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chapter 16

I woke that morning to find myself sprawled out on top of Ethan on the corner suite. Our bodies both still naked. I lifted my head from his chest. Damn! The clean up was going to take us all day. I let my head drop back down.

“Jesus my head is pounding!” Ethan’s voice sounded weak.

“I’ll grab some clothes and get you a tablet Ethie.”

I pressed my lips against his forehead.

“Ethie?” He repeated questionably.

“Where the fu*k did that come from?”

“I don’t know.” I giggled.

“But I kinda like it.”

I left him lying on his own. His expression not so sure.

I passed him a glass of cloudy water. The fizz still bubbling up from the two large round tablets in its base.

“To a good night!” I toasted, Chiming it against my own.

My head wasn’t feeling to clever either.

“How the hell can you be so lively?”

He put the rim of the glass to his lips swigging back its contents in one.

“It’s Easter Sunday that means chocolate!” I chuckled at his unshared excitement.

The truth was I was still on a high from the previous night.

“Go and get a shower that’ll liven you up.”

“I think I’m already getting one!”

He wiped his fingers over a puddle of water that had trickled from my wet hair onto his chest.

“You need to at least get some clothes on. Your teasing me with something your obviously incapable of following through!” I laughed gesturing down to his morning wood.

“Incapable ah?” He threw me a mischievous glare as he reluctantly prized his aching body off of the sofa.

I made a start on the clean up. Empty bottles and glasses were scattered around every solid surface in the room. I could make out at least three areas of floor space where the deep piled red carpet was tarnished with evidence of the night before. Damn it’s white carpets all round when I get my own place. I chuckled at my solution.

“You really shouldn’t bend so low in that skirt Baby!”

I jolted up right, Ethan’s sudden appearance making me jump.

“carry on don’t let me stop you.”

I looked round at him over my shoulder. He was stood at the back of me, a short white towel hanging from his waist.

“Im trying to get the sticky marks off this table.” I told him.

Perfectly formed circles ruined the smooth shiny surface of the kitchen dining table.

“Glasses that had not been rested on mats!” I tutted.

As I lent back over his hands gripped round the back of my thighs.


“I think I preferred Ethie!” He responded to the annoyance in my voice.

“I need to get this place back in order!

“And I need to show you I’m not incapable!” He pushed his hands further up.

“I was joking.”

“Well just in case you wasn’t!”

Pushing my skirt up around my waist he lent his body into me keeping me down. I could feel my panties rolling down my thighs, dropping to my ankles. I sucked in a quick breath of air as his fingers rubbed against my clit.

“Your soaked Baby, are you still horny from last night?”

I replied with a loud gasp. My forearms flattened on the table top, my hand pushing into the disinfected sponge, water seeping from under it spreading fast across the table.

“So responsive Angel.. Let me remind you of just how capable I am!”

His finger pushed inside, followed by another one. I gasped, a pleasurable groan pushed through my throat. He pushed a third one in, my body jerked against his hand. He run his free hand up beneath my top.

“I love your reluctance to bra’s baby!” He squeezed on my aching nipple.

“How incapable of giving you what you need am I now Angel?”

“Your not, fu*k, your not!”

His fingers were pumping hard inside me, I could barely talk.

“Do you prefer licking pu*sy or having your pu*sy licked?”

“The later!” My reply leaving in a gasp.

“What was that Angel? You need to be more precise!”

“Mine! I prefer having mine licked.”

My words panted through my lips. Fu*k I was near on explosion.

“I’m tempted to lick you now baby. Your so damn wet and I’m so damn thirsty!”

“Do it!”

He slowed his fingers not saying a word.

“ it please!” My tone desperate.

“If you want me to obey you need to be a little more demanding then that Angel!”

He pumped his fingers with force.

“Damn you Ethan just do it, lick my fu*king pussy!”

“That’s much more like it!”

His tone gravelled. He lowered his head replacing his fingers with his tongue. I cum instantly.

He pulled me up taking my mouth as I turned into him.

“You like pussy juice don’t you Angel!”

I swallowed down my own orgasm.

“Yours Is definitely the sweetest!”

He rolled the pad of his thumb over my lips, my mouth opened in response. The reminder of his tongue devouring two other vagina’s just a few hours previously still left me a little heart wounded, but damn it was so fu*king hot.

His gaze was intense, hypnotic even. My heart was melting into him. That look had become familiar. I’d noticed last night that it was exclusive to me. When he’d been with the other girls he’d barely looked in their eyes and when he did it was nothing more then lust, a raw hunger. With me there was something more, something deeper. Something I found hard to cope with. The feelings he set off engulfed me, overwhelmed me. I had to look away. It felt like I was no longer just me. I was a part of him. He was in my skin, his blood running through my veins. Fu*k...I was so in love!

“Are you gonna remind me what you can do with this talented mouth of yours?”

He caressed my lips. My mouth parted again, this time I sucked his thumb inside.

“Oh baby, I’ve got something much more filling then that!”

He pulled his thumb back out resting his hands on my shoulders. I allowed him to guide me down onto my knees. His tip glistened with arousal, I flicked my tongue over it, taking his wetness inside.

“Jesus fu*k! he grunted.

My mouth sucked hard over his length. I glanced up at him, he was still giving me that look. I wondered if I gave the same look to him.

“Fu*k I’m not gonna last that much longer baby!”

His face was tensing up. I found it strange how pleasure could so closely resemble pain. I cupped his balls they hardened inside my hand, his legs were jerking. He let out a long animal like grunt filling my mouth full with his cream. His breath Jaggered, his chest moving slow and deep. His eyes were half shut.

I raised myself to his level gazing intently into his eyes. No amount of naked bodies could fill me with the arousal I felt right now. No one person on this planet could empower me with the mind blowing emotions that this very man standing right at my feet managed to do with such ease. I rested my head against his chest hiding the tear that was escaping from my eye. He pulled me in tight.

“I love you Ethan James!!!” I mouthed silently against his skin.


We’d popped up town mid week with intention of booking our Dirty weekend. We left the holiday booking shop with an all inclusive package deal to Ibiza five months down the line.

“What are we gonna do Friday then?”

I linked my arm through his.

“I dunno, we’re think of something. I’m nineteen it’s not a special birthday. Besides we couldn’t let an offer like that pass us by!”

I flicked through the brochure we’d been given. The hotel did look pretty amazing.

“Roll on August ah.”

My smile hid the sadness on my face. Ethan would be free to do whatever he wanted by then. No more school keeping him grounded to this town.

“When do you think your be going to college Ethan?”

It was a question I didn’t feel comfortable asking but one that was forever playing on my mind.

“I er, I don’t know.”

He squeezed my arm in his. His walking pace slowed.

“I wanna take at least six months out, maybe a year.”

He smiled at me awkwardly. I smiled back, lowering my gaze to the ground.

Friday came around quick. It was the 28th March. Ethan’s nineteenth birthday. Also the day he took his driving test.

“Good luck Ethie.”

My words breathed heavily in his ear. I gave him a peck on the cheek. He cupped my chin bringing my lips to his mouth. My own cheeks heated up as my eyes darted to his parents stood at his other side. I still hadn’t quite got used to his open display of affection he showed towards me in front of them.

“Go on son ... you can do it!”

Nick, Ethan’s dad. Patted him on the back whilst Lynsey, his mum. Pecked him on the other cheek.

I sat twiddling my thumbs whilst he was gone. I felt so nervous for him. Knowing what his Dad had brought him for his birthday as well.

“Piece of piss!”

He exclaimed as he burst through the front door. His face was beaming with happiness. My face seeping relief. I jumped to my feet joining the queue to congratulate him.

“Now all you need is a car!” Ethan’s body jolted forward in the force of his Dad’s affection.

“Speaking of which, I don’t suppose your mind taking mine for a spin. I left my damn MoT down at the garage yesterday.”

“Your gonna let me drive your car?”

Ethan’s tone heightened with excitement.

“I’m coming with you I just can’t be arsed to drive. I’ve got a long enough haul in front of me today as it is!”

“We’ll all come.” Lynsey said. She gestured me a sly wink.

“There you go Dad. I got you there safe and sound.”

He glanced at me through his interior mirror. A proud smirk across his face.

“I let you drive my car the least you can do is go fetch it for me!”

“Fair enough.” He chuckled stepping out of the drivers seat.

Nick sent a pre written text to the fella behind the service desk to warn him Ethan was on his way. We chuckled among ourselves as we witnessed him eying up the bright red spanking new focus parked out front of the garage. He must of read his Dad’s note to him straight away when the guy handed him the keys. He leaped through the door and practically skipped back over to the car, his new set of keys swinging in the air out in front of him.

“What the fu*k?”

His face was a picture of joyous shock.

“Go try erm in that car right there son!”

His Dad gestured to the car he’d previously been admiring.

“Are you serious? Damn. Just WOW! “Jesus Christ Dad, I don’t know what to say!”

“How about a quick thank you and then get your beautiful lady out of here so me and your mother can be on our way.”

Ethan swung his Dad’s door open to give him a hug.

“Enjoy your weekend.” I said to them getting myself out of the car whilst Ethan was bear hugging his mum.

“Be safe!” Lynsey shouted through her open window as they pulled out of the garage Leaving me and Ethan to enjoy his new freedom.

“Damn I can’t believe this. It feels like I’m dreaming or something.”

“I’m so glad you passed Ethan, your Dad would of been gutted if his surprise hadn’t quite gone to plan.”

“Did you know?”

My face broke out in a grin despite my resistance.

“You did didn’t you. When did they let on?”

“About half hour after you’d introduced me to them.”

“For real”. He chuckled.

“Where do you wanna go then, name somewhere, anywhere.”

And that’s how we ended staying at my parents house for the remaining days of the Easter holidays. It wasn’t my suggestion in the end. It was Ethan’s. It wasn’t a bad visit. In fact it was pretty good. Aside from the constant remarks on how smitten we were with each other and the slight issue with our sleeping arrangements. Oh and not forgetting our slightly delayed parent to child ‘Talk’! But all in all, we couldn’t of asked for it to go any better.

For the first couple of nights sex was off the agenda completely. I’d given my mum pre warning of our arrival, and she’d pre prepared the spare room especially for Ethan. Despite the fact I had, and had always had a double bed in my room.

“Excuse the flowery duvet.”

She’d said to him as she proudly showed him round his room.

“No problem Mrs Jenson, I’m sure I won’t get a complex!”

He turned to me and grinned.

“Call me Jessie after all I’m practically your mum!”

He turned to me with an even wider grin then the last. Fu*k! I was ready for the ground to open up and suck me in. We’d only been there half a day. We managed to grab five minutes alone that first evening there. The majority of that short space of time was used up with me trying to explain that my Parents were staunch romantics, huge believers in love at first sight. But when it came to the subject of Sex they were very reserved. Ethan was really understanding and found the whole separate bed thing nothing short of hilarious.

“There not as easy going as your parents Ethan.” I’d apologised.

“It’s cool I’m a boy. Your parents are raising a girl. It’s understandable. Don’t worry about it.”

I wasn’t worried about it. What I was worried about was how much they’d planned for us all to do together. The likeliness of us having any opportunity of getting close was next to zero. My worries were validated when we’d literally just joint our lips and mums voice bellowed up the stairs and through the closed door.

“Kids the trivial pursuit game is all set up and ready to be played.”

“Kids?” Ethan raised his brow amusingly.

“I’m sorry. I swear she thinks I’m still the same thirteen year old she packed off five years ago.”

“Hey don’t be so hard on her. You can see she thinks the world of you. They both do.”

“I know.”

I let out an elongated sigh and lead Ethan down the stairs. Over the course of the weekend we’d played trivial pursuit, monopoly, Cluedo and a seriously embarrassing experience of twister. We’d been to the wildlife centre, visited two castles, one museum, one stately home and even spent the day getting windswept, freezing our sock less toes off on Margate bloody beach.

But despite the madness and the fact I was desperate to get inside Ethan’s pants. My jaws were aching from laughter and we’d actually had more fun then I could ever recall ever having with my parents in the eighteen years I’d been living on this planet. Sunday evening I finally got Ethan to myself. Thanks to mum and Dads old neighbours turning up for an unexpected visit.

“Robert, Bet...oh what a lovely surprise. Do come in.” She greeted them with a kiss.

“I have my Daughter and her Partner here at the moment.”

Damn, she’s gone from Boyfriend to partner. Next it’ll be Husband. My thought sent a flutter through my heart.

“We were about to have a look through some old video recordings. Hey, you might even spot yourself on them!” She continued leading them up the hallway.

“Hi” I greeted.

“Mum, me and Ethan are going to nip out for a bit. Give you guys chance to catch up.”

I pushed past them pulling Ethan behind me.

“Darling we were going to...”

“Where’ll do it another time mum.” I interrupted.

“We won’t be late.”

I opened the front door almost pulling Ethan down the step, closing it shut before she hindered my escape.

“Please tell me you’ve got your car keys in your pocket.”

The uncertainty on his face made me panic.

“Fu*k, there upstairs!”

I looked at him mortified.

“I’m joking!” He laughed pulling them from his pocket. He dangled them in front of my face.

“Your mean!” I poked him in the ribs.

“And your so about to get wet!”

I leapt in the car with eager anticipation of the next couple of hours.

“I don’t know this area babe. Any idea on where we can go?”

“Are you seriously planning on spoiling your new car?”

“I’d rather refer to it as christening!”

I rolled my eyes at him, an excited grin on my face.

“I have one place in mind.”

I directed him to an old boarded up public house. I’d played there as a kid. I wasn’t even sure if after all these years the place would still be standing. It could be a Tesco’s by now for all I knew, I thought silently to myself. Hoping and praying that wasn’t the case.

I breathed a sigh of relief as he turned into its car park. It’s blue paint work now a dirty shade of grey. The wooden boards still covering its windows displaying years worth of kids names that at some point had left their mark on it.

“I’m not so sure this place is suitable for what I wanna do to you!”

He scanned his eyes across the wide open space we were parked dead in the centre of.

“Drive through that gap there at the side of the pub.”

He started the car back up. His wheels crunching as they rolled over the uneven gravelled ground. He pulled up at the side of a six foot fence.

“Where are you going?”

He rushed up beside me taking my hand.

“There should be a break in the fence a little further down here.”

It was hard to see, we were relying on one dimly lit street lamp that shone the other side of the fence.

“Babe I was planning on staying I nside the car!”

“I’ve found it. Help me push this panel.”

I squeezed myself through the thin gap we’d created, abruptly squeezing myself back out.

“What’s up?”

Ethan looked at me concerned.

“I think we’ll stick with your idea and stay inside the car!”

I rushed back to his focus pulling him behind.

“What was in there Angel?” He asked as he backed away from the building.

“people...Lots of them. Seems this is an adult hangout these days.”

“Right! Definitely not a suitable place then. Where else?”

“I’m not sure.” I sat quiet trying to think.

“This will do?” He said, pulling on his handbrake.

“Where are we?”

I looked around my surroundings unable to recognise where I was.

“Well if you didn’t even know this place existed then we’ve got a good chance of not being seen!”

“Jump in the back babe.”

Ethan swung his door open. I stepped outside. Fu*k it was dark. The ground muddy beneath my feet. A tunnel of tree’s swayed up above. It looked like he’d drove into the middle of a Forrest.

“This is a little bit scary.” I told him as I sat at his side.

He pulled his keys from his pocket locking the door. His hands went straight to my blouse, quickly followed by his tongue in my mouth. I gasped as his fingers made contact with my nipples. He lowered his head, sucking them into his mouth. He pulled the hem of my navy blue knee length skirt, pushing it up over my thighs. Pulling at my panties, he slid them down off my feet. I shifted my self round resting one leg up on the charcoal grey back rest. He lowered his head, dipping his tongue straight inside.

“Ahh damn that feels so good!”

I run my fingers through his hair pushing him deeper into me. He pulled on his zip. Releasing his buckle, he freed his length. I watched his skin sliding up and down beneath his clenched fist.

“Don’t cum yet Ethan!”

My words broken and Jaggered. My mouth watering just thinking about his thick creamy fluid and how deliciously erotic it feels when it explodes into my mouth.

“Are you thirsty as well baby?” He mumbled the words against my clit.

“Extrem......mel...eeee, ahhh, oh yes, fu*k, don’t move, right there, ahh God.. Ethaaan...”

My hips up off the seat, my thighs clamping his head.

“Damn girl!”

He pushed my legs apart freeing himself from my grip.

“You have been frustrated!” He laughed.

I reached for his erection the second he shifted back round on the seat. Licking my lips, I sucked it’s full length straight in, pushing past my gagging reflex.

“Oh yes baby!”

His breath was Jaggered. He was cumin’.

“Fu*k”, He growled.

The consequence of his pleasure shot forcefully into my mouth, I gagged on the amount that slid straight down my throat.

“Damn, you ok?”

I raised my head, my hand wiping the spillage trickling from my lips.

“I’d say you were some what frustrated too!” I grinned.

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