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chapter 17

We left Kent early Tuesday morning and headed back to Sussex ready to prepare for school the following day. I didn’t want to go back. I was really going to miss not being with Ethan, having spent over two and a half weeks in his company twenty four seven. At least we’d have only three days of school before I finally got to share a bed with him again. With his parents it no longer mattered if they were at home or away.

Although we did get to share my bed once. I’d pretended I was asleep when my mum and dad left for work Monday morning. I think Ethan did too, because as soon as I heard that front door close he come rushing into my room. We spent most of the day in there. It was almost a competition of how many times we could make each other cum. It was all good, until I found myself having to explain why my bedding was whirling round and round in the washing machine when they got home.

“I spilt my Tea over it.” I explained.

At the exact same time Ethan informed them it was his fault he’d dropped the bowl of cornflakes he’d taken up to me. His inability to hold back his laughter hadn’t helped either.

“You or Ethan? Tea or cereal Angel?” She questioned.

Darting her eyes from him to me in disbelief. She walked off through to the living room before either of us had chance to back track on what we’d said.

“Angel, Ethan. Can you both come here a minute please.” She called through.

“Shit!” I winced my face up at Ethan.

“Your eighteen your an adult. Don’t threat about it!”

“But this is her house, we are under her roof!” He winced back at my statement.

Both my mum and dad were sat around the circular pine dining table. My mum gestured her hand for us to sit.

“I know your not a little girl anymore. I understand that!”

I glanced at Ethan. We were both red faced.

“As you know, me and your dad were married at your age. A lot younger when we met, so we know what teenage hormones are like!”

“Mum!” I cut in.

“Just hear her out!” My Dad exclaimed.

Giving me a disapproving glare for my rude interruption.

“I just want you to be careful that’s all! Are you using anything?”

I looked at Ethan, then back to them.

“I’m on the pill mum.”

“I know you are, but the pill can fail! and I’m not suggesting Ethan has anything wrong down there but condoms are not just protection from babies.”

“We’re not going that far Jessie.”

My head shot back to Ethan. Fu*k I couldn’t believe he just said that. I couldn’t believe she just said that. I sunk down on my chair. My face wincing up at the thought she now knew I was definitely doing something.

“I think you should think about getting some. One thing soon leads to another. It’s easy to get lost in the moment!”


“Angel your a grown woman You need to take responsibility!”

“I am! Ethan just told you. We’re not doing it yet!”

“And that yet can happen at any given moment Angel. I’m guessing he did mean you are sexually active?”

I glared down at the table top refusing to confirm his assumption. Jesus, I’d never heard them utter a word about sex before and now they were having this conversation with me. And in front of Ethan.

“We’re being careful Dad I promise.”

Christ I felt like I was having menopausal hot flushes.

“Stock up on them son you don’t know at what point your gonna need them!” My dad advised Ethan.

“Do you mind if I leave the table now. I erm, I want to get a bath.”

I was half way out of the door before anyone answered. There was no way I could stay there a second longer.

“Oh and Angel...”

I froze on the spot.

“Whatever it is you are doing. Not in my house please Darling! but thank you anyway for not leaving it for me to clean up.”

I shot through the door and rushed up the stairs.


“I’m gonna miss you baby.”

Ethan leaned across from his drivers seat to kiss my lips.

“It’s been the best half term ever!”

I nodded in agreement feeling to miserable to speak.

“I’ll catch you around tomorrow yeah?”

“Yeah.” I replied sulkily lugging my heavy back pack over my shoulder. Every memorable moment I shared with him I feared was leading us closer to the end.

Kirsty was already back when I arrived. Unpacked and back in the swing of revision.

“Hi Angel.” She greeted Lifting her gaze from a pile of study books scattered across the small rectangular table that sat under the window in our room.

“Hi, did you have a nice Easter?” I replied.

“Yeah thanks it was cool.”

“And Aiden, Everything ok there?”

She shifted round on her chair to face me.

“Yeah we’re getting there. It’s certainly a lot better then it was!”

“Good to hear.”

I gestured a sympathetic smile as I tipped the contents of my bag onto the bed.

“So what did you get up too or am I best not to ask?”

“Probably best not!” My mouth spread into a wide guilty grin.

“So you’ve got no intention of telling me about Ethan’s party then?” She sounded irritated.

“You’ve only just asked!” I pointed out.

I bit down on my lip.

“So tell me then!”

“What now?”

“Yes now!” She laughed at the look of horror on my face.

“That bad ah?”

I winced my face slumping down on my bed, my belongings scattered around me.

“I seriously don’t think you’d wanna know!”

“Try me!”

She rested her elbow on the table sinking her chin into the palm of her hand.

“I don’t know where to start?” My words whispered out.

“How about from the beginning, or perhaps you’d prefer to just skip to how far you went with the guests!”

She looked at me knowingly. Her remark forcing my jaw to drop.

“How did you even know Ethan had a party? Has Annalise spoken to you?”

She shook her head.

“No but Adele has!”

I lowered my head.

“Well she had no right to tell you anything!” I snapped.

My anger aimed at her big mouth.

“You know we’ve done things with Annalise and Brett already Kirsty!”

I was hanging onto my ignorance for dear life.

“I’m not talking about them Angel. I’m on about the rest of them!”

“There seems no point continuing the conversation seeing as you already know!”

I got up turning my back to her to sort out the mess on my bed.

“I just don’t understand what your doing Angel. You and Ethan, Your a couple regardless of what you say. Don’t you think your gonna mess it all up fu*king around like this?”

“We know what we’re doing Kirsty!”

Her interest in my private life was starting to really piss me off.

“I hope so Angel, I really do!”

We spent the rest of the evening pretty much in silence. The next day in lessons wasn’t much better. At break I took myself off to the library. Somewhere none of them would look for me. As much as I was pis*ed of with Kirsty’s digs at how I was choosing to live my life a part of me kept wondering if she had a point. I was serious about Ethan, he wasn’t some passing fling. Was it really that healthy for us to be sharing our intimacy with so many other people?

I contemplated texting Ethan to met up later for a chat. Fu*k what she thinks, I told myself. Deleting my unfinished text. What we were doing we were doing together and we were both having fun! Later that afternoon I managed to catch Adele on her own. I’d spotted her on my way to English darting into the loo’s for a sneaky fag.

“Open the door, I want a word!”

I tapped hard on the white graffiti tarnished wood.

“Look I’m sorry. I didn’t expect her to react like that!” She had her palms held out at the front of her body.

“What goes on behind closed doors between any of us stays behind closed doors ok!”

My angered tone taken over by curiosity of what she’d just said.

“I’m really sorry!” She apologised again.

“What do you mean? How did she react?”

“She spat the dummy Angel I reckon she’s jealous!”

I rolled my eyes at her.
“She’s upset because I’m her best friend and I don’t tell her things. She’s not jealous!”

“Well that’s just the impression I got.”

“She’s loved up Adele. With a bloke! She’s not interested in me!!”

She said she must be seriously ugly, that’s she’s about the only person you haven’t opened your legs up too.”

“What the fu*k! Is that what she thinks of me...I’m a slag? For gods sake me and Ethan are just having some fun. I love..”

Fu*k I almost choked on the slip of that word.

“I really like Ethan!” I corrected quickly.

“What we do with anyone else we do it for each other’s pleasure. I don’t open my legs to everyone!”

“It was just Annalise and Brett. I didn’t plan on what happened at Ethan’s party. I didn’t even touch Sam or Zak, and they didn’t touch me!”

“Why do you keep it from her then?”

She took a long draw on her cigarette dropping the tar stained butt down the toilet pan.

“I don’t! Not intentionally. I just don’t feel it to be of interest to her. She’s not like that She’s been with Aiden for years. And besides I get the feeling she seems to think Annalise has got in the way of our friendship.”

“Do you think she has?”

“God no! And I’ve already tried to tell Kirsty this.”

“I erm. I told her about us as well!”

She admitted wincing her face.

“Yeah I gathered. Thanks for that!”

“I really liked it!”

Her pupils enlarged. I watched her jaw slack down as she took a step forward. I stepped back, my body pressing up against the door.

“I was hoping maybe we could do it again sometime, Just me and you?”

I gasped darting my head to the side. Her lips were so close.

“I told you this is something me and Ethan do together!”

My words spat out sharp. I turned my back on her releasing the bolt on the door making a quick escape. Adele was in my room when I returned from lessons that afternoon. Her and Kirsty were sat either side of the slim table disagreeing over some math equation.

I cleared my throat grabbing their attention. Annalise was looking all over the place for you at break. Where was you?”

Kirsty shut the thick revision book and banged her calculator loudly down on top of it.

“I went to do a bit of studying in the library.”

I regretted giving that information the second it left my lips. Next time I needed escape I’d have to think of some place else.

“You in the library? That’s a first. No wonder she didn’t have no joy!” She chuckled.

“Yes me in a library!” I mimicked, The words seething through my lips.

“Anyway I’ll see her at dinner, are you two coming down?”

“I’ve gotta call Aiden. I’ll met you both down there.”

Kirsty’s reply came with a dirty look.

“You two seriously need to talk things through!” Adele’s advice got Annalise raising an eyebrow as we joined her at the table.

“Kirsty found out about Ethan’s party.” I told her, My eyes directing her to Adele.


Annalise shrugged her shoulders.

“And she feels left out!” Adele replied before my lips had chance to part.

Annalise shifted forward on her seat.

“Damn do you think Kirsty wants a piece of you too?”

Her eyes shone with amusement.

“I wouldn’t of put her down for experimental!”

“She’s not! For god sake. It’s a friendship issue that’s all!” I put her straight.

“How would you know that though? Maybe you should find out for sure!”

“And how do you suggest I do that exactly?” I tutted my lips.

Make a move on her or just ask her outrigh!”

Annalise made it sound so simple. I was about to reply when Kirsty stepped towards the table cocking her leg over the bench.

“What are you lot plotting now?” She raised her eyebrow.

The three of us lent back from the table top.

“How’s Aiden?” I asked. Re routing her curiosity.

“His fine thanks!” Her reply short and to the point.

“We’re coming to yours tonight for a girlie gossip.” Annalise informed her to the surprise of us all.

“Count me out I’m seeing Ethan later!” I replied abruptly.

I wasn’t up until that moment. But there was no way I was going to be forced into having that ‘chat’ with a damn audience.

“Just us three then!” Adele smiled to each of them.

I sniggered. She’d obviously not clocked on what the occasion was intended to be about.


“What’s the urgency Angel? Am I really that addictive.” He chuckled leaning across to the passenger seat to kiss my lips.


Which was true but not quite the reason I’d begged him into meeting me and missing his kick boxing training.

“Good to hear, but what else is it?”

Damn! Why did my face have to always give me away.

“It’s the girls, there having a catch up in my room tonight and I just wanted to get out.”

“For what reason?”

He glanced at me curiously as he pulled the car away from the kerb.

“Adele told Kirsty what happened at your party and now she’s convinced She’s jealous because of the way she reacted.”

“Why what did she say?”

“That she seems to be the only one I haven’t opened my legs too!”

I swallowed back my distaste of that comment.

“Oh!” He laughed.

“It’s not funny Ethan. She obviously thinks I’m a slag!”

I turned my gaze out of the side window.

“Or maybe Adele’s right and she is just jealous over your lack of attention towards her?”

“For gods sake! Not you as well. Annalise’s whole intention of this short notice get together tonight was to try and get me to solve the answer to that!”

He pulled the car into his drive.

“Why didn’t you go along with it then?”

“Ethan she suggested I ask her outright, or worse make a move on her!”

I stepped out of the car meeting back up with him inside the porch.

“Makes sense! How else you gonna know what her mood swings are all about?”

“She’s not having mood swings...”

“Oh come on you said yourself a couple of weeks back that she’s acting off!” He interrupted turning the key in the lock.

I greeted his parents following Ethan straight up the wooden stairs.

“She’s not into that kind of thing Ethan. I don’t know what her problem is but it’s not that!”

“When she first found out that I’d gone all the way with Annalise She was repulsed. I could see it. Damn I felt her cringe when I hugged her. I reckon she just feels pushed out.”

I sat myself down on the end of his bed.

“Or maybe she’s repulsed with herself because she is getting curious?”

“Ethan that’s just ridiculous. Your all reading into this way too much!”

He sat himself at my side, his hand reaching round to my far shoulder.

“Then why are you afraid of asking her?”

“I’m not! I just don’t want too! Jesus what the hell would I even say?”

He lowered his hand down to my waist.

“I dunno. Something like have you ever thought about doing it with a girl? Would you do it with me?. I’m sure that would get you an answer to her problem!”

“Are you serious? And then she’d probably never speak to me again!”

“What if she said yes though Angel?”

He skimmed his other hand under the hem of my skirt cupping it round my thigh.

“She wouldn’t!“.

“Let’s just say for arguments sake your recent activity has intrigued her. Got her thinking about you in a way she might otherwise not and she’s angry about it. One because you don’t show any interest in her and two because she feels guilty about her fella. Didn’t he just do the dirty on her? Maybe a part of hers after revenge....”

"“No way Ethan, you don’t know her ....”

“Just let me finish!” He cut in.

“What would you do if she did want to get it on with you? What if you asked her and she said yes?”

I sat twiddling my thumbs round each other. Ethan’s hand had moved another inch or two up my thigh.

“I’d have to say no!”

His gaze shot to mine, his expression surprised by my answer.

“It’s not because I wouldn’t. I mean, she’s pretty and I like her. Obviously!”

I tilted my head to the side.

“I’d want you to be there and I seriously don’t think she would go for that!”

“Oh so you admit there is a chance she would without me!” He pulled a cocky smirk.

“No I didn’t say that!”

“But you do don’t you!”

He slid his fingers under the elastic of my panties. I lent back resting down on my elbows. He pulled his arm from beneath me and rested down on his side.

“There was once when I thought she was sleeping and I touched myself.”

“Mmm sounds interesting...Go on!”

“She wasn’t, she was doing the same and she watched me!”

He caressed his finger over my clit pushing it up inside my opening.

“Was you wet like you are now baby?”

I replied with a pleasurable groan.

“What if , due to the circumstances I give you my permission that if it turns out she’s interested you can do it in my absence?”

He lowered his head taking my mouth.

“Ok!” I murmured against his lips.

“You will?”

He lifted his head looking perplexed with my change of heart.

“I said ok. It will never happen though!”

“I wouldn’t be so sure on that!” He grinned deviously dipping his tongue back inside my mouth.


“Did the girls come over?” I asked Kirsty tucking myself under the covers.

She had her back to me reading a book.

“Yeah for a while.”

Her tone sounded irritated at my interuption. I wanted to ask what they’d spoken about but instead reached for my own book. My eyes scanned robotically across the page, my mind not making sense of a single sentence. The sound of my phone vibrating, a pleasing distraction.

How’s things going with you and Kirsty? Have you asked her yet?

Ethan I’ve only just got back. No I haven’t! .... I texted back.

What are you up too?

I’m reading. We both are.

Then why don’t you give her something a little more interesting to focus her eyes on! ... His text brought an audible gasp gushing through my throat.

Fu*k! Are you serious? ....My fingers were literally trembling against the keys.

You wanna find out right? There’s no time like the present!

I can’t! Our lamps are on, she’d see everything.

That’s the idea isn’t it? ....Kirsty glanced over. Her eyes rolled at my phone.

She’s got her back to me. I think she’s in a mood, it’s not a good time.

It’s a great time. Your cheer her up! ... Sh*t, he wasn’t gonna drop this.

I bet your wet thinking about it Angel! What are you wearing?

A night shirt. .... His texts were making my heart thud. But damn he was right. I had a definite tingle going on down there.

Anything else?.... And now he was making it worse.

Nothing!.... I knew I probably shouldn’t have admitted that!

Unbutton it baby.

I can’t. What if she turns around?

That’s the plan ;) Fu*k! Another gasp pushed through my lips. Kirsty shifted on her side. I placed the mobile on the quilt. My fingers releasing each button, my mind wondering what the hell I was doing.

I’ve done it!.... I texted. The quilt pulled high up to my neck.

Good girl. Now lose the cover! ... Sh*t. How did he know?

If your wrong about this Ethan!!! I folded the cover half way down leaving my bottom half covered.

You know what to do now baby. Meet me at lunch tomorrow. Don’t worry, if I’m wrong you’ve got my full permission to punish me. Ha ha Xx

Fu*k you! ... Damn he’d got me so horny and left me in a predicament like this.

That’s what I’m hoping ;)

I read his final text and slid my mobile onto the bedside table. I glanced at Kirsty and then down at my hardened nipples. Jesus they were aching to be touched. My hand dropped down taking one between my thumb and forefinger. My thighs parted wide as my hips lifted from the mattress. My free hand pushed beneath the cover eagerly on route to my sex. Fu*k I was soaked. A gasp left my mouth as my fingers glided across my clit.

Kirsty raised her head from her book. I turned my head quick shifting my gaze to the ceiling. My fingers moved from one nipple to the other. The noises leaving my mouth now we’re unmistakable. She’d definitely moved her position, I’d heard the springs on her mattress creak. I was unsure if she was facing me. My eyes still etched on the ceiling to embarrassed to take a look.

“Oh god!” I gasped as my finger found its way inside.

The fact that she hadn’t yelled at me yet was a good sign. I turned my head a little in her direction. Stretching my eyes as far over as I could. Fu*k she was watching me. I could see her own legs spread wide beneath the quilt. Her focus was on my breasts. She was watching me pleasuring my nipples

Lose the covers! Ethan’s order played over in my mind.

I gripped the edge of the quilt pulling it right over to my side. I was looking right at her now. Her gaze dropped to my sex. I see the look of surprise across her face and witnessed the added pleasure she got from my exposed shaven pus*y. My moans grew louder as I imagined what her pus*y looked like being pleasured under her own cover.

“Oh yes!” I panted pleasingly as she lowered her quilt to reveal her swollen breasts.

I watched her caress her nipples like I’d seen before. But this time the room wasn’t in darkness. I moved my backside around, my back leaning against the wall. She groaned loudly at the sight of my wetness. I hoped she would pull her own cover off. But she didn’t. She kept her eyes etched between my legs until we both violently shook in our own orgasms. And then turned her back, switched off her light and settled down to sleep. Damn she hadn’t looked me in the eyes once!

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