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chapter 12


Kirsty shrieked out my name startling the living day lights out of me.

“What’s wrong ?”

My head shot up from the revision book I had rested on my legs.

“You haven’t, Jesus Angel... You’ve only known him a few weeks!”

Her gaze dropped to the Diamond encased round my finger.

“Oh God, NO!” My cheeks heated up. I slid the item of questioning off of my ring finger and slipped it back on the opposite hand.

“Did Ethan get you that ?” She looked at me suspiciously.

“Yeah, but it’s not an engagement ring or anything. I, I was just playing around with it, I must of forgot to swap it back!”

“And this ?” She held up the card I had placed under my reading book on the bedside table.

“You been poking around my stuff ?” I lent across to her, snatching it out of her hand.

“No, I was looking for your big hair clip when you was in the shower earlier, I lost mine yesterday i just wanted to borrow it until I can get up town later.”

“Yeah, well ask me next time!” I felt irritated by her intrusion.

“Are you sure there’s nothing more going on with you and Ethan, nothing more serious? That cards got some pretty suggestive words in it, and now the Ring ?”

“You shouldn’t of read it Kirsty, and No! There’s not!”

“Look, I’m sorry ok. I know I shouldn’t of, but I did. I’m just worried for you that’s all. His your first, you know... Your first serious boyfriend!”

“His not my boyfriend!”

“Yeah, ok. Whatever you say. Damn Angel, you hardly know each other!”

“We know each other plenty. Jeez I see him practically every day, and when I don’t we talk on the phone. Christ, we’re not planning our wedding for gods sake. It’s just a gift, something special. We get on ok, we click. We share the same passion!”

“What you love sports ?” She laughed exaggeratedly.

“Your fu*king good at it, I’ll give you that, but you hardly relish in it do you!”

I was thinking more of what we had in common in a sexual context. A grin spread across my lips. She cleared her throat, bringing my attention back to her. Crossing my arms against my chest, a short, sharp gush of air expelled through my nose.

“I support him in his sports!”

More then you would ever know, I thought to myself. My heart sunk in my chest as my mind wandered to thoughts of how different last night could of gone if I’d not opted to keep my feelings to myself.

“Did Annalise go with you in the end ?”

“Yeah, she took Brett.” She look at me quizzically I knew what she was thinking.

“No, we didn’t! Nothing happened.” I told her. Saving her the embarrassment of asking.

“Do you think it will, again ?”

“I don’t know, perhaps ?”

I gave her an honest answer. My teeth biting down on my lip as an image of that double ended dildo flashed through my mind. ‘I thought it might come in handy’, Ethan had said. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only girl on his mind when he’d purchased that.

“What’s it like ?”

“What ?”

You know what!” Her cheeks were glowing red.

“Doing it with a girl ?”

I raised one eyebrow at her.

“You getting tempted or something ?” I laughed jest fully.

“NO!, I’m just curious, that’s all. I don’t wanna try it!”

“Different!” Fu*k, how can I explain.

“How do you mean by different ?”

“I don’t know, it just is. It’s a girl for one, Annalise has obviously got the same things as me... Things that men don’t. Not something we usually get to play around with unless it’s our own.”

“But don’t it just feel much the same? How is it different say, for example when she touches you, how’s that different from Ethan? our hands are all the same.”

“Your aware it’s a female Hun, and it just is. The pressure is different, softer, smoother. Damn, I really can’t explain it.”

“Who turns you on more, Ethan or Annalise ?”

“Oh!” I sniggered. “Your trying to work out if I really am a fully pledged lesbian!”

“No, I’m assuming you must have a preference!”

“Ok, Ethan!”

“Why bother with Annalise then?”

“Oh come on Kirsty, If I’d of said Annalise you’d of asked why I bother with Ethan! because it still turns me on, there’s just no intimacy, it’s raw. It turns Ethan on too!” I added.

“Yeah I bet it does his getting two for the price of one, getting to keep his cake and eat it all at the same time!”

“It’s not like that. When it happened, he connected with me the whole time, my pleasure was his and vice versa!”

“I told Aiden!”

“What...seriously? Let’s hope I’ve never gotta meet him! What did he say ?”

“He didn’t really. He erm, shagged the life out of me.”

I laughed at her sheepish expression. Her fingers were entwining nervously.

“Do you reckon all men get off on it ?”

“I wouldn’t say all do, most! I doubt there is many that would turn the other cheek if the opportunity come along!”

“God, I can’t even believe we’re having this conversation it just seems crazy!” She remarked blushing profusely.

A few weeks back I would of thought the same Kirst’. I didn’t plan on all this, it just happened!”

“Mmm, you mean Annalise happened!”

Damn, I could detect a bit of jealousy in her tone.

“Your still my best friend Kirsty Please don’t think Annalise means more to me just because,...”

I paused swallowing against the doubt in her eyes.

“Just because I’ve slept with her!”

“I don’t!” Her expression unconvincing.

“Talk of the Devil!” Kirsty rolled her eyes.

A single knock followed by a pause before two in quick succession sounded at our door. Annalise’s very own sequence.

“Holy shit, I was right!”

Annalise lifted my hand, my ring gleaming up at her. I looked at her curiously my fingers twitched in her grasp.

“I heard Brett wish Ethan good luck he wouldn’t tell me what was going on, but I guessed something like this.” She looked pretty impressed with herself.

“Whys it on the wrong hand ?”

“It’s not an engagement ring, it was just a special gift!”

Damn I was getting pis*ed off with explaining the same thing over and over.

“Is that what he told you ?”

“Why, do you know something different ?” My hand was proper trembling now.

“No, not really but it’s obvious. You don’t buy a ring like that unless it means something. Damn, look at it, it’s fu*king gorgeous!”

“Annalise, we’re not even going out, well not officially anyway.”

“Jesus, you two drive me insane with that sh*t! Your besotted with each other for christ sake! Everyone else can see it, you guys need to open your eyes or just admit what you already know!”

“We’ve known each other for three months, half of that I’d spent shying away from him, scared he was gonna make a move on me, we’re not likely to be doing something as stupid as committing ourselves into marriage just yet. How would we even know in such a short space of time what we felt for each other ?”

I questioned them with words I’d questioned myself with a million times over.

“Love at first sight! Surely you’ve heard of that ?”

“Annalise let my hand drop, my other hand clenched over the ring.

“Come on, does that actually exist ?”

“Well I was a non believer, but I reckon you two have proved it does!”

Kirsty looked at Annalise in disbelief. She hadn’t seen much of mine and Ethan’s relationship other then the stories she had heard. I could sense she just considered it one where anything goes.

“So what happened this morning? We knocked at your room to go down for breakfast, and you’d already gone.”

“Oh, we erm just decided to head back early that’s all. Ethan’s got his brother and sister in law there today, he wanted to get back to get things prepared his parents were not gonna be getting back until midday so he was helping out with the dinner.”

“I’m sorry.” I apologised. “We didn’t want to wake you guys so early.”

“Ok, that’s cool, you could of left a text or something though!”

“Sorry!” I apologised again.

Ethan did have family going to his today, but I hadn’t been convinced with his urgency to leave the hotel myself. I’m thinking now it may of been to avoid Brett. It seems he knew more about that ring and its intentions then I did.

“Are you alright? You seem a bit quiet.” Annalise directed her attention to Kirsty.

“Yeah, I’m good!” She gestured her a smile. I could see the tension underneath.

“Anyway it’s Brett’s birthday next week. I was hoping we could plan some kind of celebration for him, at Ethan’s maybe, if his parents are away. What do you think?” She tilted her head at me.

“Yeah I’m sure Ethan will go for that, although I’m not sure he’ll be happy to hold a massive party in his house!”

“I said nothing about a party!” she winked at me seductively.

“Oh!” I gulped, my gaze turning to Kirsty then back to her again. I gestured a quick shake of my head willing her not to say anymore.”

“I thought maybe we could pick up where we left off ?”

She rolled her tongue over her top lip. I winced in response, I could feel Kirsty’s eyes like daggers in the back of my head.

“I reckon we should two’s up on him, I know he’ll be very ‘up’ for that,” She chuckled at her own pun.

“Annalise!” Her name seethed through my lips.

“Oh don’t worry I’m sure Ethan can keep himself entertained with the rest of your body whilst your mouths busy!”

“That’s not what I’m worrying about!”

I darted my eyes in Kirsty’s direction. She nodded silently.

“Well we’re have a chat and work it out later yeah. I’m gonna get back to my room and get a shower, I stink of sex!” She stretched her top out, dipping her head to sniff.

“Fu*king hell you four are shocking!”

Kirsty was sat on her bed her back leaning against the wall, her expression bewildered.

“I’m sorry, I wasn’t that comfortable with the conversation myself!”

“So Brett’s birthday ah... Sounds like it’s gonna go with a bang!”

“Believe me, I won’t be banging anyone!”

“What are you exactly holding back for? You and Ethan, you’ve done everything else and a lot more besides!” She rolled her eyes. “So what’s the point in refraining from that ?”

“The time needs to be right that’s all!” I wasn’t gonna go into in depth detail with her.

She sniggered moving her attention to a fashion magazine that had been laying open on her bed.


Hey, how’s it going?
I’d sneaked my mobile into the shower room. My voice dipped low so Kirsty Wouldn’t hear.

Yeah, it’s been a good day so far. My brothers gonna be a daddy.

Oh, that’s great!...I could hear the excitement in his voice.

I’m not disturbing you am I? I can ring back later.

No your fine. I’m in my room.

Oh. I’m sitting on the toilet seat. Closed! ...I added abruptly.

What for? ...he chuckled amusingly

Oh god, don’t ask. Annalise came over earlier. She’s banging on about Brett’s birthday...I started to tell him..

Yeah, she’s just got off the phone to me.

Did she tell you her idea?....I screwed my face up, waiting on his reply

Yeah ...He laughed. How do you feel about it?

Im not sure.

Would you be happy to do it?

God I don’t know Ethan. I’d be happy if it was you!

I can arrange that.


Brett’s birthdays next Saturday right. It’s only Sunday now. There’s plenty of time if you wanna, I don’t know...Get more comfortable with the idea. Try it out first?

Ethan... Damn, this conversation sounds absurd! ...He chuckled loudly

I’m free Wednesday evening. My parents are off to some fancy dinner and dance. Think about it and let me know. If it’s a yes, I’ll deal with getting Annalise over. You can come back with me after school.

Are you still there? ... He questioned in my silence

Yeah... Ok!

Good. Let me know by tomorrow night though babe. I need time to make arrangements.

I just said ok.

What you mean you will? I thought you were agreeing to think about it.

No. I mean yes. I’ll do it!
Fu*k, I caught my reflection in the mirror, my face looked like I’d stayed under the sun bed two hours too long, and My hands so shaky I was fighting to keep the phone steady at my ear.

Your seriously kinky Angel. I fu*king love it!
Yeah, and I fu*king love you my words stayed silent in my head.

Do you fancy going to the cinema tomorrow night? That definitely maybe is on. Kinda reminds me of how I’d define you. .....He chuckled amusingly to himself.

Er, yeah. Ok. .....I pondered on what he meant by that, deciding just to take it as a compliment.

Cool. I’ll meet you outside the gates around six. We’ll grab a bite to eat first yeah?

Yeah. That will be great. ...I agreed. I’ll Erm, see you then if I don’t see you before. Bye Ethan.

Catch you later babe.

Thank you for reading -x-

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