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chapter 10

I woke that morning in his bed snuggled up close against his chest.

“How long have you been awake Ethan ?”

He was lying rested up on his arm gazing down at me.

“A while.” His lips spread wide across his face.

“What are you doing ?” I started to feel paranoid.

“Looking at you!”

“Yeah, but why? Your freaking me out!”

“Because your beautiful, and because..” He paused, running his fingers down my cheek.

“You swallowed my cum last night!”

Fu*k! I did. Damn, I’d not even thought about it since we’d left Carly’s I thought to myself.

“What is it with guys and that ?” I questioned.

“Well to me no ones ever done it before.”

“Really?” I raised one brow suspicious he was just trying to make me feel special.

“Honestly Babe, I started to think it only really happened in pornos. I don’t know, it’s kinda Carnal I guess. Whatever, it’s fu*king horny!”

“I didn’t plan it, it just happened. I liked it though. It did feel dirty but in a good way.”

My confession pushing a nervous giggle through the back of my throat.

“You are so Damn sexy do you know that? I love your coyness Angel...Innocently wild!”

He chuckled, running his fingers through the length of my hair.

“Ethan if I ask you something that’s intrusive, something personal, awkward...”

“Haha, I think I get it, just fire away.”

“I mean, would you tell me the truth and not just what you think I want to hear ?”

“What do you want to know Angel ?”

He had an agitated expression, one cheek pulled in, a slight twitch near his upper lip.

“What went through your mind when you watched me..”

I paused, I didn’t want to sound crude in the middle of an important question.

“When you watched me ... With Brett ?”

His face lost its tension, he almost looked relieved.

“Honestly ?”

“Yes, total honesty!”

“I felt as jealous as fu*k!”

“But you tried to arrange that sauna for the three of us ?” I looked at him confused.

“I know because your pleasure turned me on Angel. I got aroused watching you, the fact you were turning him on kinda took a back seat.”


“What for ?” He looked perplexed.

“I think you’ve just settled my confusion. I felt the same when Annalise was erm, when she had you in her mouth. At first I thought I was gonna cry, literally. But then regardless of her arousal, or of yours. Seeing her pleasure you, watching her mouth slide up and down your length. It looked so god damn hot...”

“And when you looked at me the arousal in your eyes undeniable, yet your connection to me, your concern, your need to know it was ok to feel that pleasure... Was so raw, so real. And that just made it ok. It made me feel that no matter who was doing what to who I was the one that mattered, like the whole thing was solely about us.”

“Damn, I wish I was as good with words as you.”

He paused running his fingers through my hair.

“What you’ve just said... That’s my honest answer!”

I giggled... “You can’t steal my answer!”

“I was the one who give you it!”

“Ok, we can share it.” I giggled again.

“What about Annalise, when me and her erm, touched. Did that make you feel the same ?”


He sniggered rolling the pad of his thumb over my nipple.

“Mmm, someone’s getting turned on!”

“Don’t try and escape the question! Why didn’t it?”

“Because she’s a girl and that just makes it fu*king kinky hot!”

“And because she’s not competition ?” I added, smirking at him.

“Haha, that might have a little something to do with it, but it don’t override the pure erotic dirtiness of it! In a good way!” He added, winking at me.

“Did you feel the same concern for my feelings when it was her you were ravishing and not Brett?”

Fu*k! I hadn’t banked on that question. I’ve never understood why people act so differently when it’s a guy you get it on with or another girl.. Or how two girls getting It on is perfectly acceptable, yet if it’s two guys it’s Immorally sick. Now I was about to contradict my own beliefs.

I run my fingers up his chest, my tongue rolled over his lips.

“Ah-ah, whose trying to escape the question now.”

He shook his head, giving me a ‘you’ve been busted’ look.

“Oh God, I don’t know if I can explain that without sounding as contradicting as everyone else!”

“Give it a go, I’ll let you know once your done.”

He sat upright on the bed, I rested myself under his arm, both of his hands were now teasing my nipples.

“So come on then Angel ... You’ve got your face wedged between Annalise’s legs, your tongues devouring her sopping wet pus*y. You know I’m there, you know I’m watching. do you think for one minute I might be upset ?”

“I did, when I was on my own with her that day. I felt like I’d cheated on you!”

“Angel, I’m here this time.. I’m watching you pleasure her, I’m watching you pleasure yourself because your so damn turned on you can’t stop yourself...”

“Ethan” I gasped. I pushed at his hands.

“I can’t concentrate!” I told him.

“I’m watching her cum in your mouth baby.” His hands returned to my breasts, my back now arching into him.

“Are you worried that I’m jealous, like you was with Brett? Are you feeling guilty?”


“What was that Angel ?”

He lowered one hand pushing his fingers between my clenched thighs.

“No!” I gasped.

“Fu*k your so wet!” He pushed two fingers inside my opening.

“Why Angel, why ain’t you worried ?”

“Because...for gods sake Ethan . I don’t know.”

“What do you think I’m doing while I’m watching you Angel ?”

“Pleasuring yourself, wanking I gasped!”

“And what definition sounded hotter just then... Pleasuring or wan*ing ?”

“Wan*ing!” I admitted.

Fu*k he was keeping his rhythm deliberately slow, my hips were bouncing off the bed for more.

“Why ?”

“Damn you Ethan, this started out as one question, from me to you!”

“Just answer Baby!”

“Because it’s raw, it’s rude, dirty, considered wrong, Carnal...Jesus Christ it just sounds fu*king hot!”

“So why am I not worried about you and Annalise ?”

“Because it’s all of the above and more ?”

“Good girl Angel ... Spot on! So you understand what makes it different?”

“I understand but I still don’t see why it should be!”

My voice was laboured, my sex throbbing for more pressure.

“Yep... Your sounding contradictory!”

“Will you just shut up and get Carnal with me!”

“Are you begging me Baby ?” He pushed his fingers deep inside.

“I’m fu*king pleading to you!”

“I like it!”

He pulled his finger out, sliding himself down the bed he pulled my thighs wide apart kneeling himself in between. Lowering his head, his hands skimmed up my body taking my breasts in his palms.

“Do you want me to lick you Angel, like this ?” He rolled his tongue quickly across my clit.

“Yes!” I panted

“And this ?” His tongue flicked firmly over my flesh.

“God yes!” A pleasurable groan pushed through my lips.

“What about this ?” He asked, pushing his tongue inside my opening.

“Oh god, yes Ethan, please!”

I pulled on his head forcing him into me, his tongue lashed hungrily around my wetness.

“Ahh yes, oh god yes.. I’m gonna cum Ethan, I can’t hold back.. Oh yes, I’m cumin’, I’m cumin’... Ahh, fu*k Ethan... ”

His named screamed out from the back of my throat, my thighs clenched him inside, my arousal jerking into his mouth.

“Jesus Christ, your fu*king hot!”

He stood up from the bed gesturing me to swing my legs onto the floor. I sat upright, his length pointing straight at me, it’s tip glistened with arousal. I took it straight in my mouth, using my teeth to gently scrape over his skin as i sucked him in and out. My hand caressing the bottom of his shaft, I used my free hand to cup his balls.

“Lick em baby!” He widened his legs apart, giving me access.

“Oh fu*k, that’s good!”

His voice gravelled above my head. My tongue lashed across his balls, my hand pumping up and down his shaft.

“Damn girl your making me cum already!”

His muscles tensed, deep grunts left his parted lips. I lifted my head taking him back inside... Allowing his cream to fill my mouth.

“Fuck baby, you have no idea how good that feels.”

You have no idea how much I enjoy it. I thought to myself, gazing up at him silently.

That first time I had drunk him down I wasn’t expecting it. I’d got too carried away in the moment to move away in time. It near as damn choked me to death, I wasn’t sure on it’s taste. It definitely wasn’t something I’d pick out of the drinks fridge from the supermarket if it were sold in cans. I was glad Carly had a large supply of water bottles in hers. I did I get through some, it made me so thirsty.

I was glad that it had happened though. It felt so erotic, so deliciously dirty. But more than that it made me feel like whatever happened between me and Ethan, he would always be a part of me. A part of him was inside me now forever flowing through my body. I know that’s not quite how it works, but the thought felt good.

I rolled my tongue over my lips pulling the escaped few drops inside my mouth. My second helping and this time I wasn’t fighting for breath. He was still staring down at me, his chest rising high with each inhalation of breath. I had a rethink about buying it in a can. I chuckled to myself. I think I actually would as long as it was Ethan’s. Yeah, I could quite easily get addicted to his taste.

“What are you laughing about ?” He queried. One eyebrow raised high on his forehead.

“Nothing! I’m just happy!” I told him.

“So am I baby!” He winked one eye.

“I can see that!” I chuckled again. Already he was hard and ready for round two.

“I told you it feels good!” He stated, pushing on the back of my head.

I opened my mouth accepting him inside. My own arousal surging through me as he fed me my dessert.

“Lay back on the bed baby, I’ve got something for you.”

He bent down, pulling open the drawer of his bedside cabinet. I expected to see that double ended dildo in his hand when he stood back up. Instead it was one of those rampant rabbits I’d seen in Annalise’s Ann summers catalogue. It was quite a shocking pink with a clear top and little sticky up ears. I watched him take it from the plastic wrapping.

He’d obviously already removed it from it’s box and inserted it’s batteries. It started to buzz as he pulled it free. I stared up at him with anxious eyes.

“Are you a vibro virgin too ?” He nodded his head as he asked. His question more of a presumed fact. I nodded my head back confirming what he’d already suspected.

“Relax your legs baby.”

They were spread open but as tense as fuck. My stomach joined them as the rubber toy neared my opening. It was still making a deep purring sound. My entire body jolted as it made contact with my flesh. It’s vibrations sending a tingle right through my core. He moved it back.

“Did that feel good Angel ?” He had a knowing smirk on his face.

I nodded, my eyes lost in his. He moved it back in, this time the pressure firmer against my clit. Involuntary noises expelled loudly through my parted lips, I could feel my opening contracting. I think he could see. He moved the rabbit down pushing it straight inside.

The buzzing got louder, the vibration inside me stronger.

“Oh fu*k!” I gasped as the little sticky up ears come into contact with my clit.

My head was thrashing from side to side, my hands pulling at the quilt beneath me. I caught a glimpse of Ethan’s free hand moving up and down the length of his shaft. Damn, his insatiable I remembered thinking. The only thing I recall after that was the shock of my own screams booming off of the surrounding four walls and my legs going into spasm with the force of my orgasm. My body collapsed into the mattress.

“I’ll take that as approval of my purchase!” Ethan whispered in my ear as he laid down at my side.

It was gone five o’ clock by the time I woke back up. I rubbed at my eyes and glanced up at the clock again just to check I’d read it right. The space that Ethan had been occupying was now vacant. The sheet still felt warm, so he couldn’t of been gone that long.

Sitting myself up, I swung my legs off of the bed. I almost fell straight back down as I stood to my feet. Damn, my thigh muscles were canning. In fact that wasn’t the only area reminding me of my earlier introduction to Mr Rabbit. My sex felt like it was on fire. I walked out of the room and down the stairs to find Ethan looking like I had a beach ball between my legs. I found him bent down in front of the cooker removing a tray of what looked like roast potatoes from the oven.

“Mmm, Dinner smells good!” I complemented.

He looked round at me with a wide toothed smile. He turned his gaze briefly before looking back again. This time I could see his mouth clenching tight together. He was watching me walk towards the table. I winced as I sat down, his abstained amusement pushed through his clenched lips in guilty laughter.

“I’m sorry baby, are you ok ?”

He left the tray of roasties on the thick block of white speckled granite that rested on the shiny pure black granite below.

“A bit sore”. I admitted. Excepting his hand in mine as he pulled a chair out to sit at my side.

“Sorry.” He apologised again. I could still see a hint of amusement across his face.

“It was worth it though right!”

I nodded. My own mouth lifting at the corners.

His phone buzzed just as he’d made his way back to the other end of the kitchen. I glanced over at it. Carly’s name flashed across the screen. He fast stepped back to pick it up. I watched his face tense as he read through the message.

“Who is it ?” I asked. Pretending I hadn’t seen.

“It’s erm...” He paused for a minute, his eyes scanning back over the words.

“It’s Carly, She thanks us for going last night.”

I watched him walk back off. He took his mobile with him. I could tell it was more then that. He looked pis*ed off and the force he was using to stir the veg looked like they were getting the brunt of it.

“Ethan, what else did she say?”

I felt awkward prying now I knew the circumstances of their friendship. He run his fingers firmly through the length of his fringe pushing it back across the top of his head.

“Shortly before we split, her younger sister got with this guy that had recently got out of nick...”

“Prison ?” I interrupted. “What did he do ?”

“He was convicted of rape!” Ethan’s jaw tightened up. He turned the cooker dial to off and joined me back at the table.

“Anyway, we hung out together for a while, all four of us. They used to stay over at Carly’s house. He’d managed to convince her he was set up, that he was innocent. Well, truth was, he had us all fooled. He didn’t seem the type. Then I started to notice Carly acting odd when ever he was about. She’d flinch whenever he got within a foot of her. She denied any problems of course.

“So, go on... What happened?” I prompted in his silence. He shifted uncomfortably on his chair.

“It was Christmas Eve. We were all pretty tanked up and had all hit the sack. Me and Carly had just...”

He stopped what he was saying, an awkward expression washed over his face.

“Yeah, go on!” I shot him a knowing look.

“Well, she’d remembered she’d not prepped the Turkey ready for the morning. Carly being Carly wouldn’t rest without getting it done. She’d been gone well over half an hour before I crawled out of bed to check she was ok..”

“He’d been raping her for weeks Angel!”

His head dropped to his hands, my lips started to tremble. I placed my hand on his shoulder.

“Is that what he was doing when you went down?” My words shook.

“Not quite. But I see and heard enough to get the truth out of her. He had her pinned against the work top, the turkey was on the floor by her feet. He was tormenting her, telling her how he could make her scream more then I could!”

“Damn Ethan. What did you do ?”

He raised his head. His eyes were red. “Two black eyes, a broken nose and a fat lip!”

“Fu*k!” I exclaimed.

“He got off lightly Angel.. I could of easily killed the cu*t!”

I gasped at his choice of words. I’d never heard him say that before. We sat in silence for a while, the only noise was the whirring of the American fridge that stood to the far left of us.

“So, what was the text about? Surely his long gone now ?”

“No!” An irritated laugh broke through his throat.

“She married him their expecting a baby this summer!”


I pulled my hand off his shoulder. It went to my face, my fingers dragged across my check.

“After what he’d done?”

He pulled at my hand, taking it in his.

“She doesn’t know!”

I looked at him in disbelief.

“You didn’t tell her?” I asked shocked.

“I know, I know!” He shook his head in agreement to how wrong that is.

“Look...Her sister didn’t have things quite as easy as Carly. Her teenage years were quite a struggle. She has a different father, and although she was raised as a Hooper, Benjamin, Carly’s dad. He held resentment for her real dad and it brushed off on her. Carly was thrilled to finally see her sister happy and she didn’t want nothing to change that. As much as I didn’t agree, she made me promise to never speak of it. We told told the following morning that Con had fallen down the stairs.”

Ethan’s head was shaking vigorously from side to side as he explained.

“So she’s married a rapist!” I could taste the disgust in my own words.

“Pretty much, yes. Carly doesn’t see them that often anymore, they moved to Devon within a few weeks of what happened. His decision of course! But there down tomorrow and going to Carly’s. Obviously she’s just turned twenty one and she wants to see her, give her a gift.”

“And Carly’s scared?” I questioned.

“Babe, she’s petrified of him, he didn’t stop after that. Why would he when he knows he can get away with it!”

The room stilled again. Even the gorgeous aroma of the Roast beef sat on the side ready to be cut up had turned stale.

“Does she want you to go over?”

I had this niggling feeling that she did, and this even stronger niggle that perhaps he should. He nodded his head in confirmation.

“Then you should go!” My reply was adamant even though it pained me deep inside my chest.

“No, I can’t keep doing it Angel. I can’t always be there to protect her. I have my own life to live!”

He paused. His thumb rolled across my palm.

“I have you!” His words lowered to a whisper.

My heart fluttered, damn it felt like that kaleidoscope of butterflies in my stomach were having a somersault contest.

“Anyway, we have plans already for tomorrow!” His voice raised back up.

“Do we ?” I asked perplexed. ”

“We do yes. There’s a travelling fair just pitched up down on the common. We’re gonna go and have ourselves some fun! And now we are going to have ourselves this dinner I’ve cooked before it ends up only fit for the bin!”

His sadness washed away with a burst of enthusiasm.

“Are you not going to text her back?”

“Later. Just forget it for now! It’s not your problem and it shouldn’t be mine. If she wants this to stop, she knows what she should be doing!”

I nodded in agreement. The smile on my face strained.

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