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chapter 14

“Are you all set for tomorrow?”

Annalise’s question didn’t go unheard. We were sat along the long bench in the dining hall having our evening meal.

“You talking about Brett’s birthday surprise” Kirsty asked.

A dollop of cream from her cake seeped through the corner of her mouth as she grinned. She rolled her eyes, wiping it off with her finger. I bit down on my lip trying to stop myself giggling.

“Brett Foster?” Adele called over from Kirsty’s side.

Adele reminded me of myself a couple of years back. She wasn’t quiet by any means, she certainly spoke up when she needed too. She just didn’t speak that often. She’d been badly unwell with meningitis for the first part of term and Kirsty had been assigned to help her catch up.

“That’s him. Do you know him then?” I asked.

“Yeah.” She replied hesitantly. “well actually no, not really. Lisa went out with one of his mates for a while so I met him on a couple of occasions”.

Again, like me. Until Annalise came along, Adele only had one real friend. And a week after she’d returned back to Brookfields Lisa left. Her parents had decided to up and go to Canada.

“Fancy him then do ya?”

I nudged my elbow into Annalise’s side.

“What?” She exclaimed shrugging her shoulders.

I rolled my eyes at her. She looked over to Adele waiting on her reply.

“His alright.” She told her embarrassingly.

“Annalise goes out with him!” Kirsty warned her. Giving Annalise daggers for creating the awkwardness.

“I’d say his more of a fu*k buddy!” She corrected Kirsty ignoring her disapproving glare.

She laughed amusingly at Adeles gobsmacked expression.

“I can introduce him to you if you like, I don’t mind sharing.” she smirked.

“Look forget I even mentioned him!” Adele replied.

“I didn’t mean to, I didn’t know.” Her cheeks flushed in her agitation.

“Hey it’s cool. Like I said if you wanna get to know him better just ask.”

I winced at Annalise’s smug expression.

“Fuck Annalise, what the hell did you do that for? The poor cow looked mortified!”

“yeah I know.” She laughed.

“She’s fu*king hot though, seriously I really wouldn’t mind sharing him with that!”

“That?” I looked at her disapprovingly.

Adele was the typical girl next door kind of hot. She wore her chocolate brown hair in a bun at the top of her head and always looked liked she was off to get the weekly groceries from the super market with her straight cut cotton trousers,
Sensible flat footwear and crisp impeccably ironed shirt style blouses. Her makeup free face was stunning, big bright blue eyes, a button nose and the most lusciously full pink lips. You knew that with a bit of face paint and the right clothing this girl could look outstanding.

“Ok Adele.” Annalise corrected herself. “She is hot though right?”

I rolled my eyes linking my arm through hers as we headed back to my room.

“Come on you’ve gotta think it too?”

She’s pretty.” I agreed.

“Fu*k off...,pretty. A lot of people are ‘pretty’ Angel... Would you?

“Would I what?”
I knew exactly what she was referring too but was trying to delay my reply. I hadn’t thought about ever doing the girl thing with anyone other then Annalise.

“Damn you need me to spell it out for you?” She tugged on my arm.

“Your relentless Annalise!” I grinned as I opened the door.

“Shall we invite her tomorrow night?”

“What...God, fu*k no!” I looked at her in disbelief.

“Are you getting jealous Angel?” Her arm dropped across my backside.

“No! I just don’t think we should complicate things that’s all!” I pushed her arm away.

“Ooh we really are jealous!”

“No I’m not!”

I slumped down on my bed, my arms crossed over my chest.

“Do you think she’d go for that type of thing? A lot of girls at least think about it at some stage in their life even if they won’t admit it!”

“Drop it Annalise it’s not gonna happen. There’s four of us, an equal number. You throw another one in and it’s gonna cause all sorts of issues!”

Damn I was worried enough as it was without adding to the equation. She laid herself across Kirsty’s bed. Her mind deep in thought.

“What about just us and her then?”

“Seriously?” I raised my brow.

“She’s got the hots for Brett not us!” I shook my head at her.

“Ok me and you then, let’s get it on now!”

“Kirsty will be back in a minute.”

“Thats alright maybe she’ll bring Adele.”

“Come on.” She patted the mattress at her side.

“I’m feeling so fu*king horny!”

“No, I ...”

I paused turning my gaze away. “I can’t, not without Ethan!”

“What the fu*k? You had your tongue in my pussy two days ago and your refusing to help me out now?”

“I’m sorry it’s just the way it is!”

“What Ethan said that?”

“No, neither of us have. We just don’t. Not without each other!”

“Fine, I’ll do it my fu*king self then!”

She pulled on her skirt, lifting it up round her waist. Her fingers pushed under the elastic around her gusset. A groan escaping the back of her throat immediately.

“I am so fu*king wet Angel, you sure you don’t wanna come and taste?”

I laid back on my bed turning to face the wall. Fu*k, my own sex throbbing to be touched. I closed my eyes, placing my hand over my ear desperate to block out her sounds. Her breathing was heavy, a loud moan Jaggered out through the back of her throat as the door swung open. I shot up from the bed, my eyes met with Kirsty and Adele. Fu*k, she had brought her back.

“What the fu*k?”

Kirsty sounded angry. Adele stood wide mouthed and speechless at her side. Annalise was stood at the side of the bed straightening up her skirt.

“Sorry, an irresistible urge come over me!” She smiled awkwardly at Kirsty.

“I’ll see you tomorrow yeah, when Ethan will be there.” She winked at me and shot past them exiting out through the door.

“I know you two..” She winced her face. “But not in here, not on my fu*king bed!”

“I wasn’t Kirsty, it was just her.”

“I’m sorry” I apologised for her.

“I’m lending Adele a few study books while I’m back home for the weekend. And, just Don’t!”

She wagged her finger in my direction.

“At least not on my bed ok!”

“She won’t be back round tonight don’t worry. And tomorrow we’re at Brett’s party”.

“Brett’s having a party?”

Adele’s eyes lit up.

“Yeah, It’s erm, what you would call a private party!”

Kirsty informed her raising both eyebrows she gave a slight nod of her head. Adele looked from her to me.

“Oh!” She exclaimed catching her drift.


Ethan had text me five times already that Saturday morning. And that was before I’d even opened my eyes. I scrolled through the messages. Fu*k, he was as nervous about tonight as I was. Every text reminding me of how good I felt when he devoured my pu*sy. That’s probably the scariest thing on my mind right now. Brett going down on me.

I’d already kissed him, and took him in my mouth. But he hadn’t touched me yet, not properly. I recalled my tangled emotions witnessing Ethan pleasuring Annalise. I’d got over the initial hurt and allowed how hot it looked to wash away the jealousy. I hoped he could do the same.

I’m nervous about tonight Ethan...My fingers trembled as I pushed in the letters on my phone.

Come round now, I’ll meet you outside the gates in twenty minutes?

I can’t, I’m not ready.

Bag your stuff and get ready here!

Ok. Make it half hour though X

Twenty five (haha)

(Haha) twenty five....I smiled at my phone as I placed it down.

“Can I use your bath?”

I knocked back the Vodka and Coke he had poured me the minute we’d arrived through his door.

“Only if I can use it with you?”

The spark in his eyes sent a tingle down my spine.

“Are you going to wash me all over?” I asked taking his hand.

“It would be my pleasure!” He grinned mischievously.

“Then what are we waiting for?” I pulled on his hand leading him to the stairs.

“Annalise actually wanted to bring another girl here tonight.”

I lent my head back in the crook of his neck. His arms were wrapped round my front. His hands smothered in thick creamy coconut bath cream, my back arched as he brushed over my nipples.


His hands running further down caressing over my abdomen.

“Adele she’s in my year.

“Is she hot?”

I nudged my elbow in his chest.

“I’m joking baby!” He pressed his lips tenderly across my shoulder.

“She is!” I admitted.

My hips rose as his finger pushed against my sex.

“That’s the problem, Annalise is proper after her. Especially now she’s found out she fancies Brett.”

“And you?”

“Fu*k!” I groaned sucking in a mouthful of air.

“I told her it would complicate things.”

His fingers were pushing deep inside me, I was finding it hard to think.

“I mean do you fancy her?”

“I don’t even physically fancy Annalise!”

I laughed at how absurd that sounded considering what we had done. What we were about to do again. Even though it was true.

“You love having her tongue in your pus*y though baby!”

He pushed a second finger inside.

“Would you like Adele’s?”

“I ... God, I don’t know?”

My words started to judder.

“Might not of been a bad thing babe. If she’d of come. It would of given someone else for Brett and Annalise to play with. I could of had you to myself.”

“Ethan...” My fingers pushed into his thighs.

“We don’t have to do this. I mean with Brett tonight. I’m not entirely comfortable with the whole thing myself!”

“It’s not that I don’t want to. I’m just not sure how I’m gonna feel.”

He removed his hand bringing it back up to my breast.

“You were a bit unsure when I was touching Annalise wasn’t you. Was you really ok in the end or did you just deal with it?”

“I was ok.”

I turned to face him.

“Honestly! It is a bit of a mind fu*k at the start. But...”

I drew a deep breath. “I found it intensely arousing!”

I lent my face towards him and bit gently on his lip.

“It was easier to get used to her touching you then it was you touching her.”

I think it’s gonna be vice versa for me.” He confessed, looking genuinely worried.

“Come on, let’s get out. You’ve been reminding me all morning how damn good you make me feel when your wedged between my legs. Why don’t you show me, make sure I really don’t forget!”

His eyes lit up, within seconds he was out of the bath. He teased his body with a towel before wrapping it round me and lifting me up off my feet. I giggled as he dropped me to the bed. His hands went straight to my nipples, his mouth sucked one inside.

“Remind me now Ethan.”

I pushed on his head. He obeyed my command, his tongue rolled firmly over my clit. My body thrashing against the mattress, my moans long and very loud.

“Cum in my mouth Baby, his words muffled between my legs.

“Ahh yes, I am Ethan, i am!”

His name screeched through my lips, my hand gagging my own mouth.

“Do you want this Baby?”

He lent over me his length centimetres from my mouth. I took it inside. His arousal spurting out instantly.


Brett and Annalise arrived together.

“Wow you two look like your going to the ritz." I complimented. Looking them both up and down.

Annalise had a really pretty peach long silky evening dress on. The shiny thin material haltered round her neck, it’s floaty skirt reaching right down to her ankles. And Brett was wearing a shimmery grey suit. It made me feel like myself and Ethan had not really made much effort. Ethan looked hot, he always did. But we were both in jeans and T-shirt.

“We went to that new swanky restaurant up in town”. Annalise informed me, once the two guys disappeared out of the kitchen.

“Really?” I questioned.

" Why you look so surprised, it is his Birthday."

Yeah, it must be, I thought to myself.

“Aww, that’s romantic. I just didn’t think actual dating was your thing."

“It wasn’t a date. It was just dinner!"

Her denial non hesitant, but the tinge of pink was visible across her cheeks.

“I think you really like Brett Annalise!"

“Not anymore then I like any other hot guy that’s willing to fulfil my appetite!"

She lifted her glass, spilling a large quantity of it inside her lips.

“And certainly not in the way you ‘really like’ Ethan!"

A smug grin formed across her face. I wasn’t sure it was possible for anyone to like someone as much as I liked Ethan. I wasn’t even sure it was possible for me to like him as much as I did.

“Ethan’s a little unsure on tonight." I confessed.

“What, because of Brett?“.

“Well it’s obviously not you is it!“

She rolled her to tongue across her lips.

“I guess his getting a taster of how you felt the other night then.”

“I’m getting the full monty of how I was feeling the other night Annalise. Look!”

I held my hands out to my front, their movement resembling a recovering alcoholic.

“Damn, you are nervous!“.

I knocked back a half filled glass of Vodka and Coke.

“Relax Hun. Just take my lead and go with the flow. Come on, let’s get this show started!"

I took agitated steps behind her as she lead me through to the living room. Brett was lying across one end of the corner suite, his shirt half opened and suit jacket crumpled up on the floor. Ethan was sat on the armchair. Both of them swigging beer from the bottle. Their heads nodding in time to the heavy base that was filling the room.

“Hey babe, you ok?”

Ethan wrapped his arm round me as I lowered myself onto his lap. His hand cupped over my crutch. I smiled.

“You sure you wanna do this?”

His free hand gripped the back of my hair as my words breathed into his ear.

“Kiss me Angel”. He replied.

“Fu*k, their not wasting no time” Ethan’s statement directing my eyes to Brett and Annalise.

His entire suit was crumpled up on the floor now. His Erection concealed inside her mouth. I watched the pleasure on his face. He is a good looking guy, probably the hottest out of the three guys I’d seen Annalise make out with. I thought silently to myself.

“Are you not supposed to be over there Angel?” Ethan’s reminder catching in my throat.

He stood to his feet, pushing me up with him.

“Let’s get you out of these first” he said Pulling my T-shirt over my head.

My body naked, encased in his arms. He took my mouth, his hand skimmed down my side.

“Your ready” he stated, pulling his finger from my opening.

“Ethan” his name gasped through my lips, my feet reluctant to move as he pulled on my arm.

“Come on”. He laughed.

“Baby believe me. I’ll be right behind you!"

Annalise pulled on my arm, I lowered onto my knees at her side. She freed his length to take my mouth. Ethan was keeping his word. I could feel him behind me. Right behind me. His hands were against my spine, his breath breezing over my neck.

“Suck his co*k with me Angel”

Her request brushed lightly over my lips. I rolled my tongue up and down his shaft as she took its tip back inside her mouth. A short, sharp gust of air expelled from my lips. Ethan’s hands were busy teasing my nipples. The hand that had just trailed down my backside and found itself slipping inside my opening had got to be Brett’s. I wondered if Ethan knew. If he was aware what his best mate was doing. Each tiny jerk, each gasp of pleasure, making me feel as guilty as hell.

“Enjoy it Baby”

Ethan whispered into my ear, as if he could read my thought. Smell my fear. I lifted my head, pushing it back into him.

“It’s Brett’s birthday baby, so give him his present!"

He slid his hand down into my wetness along with Brett’s.


“Let him taste you Angel” He pressed hard against my clit.


“I wanna get it out of the way Angel, the thought is ripping me apart.”

“Then I won’t do it!" My tone was adamant.

He raised me to my feet.

“Yes you will.”

“Ethan, no. Fu*k, your not even erect."

I glanced down to his opened jeans. Something just now had turned him off.

“Then let’s see if you can get me hard again."

His body pressed into me, pushing me back towards the corner suite, back towards Brett. Annalise was sucking greedily on his excitement. Ethan’s hand gripped round my thigh. He held my waist with his free hand, lifting my leg off the floor.

My knee rested down on the padded armrest, the same armrest Brett’s head was rested back on. Fu*k, my sex was inches from his face. Ethan was inches from mine. He took my mouth, Brett pulled on the back of my arse. I lost my resistance, his tongue pushed into my opening, My pleasure vibrated inside Ethan’s mouth. Ethan released my lips. His head bowed down. Jesus Christ, he was watching. He glanced up at me. I closed my eyes, desperate to hide my arousal.

“Open your eyes Angel!”

I slowly allowed them to part.

“Your right!"

I looked at him perplexed, a guilty groan escaping my lips.

“Right about what?"

My words panted out.

“It’s a mind fu*k, but it’s fu*king hot!"

My eyes dropped to his groin. Jesus, he was feeling hot alright. His length was solid, his skin was moving under his fist. Brett was about to cum. I could recognise the pre-cum face easily now. Shit, you could hear the force of Annalise sucking on him.

“Oh god Ethan” I gasped.

The worry of hurting him finally released as my orgasm flowed into Brett’s mouth.

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