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chapter 3

It was the weekend, Saturday night to be exact. Kirsty wouldn’t be returning until Monday. She’d gone down with some
nasty stomach bug, which was the reason for her absence last week. Annalise had also returned home, she had a friends wedding to attend, so it was just me, a good opportunity to ponder over the weirdness of my life.

I hadn’t called Ethan as yet. I still hadn’t quite got my head around what happened on my first day back. In fact, it was like it hadn’t happened at all!

That day, when the boys had gone back to lesson, and Annalise had satisfied her need. Well, she just pulled her knickers back up over her legs, linked her arm through mine and lead me back through the fence.

I lifted my phone from the old fashioned dark wood two drawer chest at my side. Here goes, I thought Pressing on Ethan’s number

Hi, is that Ethan? voice shook.

Angel? ....he asked, unsure.

Yes, it’s me. Angel ... My reply awkward.

Hey you still on the school grounds?

Yeah, unfortunately.

Do you wanna met up? I can be at the gates in about ten, fifteen minutes.

Really? Ok.

See you then .....his tone heightened, the line went dead.

Shit, shit, shit! I mumbled to myself, rummaging through a pile of clothes I’d yet to put away.

This will have to do. I checked my appearance in the full length mirror that hung on the far side wall of our en suite shower room. I’d opted for a plain black Lycra mini skirt, with an off the shoulder tight fit bubblegum Pink top. Bit cold for this weather, but nothing that my nice padded coat couldn’t fix.

Checking my makeup was still in place, I tied my long blonde hair back in a high topped Pony tail and headed out of the door.

My nerves were triggered as soon as he came into my sight. He was wearing skinny blue denim jeans and a red Ted Baker hoodie. Damn, he looked hot!

“Wanna go back to mine?” He offered as soon as I stepped up to his side. I looked at him unsure.

“No ones there.” He assured me, “my parents are away for the weekend, well their away most weekends actually, and I only live, like two minutes down the road!”

“Are you sure it’s ok?”

“It’s cool, anyway beats being out here!” He shivered as he spoke.

And there it begun, another crack in my angel wings!

“Shall we listen to some music?” He suggested

“Yeah, sure.” I agreed, lowering my backside onto a deep red velvet armchair.

“No, not here!” He grinned. “I’ve got a much cooler sound system in my bedroom.” He gestured his hand out towards a set of wooden stairs.

His bedroom was the definition of a typical male. Socks peeping out from under the bed, last nights dinner plate, or perhaps last weeks. And erm, ‘Eww’ some rather suspicious looking crumpled up tissue paper wedged between the wall and the mattress.

“Here, let me take your coat, it’s warm in here.” He stood in front of me, his hand out waiting.

“Oh, erm....ok.” Shit! I gulped back my shame, pulling the zip and dropping it from my shoulders.

“Haha, maybe not so warm then!” His eyes flashed a glint of amused approval.

My two erect nipples pointing right up at him through the tight material of my top.

“I was in a rush to get ready, I, I ..” A nervous laugh pushed through my throat.

“I didn’t expect to be taking my coat off!” I explained, red faced.

He turned towards the stereo without saying a word, just a smug look on his face. Heavy base filled the room, bouncing off the walls, and thudding through my chest.

“How long you known Annalise?” He questioned, stepping towards me.

“Since just before Christmas”. I told him. Lowering myself onto the edge of his bed.

“She’s a wild one!” He grinned.

Yeah, and I think I’m following in her footsteps I thought silently. Gesturing him an agreeable nod.

“So, do you come here often?” His laugh raised above the music, he shuffled awkwardly at my side.

I giggled, my lips quivered involuntarily. I kept my focus etched on the floor.

“So, what do you wanna do then?” His hand flopped heavily across my shoulders. I flinched in response.

“What’s up?” He looked me in the eye, perplexed.

“Nothing, I’m just a bit nervous that’s all.” I admitted. Feeling the heat rise on my cheeks.

“Don’t worry, I don’t bite Angel!” He said jestfully. “Anyway, you hang out with Annalise for Christ sake, what the hell could you possibly be nervous about?”

“Yeah, well I’m not Annalise! What we done the other day, that’s...”

Damn why was I telling him this, I swallowed hard on my thought.

“What happened the other day, that is the furthest I’ve gone sexually!”

I took a deep lungful of air waiting on his response.

“Seriously? Damn girl, you jumped in at the deep end”.

His hand covered his mouth, trying hard to hide the amusement on his face.

“It’s ok, you can laugh if you want to!” I dug my finger in his ribs.

“Oh, you wanna fight do you?”

Within a second of those words leaving his lips he had me pinned down beneath him on his bed. His face centimetres from mine, his eyes doing Something between my legs I couldn’t control. My lips parted, an audible breath gushed out. His hands still encased round my wrists either side of my head, he lowered, his mouth to mine, his tongue pushing through immediately.

I could feel his arousal growing beneath his jeans.

“You were saved by the bell Angel!” His eyes staring heavily into mine.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“It’s just lucky the game ended where it did, that’s all.”

How much worse does it usually get?” My eyes widened.

“It don’t! I would say it kinda started where it would usually end but I’ve never known it to get that far. Yeah, we get a bit daring with the hands but only a brief feel, and always under clothes.” He paused to take a breath. “Annalise certainly wasn’t holding back! ”

“Have you and Annalise...“?

“We’ve kissed a few times, a quick feel, nothing major.” He cut in, saving me the awkwardness.

“To be honest there’s not many guys that Havnt.”

“And girls, has she been with other girls?”

My curiosity slipping through my mouth.

“You mean other then you?”

His mouth formed a wide grin.

“Not that I know of, but Damn, that was hot!”

“What about you?”


“I know you said about it being the furthest you’ve gone, but was you referring to just guys?”

“No!” I blushed at his assumption.

“You looked comfortable with it, had you two kissed before?”

I shook my head from side to side, an unwanted grin forced itself across my face.

“Your a bad liar Angel.”

He shifted his body off me, propping himself up on his side.

“Seduced by Annalise ah’, how long you known her for? Damn that girl works quick”

“Stop teasing, it was just once before ok.”

I hoped to God this didn’t get back to her, I’d die if he found out the reason why!

“It’s kinda nice to know I was the first to touch these!”

He said, his hand pushed up my abdomen stopping as he reached my breast.

I had a feeling he was going to be the first to touch a hell of a lot more. Leaning his head over mine, he took my mouth again, I could feel my top moving up my body.

“Oh god..” I gasped he pulled at my nipple, my back arching to his touch. Then his lips released mine trailing their way down my neck.

“Ahh..” another gasp left my mouth.

His fingers still gripped round my nipple, his tongue flicking hard across the other. He moved his hand away, I could feel him thumbling down below. He sucked my nipple into his mouth, his teeth gently scraping it as he pulled away lifting his head back to me. His eyes were glazed, it was obvious he was pleasuring himself.

“How do you wanna play this Angel, I’m happy to just do what we’re doing if your not ready!”

Damn, it felt like a kaleidoscope of butterflies had just been born in my stomach. He actually cared about my feelings. I had no idea Boys could be that nice.

“I erm, I don’t want to have sex.” I told him, but I’d like you to touch me.”

Shit, what had I just said? My legs were jerking with nerves as he pulled my skirt up around my waist.

“Jesus, your soaked!” He informed me.

A long pleasurable groan slipped through my lips. The sensation of his fingers rubbing over my clit, threatening to make me cum in an instant.

He pulled at my hand, guiding it down to his length, it trembled as it encased his width.

“Is this ok?” My words panted out between groans, his finger was pumping hard inside my opening.

“Your doing just fine!” His own voice rasping, confirming his reply.

“Would you like me to lick you down there, like this? His tongue flicked over the outside of my lips.

“No, not yet!”

His offer making me panic, but the thought of his tongue between my legs ,as his fingers slid in and out of my opening, Pushing my orgasm out of my body with a force my own hands had never achieved.

“That was hot Angel!”

He pulled a tissue from the box on his bedside cabinet, grinning amusingly. My body collapsed into the mattress at his side.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t let you, erm.”

“It’s fine.” He assured me, knowing exactly what I meant.

“I panicked.”

“Don’t worry Angel, it’s cool, honestly, Your cool!”

He paused, running his fingers through his hair. “I like you!”

“I kinda like you too!” I smiled.

“Your welcome to stay over if you want too?” He offered, noticing me glance at my watch.

“I don’t mean that in any expectant way, I can sleep on the couch ,that’s fine. He added, noting the uncertainty in my eyes.

“I will, I promise, Just not tonight. We’re meant to give notice if we’re planning on being off site.

“Is one week enough notice?” He raised one eyebrow. I laughed.

“Are you inviting me to share your bed next weekend?” I raised one eyebrow back.

“Only if you want too, like I said I can sleep on the couch, it’s not a problem.”

I bounced up and down on the mattress. “Feels kinda comfy, and erm, kinda cosy with you at my side.”

“So is that a yes?” He looked hopeful.

“That’s a yes, as long as no couches are involved!”

He flung himself on me, the vibration of his laugh rumbled inside my mouth.


The days following passed me by in a state of daydream. Kirsty had arrived back Monday morning, Our room back to its disheveled self by Monday afternoon. Annalise had been particularly quiet, which was very unlike her, although I can’t pretend I wasn’t great full for it. I hadn’t spoken to Kirsty yet of all the events of the previous Week. I’d spoken to Ethan over the phone literally every single day. I now knew his favourite colour, what kind food He likes, what he don’t,
his hobbies, even his shoe size. All totally irrelevant nonsense I guess, but to me it meant a lot. I started to feel like I’d known him my whole life.

I wanted to tell Kirsty, about Ethan, even about Annalise. But with Annalise acting weird, and Kirsty’s confession That there was no stomach bug, that she was in fact nursing a broken heart. There just hadn’t been a good time. Apparently Aiden had slipped off the faithful wagon and spent a steamy night with the very girl Kirsty had relied on to keep him on track.

He then spent all of Christmas acting cranky, until finally breaking and Confessing all on the night before she was due back here. Their still together. She’d assured me they had sorted it all out, but she was definitely not the same Kirsty that had left before the festive break. And Annalise, she just kept banging on about the wedding and how she wishes she’d never went.

I’d been dying to spill my news, my excitement bubbling up inside me. We were now half way through the week and still it was a secret only I knew. I sat on the edge of my bed watching Kirsty, her pen in hand and her diary opened across her legs. She looked deep in thought, I wondered if that first Kiss I’d shared with Annalise had made it into her memories.
“I’m not going home this weekend” she informed me. Her hand now scribbling hard over the paper.

“Shall we have a sneaky drink again tomorrow night” I suggested after a silent pause.

Right time or not, I needed to tell her about Ethan at the very least. Or else my good intentions of not rubbing my happiness in her face will be seen as deliberate avoidance when she realises I’m not staying on site!

“What on a Thursday night” she questioned, lifting her head from the book

“Yeah, why not. I’m not talking ‘getting wasted’ just thought we could maybe get Annalise over, have a couple of glasses of wine and a girlie gossip”

“Haven’t you heard enough of my gossip” Her pen was digging firmly into the paper again.

“Well then...” I paused.

“Maybe you can listen to some of mine.”

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