The quantum code of love

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Chapter 7

Love for power

The desire that births a nation.

After the storm I decided to live in a nearby city. The city was so beautiful and full of various Kaleidoscope of cultures. The city shone with pure light that reflected that pristine glow of beautiful roads that ripples with tinted reflection of wonderful personalities. At least, it was a place one could call a home because it has all the qualities a good city requires. I lived in the city for some months without seeing the old man, but still we had maintained proper communication through letters.

The first letter I got from the old man was so beautiful, it was titled ‘love and power’ and its content reads below.

“My son, this is the old man, your father. I haven’t heard from you for days and I have decided to write you this time. I still have some things to teach you before I die and I hope you find it interesting. Remember to keep love in your heart because a heart without it cannot blossom.” As I began to read, I couldn’t stop laughing, I was almost paralysed with joy because I was just being overtaken by the old man’s thoughtfully chosen words.

“My son, it has been examined through the lens of human experience, as we have come to believe, it is indisputable that nobody can become that kind of person he desires to be, unless he belongs to a society in which he learns certain design for living. This learning only comes through a loving heart. A heart that can reconcile those conflicting interests of humanity and create a world of peace.

This is how leaders are made. Therefore, this ought to stand as a stark warning to our leaders all over the world and should beacon an alert to everyone who wants peace in our world. A world that loves is a world of peace. This is the essence of politics and love is the very essence of human happiness. So love and politics can be discoursed together under one roof, because it a desire to understand the link from ourselves and public good.

My son, I still have some few things to teach you before I die, because I need to live full and die empty.” I smiled again, just thinking about him. The letter was so beautifully written that I thought the old man should be a poet. He never told me he was a writer, any way I kept reading.

“Now my son, the seeker of the ultimate truth of nature must come to term with this element that brings universal peace. The only thing that can foster true solidarity is voluntary association. A country built on force will never truly progress. Nations are built by people. This is true and truth is stronger than deceit just as light is stronger than darkness. Even so, love is stronger than hatred.” He said and added,

“Sit proper my son, let me tell you a story. So fasten your seat belt and take a ride with me to only god knows where.

It is said that only the slaughter beast knows the agony of death. After my wife died, I decided to go into politics, because of the love I have for my nation and you know I love solving problems of this kind. But it was hell. I received all kinds of mistreatment for standing for what is right.” He sounded as though he was pulling my ears and whispering. He normally does this and I could feel his presence around me.

“There are those that love evil because that is where they feed from. They will fight the good for the evil to stay. Why do you think leaders assassinate leaders on a political scale? They have come to hate each other. They have no love in their hearts and their hearts have become so arid. Any leader without love in his heart cannot protect his nation’s legacy and any leader who cannot protect his nation’s legacy will fail. So love is what the game is all about, my son this is rule number eight.

Political games need love to power it because love is the essence of life on earth.

“But why?” he asked politely.

“Because of the battle of power.” He answered carefully in italics, then I realised he wanted me to get that point fully well.

“Oh! Why?” He cried, “I quit politics because I was been haunted after. Because I stood for women, children and our universe. I wanted the world to be left a better place, but someone said no, let’s destroy it. That is their extra effort to deviate from our ancestor’s legacy. They have perfected the act of lies and they go the extra miles to thwart our convictions and even distort facts. This is the world where we found ourselves. Their hearts are darkened and they have no love in their hearts. They do not romance a woman because of love, they think they have all the money and all that money can buy. So they see things to be loved as objects, and they threat women like one. But I say today, enough.” I read with eyes that go crimson and kept on reading.

“You see, the world is run by so many evil people, and so many cowards who do not know what it takes to be loving. These evil people control about ninety per cent of the world’s wealth. They are, the rich; the ones Karl Max calls the bourgeoisie. These groups in our today’s society now include, the politicians of all classes, the highly rich people of various empires of kingdoms, the kings and queens of empires and nations, those that control businesses nationally and internationally, and finally some of those fanatics of the religion group. They rule the world with greed because power is so diffuse, and they all fight for their pocket with no love in their hearts. This is politics without principle and it is wrong.

They are the ones whose decision really count. So many of them fight for themselves. They are selfish without love in their hearts. All over the world, same story. My son, a lot of politicians are evil men and woman who do not love there nations, they say publicly, we love you and it turned out to be a lie. They hold to their partisanship even when it is against the progress of their nations. Take a look at the world around you, just take a look. They make decisions that will one day, destroy our kids, our forests, our animals and our lands. They are powerful people and their decisions count. They have created that society of the rich class and the poor class and they separated our world, Therefore, I disagree to this type of social strata and political manipulations and I will continue to disagree. Where love dwells there is no division or disunity. The world can come to walk together as one. if we must recreate, reinvent and modify history we must love and never hate and we must not divide our nations on the basis of political gains. Love is the reason why anyone should run for office, either love for his nation or love for job of politics.

My son, I quite agree that every generation has its struggles. But I do not believe that we are in the struggle of loving one another. No! Love is inbuilt within us as human beings. Love is the essence of life and this of course is the most narrow definition I can ever give. But it is true. We now live in a modern age culture, this has nothing to do with African culture or the western culture, or the culture of the middle east, it is the human culture. The culture where love is fully understood. Therefore we must respect the modern age culture. The culture of love.

Love is freedom. Letting go, gives us freedom. If in our hearts, we are not loving, anger, anxiety and guilt will put us in bondage, then we can no more be free. But once our hearts are free from those things, there is some certain sweetness that comes from the emotion within. It is the same way you feel, if you are truly in love with a woman. And freedom is a universal democratic features. Therefore, Love is a remarkable triumph of democracy. Because love is that desire that wants to be free. When love takes over the heart, it bursts the heart open. So my son, I want us to discourse the love for nations and how our leaders, all over the world can romance their nations. Because freedom is Inner liberation, it is only a thing that we can do with love. Love can heal the pains of the past, the pains of a broken hearts, broken homes and even broken political systems.

I am deeply concerned about the politics of our time. Because a lot of people run nations without love in their hearts.

The time is right for us to do the right thing and to stand up and begin to love is the right thing to do. I know that the world is going in a glacial pace in some respect. But not with a world where nations still fight each other. We have to see nations like we see people. So the answer to man’s problems is plain and clear. Just create a world where everyone is loving, there will be no wars, no hunger and no abuses of all kinds. Women will be respected and threated rightly anywhere in the world and our Kids protected. When you truly love a woman, she will give her heart freely because love isn’t selfish.

Why rape?” he lashed out. I could hear his voiced and passion from every word and line across pages.

“Well, it is worth pointing out that poverty has dominated the global economic scheme in the history of human race, and corruption is so familiar with the politics of our time, and so far west across European nations and to Africa and the third world nations have all been familiar, to a significant degree with these two elements that have become the oddballs in the history of the human race. Even in democratic politics, we have seen extreme cases of corruption. Something isn’t right! And I think it is proper we call it the way it is. We live in a world and one of the greatest threats is poverty. But I still do not know why too many people have to suffer amidst such a global political clout and why too many nations still cannot move forward. This is what this point is all about, because we have long evolved past prehistoric and preindustrial days and we have to move forward as one world united. I believe that the time is now ripe globally to make poverty a thing of the past, because poverty is a dream stealer that must be denounced. It is a deadly virus that destroys nations and corruption is a cancer of nations. We have to reason out the cure in a clever politics and in a democratic politics. But I know that we have had leaders all over the world within the past years who have defiled all our efforts to reason with them. We reason how we can come out of poverty and they mess things up the more by becoming so corrupt and now reasoning is thrown to the wind. This is so obvious and of course a truth that justifies itself.”

Just as many hearts are broken, a lot of political systems and structures are broken too. To fix them, you must use the same code of fixing a broken hearts.

Love! The code of love.

Well, this is what this memoir focuses on. The true keys to open the universe and the doors of opportunity for the world. The keys that can open up the doors of prosperity to a broken social system and restore prosperity and promote the cause of peace and reaffirm freedom, equity and justice. That master key that can open any door that is locked politically, economically and socially. That key is simple. The key is unique. The key is real. That key delivers ideas that have never been familiar with the rest of humanity. That key opens the universe’s door and bake out our prosperity even in our dark and tragic moment. The key produces that power requires for wealth creation by releasing to us a flow of energy and idea.

This is the key, love your nation as you love yourself. Provide for your nation as you will provide for yourself, help your nation as you will help yourself. So the bottom line is love. It renders approaches that will help in peace reform and in nation building.

To reclaim the course of peace in a world that seems divided and to reaffirm the source of hope to broken hearts, we need to understand what to do. This is the point. This is the key. An ancient way of living if now re-enacted into our modern world, our world will stop wars and the nations will stop hating nations and the people from all nations and regions and language and culture will come to love one another.”

“Every nation has life. Because nations are living things. Nations have life and a system of living. This is called the standard of living of nations. Every nation that has life must love. Because it is a thing of the heart. The life of a nation is in its ability to create wealth. As a living thing, nations have the characteristics of living things too. Because to have life as a living thing, you must possess the characteristics of living thing. Every living thing has life. The life of every nation is its ability to create wealth. Wealth creative mechanism and the economy of the nation. Then comes movement. As a living nation, we have freedom of movement. Movement to the part of justice, freedom and equity. Respiration which is the breathing power of nation, it’s the administrative power, and sensitivity is the ability of nations to respond to stimulus. It is a stimulus of hope. Here you respond to the feelings and sufferings of the people that are hurting. These people have hope in the government to restore them. The government serves as the heart of every nation. so the government must be loving. While the mind of the nation is the leader in power. This nation now has the power to reproduce ideas and policies into the progress that we see by growing the economy which is the life of that nations. Nation is just like humans, it can suffer too. Nations can suffer lack. Lack of love, Lack of freedom, lack of money, lack of ideas, lack of resources and name them. Countless of things! Wealth comes as a product of man’s ability to think properly. The human mind functioning properly, following the power of the human spirit. That hope conviction, that Inner power, inner energy and inner source of strength. And nations can suffer from this too. Lack of energy to move forward when the mind of the nation, the leadership circle is sick. That is why when we as individual choose our leaders, we have to be careful who we choose to bring to power. We have to be sure that these guys coming to drive the heart of the nation know what they are coming to do. When you vote a leader into office, automatically, you give your mind away in terms of political decision making. He represents the nation in the community of nations, he speaks for you. This isn’t a joke! He can drive the whole nation to destruction with policies that are not right for the people. So, let us sail to an uncharted land where we still have control of our minds. Where we can prone our minds. I mean we have to carefully select our leaders. It must be love driven. A love for your nation.

Leaders must love their nations just as family loves their kids, because love keeps the world flowing. Thanks my son. A letter from the old man. I love you.” He ended.

Honestly, I couldn’t stop thinking about the importance of creating a better world with love after I have gone through the letter. Truly the wisdom of the old man made me speeches and dazed. Now this is what I learnt here, a heart that truly loves cares. Love is what nations need to succeed and only if the power of love replaces the love for power can humanity experience true leadership.

“It’s so hard to forget the pains of the past, but it is harder to remember the sweetness of yesterday. But we have no ills that peace create. Because the ways of love are the ways of peace.

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