The quantum code of love

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Chapter 8

The Universal Code

Peace and love.


The beauty of inner life when our hearts truly blossom is called the ‘Peace of mind.’ A quiet mind that loves nourishes the root of our own human existence so that everything in us flowers naturally, this is what we call peace: The flowering of our inner wellbeing. The true flower of humanity within us is peace, and love is what we use to water that flower of nature. When the flower of love grows in us, the rest of humanity will want to spend the rest of their lives with us because when peace overflows within the soul of a man, he realises himself in oneness with the rest of mankind. In our emptiness, we strive to fill our inner void with things, but if we truly understand ourselves and our collective roll together as human beings, we will stay loving, then peace will fill those inner emptiness within us. This is how we can re-fill the cup of bitterness and hatred with love because all human experiences are happening from within and love enhances our own humanly nature because we were created to live and to love. A warless world will only come if we begin to develop warless hearts when the mind enters the fragrance of peace. Peace is resting on that space of simply being yourself and allow the true humanity within you to come out and enjoy life to the full, it is that pull within us to turn inward and rest. It is also the flame within us that stares us up to stay loving.

My son, I want to stress your intellect to absorb the truth that love is all that humans need within and it is the fuel for the human machine and without it, the engine of our own emotion will automatically stop working. The turtle only makes progress when it sticks out its neck, so we humans will always remain in our shell of humanity and can never experience a higher world if we do not learn to love. Therefore, we must embrace a better world with love if we must live in a higher dimension of our own human existence. Love is a tool that can hook peace and prosperity into the soul because peace is coolness and calmness and love is the best language to describe the feeling of peace. My son, I want you to remember, because I told you that love is some certain sweetness of emotion. That sweetness is what makes your heart to really blossom like natural flower and that is peace in the highest energy level. Peace means harmony and tranquillity, it is that maximum freedom that comes to a loving heart. A loving heart always has a gift of peace to decorate his world because peace is a thing of the heart. When you face challenges that would not go away, try showing love and kindness towards someone else that has a similar issue and watch the load lift.” The old man said

Actually, after the storm a lot of people were evacuated to different cities. The old man also was evacuated to a neighbouring city different from the city where I was. This time I was able to contact him through writing and I knew exactly where he was, so I decided to pay him a visit for the final lessons on peace and love. It was an amazing experience to hear pure wisdom from this legend. Indeed, knowledge and experience is the base upon which wisdom is built. I couldn’t resist the wisdom of this great man. The old man was actually a genius in my own eyes. I followed carefully every bit of his eye movement as he speaks.

“Success my son is to influence the world around you to think like you and to aspire them to your inspiration. This isn’t wealth without work or pleasure without human conscience, but it involves love in your heart. Here on this plain of life, without love in your heart the impossible will elude you. Therefore, you must learn today that, no risk is too great to take for love because there is a happier life out there, we reach this type of world by loving ourselves and loving others and everything that exists. This is a world of peace and tranquillity.

To solve any kind of problem in life we need the right tools: The tools for survival. Love is the tool to work on the human machine and forgiveness is the highest and the purest form of love, it brings sweetness to the heart once your tools are clean and prepared and that is peace. Peace is a sign that a broken heart is really repaired, because it is only at this level we can really experience true happiness within us. This type of peace that comes to a forgiven heart is peace and fairness and they are the sign to know a heart that has tasted the water of love. You cannot lie to yourself, love is a universal language that describes peace. A peaceful man is more better in what he does than a well learned man. Therefore If the world must come to live as one, we must come to love as one. This is how we can create a better world with love because peace is a cure for war.” Oh my goodness the old man made me yearn for more as a kept listening. Surely there is wisdom in this, it was something that took me into the mind of the old man and you know what, I did not stop listening.

“My son, I want to give you the final note and after which the lessons will be over. But you must be willing to teach the peoples of world in this manner which I have taught you. In life, humans have often times find themselves in that boiling pot of hatred, hurt, shame and pain. To think that life is for good or for ill makes it even worse because we cannot live and avoid harm if we think in terms of good or evil. Life should be seen in terms of peace and love and not any other way round. Peace is a state of balance and understanding within you and with others around you. This is what many humans do not know, a loving heart is always peaceful. A giant wave of peace will hit the earth if the peoples of the earth just know how to love themselves. If you stress your intellect beyond some certain point, you will break down and of course, you will be unhappy. But in life, to be happy because my experiences seem good is not a healthy way to approach living. in short, the truth is, in life, we cannot come out of life alive, so what is the point of being happy because everything goes well and then unhappy because everything goes wrong? This is surely not an ultimate solution to life because our existence is far more bigger than our own experiences and come to think of it, Peace and love have been around for so long and yet every human that has ever stepped his foot on the sands of time has been seeking inner happiness or freedom from self. But what they do not know is that our whole existence is created by what is happening within us. A lot of human beings create all sort of crazy things in their world and you know, we create our own experiences. If you have been unhappy in life, the truth is, you created your own unhappiness in a way that makes it impossible for you to be happy. The point is, you will be unhappy because that is what you created for your life. The creative process and our creative experience as human beings is very essential in life. It is essential for every individual and for the whole humanity to refresh daily by learning new skills of being loving. This skill involves that stillness inside us which reflects peace. Love opens within us a safe place to clean and balance the emotional aspect of our humanity. Humans have positive and negative charge energy frequencies, because energy exists within us, you go negative in life situation, you charge up the negative energy and they begin to function, but I am asking you to change the whole equation.

The point I am making is about peace and love. Peace that focuses on people and our planet in all areas surrounding of human life, where we humans can just sit and observe the beauty of life, by observing the sky and the sway of trees, the waves of the sea and the soft breeze that cools the air as we begin to realize the source we are made of. Without love in our hearts, we can never really know ourselves enough as human beings. Love is a beauty of the soul and true beauty is the one that truly comes from the heart, because a heart that loves is a friend of himself. Peace is a thing of within, a heart that loves will always have the calm and harmony needed for a fulfilling everyday life. This is peace that comes from a loving heart.” Go outside my son take a look at the world, observe a moment of peace because our world is beautiful. come back and write down to me what you see. Do it now my son, because we have the power to create a world of peace and a world where each of us pursue happiness together with love. Such a world can begin to exist in our hearts if we know the appropriate tools to create our own wellbeing. A world that knows peace can never be at war, either wars that fight within our souls, those conflicts unresolved, inner conflicts that fight against the hearts. those conflicts of within that break us down as human can be lifted with love and then peace will drive you like, I am talking about peace that will devastate all walls and greed, this peace has the power to erase pride and arrogance. It is this peace that comes from a heart that loves. Peace that is destructive to negative thoughts. Peace that will allow you to live and adequate fulfillment.

If we live and have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we live together for each other, because peace is a sign of love. Therefore I am calling on the people of the world to come and drink from the well of peace that comes from a loving heart. Peace is that fountain that can envelopes a cold heart and makes it to sing. Peace softens the heart. Peace and love are the greatest weapons to fight the wars of hatred and conquer greed. Peace is a universal experience of emotion that fills a loving heart. We can fix our minds on a positive energy frequency and begin to experience life at the genius level. This is called peace and love, the engine of the soul. This is the secrete of life my son, the human machine was designed to function with love at the speed of peace, only then can the heart really soar. A heart that truly loves is always at peace with the world, because such a heart is clean and beautiful. We have everything it takes to live in peace and in total happiness, just stay loving. If you want to be free from anxiety of life, my son learn to love. I am talking about love for the whole cosmos, I mean love for the whole humanity.” The old man sounded very incredibly powerful and he was indeed amazing from start to finish.

How to get in touch with peace.

“My son, this isn’t a feeling process. Feelings come and go like a morning mist, but love stays with the heart forever if the heart will love forever. So peace does not exist in the feeling part of our human consciousness, it happens in the experience level of our human consciousness, it transmits that positive energy frequency we give out and gain back from loving one another.” The old man said and continued “there are hearts that do not mend again after they have been broken because they are not in touch with peace and harmony the universe has to offer. They are far away from reality, so they suffer from the deepest hurt, lingering and unresolved. If and only if such minds come in touch with peace by staying loving, can those injuries of the heart be lifted. This is the rule, a heart that does not love nurtures sorrows and pains forever. To get in touch with peace, we must begin to love and learn the right way to love one another.

Life is painful sometimes, it has thorns and sometimes it hurts really bad. It’s so hard to forget the pains of the past, but it is even harder to remember the sweetness of yesterday. But we have no injury that peace create. Because the ways of love are the ways of peace. Peace has energy it brings along, but only a loving heart can experience this kind of sweetness in his soul.

I hope one day the world will come to this level, where we will come to live as one.” He said and added,

“How can you manage the pains of hurts, shame, rejection and guilt and still live a life full of peace if your heart isn’t loving? though life seems harsh sometimes, we must realize that it is also sweet. It has love that sweetens our own emotion. So love starts with a smile, in the midst of hardship, you can still smile because you love life and you are willing to move on. That is all it takes. A heart that is courageous, that will not give up despite all opposition to the contrary. A heart that believes that something better awaits him if he has the courage to reach for it, and to fight for it and to work hard enough to get it. That is a heart that will know peace. Such a heart must surely blossom, it will surely get in touch with peace and the ways of peace. This is the same heart that will clean himself from even a single disturbing thought. He wouldn’t give in for wrong thought. He loves the body he dwells in and he washes himself always from negative thoughts and wrong imagination. This is the highest level of love for self and I think everyone should do this daily if you must live in your body longer enough, otherwise you will break your body and you cannot live in it any more. So if you love yourself you must give a proper maintainers to the house where your soul lives. You must clean yourself mentally, emotionally, spiritually, psychologically and even in the energy level. You must wash always from the dirt nature brings across our mind because you love to live longer. This the way of peace. It is called inner cleansing where you use the soap and the water of love to wash away all sorts of negativity that hinder us from enjoying the real happiness of life.

Why they love an ugly person is still a mystery to a good looking man but it becomes clearer once they see the heart. True beauty is in the heart. And he who goes deep in to the water of love, comes out pure and clean and vibrates with positive energy. Tell me why he will not be loved by everyone. He spend time repairing the broken piece of his mind and body and soul. He knows what it takes to say I am sorry when necessary.

My son what I want to teach you here, is to learn how to speak rightly to people in order to heal their pains. Too many people are hurting. Loneliness is so much attached to so many of human lives, therefore, you must learn to say thank you, I am sorry, forgive me, excuse me and please. Use these phrases as each day passes and you will heal a lot of broken hearted. Also my son, learn to open door for a ladies, children, the elderly and the sick. Take care of our planet and try to make sure the world is left better than we met it. Peace is encoded in the fiber of our own existence and love makes us

Finally my son, If you cannot find peace within yourself that is because you are not loving, a heart that loves stays in a perfect quietness of heart without having to go through that sense of emptiness and feelings of disconnections from our physical world and even the disconnects of life, that Feelings that make one so alone even in a crowd. Most often it is accompanied by sadness, resentment or anxiety. But when you love, your heart blossoms because we were born to turn the world into paradise.

The formula of peace

Love is the right prescription for any problem in life because love has a healing energy. It is the highest force that triggers peace. Therefore, I want to give the formula of peace. This is the formula to solve the whole of humanity. Love and forgiveness are the factors of peace and hatred isn’t. Hatred will trigger wars and fighting, thus, hatred is a factor of war and disunity. Therefore the equation is, peace is equal to love plus forgiveness minus hatred. Let’s put it mathematically.

If peace is P, and love is L, and hatred is h, the formula will be

P=(l + f)-h

This is what we can use to solve the problems of humanity. It is only at this level from this deduction that the heart is at rest.” The old man said. I just couldn’t utter a word when I heard this from the old. Goodness! I shouted. With this, the old man has surely solved the whole world. How correct is he with this equation of peace. I wonder. Afterward, he continued, he looked at me and finally said,

“My child, you are very far away what are you thinking of? He said, then I replied, “father, I have found love, a young woman that makes my emotion really sweet. Her name is Ruby and I love this very one and we have agreed to get married. She is beautiful, her heart is very pure and clean, she has that innocent little mind. Her hair long and lush. I want you to bless us father.” The old man walked up to me, “my son, this is a good one. Thank you for following the way of love. Please bring this one to me, I want to see her before I die. I must start getting reading for the journey to the other side, nature is calling and I must answer really fast. I am through with the lessons. Oh!” He shook his head and said,

“Time is not on my side, I would have loved to see this one.” Then he added,

Knee down my son, let me say some prayers. I need to protect this young love from the ills that breaks relationship.” I kneed down, then he put his both hands on my head and said, “my ancestors, protect this one and the one that makes his heart sweet. Give them peace and let these ones come to know true love. I am going away as my space is cut off from the earth, but I leave these ones and others like them that chose to follow the part of love under your protection. Open the universe’s door for them to explore the beauty of love hidden in that pot of happiness. May they live in the deepest joy like flowers as you quiet their minds and allow their souls to speak. Let these young souls love forever and never know the true taste of hatred. Peace and love. This I pray.” He said and we brought the lessons to an end.

The following morning, I came with Ruby to see the old man. It seems the old man knew what was coming. Oh! Pains filled my heart. Tears, I cried. The old man.

No! I stared at Ruby, I held her tightly to myself. We both cried. We were extraordinarily quit and still as we observed a minute of silence. Ruby looked at me with eyes that formed tears, I looked back with eyes that water. Her face turned red, she was confused.

“He was a good man. What a way to die, still so strong and fresh even at this age.” She said.

“Good.” This is not the word to describe him. I said with a shrill cry and added,

“You exist in time, but you belong to eternity. Sleep well father. I love you. You taught me how to love and I have fallen in love with the rest of humanity, thank you for teaching me this one thing. That a heart that loves forgives. I know you still exist in that pure consciousness, where the real you can never be damaged.”

The old man is dead, but his wisdom was sown into me and I in return, planted the wisdom in this book that mankind may learn the ways of love. When you plant the seed of love, your heart is the one that blossoms.

Keep love in your hearts.

“The human heart is a loving organ”

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