The quantum code of love

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Chapter 6

Love for Money.

The money making machine.

Ordinary riches can be stolen, real riches cannot.

In your soul are infinitely precious things that cannot be taken

from you.

Oscar Wilde

It was a cold evening and nature was intimately present. The whole sky was engulfed with black swirling clouds. The night wind weird in the sky and began to sing as the wind increased in intensity bending the trees and tall houses around precariously to the sides. It was the music of the rain. At this time, the glistering crystals of rain falls splashed out heavily procuring a world that is full of danger. The rain fell heavily as water poured from the sky like tears which pummelled the dark soil around me and replenished it with that promise of a great hope. But it was more of pains incurred than hope as the rain became heavier and each drop was like a harmer which puddled and began to plink and sounded so much like the buzzing of angry bees forced out of its pennyroyal. The rain blurred in a whirling noise and muffled with sounds of thunder as if the big man upstairs was moving some big furniture around in the heavens above. It was that roaring as the corrugated metal roof of our house rattled with a crashing noise that left me to wonder if we were under attack by some powers in the sky. It came in a full swing and the roaring was first signalled by some lightning storm. The speed at which the lightning appeared astonished me. It lighted with that fury that could melt a cold heart. Indeed it was one of nature’s threatening moments and it for sure instilled great fear in the hearts of many. What does it want?

“Just rain for goodness sake and stop all the rumbling and roaring.” I said as I gazed the beautiful blue sky unaware what was about to happen. But indeed, I feared greatly for my own dear life as my hair at the back of my neck prickled due to lightening shock.

It was a heavy rainfall and the type that can wet one to the skin. A cloudburst and a cascade of rain formed on clear night with a calm air got increased with a heavy wind. Like one of those natural wonders, the rain poured and filled the vacuum of my soul as fear engulfed me. As the wind grew wild and gained momentum, I observed under a roof behind closed door, our street. Our street was filled with flood water and the force of the flood combined with the wind was like tsunamis combined with an earth quake. It was indeed a manifestation of nature’s fury, because the wind gusts pick up hurricane force accompanied by heavy thunder and lightning and wiped the whole city out. The force of the wind blew cars like paper, the cars were pushed with the ferocity of the wind at a terrifying speed and force that could melt a heart.

After the rain was done, the air was crisped and fresh and the normal activities had begun again for the surviving animals, probably the birds and the beetles, but sadly enough, not for humans. The birds had begun to sing beautifully and the insects came out buzzing and shrieking. But the surviving humans were camped out in a jungle on the hills still trying to demand explanation for what just happened. There were cries everywhere as we all clambered up hills.

Immediately the rain stopped, I frolic on barefoot on the swirling debris of water through the garden besides our house with a close inspection to see the damage to our house and the surrounding buildings. I ran out in anguish to my astonishment as tracts of homes where completely destroyed and the city mall demolished. It was awful as fear crept into my subconscious mind. The city mall was the focal place of our city. I saw falling trees resting on our garden and some of our neighbouring houses were just swept away by the howling force of the stormy wind.

Hell no! never.

It was reportedly clear that many people were drowned to death by the flood. I used to think that rain was a sign of blessings, but this one was a disaster. I looked towards the heavens with a gazed at the glory of the universe, then I saw the havocs and the painstaking mugging nature did to us and I began to hate nature and the beauty of nature considering the ills of our city. To a large extend than not, I agree that some powers in the heavens engaged us at war.

Immediately, I remembered the old man, “oh please god, save his house and his properties as you saved mine. He is already time chiselled and weather beaten and he is withered in age and he still has got much to learn me and I wouldn’t want to see him in hurt and pains.” I prayed and went to see him. Getting to his house, I could see his house standing, his old house has resisted the storm. At first I thought he had died, I cried. “Father are you alright?”

He responded with a sense of calm surrounding him as he took solaced in all that had happened. Even in the midst of the great storm, he looked at me with a fond smile and said,

“My son, everything that begins will surely end, this is the fact of living. Death, the cessation of physical life on earth is inescapable appointment we have with destiny. But love is like the morning dew that washes away the tragic mist of darkness. Even in this time of crisis I want you to know that love is the ever flowing fountain of healing energy. Love heals even those unbearable pains of life.” He said as he wept bitterly and continued “my son, this is what I would caution you about, to heal the wounds inflicted on us, we must all pursue happiness together by loving one another. There are those that are hurting with affliction invisible to the eyes, some are buried under the debris and the mudflows and we must begin to find our people. Everyone is your brother, it does not matter who you see, fight to make sure our people are not drawn to death. We must start now and begin again to rebuild our city with love just as we are going to strengthen our dying humanity.” He clutched clumsily at his walking steak and we began to run into the city centre where the major hazard took place, searching for people under the rubbles. The old man was the nicest person I have ever meant, though he was weak and fragile, he was so active an alert. We worked tirelessly all night long searching for any form of life before the rescue workers came in.

Why on the mountain hill, hours later sleep alluded me as different thoughts journal through my whirling mind. As I closed my eyes to cash a sleep, tears began to form in my eyelids, my soul gradually began to weary and I was deeply tinged with sadness and my hope dashed. I was drained of strength, exhausted and breathless. The severe storm destroyed homes and cottages and people’s properties they have had for years. How will they cope with the losses incurred? Oh goodness! Home is where the heart is, now many homes have been destroyed, and people’s hearts are wandering around without homes to rest their heads. I was able to banish the fear, with my eyes closed trying to get a good sleep on the camping hill were we were evacuated. Sleep wasn’t coming with my mind flickering around and thinking. I thought about the old man and I decided to go met him where he was camped not so far away from me.

The rain of life is love. Without love we are in a life’s position that avoid purpose and meaning, because life is defined with love. In the vast array of all that we can possess, without love there is a great emptiness within. Love is the medicine of nature and without it, we are all haunted with the feelings of falling ill as life plays havoc on us. The old man was such a lovely old man. As the rescue workers came with their team, The rescuers came in plucking and evacuating people out of the debris to the new school buildings and churches where the old man was camped. The old man left his space and ensured that the terrifying victims were all camped up the heels and then he chose to pare with me.

Days later while on the camping hill, the old man gathered some of us that were around and began to teach us. He looked at us, he shook his head and said, “there is something that cannot be stolen from us, and that thing can create everything. It is love. Love is like charges, it attracts us to everything the universe has to offer. The universe has something better to offer, yet it is not free. It is govern by a law. Because everything the universe has to offer must be attracted. This called the law of attraction. When love flows in your heart, the universe begins to open for you. When love and not greed becomes the driving force to make money, life becomes easier. This is so true my son.” He said and added, “money is an amplifier, it will amplify everything, but yet, there are things money cannot buy. Money cannot buy you happiness but love will help you to make money and still make you happy. Therefore, love is greater than riches, because love is that real riches that cannot be taken from us. Therefore, you must use money and love people.” At this time, people had started gathering around us to hear this wise one speak. Then he turned towards me and said,

“My son, a woman’s heart is a deep ocean of secretes and it takes love to reveal the hidden mystery hidden in the heart of a woman. But with wealth one wins a woman. Yes it was made to be so, that is why you must work hard. You must work really hard not because you love money, but because you love what money can do for the people you love. Wanting to make wealth is a natural state of human intelligence, but a fool goes by it without love in his heart.” He said and continued. Let me clarify it further, Wealth isn’t just a desire for material wellbeing Ignoring the very existence of our fellow humanity. Love is connectedness, it is togetherness. That is how we will rebuild this city again. This city represents the whole world that is crashing down by wars, hatred, hunger and intolerance. Sometimes, in fact, I mean often times, many people allow money to rule them. This is wrong.” He said and added,

“I believe that all things exist in human imagination. In our infinite state exists a pool of energy where we create reality with our own imagination. But still, it will be deeply depressing if we live in a world of immerse possibility and still we cannot move forward, because everything is here and now, but in various states of visibility and invisibility depending on the frequency that you choose to operate in. A man without love in his heart is blind. He cannot see the way forward, the love for life and everything that life can offer. Remember that love is a sweetness of emotion. So your emotion must be sweet with things that bring money into your life.” He said, how can my emotion be sweetened with all this damage to our people? I asked

“I want to talk about wealth and the logic of wealth creation. The power of human belief system. The core values within us that take us to the corridors and the domains of wealth with the willingness to create our own fortune by the inherent ability that dwells within us. That capability to create surpluses with the unlimited power that resides in us, and the pure energy in the realm of consciousness that galvanises wealth into existence are connected to this simple money making energy. That oceans of prosperity that circle our universe. That money making machine; a fountain that flows the economy of the world. That river that made the rich nations flourish. That thing that rules the world. That pot that carries within itself, the currencies of the universe following the code of conducts of the universal reserve bank in the realm of ideas are all buried in a hidden pot.

The pot of wealth.

The pot of wealth is the vessel that channels wealth across the nations of the earth. It is what finance the cost of running the whole universe. The pot of wealth paid for the cost of creation of the physical universe and everything that we see in the firmament.” The old man said, but then, he left me and the rest of the people wandering what this pot should be.

“What is the pot of wealth?” He asked and added,

“This pot exists in our physical world and controls the materials and the resources of the nations of the earth. Including the materials of high expense. But this is the style of the game. Everything exists in this pot. There is nothing that does not exist here. This is where we will all get the morning needed to rebuild this city and restore our properties that we lost through this disaster.

I mean everything you have ever seen on the planet is here. Is it a woman, happiness, and peace? Or it is even money, I mean hard currencies of the world? This realm of wealth truly exists. It is where everything happens. The materials that created the whole world collides with the powers that control finance right here at a junction called, the ‘non-locality.’ In quantum, this is a place where everything connects. A non-local place. A place of pure energy where everything is connected.

Now, what is the pot of wealth? What exists? What does not? And what is the power that control finance? In order to understand these questions clearly enough, it is important that we understand ‘Uncertainty’ and ‘Certainty;’ The known and the unknown or what exists and what does not in terms of predictions of future events. I mean the reality of the future that I do not know. What is it?” The old said. I thought, goodness I do not know where he is going. I just listen with my mouth wide opened still thinking about the disaster and the money for the clean-up.

“Now the first point is to be made clear, however, that everything becomes real to us not because they are really real, but because we are real. That means, because we exist, everything begins to exist. So this disaster that struck our city becomes real to us and had caused us damage because we are physical beings. Now if we lose our bodies or if we become unreal, or if we do not exist, what was real becomes unreal. That means that we exist for everything to exist and that the materials needed for us to survive also exist even though we do not see them. My son, resources for this clean-up will come, because what I can see exists as well as what I cannot see. Therefore, the materials needed for me to survive actually exists even though I cannot see them. Only on that ground that I exist. Now also, my world exists because I do exist. This really means that, the materials to change my world exists in me and in my world. If I do not exist, there is for sure no material for me to survive. But then there will still be the material to change the world because the world exist although not as my world. But still, what we have to do as individuals is to explode ourselves into our world thereby bursting completely into the realm of absolute surpluses. Because such a realm exists. So the question is, how do we run our lives with the style the new age requires? You cannot know this without love in your heart.

So the pot of wealth is love.

Now there is a place in our universe, it is a non-local place where anything is connected. This is the pot of wealth on the physical universe. It is called, “Love.” Love makes the world go round. So love is what will clean up this city. Those that love humanity will come here to help us, from the corners of the earth.

Potentials full of bags of gold, silver and even paper currency are buried within us here on earth. The power to open wealth is in love. This money making machine truly exits on the physical earth. A wealth producing energy, it is love my son. That is why you must use money and love people. Love opens you to a whole lots of ideas. Love rule the world. Love will surely give you the energy to make money.” He said and continued,

“A rock that is in the sea does not know rain fall. But how come we live in the world of abundance and more than half of humanity live in lack? Yet, there are the smart ones on high horses. Those that operate in love and everything about them blossoms.” He looked at me and said, “he who does not look ahead remains blind. No one gets riches without enriching others. This is the true essence of love, because success is impacting the world with the investment of your personality. That is true wealth. You go to make money because you want to touch your loved ones lives.

This is also called the pot of happiness and of wealth and abundance and this pot is locked for so many people because of hatred, loneliness and anger. The secret of humanity is here. Therefore, you must open yourself up my son and allow your spirit to soar. This is the symphony that glorifies the forests. This is where the birds get their budget for their daily activities. This is why the animals do not lack. They have that spirit to share. This is love.

Empty pockets have never been a limitation to any individual on the planet. Only empty heads and empty hearts do. Heads that lack ideas and hearts that lack the power to love.

In life, if money is our source of hope, we will never have it. The only source of hope for us here on the planet is that which cannot be taken from us. So let us keep love in your hearts as we start the mission of rebuilding this city, as well as the whole world that has broken apart. Let’s do this with love. Let’s go and start the clean-up process and watch people and money begin to come.” He ended as we applauded him.

Again this is what I learnt from this teaching, wealth is an attitude of love. The richest people on the planet love the things they do, they do it because they love themselves and the people around them. With love in our hearts, we will build a world where everyone is loving. Money is to be used and people are to be loved, therefore, we must keep love in our hearts.

“Every nation that has life must love.”

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