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chapter 13

“Where are you going Angel ?”

Kirsty laid slumped on her bed fiddling with the tiny locket on the end of her gold chain.

“I’m erm, I’m out with Ethan tonight.” I told her hesitantly, dropping my school bag on the floor. It knocked hard against the wall and toppled over, my opened case of pens spilling out.

“Going anywhere nice ?” She let her pendent fall to her chest, sitting herself upright.

“Er, no. Probably just end up back at his, watch a film or something.” I gathered up my pens in irritation.

“Is Annalise going with you ?” Her question stopping my feet in their tracks as I headed to the shower room.

“No!” I kept my back to her, my Face renown for giving me away.

“Oh, it’s just, I see her coming out of lesson just now and she asked if you’d already left. I asked her where you were going, and she told me not to worry about it, then rushed off shouting over her shoulder that she can’t stop, she’s really busy tonight.”

I turned to face her. She looked at me with suspicion. For fu*k sake Annalise, I cursed under my breath. I Wasn’t even aware Ethan had even asked her. She hadn’t mentioned it, and not once had Ethan brought the conversation up again since it had ended that day on the phone.

“Well I don’t know what she’s up to!” I lied.

“I must of mentioned to her i was going out earlier.” Her skeptical expression making it clear she wasn’t buying my bullsh*t.

At least I knew this was really gonna happen tonight, I thought. Gesturing her an awkward smile before disappearing through the door into the shower.

When I finally reached the gates, Ethan was squatted down, his back against the metal. Annalise stood at his side. They both glanced at their watches as I approached.

“Sorry!” I apologised. I glanced to Annalise, then back to Ethan quizzically. A frown forming In the middle of my brows.

“I thought Annalise would be best to come with us straight away.” He explained. “You’ve gotta be back by ten, and I’ve no idea what time my parents are gonna roll in.”

I smiled, nodding my head in acceptance. The short walk back to Ethan’s seemed to take twice as long that day. My steps taken with an agitation.

“Glass of wine girls?” Ethan offered. Holding up both a red and a white.

“Red please.” Annalise replied. “I’ll have the same thanks.”

We’d have to go to the office to Sign back in with the night staff later. I knew that would probably be the only drink I’d
Be able to accept, or else I would of just asked him to give me the bottle. The anticipation of what was to come was making my heart beat out of time.

“Bring them up!” He told us. gesturing towards the stairs.

I sat on the edge of the bed, Annalise at my side. Both of us looking awkward.

Ethan put a CD in the stereo. A female with a country twang to her voice, sounded quietly through the speakers.

“You could lose your coats, that would be a start!” He laughed loudly, looking from me to her.

“I’m just gonna borrow your loo.” She told him. Handing her white puffa style jacket to him on her way out of the room.

“Are you ok with this ?” His face showed a doubtful concern.”

“yeah, I think so.” I took a deep breath.

“You look beautiful as always!” He complimented. His eyes scanned over my short sleeved ruffled floral blouse, down to my cream knee length front zipped skirt.

“If there’s anything your not happy with, or you want to stop. Just tell me ok!” He pressed his lips to mine.

“Hey, you guys starting without me ?” Ethan pulled away, sitting himself far back across the width of the bed at my side.

“Come on then!”

He gestured her to sit the other side of him and placed his hands behind his head. He was hard, his bulge pushing up the crutch of his dark grey suit trousers. Annalise lent across him to whisper in my ear.

“Let’s wind him up for a bit.” She smirked, pouting her lips.

Her mouth trailed down my neck. I tilted it back, a heavy breath expelled through the back of my throat.

Her hands were on my blouse, her fingers pushing each button out of it’s hole. She pushed it over my shoulders. I shrugged my arms, allowing the material to slide down. She cupped my chin, bringing my face down in line with hers. Her mouth taking mine hostage. I could taste the familiar fruity tones of the wine on her tongue. I reached for her top, my hands resting straight on her naked breasts. Fu*k! She’d already taken it off.

Ethan cleared his throat catching my attention. His jaw was slack, his eyes etched on the two of us. Watching our tongues entwine as we lent across his lap. I pulled my lips from Annalise, taking them to him. Annalise unclasped my bra, her hands wrapped round my front. Her fingers caressed over my nipples. She sat up onto her knees, her tongue trailed my neck.

“Oh god” I gasped. My head pulling back from Ethan.

She run her tongue down the front of my neck, moving her attention from me to Ethan. I watched her take his mouth, his hand shot up beneath my skirt.

“Take this off baby.” He requested as she pulled herself away.

He tugged at the zip of my skirt.

“Let me do that, you concentrate on getting out of your own!” Annalise told him, pushing his hand away.

“Stand up Angel!” Her request more of an order.

All three of us ended up on our feet. Ethan removed his clothes with an urgency. His eyes remaining on us the whole time. Annalise stepped out of her own skirt first, leaving her lacy red thong in place. Moving on to me, she separated my skirt by its half opened zip. Lowering herself to her knees, she pulled my bikini briefs down my thighs. Her lips pressed against my sex as she dropped them down to my ankles. I lifted one foot to allow their release, almost losing my footing as her tongue pushed through the gap I’d created.

“I’ve got you baby” Ethan’s breath breezed into my ear. His naked body pressed against my back.

He linked his arm under my thigh, holding it up as her tongue teased over my clit. His lips skimming across the back of my neck. He run his free hand over my breasts. I looked down at Annalise. She had one hand gripped round my hip and her other, moving around inside her panties.

“Annalise, stop!” They were the last two words I wanted to say but I could feel my arousal bubbling inside me and I knew a minute longer, I would explode.

“Sorry, I got carried away there.” She smiled up at me, my wetness glistened on her red coated lips.

She stood to her feet. Her mouth taking mine, she pushed my own juices inside with her tongue. Ethan released my breasts allowing them to press into hers. I could feel his co*k jerking against the small of my back.

“Time to make your guy cream.”

Her words murmured against my lips. Ethan took his position back on the bed.

We kneeled up either side of him. all three of our tongues probing together.

“Let’s give his co*k some mouth action Angel.”

I lowered my gaze, her hand already pumping up and down his shaft.

“Oh fu*k, that’s good!”

His voice gravelled. My mouth sucked him deep inside as his skin slid beneath her fist.

She lowered her body, her mouth joining mine. His breathing deepened as our tongues rolled up its length together. I gazed up at him as she took him inside. His eyes heavy, hooded. My own arousal gasped through the back of my throat as his finger pushed inside my sex. I cupped his balls in my hand. Annalise was withering, small pleasurable groans escaping the gap in her lips. Fu*k, his fingers were inside her too.

For a few minutes I felt numb. Not knowing if I was about to cry, or have the orgasm of my life. His fingers were still pushing fast inside me, he had the exact same rhythm pushing inside of her. My eyes darted between the movement of his arm at the back of her and her mouth as it slid up and down his shaft.

“Angel!” His voice stole my attention.

He looked so damn aroused, yet so deeply concerned. He removed his hand from my sex, raising it around my back.
Annalise continued, oblivious to the silent yet intense conversation that was taking place between us, with nothing but our eyes. He pulled me into him. Our faces inches apart. I could tell he needed assurance that I was ok. That this was ok. I nodded my head.

I could sense his rhythm between her legs had slowed. He run his hand up and down my spine. I kissed his lips, dipping my tongue teasingly inside his mouth. Lifting my head back, I looked back into his gaze. I swear I could see love in his eyes, I wondered if he could see it in mine. Whatever it was, it was making everything just fine.

“I’m gonna cum baby, go and get it!” He pushed against my back, urging me down.

“My turn!” I told Annalise. She rolled her tongue over my lips, trailing it round to my ear as I took him inside.

“Ahh God” I moaned around his width.

Annalise had moved across the bed. Her tongue pushing inside my opening. Ethan’s hand squeezing the cheeks of my arse. I sucked him in hard, my fingers pushing into his balls. I felt him tighten, I could here the grunts forcing there way through his throat.

“Argh Fu*k!” His voice breathless.

He grabbed my hair, his length pushing further into the back of my mouth. His excitement juddered down my throat. I swallowed him down, within seconds I found myself flat on my back. Both Annalise and Ethan had my hardened nipples between their lips. My back was arching up, my hips lifting from the mattress.

“Touch me, one of you please!” I begged.

Two hands shot straight down between my legs. I opened them wide. My body jerked upwards in response. One of them was stroking my clit, the other pushing in and out of my hole. My head was thrashing from side to side. Ethan moved up the bed.

“Ahh fu*k, yes” I screamed against his lips. Annalise had taken me with her mouth.

“Do you want me to join her” he asked. I nodded, turning my head.

The look in his eyes so erotically intense.

“Oh fu*k that’s so hot, ahh, I’m gonna cum”

long groans pushed through my throat. The sensation of two tongues devouring my wetness sending me over the edge.

“Damn girl, I need to fu*king cum again”

They were both looking at me. My body sunk into the bed.

“Your not alone” Annalise told him.

I watched her teeth scrape slowly over her bottom lip.

“Do you fancy swapping places with her baby?" he asked me. His voice hesitated.

I raised to my knees, every muscle in my legs twitching. Annalise laid herself in my spot, I rolled her panties down her legs. She spread her legs apart. I dipped my finger inside. Fu*k, she was so wet. Ethan sat on the edge of the bed, his hand moved slowly up and down his shaft as he watched me play with her sex.

“Do you want to lick her?"

He looked at me wide eyed.

“It’s ok, go on” I urged him.

He opened his bedside cabinet, passing me the double ended dildo before burying his head between her legs.

I got that same painful thud in my heart as I watched his tongue lap up her creamy wet love juice, yet the speed of that life like length of rubber was increasing by the second. How could I be so ridden with jealousy, yet so fu*king turned on?
He lifted his face, turning to kiss me.

“I wanna see you do it baby”

I pushed my mouth between her legs.

“Ahh fu*k” I gasped.

It felt so much more intense with him in control of the sex toy.

“Damn girl, you look so fu*king hot right now” his fist was moving fast over his erection.

“Angel, straddle your legs over hers” “perfect” he exclaimed as I got into position.

Our vaginas inches apart. He pushed one end of the dildo inside me, pushing the other in her.

“I never thought I’d see one shaven pus*y, but two, you girls are damn killing me here!"

He moved the toy in and out of us both, his other hand concentrating on himself.

I watched Annalise’s face, her arousal peeking my own. My hand shot to my clit, she glanced down bringing her hand to her own. Oh fuck, she was cumin. Her groans elongated, her muscles tensing. I watched her arousal push through the back of her throat. Leaving her mouth in a scream. Ethan took my mouth, pulling the rubber from my entrance, he replaced it with his hand. Pushing two fingers inside. My sex tightened around him, my orgasm exploding out of me in an instant. His own splattered across my abdomen.

“I think I’m gonna get a bit jealous of Brett on Saturday” He jested.

I could see some truth in his eyes. I took his hand inside mine, knowing exactly how he’d feel because I’d just experienced it myself.

“I’m not doing it without you” I told him.

I squeezed on his fingers.

“I should bloody hope not!"

He lent over and kissed my forehead.

“You two are so sickly sweet” Annalise informed us.

She pulled her bra out from the gap at the side of the bed, placing it back round her breasts.

“You better get yourself dressed as well baby, or I’m gonna have to take you again”

I giggled, both of us ignoring Annalise’s comment.

“We’ve gotta get going” Annalise tapped at her watch.

“Ok, give me one minute”

I wrapped my arms round Ethan. His lips joined to mine.

“Guys, sorry to tear you apart, but if we don’t go were gonna have a lot of explaining to do”.

I stepped back, Ethan had my hand in his. His thumb was rubbing over my ring.

“You prefer it on that hand then”

His expression disheartened as he raised my right hand up.

“Just saves unwanted questions” I assured him.

I slept every night with it on my left.

“What... you think people might actually think you love each other?" Annalise questioned.

“Don’t think you need a bloody diamond to see that!"

she rolled her eyes. My face heated up, Ethan pulled me back into him. His fingers threaded through my hair, his lips so tender against mine.

“Angel” her voice raised.

“I’ll walk you back” Ethan insisted.

“You two are impossible” Annalise laughed.

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