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chapter 15

We never spoke about that night after the event. There was many occasions I wanted to bring it up with Ethan but could never find the right words. I knew he enjoyed it in the end So I settled on that. I did start thinking after a while that maybe his mind hadn’t been quite as happy as his body. Weeks went by without even the slightest of sexual activity taking place other then just me and him.

Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t upset about that. To me he was more than enough. But it did play on my mind that maybe we’d gone just a little too far. That was until we pushed it even further. We’d had twosomes, threesomes, foursomes. And on Easter weekend we found ourselves actively taking part in an all out orgy.

I’d gone to stay at Ethan’s for the holidays. His parents were really cool and welcomed me with open arms. They’d gone, as was the usual to their caravan for the weekend and me and Ethan were lost on what to do.

“What do you wanna do for your birthday weekend Ethan?”

We were sat snuggled up on the armchair, MTV was blaring through the surround sound.

“I don’t know yet. I don’t even know what to do this weekend.” He laughed kissing me on the cheek.

“Do you want me to make some arrangements with Brett and Annalise? Maybe we could invite a few people over for a drink? Nothing to big of course...”

“I’d rather celebrate with just you.” His reply abrupt.

“Ok.” I looked at him concerned.

“Is everything alright between you and Brett, you know after...”

“Everything’s cool!” He cut in.

“I just want you to myself. A dirty weekend somewhere perhaps?” He winked suggestively at me.

“You can ask them if they fancy coming over for an early celebration tomorrow night if you like.”

He suggested after a brief moment of silence.

“What have you got in mind for me?” He raised his eyebrow.

“Nothing like that!” I nudged his rib.

“I mean a proper get together. An innocent one!

“Oh like normal people you mean.” I laughed at his sarcasm.

“Yeah. Maybe Brett could let a couple of your other mates know. I’ll ask Annalise if there’s anyone still on site worth inviting.”

“Go for it.” He agreed hugging me into his chest.


“You did warn them not to bring an army of people didn’t you?”

Ethan started to get concerned with his parents finding out.

“Yes! I gave them a strict two guests each.”

“Good! If this place gets trashed I’m done for!”

“Don’t worry it won’t!” I assured him.

I pulled the thick toothed silver zip up the length of my shimmery candy pink wet look Dress.

“Damn girl you look edible!”

Ethan reached for my zip attempting to release it back down.

“The guests will be here soon.”

I gave him a stern look knocking his hand away.

“God your such a tease!” He protruded his bottom lip sulkily making me giggle.

“Do I look fu*kable?”

He stood in the bedroom doorway, his hands raised up on the frame. I scanned my eyes down across his half unbuttoned White Ted Baker shirt onto his low waisted designer ripped jeans.

“You always look fu*kable.” I told him.

My statement making me blush.

“Hasn’t tempted you yet though has it!”

I swallowed hard on his words. I wanted to know that he truly loved me. I had a strong feeling he did. I just wanted to hear him say it. I knew I loved him. It was all I was waiting for.

“Come on.” I said. Defusing the awkwardness. “Let’s go get this party started!”

Brett was the first to arrive. He’d kept to the rules bringing Zak and Sam along with him.

“You remember these guys don’t you Angel?” Ethan asked, to save the introductions.


My smile more of a red faced grin. Images of Annalise’s unexpected floor show played vividly through my mind. I’d downed almost a full bottle of wine before Annalise turned up. I’d started to panic I’d be spending the night with a bunch of guys.

“I’ll get that.” I called over to Ethan.

He was grouped round with the lads, his head thrown back in laughter. It made my heart warm to see him so happy.

“I could only get one guest but I’m sure your approve!”

Annalise beckoned her hand towards a figure that was stood to the side of the door. My jaw dropped as she came into view.

“Adele!” I gasped. “Holy fu*k!”

Annalise had obviously given her a make over. She had her dressed in a short tight white Lycra skirt and a matching white halter necked crop top. Damn she clearly had no bra underneath.

“Wow you look amazing!” I told her.

Her chocolate brown hair hung lose around her mid back.

“I’ll make a beautician yet!” Annalise said proudly gesturing to Adele’s face. Yep, this girl really was outstanding!

I lead them through to the kitchen. The guys silenced. Their eyes on Adele. Ethan included, my heart plummeted to my stomach.

“This is Adele everyone.”

Annalise took her over to them.”

“Are you Lisa Arnold’s mate?” Brett asked unsure.

“Yeah, well I was until she left the country.”

“Damn!” He exclaimed Looking her up and down, an obvious approval in his eyes.

“Looks different doesn’t she.” Annalise directed her statement to Brett.

“Yeah You look hot girl!” He winked at her.


Ethan’s voice called from behind me as I fast stepped up the wooden stairs. I ignored him, stepping into his room and shutting the door. He swung the door open.

“What’s up babe?”

His hands gripped round the top of my arms.

“Nothing!” I shrugged him off slumping down hard on the bed.

“Angel?” He looked at me perplexed.

“She’s stunning isn’t she!”

“Who?” His face reddened.

It was obvious he knew exactly who I meant. I ignored his act of ignorance.

“What are you talking about babe?”

“The girl you just drooled over!” I snapped back.

“Oh, ok. Your jealous! Yeah she’s pretty...

“Pretty? Lots of girls are ’pretty!”

I through Annalise’s words to me back at him. He sat at my side resting his head in the palms of his hands.

“What do you want me to say Babe? I think she’s hot yeah. Ok, I admit it. Does that mean I wanna do her? I’m not that shallow Angel. There’s more to being attracted to someone then looks!”

“Your stunning too baby, and you have a stunning personality to go with it!”

“I’m sorry.”

My voice crackled my apology past the lump in my throat. He dropped his hands from his face. I moved my lips into his. The feel of his tongue against mine sending a tingle down my spine. A surge of arousal sparked in my core. My hand shot to the growing bulge in his jeans his raced up between my legs. I parted my thighs my dress rising up round my hips. He pulled on my panties pushing his hand inside his finger delved into my opening.

“Oops, sorry guys!”

My gaze shot to the figure standing in the doorway. His eyes etched between my legs.

“Haven’t you heard of knocking Sam?” Ethan’s tone was irritated.

I closed my legs around his hand.

“Sorry Eth” he apologised again turning his back and closing the door.

“Come on we better get downstairs before the party ends up, up here!”

I could tell Sam had opened his mouth. All eyes turned to us as we entered into the kitchen.

“I hear Annalise has been at you with her razor!” Zak’s remark set of a chorus of laughter.

“Take no notice babe their just trying to wind you up!” Ethan squeezed my hip.

“Fu*k off!” I replied. Looking at Sam.

“What?” He shrugged his shoulders. “I didn’t say anything!”

“You obviously did!”

My face heated up at the thought.

“I tried it once.” Adele piped up.

Everyone looked in her direction.

“Erm, it didn’t end too well.” Her face flushed a brilliant red.

“I’ll do it for ya. You got a spare razor Ethan?” She called over giving Adele no time to refuse.

“Your gonna shave her pu*sy now?” He smirked looking across to the other guys.

“No time like the present, so have you?”

“There should be a new pack in the bathroom cabinet.” He sniggered shaking his head in amusement.

“She’s unreal!” I looked gobsmacked at Ethan. She was heading up the stairs pulling Adele behind her.

We joined the others over by the table, the subject turning to sex.

“Beats getting pubes in your fu*king teeth!” Zak laughed.

We all know the difference, we’ve all had our faces wedged between Annalise’s legs right. I looked at Ethan with suspicion. I knew he had but other then Brett, the others shouldn’t of done.

“Except you!” Sam pointed out looking at Ethan. But then you’ve had her and she’s shaven too!” He glanced at me then back to Ethan.

Jesus Christ! I wanted to get off the subject of who’s had who. The looks Brett kept giving me were gonna spark their curiosity. For gods sake Annalise hurry the fu*k up I begged silently.

“You took ages what the hell you been doing?”

I regretted that question the second it left my lips. She grinned.

“You didn’t?” I raised my brow.

“Not yet but I’m working on it!”

“You shaved her though yeah?”

“Oh yeah! And she was creaming Angel. She wanted my fingers up her pus*y as much as I did!”

“You think?”

Apart from being drunk and allowing Annalise to shave the most intimate part of her body my money was on her and Brett getting it on.

“I know so!” She gave me a smug smirk and poured herself another wine.

“So... You gonna show us your work of art then Annalise?”

Brett levelled his gaze to the tight white skirt clinging round Adele’s thighs.

“Can I show him?” Annalise questioned Adele.

“Erm...” She paused looking around the room.

“Come in the living room Brett Where show you in there.”

The three of them walked in a line out of the kitchen. The rest of us following. Our heads poking round the door.

Brett sat himself on the armchair. Annalise walked round the back of Adele edging her to his front. She gripped the hem of her skirt lifting it up round her waist.

“I’m gonna need to take these down!” She told her pulling her panties to her ankles.

Annalise knew we were all watching. Brett and Adele had there eyes magnetically fixed to each other.

“I reckon she’s just about to get proper fu*ked!”

“Keep it down Zak!” Ethan seethed at him.

“What do ya reckon Brett?” Annalise placed her hands either side of Adele’s thighs.

“Nice but is it smooth?” He questioned.

“Why don’t you let him feel for himself Adele? you do like him right so here’s your chance.”

“Are you too not...” She kept her focus on Brett but there was anxiety in her eyes.

“I told you I have no problem sharing him!”

Brett beckoned her to move closer. Annalise stepped forward with her. Straddle his legs she told her.

Adele shook one leg out of her panties positioning herself open legged across his lap, Brett’s hand shot straight to her sex.

“Smooth enough for you?“Annalise asked.

She pulled Adeles top up and over her head. Damn. I knew what I’d looked like now. Adeles face portraying a fine example of lust and fear. Annalise was groping her tits. You could tell she was loving it, yet trying to fight her arousal at the same time.

“She’s getting head fu*ked” I whispered into Ethan’s ear.

“She’s getting you fu*ked in a minute!”

He pushed his own arousal against the small of my back following his comment with held in laughter. I turned to face him.

“I don’t think so, we said an innocent normal night remember!”

“I think that’s been well and truly fu*ked!” He laughed again.

He directed my gaze to Zak.

“Sh*t Ethan this could get far too messy!”

I gulped at the length in Zak’s tightened fist. Jesus Christ, he was stood right next to me wa*king himself.

“Oi, oi ... Things are hotting up in there.”

Ethan distracted my gaze away from Zak, turning me back to face the sex show taking place in the other room. My jaw slackened. Adele was letting Annalise lick her out. Her own tongue busy running up and down the length of Brett’s shaft.

“Excuse me girls and guys, I’m going in!”

Sam squeezed by us opening his Jean buckle as he went. Within seconds his face was wedged between Annalise’s legs. Fu*k! It looked like some adult rated version of the conga. Annalise stepped back from Adele moving to the corner suite with Sam. She sat spread legged, her dress scrunched up round her waist.

“She wants you!” Ethan informed Zak.

He was gone. He didn’t need telling twice.

“So.. Just you and me being ‘normal’ then!”

We stepped further in the room watching Annalise getting tongued by two guys. Her screams enough to get the neighbours calling the police.


Brett was gesturing him over with his head. Adele was sat facing us. Her legs wide open. He spread her lips apart, gesturing again to Ethan. He turned to me.

“What about we do it together?”

I nodded following him over. My sex throbbing to much to resist.

Ethan knelt down taking her from the front, I lent over the arm of the chair taking her from the side. Our tongues knocking into each other as we devoured her sex. I let out a loud groan catching Ethan’s attention.

“Brett’s fingering me!”

I confessed to him hesitantly. Unsure if that was ok. He tongued my mouth to confirm it was before pushing his tongue deep inside her opening.

“Your way to over dressed!”

Annalise’s voice sounded from behind me. I pulled away from Adeles sex. Looking over my shoulder. She gestured me to stand up. Leaving Ethan occupied, I raised myself to Annalise. Zak and Sam were sat in the edge of the corner suite watching us with anticipation. She pulled me into her taking my mouth. My tongue pushing Adeles excitement inside her cheeks. Hers filling mine with the aftermath of the other two guys explosions.

I stepped back. My dress dangling at my sides. I hadn’t even noticed she’d unzipped it. She pushed it off over my shoulders. Her hands going straight to the clasp of my bra. I glanced at Zak and Sam. They were watching intensly, I felt exposed.

“Help your fella out Angel!”

She pointed to his hand pumping up and down his di*k. His tongue was still busy between Adeles legs. Brett rubbing vigorously over her clit. I sat with my back leaning up against his legs, taking Ethan’s length in my mouth. Annalise pulled my panties down over my legs before pushing my thighs wide apart.

“Ahh yes” I mumbled around Ethan’s width as her tongue entered inside.

I felt someone walk past me. Glancing up I see Zak fill Adeles mouth. Annalise’s moans inside my sex telling me Sam was busy with hers. Adele’s moans heightened, briskly turning to screams. Fu*k, she’s coming in Ethan’s mouth. The thought barely had time to to sink in before Ethan came in mine. I swallowed back his pleasure. Managing to escape the erotic mayhem I darted into the kitchen to get a much needed drink. On my return I stood and watched for a bit. The scene a mass of naked bodies.

Adele had somehow ended up on the floor with Zak. Annalise was on her knees, Brett and Sam towering above her. Their erections pressed against each other whilst she tongued their lengths. Fu*k! Where was Ethan? My eyes scanned round the room. My heart settled as he came into sight. He dropped a couple of square foiled packets down at Annalise’s side.

“Are you ok baby?”

He stood at the back of me cupping my breasts in his palms. I tilted my head back against his neck.

“I’m just taking five.”

Ethan lead me to the armchair.

“Get out of your clothes first.” I asked him before he sat down.

I rested my naked body down on to his. We sat watching the live porno taking place in front of us. Annalise raised herself up to Brett and Sam. She lent towards them, we watched them devour her tongue together.

“Do you think they mind that their tongues are touching as well?” I questioned Ethan.

“I doubt their even thinking about it Babe!”

“Mmm.” I hummed.

Brett and Sam were definitely tonguing each other in the process of tonguing Annalise.

“You wasn’t to keen when your di*k got pressed up against Brett’s the other week!” I reminded him.

He cleared his throat shifting uncomfortably beneath me.

“Yeah well that was a bit unexpected to be honest.”

“You soon forgot about it when Annalise’s tongue got to work though hey!” I teased.

“Yeah alright!”

His voice turned all macho.

“Like I said, you don’t really think about it!”

Sam dropped to his knees, Annalise got down on all fours in front of him, Brett on his knees at her behind.

“She’s going for the big finale.” Ethan exclaimed.

His hand pushed between my legs as we watched Brett’s length enter her from behind. Her head bobbling up and down Sam’s.

“I’m gonna make a move mate.”

Zak was fully clothed and ready to head out of the door. Ethan rushed over to shake his hand. I giggled when he went in for a manly hug. It seemed a bit weird seeing as Ethan was completely stripped of clothes.

“Found that amusing did you?”

He shook his head, his face a tint of pink.

“I found it immensely arousing actually!”

I kept the straightest face I could aiming to shock him. It worked. He tilted his head, his expression totally gobsmacked.

“I’m teasing you.” I laughed.

He sighed a breath of relief.

“I’d find it immensely arousing if you and Adele got it on.”

We both glanced over to her sitting alone on the sofa. I rolled my teeth over my bottom lip.

“Really? And what exactly do you intend to do?”


I sniggered at his reply. He was playing it safe!

“Just watch?, you seemed to enjoy having her cum in your mouth earlier!” I teased, caressing my hand down his length.

He looked at me cautiously pulling one side of his cheek in.

“What would you like me to do?”

“Ah,ah...I wanna know what you would like to do!”

He released a short gush of air through the back of his throat.

“Is that not obvious? I don’t think I need to spell it out!"

“No, but I’d like you too!” I told him.

“Ok I’d like to do exactly what Brett’s doing now while your face is buried inside her pus*y!”

I glanced down at Brett gyrating forcefully in and out of Annalise’s opening.

“That’s not gonna happen is it!” He added. Reading the awkwardness on my expression.

“Come on let’s just go over there. I’ll settle for anything that’ll shoot this load out of me!”

Ethan sat himself in the corner of the suite, I sat at the side of Adele.

“Are you ok?” I asked. She looked uncomfortable .

“Yeah I’m ok.” She smiled awkwardly.

“I guess you didn’t quite expect your evening to be like this ah?”

She turned her head to face me. Her top teeth bit down on her lower lip.

“We’re not always like this. Well mostly. Not to this degree anyway.” My words babbled out.

Damn I was starting to feel as nervous as she looked.

“Me neither, I erm. I’ve never done anything like this before.”

“That was the first time with a girl too wasn’t it.”

I knew it was before she’d replied.

“Was it that obvious I’d never kissed a girl before?”

She cleared her throat, her face reddening up.

“Well actually I still haven’t. Kissed that is!” She added hesitantly.

I glanced over to Ethan. He gave me that ‘get on with it look’.

“Do you want too...?” I paused noting the uncertainty in her eyes.

“No pressure, I mean that if you do then I’ll be happy to oblige.”

Sh*t I wasn’t any good at this seducing lark.

“I’m not into girls you know, not like that. I mean I don’t actually fancy them!” Now she was babbling.

“Hey I get what your saying. I feel the same.”

She shifted on the seat, her nipples were like bullets.

“It’s undeniably arousing though!”

I cupped her chin as I spoke, my face moving further into her. She sucked in a short sharp breath of air as my lips met with hers. The sweet vanilla tones of her perfume engulfed my senses, her mouth tasted of cherry wine.

I run my fingers across her nipples trailing my hand to her sex. She gasped as I entered inside. Ethan was watching, his hand clasped firmly round his di*k. I pulled away from her mouth. Moving myself onto my knees I pushed my t*t against her mouth. Her tongue slowly protruded excepting my hardened nipple inside. I glanced to Ethan urging him to join in with my eyes. He shifted along the sofa taking her nipple inside his. His fingers joined mine in her sex.

“Would you like to taste me?” I whispered into her ear.

She groaned, her hips lifting from the seat. I got her to lay on the floor. Annalise, Brett and Sam were busy trying to retrieve their clothing from various areas of the room. Pushing her thighs wide apart I gestured to Ethan to tongue her sex. I lowered mine down on her face.

“Ahh fu*k!” I gasped as her tongue entered inside.

I watched Ethan’s pushing inside hers. I was running my fingers over her nipples when my own were taken from behind. I glanced down to see long red painted finger nails.

“Annalise” I gasped.

She lent over me taking my mouth. When she released me I noticed Sam had taken Ethan’s place, his tongue was flicking hard over Adele’s clit. She was mimicking his movements inside me. I through my head back against Annalise. She was groaning. Ethan was behind her licking her out. I lifted my head my hips gyrating hard into Adele’s face, she was withering beneath me. Her groans mumbling against my flesh. Ethan’s name forced loudly through my throat, my entire body shook. My orgasm triggering an explosion of pleasure all round.

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