorate it, it will surely die because its beauty cannot be seen. How do I get this into your head?” The Reverend Blade said, “everybody listen to this, relationship between a man and a woman is not dictatorship, it is partnership. The man may be the head of the home, but his wife is the heart of that home and you know that the head and the heart work together to have a perfect system. The heart pumps blood to the entire body and the head, you know, I mean the brain now, processes everything. So when the heart chose to separate from the head or the head from the heart, you know that is disaster. Despite the beauty of the sky, it still threatens us with sounds of thunder and even lightning. This tells me that no relationship is perfect and that every single relationship has its challenges. But, here is the key, before it gets even pronounced, two hearts that love instantly deals with it.” he said and added, “finally, I want to take us through the second phase of this program, I called the ‘quantum code of romance’ or the code of love.” He said in an euphoric mood moving back and forth with the urge to tell us more.

“In the quantum world, we create reality by observing it. Albert Einstein idea of determinism was ruled out by quantum physics because quantum physics gives us a world of greater possibilities, depending on what you can observe in our physical universe. If you observe a home that is breaking apart and a relationship that isn’t working, that is what you will create in reality. I could have predicted with Einstein’s idea of determinism, but I am not unwilling to go there because our future is not deterministic. We create the type of home and the type of world we want our children to be in by just observing that world in our own imagination. Do not narrow the possibility of creating a better home by observing the wrong side of your partner, because you have the power to create your own destiny just by simple observation. And this isn’t deterministic, you cause it to happen.

In the language of quantum there are three things I want us to understand that will help us to really repair our broken homes. They are


Superposition and

Wave particle duality

Non-locality says that there is a field of possibility that exists on the physical earth were everything connects. This is called a non-local place where everything connects with a possible energy. Because this place exists, comes the second aspect called superposition. Superposition says there is no more impossibility on the physical earth. The word impossibility does not exist anymore and what does exist is called probability. Therefore, everything is probably possible in our world and it is called a probable possible, and it is that which is certain. Finally, the third part is the most beautiful part of it and I want you to go home with this today. Wave particle duality, here possibility occurs simultaneously and (1) the object of our attention becomes the reality we see in our world, (2) the focus of our awareness becomes the reality we want to create in this hard universe and finally, (3) that we hold in consciousness tends to manifest. So tonight, what is the object of your attention? What is the focus of your awareness? And what is that which you hold up in conscious? The point is this, there is no more impossibility on the hard physical universe, therefore it is possible you can make your marriage work, it is possible you can talk it over

This is similar to the biblical idea of faith, because in the words of scripture, faith is a substance of things hope for and evidence of the reality that is not seen. So there exists in our world a reality that is not visible to the optical eyes yet it is so real. The reality becomes really real, if you believe subconsciously that it is possible for you, because you have got the evidence that impossibility does not exist anymore. So we look not at the things which are seen. Therefore, you can really get that relationship work out again. So you must begin to change your subconscious mind to think in line with this truth and what was almost impossible becomes so possible for you. This works for anything, from the healings that we want in our bodies to the peace we want in our homes, it is possible because we live in a world of immerse possibility. Thank you guys.” He said as he brought the teaching to an end.

Again this is what I learned from Reverend blade’s iconic teaching; if you want to go through life very quickly, you can go alone without your partner, but if truly you want to go far, you must go through life together. A home tied by love is like a tree, it can be bent by strong wind, but if deeply rooted into the soil, I am sure the soil of hope will not allow it to break apart. And finally where there is love, there cannot be divorce because love causes sorrows to flee. When a home is broken, every reasonable human kind need to cry out ways to fix it, because it is only a stupid animal that will rejoice because it has been taken to a beautiful abattoir.

So, keep love in your heart because love is wisdom.

“When love and not greed becomes the driving force to make

money, life becomes easier”

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