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PLEASE NOTE This book is unedited and incomplete. I will replace with the full and finished version shortly.. I was nearing 20 years old when I walked out of those prison-like cast iron gates for the final time.

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Chapter 1

I was nearing 20 years old when I walked out of those prison-like cast iron gates for the final time. In fact Brookfields was better known as being “The yuppie youth prison” among the locals round there, very regimented in its teachings and very upper class.

Mum and Dad were busy people, they wanted the best for their blonde haired blue eyed angel. So what they couldn’t give me of their time they made up for by packing me off to the nearest all girls boarding school. Private of course! I was the tender age of thirteen, I hated it!

Ok I could understand they didn’t want to keep paying out for nannies, I was after all a teenager. Maybe if I’d created a little less fuss, returned home from school and cooked my own meal, done my homework and offered them a wide toothed welcome home smile when they arrived back from a long stressful day, having been cooped up in some stuffy building in the centre of the city.

Yeah maybe if I’d of been a good girl, their angel! That’s my name by the way... Don’t worry, if your not sniggering yet, you will be soon! Then maybe I would of turned out just that, their angel! And the memories I’m digging up... Well, a little more “angelic.”

They had such high expectations of me, my mum and dad. I feel a bit guilty when I look back at things now. They wasn’t around that much, But they did love me, and they did try to always do what they thought best. I guess they thought sending me to a strict all girl school where etiquette had its own hourly slot three times per week, would clean up my foul mouth and tighten my loose lips.

They Invisaged the kind of girl that never answered back, the kind that was as pretty inside as she was out, the kind that wouldn’t in a million years screech at her mother that ,“She Should of fucking swallowed me and saved herself years of hassle!”

Seriously, i didn’t even know what it meant! I’d heard it said on a film, one of those after nine airings. Well actually it was a lot after nine. My parents had been caught up in some incident that had occurred near by their works. “Go to bed hunny, don’t wait up for us, it’s looking like we could be stuck here for hours.” My mother informed me over the phone, her voice was agitated.

Yeah, like I was going to do that!

Gone midnight they rolled in. Was my Dad happy to see his little girl for the first time that day? Like hell he was! He went ballistic when he found me wide awake, my eyes fixated on a half clad couple getting cosy with each other on the 50 inch plasma screen. I got the right strop when he abruptly switched it off.

My mum ignored our squabbling at first, the way she always did. She’s not as quick tempered as my Dad. Until I told him he was an a obnoxious asshole, then she jumped straight on his defence, telling me i was an ungrateful little cow, that I had no idea of the sacrifices they had made over the years.

So that’s when I said it.. And within two weeks the yuppie youth prison was where I was at! I went back home at the weekends, well in the earlier years anyway. Trevor, our next door neighbour would come and pick me up 3.30 on the dot every Friday afternoon, to return me again at 9 o clock on the dot Monday morning.

I didn’t go without a fuss, christ I created like hell! I begged my parents the entirety of the weekend to not make me go back! Poor Trevor had to literally drag me out of the house kicking and screaming.

I didn’t have no friends there, not for a long time. I knew from the get go I wouldn’t fit in with the “popular” girls. Not that I wasn’t pretty enough. Now I’m not blowing my own trumpet here, but I knew damn well I at least looked like my name even if I didn’t act it. I just couldn’t tolerate screechy back stabbing bitches.

That left the snobs and the loners. The snobs, haha...They looked down on me the second I opened my gob. And the loners, well I’d pretty much been one of them myself, and that was exactly what I remained until I finally broke the ice with my room mate ‘Kirsty’. I was coming on for Eighteen then. Kirsty was neither popular, snobby or a loner. I couldn’t really put her into a class, she was just there! We talked of course. We had too, we shared a room. But we had never really been friends.

I’d left my purse in my room one day, So at break I popped back to get it. It was a scorching hot day and I had my heart set on trying out the new cherry bake well ice cream they had on sale in the one stop just a few yards from the school.
I could hear a sniffling sound as I approached the door, when I walked in I found Kirsty slumped on the floor, her knees drawn up to her chest. Christ, I’d never seen someone in such a bad state. It turned out that over the summer break her and her fella back home, Aiden, who’d she’d been dating for years, had finally consummated their relationship. And She’d erm, just miscarried the result.

So that’s how we became best friends. Not the nicest experience to bring two people together. It was shortly after that, I also discovered the benefits of having an all boy school backing straight on to our school playing field.

“Have you ever, you know..” Her voice lowered to a whisper ....“had sex?”


I replied like it was a disgusting thought, although it was a thought I’d been having quite a lot since finding out my room mate had.

“Don’t you ever think about it?” Her tone quizzical

“I’m surrounded by girls in this place, it’s not likely to happen unless it’s with one of the teachers is it!” I winced at the thought.

“Angel, there’s hundreds of sex hungry guys in the school opposite.” She chuckled at my obliviousness.

“Yeah, with a twelve foot wire fence between us!”

“A twelve foot wire fence with a human sized gap at the very far end of it!”

“Really?” I asked skeptically, I’d never seen it!

“Haven’t you heard the latest about Chelsea Coppen?”

“No, but I’m sure your about to tell me.” My tone matching my opinion of the longest standing “it” girl of Brookfields.

“She got caught with her bare arse cheeks wedged against the barbed wire.”

“What the fu...?”

“Knickers round her ankles and her mouth clamped round some sixth formers never regions!” She continued abruptly.

“For real?” I chuckled.

“For real!” She confirmed!

“Bloody lucky she managed to convince Mr Redman she’s a good climber or we’d all be up for questioning!”

“So do you go over there then, I thought you were all loved up with Aiden?”

“I’ve been over there, but not for nothing like that!” She rolled her eyes.

“I just think, you know ... maybe you should. See if there’s anyone that takes your fancy.” She winked, Nudging me in the side.

And that’s how my innocence started to match up to my mouth! Not instantly, of course. The one thing I did manage to leave Brookfields with was my virginity. Odd, as I was probably one of the most sexually experienced students ever to still have my cherry intact!

My first experience was actually with a girl, It wasn’t nothing major, but I reckon it’s what lead me down the road of experimentation. This guy Ethan was interested in me and I was shitting myself, I’d never even hugged a guy before aside from my Dad, and he didn’t count. It was our last night on site before we all headed home for Christmas, Kirsty had this idea of getting some booze and having a little celebration so we layered our faces in excess makeup and strolled into the off-licence at lunch.

“I.D please!”

A stern faced grey haired woman requested as we propped the two piss coloured bottles of liquid on the counter surface. Kirsty dug her hands deep in her coat pockets.

“Damn”I’ve come out without it.” She told her.

“Well, I’m sorry. I can’t let you have these!”

The old hag replied, moving them behind the counter. As we stepped disappointedly out of the shop a girls voice called out from behind us .

“Wait!” She said. Fast stepping towards us.

“Give me the cash, I’ll go get them for you.”

She offered with her hand held out ready and waiting. I’d seen her around school a few times, her long red mane of hair and thin line of freckles that underlined her piercing bright blue eyes, making her unmistakable.

“Your from Brookfields?” I questioned knowingly

“Yes, but I have ID!” She winked.

“I turned eighteen this summer!” She winked again flashing her plastic photo card at us.

“Thanks.” Kirsty said handing her the money.

She returned carrying a dark blue plastic bag. “What room number and wing are you?”

“Room six, wing two.” I replied, holding my hand out for the bag.

“I’ll bring them down to you, you don’t want to get caught in possession of alcohol. About eight, yeah?”

“Ok!” We agreed in unison, both unsure if we’d actually see her again this side of Christmas.

Eight 0′clock on the dot, she tapped on the other side of our door.

“There you go, one for you, and one for you ... Oh, and I took the liberty of getting this one for me!”

She said Pulling a third matching bottle from the bag and handing Kirsty the change. She sat herself on the edge of Kirsty’s bed, opposite to where we sat. We got talking about school life, pretty soon the subject diverted to boys. Wow, this girl had, had her claws into more guys than I’d had hot dinners. The stories she was telling us, were pretty damn shocking!

“So what about you guys then?” She questioned.

“Oh, I’ve erm, I’ve got a steady boyfriend back home.” Kirsty informed her.

“We’ve been dating since primary school!”

“Seriously? What are you, first year sixth formers?”

We both nodded, the red head looked at Kirsty bewildered.

“That’s nice, I guess.”

“And you?” She looked at me one brow raised high on her forehead.

“No one, not yet.”

“She’s got a sixth former called Ethan that fancies her.” Kirsty told her.

“Is he hot?”

I looked at Kirsty guessing she was going to answer that for me too.

“Very Hot!” She purred, making me right!

“Don’t you think so then, sorry what’s your name?” She chuckled, Swigging a mouthful of drink.

“I’m Angel, and she’s Kirsty.” I told her gesturing to my friend.

“Angel, Thats a hot name. I take it your ’living up to it!” She chuckled again.

“Im Annalise by the way! So your not interested in this Ethan fella then?”

She’s nervous about, you know, what he’ll expect, what he’ll want to do.”

I winced at Kirsty.

“Oh!” She smiled amusingly.

“First dip into the world of the opposite sex ah?”

“She’s not kissed anyone before.”

Kirsty added to my embarrassment and that’s when she offered, well insisted on showing me!

“Ok, let’s pretend I’m Ethan!”

She sipped a large mouthful of sour tasting wine straight from the bottle, Rising to her feet.

“Come on, you wanna prepare don’t you?” She took my hand, pulling me up to her front.

“Put your arms around me!”

She laughed as I moved them agitatedly from my sides and placed them awkwardly around her neck.

“Ok, so you don’t want to go in all guns blazing, start with a bit of lip teasing.”

She suggested, moving her face closer to mine. My body shuddered as her lips pressed against me, my nerves making me tremble. Then her tongue pushed through, I gasped as it connected with mine, a tingle surged down my spine leaving a throbbing between my legs. Shit, this girl was making me wet!

I was just getting the rhythm in sequence when I heard Kirsty clear her throat, her reminded presence alerting me to the reality of what was taking place. Annalise’s hand was cupped round my head, holding me into her, her free hand had wandered from the small of my back and was now resting on my arse cheek. Her fingers were actually probing between my crack! I pushed against her shoulders, my lips closing in on her tongue as I pulled my head back.

“Thanks, I erm, I appreciate that.” My tone tremulous, the want for more in her eyes unnerving me.

“That’s ok!” She replied shrugging off my rejection.

“Anything else you want help with, just give me a shout.”

She tipped the remainder of her bottle straight down her throat.

“See you girls around, have a nice Christmas.” She winked as she departed the room.

“Oh my f*c*ing God Angel, what the hell just happened there? That was the most disturbingly erotic sight I’ve ever witnessed!”

“Yeah, we’ll make sure it’s the most disturbingly erotic secret you ever keep!”

I sat at Kirsty’s side throwing my head down on the pillow, my thoughts a tangled mess.


Thank you for reading -x-

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