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chapter 2

Christmas was pretty cool this year, quite a pleasant surprise seeing as I’d been dreading returning home in the weeks leading up. I don’t know what had changed, I guess it could only be me really. I’d given up going home at the weekends for over a year now, I’d even refused when my parents turned up out of the blue on December 21st, my seventeenth birthday when they’d hoped on taking me back home with them for Christmas.

Things had certainly got better between us, Id managed to get through both my eighteenth and Christmas celebrations without even one minor fallout. I was actually sad to be saying goodbye, although very keen to get back now that I’d had my first taste of tongue.

Kirsty wasn’t anywhere to be seen when I arrived back at Brookfields. The lack of clutter in our room telling me I’d be back to being on my own that day, which was a bit of a downer we had two free periods after maths and I was hoping to have a wander through that fence, see what guys were enjoying a couple of hours of free time as well.

I sat in lesson aimlessly staring at a bunch of random numbers on my desk whilst biting my way through the Plastic lid on my pen. I wonder if Ethan’s still interested, I thought to myself, a tapping on the window at my side alerting my attention.

“Hi Annalise.” I mouthed, looking around me to check no one had noticed.

“Meet me outside the science block.”

Her words were elongated, her mouth moving slow. I gave her a thumbs up to confirm I’d understood what she had said. My heart was racing on the fast side as I headed over to where she’d requested. What if she wants to kiss me again? I panicked, adjusting my skirt, trying to ignore the tingle between my legs.

“Hey, Angel.” She greeted. A warm smile on her face.

“Hi,” I replied. My eyes dropping without my permission to the gap created by two opened buttons on her white laced blouse.

“You like ah?” she winked. Pulling the two sides of material further apart, her clevage on full view.

“Yeah, it’s erm, it’s, yeah, I like it!” My words mumbled out nervously.

“My big sis brought it for me, It’s Karen Millen you know.”

“It’s lovely!” I complimented prizing my eyes away.

“Where’s Kirsty? I thought maybe I could hang out with you guys For a bit.”

“Of course you can, but Kirsty hasn’t arrived back yet. I’m gonna give her a ring in a bit.”

“Well, looks like it’s just me and you then, where’s your next lesson? I’ll walk you there.” She winked, looping her arm in mine.

“I’m erm, I’ve got the next two off.” I told her, my heart thumping inside my chest.

“Perfect, let’s go and find some boys then shall we.”

She pulled on my arm directing me towards the field. Shit! I thought I was ready for this, but found myself barely able to walk in a straight line at her side. My nerves so on edge, my legs were trembling beneath me.

“So did you put into practice what I showed you?”

She squeezed her body through the gap, taking my hand she gestured me to follow behind.

“No, not yet.” I admitted, noting she was still holding my hand as we walked through the Wooded stretch of land.

“Oh well, today might be your lucky day, isn’t that Ethan sitting on the log over there?”

“You know him?” I gasped as my eyes locked with his.

“There are two Ethan’s in sixth form, and only one that’s hot!”

She laughed bumping her side against mine, leading me over to a small group of boys, Ethan being one of them.

“Taylor, Brett, Nic ... This is my new friend Angel.” They grinned at my name.

“And Ethan, I assume you’ve already met!”

He turned his head to me, a smug smirk across his face.

“Hi.” I said, heat rising to my cheeks.

She sat herself on the log, leaving a small gap between herself and Ethan.

“Come!” she said, patting the rotting piece of wood.

I squeezed myself in, my body awkwardly resting against his. He turned to face me, his chocolate brown eyes, peeping from under his long brown Fringe. Annalise stretched out her hand, pulling a tall thin guy with white blonde spikes down on the remaining space at her side. ‘Brett’, She called him. The two other guys made there excuses, disappearing through the trees.

I turned to say something to Annalise, my breath catching in my throat. Her tongue was deep inside the blondes mouth, his hand already making its way up her skirt. I lowered my gaze to the ground, my feet kicking agitatedly through a pile of crispy brown leaves. Fu*k! I muttered under my breath. I had a feeling I was about to experience the most educating lesson I’d ever attended.

“What you waiting for Angel, get stuck in.”

Annalise dug her long red painted nail in my shoulder. I glanced up at her, a look of desperation on my face.

“Ok girls and guys, what say we play a game of dares?” Her suggestion in response to my plea for help.

We moved off the log, sitting round in a circle on the ground. The grass still damp from the over night frost.

“Ok, I’ll start” Annalise said. “This ones to you Angel”. She winked.

I gulped at the mischief in her expression.

“Kiss Ethan!”

I looked at her wide eyed, then turned my head to Him. He flicked his fringe back from his eyes, leaning back on his elbows. My movement agitated as I lent my face towards his, our lips meeting for a split second.

“No, no Angel. I said kiss him, not bump lips!”

I had a feeling that kissing him in the first place would of been the safer option.

Leaning my body over his, my mouth parted as our skin touched, my lips nipping over his before entering my tongue.
My mind recalling what Annalise had shown me. Damn, he tasted real good, like he’d been sucking on a cherry tune.

“Enough guys, Brett’s turn now!”

I bolted upright, my face heating up the cold air on my cheeks. Annalise gestured me a thumbs up.

“My dares to Angel as well!”

“What, that can’t be fair?” I glanced at Annalise to save me.

“There’s no rules in this game Hun!” She shrugged her shoulders.

“I dare you to give Ethan a feel of your tits.” Brett had a real smug look on his face.

“What the fu*k?” I gasped, my hands wrapping over my chest.

“Come on Angel, this is dares, you either step up to the challenge or face the Consequences!”

“What’s the consequence?” My voice crackled.

“Whom ever you deny a dare from, gets to strip you naked in front of all of us!”

Brett sniggered at Annalise’s reply.

I sucked in a lungful of air, my fingers shook as I pulled the zip on my quilted Jacket. Lifting the hem of my jumper, I pulled my t-shirt out from my skirt, allowing his freezing cold hands to enter beneath. My chest rose up as he pushed the cups of my bra, freeing the mounds of flesh Below.

“Oh god!”

My words flowed out with a gush of air, my nipples like bullets under his touch.

“Ok, now my turn!” Ethan grinned amusingly, reluctantly removing his hands from my top.

“Annalise seeing as your already half way there, unbutton the rest of that blouse and let us all have a better look!”

“No problem!” Her tone unfazed with his dare.

She released each button, allowing her blouse to drop to her sides. Unhooking the join on her front clasping bra, she let it dangle to the two sides of lacy material.

“Do you like?” She asked with pride, looking directly at me.

My jaw slacked open at the size of her breasts, she smiled in response. She’d told me a lot of stories of things she’d got up too, but none had involved other girls. I wondered if she was just bi-curious, or had deliberately missed those ones out. Either way, she was expressing an unnatural interest in me.

“Angel, your turn Hun.”

“Kiss Brett.” I dared her.

“Push the barrel out a little Hun, we’ve done kissing!”

“Ok Brett, you kiss her, erm.” My gaze dropped to her naked breasts”

“Brett suck em baby!” She ordered him shamelessly.

I watched awkwardly, his tongue licked hungrily over her nipples, she through her head back, her mouth forming the shape of an ‘O’. Letting out a frustrated growl, she raised her line of vision

“That’s enough!” She informed him, pushing his head away.

“Ooh, me again.”

She rubbed her palms together, looking at each one of us in turn.

“Ok, ok..” She said excitedly.

“I dare the two guys”..

Phew, I breathed a welcome sigh of relief.

“I dare you two guys...” She repeated. “To show us what you’ve got inside your pants!”

Brett was straight on it, his zipper down and his solid length out within seconds.

“Come on Ethan!” She urged giving an approving glance between Brett’s legs.

“Ok!” He said. “But I’m gonna f*c*ing get you back in a minute!”

His movement agitated as he pulled on his zip, he parted the gap in his boxers, his manhood semi erect as he pulled it out.

“Make yours a good one Brett, Angel needs to see the full glory of what she’s getting!”

“Annalise” I gasped. My eyes connecting shyly with Ethan’s.

Brett placed his forefinger on his cheek, his mind deep in thought.

“I’ve got it, I’ve got it” his voice raised with eagerness.

“This is for you two girls this time.” He paused to contain his excitement.

“Tongue each others mouths!” His words blurted out in one quick breath.

I looked at Annalise, my eyes staring wide into hers, she winked at me, a secretive smile on her face. As she got on all fours I couldn’t help but watch her naked breasts sway below her as she crawled to where I sat.

“Fu*k” I gasped.

The weight of her body flattened me to the ground. Her legs straddled Round me, her breasts crushed into my own. Her mouth taking me hostage.

“Holy shit” I heard Brett say. Both boys started jeering us on.

I don’t know if it was the fact she was female which made it feel deliciously dirty, or the vocal audience surrounding us, or even that I still had vivid images of not one, but the first two co*ks I’d ever seen, but something was getting my panties soaked. Damn, if she didn’t stop when she did, I think I might of just exploded right there and then .

“Oh yes! much more impressive.” Annalise licked her lips seductively, her eyes Etched on Ethan’s erection.

“Ok, ok. Steady on.. It’s my turn!” A mischievous glint flashed over his eyes. “You ready for this Analise?”

“Bring it on big guy!” Her eyes dropped back to his groin.

“Knickers off, legs spread ... Bring yourself off!” He sniggered at her at her gobsmacked expression.

“She can’t do that here, what if someone comes?”

“Oh I think we’re all gonna cum Angel!” Brett laughed.

“Fine, I’ll do it!” She agreed drawing her knees up.

Her hands gripped around the elastic of her black silk briefs, Her fingers hesitant as she lowered them down and off her feet. Taking a deep breath, she allowed her knees to drop either side. My teeth bit down hard over my lower lip. Her sex shaven, not a single hair.

Brett’s hand went to his length as hers went between her legs. I glanced from one to the other, almost forgetting about Ethan, his hand stoking up my thigh reminding me he was there. I glanced briefly in his direction, his hand also gripped tight around his shaft. Damn, i was well out of my comfort zone here. I glanced from one to the other, not really knowing where I should look.

Annalise was completely lost in her own pleasure, her hand moving vigorously In her wetness. Ethan’s hand was working further and further up my skirt. Both boys had their eyes fixed between her legs, their rhythm matching hers. Ethan’s finger pushed through the gap in my thighs. My body jolted as it pushed against the thin material of my gusset

“Your wet down there Angel!”

He lent towards me

“How about you take these off!”

He slipped his hand beneath the elastic, pulling it gently down.

Fu*k, what was I doing? What was we all doing.

“No don’t!”

I pulled on my panties, bringing them back up round my waist.

“Angel, what’s wrong?” His breath tickled my ear, sending a shiver down my spine.

I turned my head to face him, my lips joining to his.

“Oh god!” I groaned inside his mouth. My sex throbbing for attention I could no longer resist.

Releasing the tension on my thighs, I allowed them to part. His hand moving back inside instantly.

“Fu*k, Ethan... !”

Brett’s voice bringing us all to his attention.

The second bells just gone, If we don’t get our arses back there be sending a damn search party over here.

“Give me your phone Angel.” Ethan’s tone urgent as he tucked himself away.

I handed him my phone unsure of his intentions.

“There” he said, handing it back. “Give me a call yeah, if you wanna meet up.”

I smiled, scanning my eyes over the number he’d just inserted.

“Oh yes, oh god damn yes... Yes, yes” ...

Annalise was breathless, her words screeching out in short sharp gasps.

“Baby, this game ain’t finished!” Brett informed her, leaning down to tongue her mouth before both boys legged it through the trees.

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