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chapter 4

“Mmm, this one’s a definite improvement from the last.” I said, holding my vino filled glass up in a toast.

“To freedom!” Annalise chimed her glass against mine.

“Freedom?” I questioned curiously.

“Yeah, freedom.” She repeated.

“There ain’t ever gonna be no little f*c*ing handcuff banding itself round this!”

She raised her left hand, her right pointing angrily at her ring finger.

“Didn’t you attend a wedding last weekend Annalise?”

Kirsty finished up painting her toe nails, her attention now fully on us.

“My best friends wedding.” She replied, shrugging her shoulders.

“Aww, how sweet, surely your happy for her?” Kirsty cut in, Her expression like a cheshire cat .

“And my ex, should I be happy for him too?” Her confession leaving us opened mouthed and speechless.

“Best friends and boyfriends.” She huffed

“Who f*c*ing needs them!” Her glass reaching out to chime Kirsty’s.

“He couldn’t of been anything serious though, I mean you like your fun too much.” My jestfull comment not going down to well.

“You think I’m just a slag right, do you think I’ve always been like this? I use guys Angel because they f*c*ing use me!” “I lost my virginity on my 16th birthday, two years we’d been waiting, I was 14 when I met Jarod. His parents emigrated from America and moved in bang smack next to me, he was eighteen at the time. I used to long for my weeks here to finish so I could get back home to him.”

“What happened?” I asked cautiously

“It was the summer holidays, it was bliss. Six full weeks of no long goodbyes having to come back to this dump. I’d insisted from the start that we wait, you know, until I was old enough. He’d been cool with it, and not once did he ever push for anything more intimate then a kiss and cuddle. Half way through the holidays i celebrated my 16th, and like I’d promised we jumped straight from first to final base.”

She paused to pour another drink, her hand wiping a couple of runaway tears from her eyes.

“By the time I’d started my first year of sixth form, my virginity in any form of sexual act between a woman and a man had well and truly diminished. Well, I’d been back about two weeks when I informed him I wasn’t able to make it home on that particular weekend, i’d got so behind on my study, I needed a bit of time to catch up. With all good intentions I’d spent the Friday night with my head stuck in my books, by Saturday morning I couldn’t take it no more, I missed him so bad that I jumped on a train and headed home. I didn’t warn him, I wanted it to be a surprise!”

She swallowed hard against her hurt, myself and Kirsty sat wide eyed on the edge of my bed.

“I was the only one to be getting a surprise that afternoon, all he got was caught with his di*k firmly etched between Maria’s legs.”

“Shit, I’m so sorry Annalise.“I moved across to Kirsty’s bed, my arm wrapped across her shoulder.

“Why did you go to the wedding?” I didn’t want to pry, but my curiosity got the better of me.

“Because she’s not my best friend Hun, she’s my sister!”

My hand tightened over her shoulder, Kirsty almost choked on the mouthful of wine she’d just tipped into her mouth.

“Damn!” I muttered under my breath.

“Anyway,” her voice raised. “Life goes on right, so let’s start living!” She said gulping back a freshly poured glass of red.

“Are you ok Kirsty?”

I looked at her concerned, her hands rubbing hard at her eyes.

“I’m fine, come on, one of us has got to have a bit of good news to share?”

“I have!” I winced at the redness in both of their eyes.

“Well come on then, share!” Annalise squeezed my thigh in anticipation.

“Me and Ethan, we erm..”

“You got it together in the woods, yep I saw, I was there!” Annalise’s interruption grabbing Kirsty’s attention .

“No, I see him again... On Saturday.”

I jumped back in abruptly, suddenly not feeling so brave on sharing the details on our dirty game of dares.

“Really?, I’m all ears Hun!”

The grip she had over my thigh unnerving me. I told them about my little visit to his house, that I’m going there for the weekend along with the juicer details In between.

“You really like him don’t you!” Kirsty’s face showing the most genuine smile I’d seen since she’d arrived back.

“I think I do!” I admitted.

Just talking about him was bringing a warmth to my heart.

“This doesn’t mean your quitting our unfinished game does it?” Annalise had a displeasing look in her eyes.

“We’re not committed.” I laughed.

“We just like each other’s company, we click that’s all.”

“Good!” She flashed me a seductive look, her fingers pushing even deeper into my skin.

“What are you girls not telling me?”

Kirsty’s gaze dropped to my leg, she raised her head back up with amusing suspicion.

“I’ll let you explain that one!” Annalise stated. Lifting herself to her feet.

“I’ve gotta make tracks, I’ve got a mock first thing.”

We both gave a friendly peck on her cheek.

“Have fun!” She whispered, as I gave her mine.

“Whats going on with you two? What’s this game she’s on about, have you and her...”

“Kirsty, stop!” Her flow of questions, tangling my mind.

“I’ll explain ok!”

I told her about that first Monday back, the free periods and how we met up with the guys the other side of the fence.

“You kissed Ethan for a dare?” She screeched excitedly

“Yes, and Annalise again.” I confessed.

" Oh my God Angel.” She gasped.

“The dares were getting pretty outrageous, Annalise dared Ethan to touch these.” I said gesturing to my breasts.

“He erm, he put his hands up my top!”

“Shit what in front of the others?”

“Well yeah!” I laughed. That’s the game.

“I got off lightly compared to the rest of them, the guys ended up with their tackle out of their trousers.”

She raised her brows, her eyes staring wide at me.” And Annalise, she got dared to unbutton her blouse, but she took it one step further and unfastened the clasp of her bra aswell.”


“That’s not all..” I continued.

“She got herself off, no knickers Kirsty! i’m talking on full view in front of us all!”

Kirsty cleared her throat. Either she was uncomfortable with the conversation, or she was getting extremely turned on. Her thighs were tensing together, she was continuously shifting on the bed.

“So what happened with Ethan, after that?” She asked with an eager curiosity.

“Just what I told you earlier. We went a little further, I, I brought him off and... and him me.” I said after a short pause.

Damn, she was definitely aroused, I could see it in her eyes.

“Jesus Christ, I’m off for one week and you’ve turned into a nymph!” She broke into loud laughter.

Grabbing her nightshirt from the bottom of the bed, she disappeared into the shower room. I slipped into mine whilst she was out of the room and was tucked snugly under my quilt on her return.

“Night Hun.” She said, pulling her own quilt over herself.

I laid awake for a good half hour, the throbbing between my legs refusing to let me sleep. When I finally heard her snort, I allowed my hand to roam down between them. Jeez, I was sopping, my fingers sliding in and out of my opening with ease. I gagged my mouth with my free hand, if there’s one thing I’d learned of my recent activities... I was f*c*ing loud!

I was nearing my release when another sound from the bed opposite caught my attention. I slowly turned my head.
Shit, that wasn’t a snort I had heard. Kirsty’s quilt was lifting up and down, i could just make out a naked breast in the darkness, her fingers caressing over it’s centre.

I dropped my hand from my mouth, pulling on my buttons I pinched down on my own hardened nipple. My groans long and loud. I glanced back over, her eyes shined like a flash light, her gaze directed down towards the middle of my covering. I flung the quilt back, my night shirt unbuttoned, the two sides lay either side of me. She let out a pleasurable groan, my thighs were wide apart, my hand moving fast inside.

She was watching me, the knowledge pushing me over the edge. My orgasm exploded around my fingers, her own following shortly behind.


Neither of us spoke a word about it the following day, but there was a definite bond that exceeded friendship. I don’t know what it was, I couldn’t explain it. Maybe an unspoken secret that only we shared. I’d also noticed how pretty she was, I’d never really taken much notice before.

We we’re sat on the cold wooden floor in the drama room when it struck me. We’d been working on photography, and she’d got called out to pose for Leanne’s fashion shoot demonstration. Her slim figure and high cheek bones that sat nicely framed by her sharp cut half fringed mousy brown hair and those bright blue eyes, had me thinking she could actually be a model for real.

Damn, she was a lot hotter then I’d given her credit for.

Double Damn! What the hell has Annalise done to me I thought, shifting uncomfortably on the floor. By the end of the school day, I was a complete wreck. My nerves getting the better of me as I paced the room gathering everything I thought I might need for my weekend with Ethan.

“Calm down Angel, your god damn hyperventilate!” Kirsty warned.

“Here do you want one of these, or the box?” Annalise grinned as she held up a bumper Pack of condoms.

“God no!” My head shook profusely her offer adding to my panic.

“How long you staying ?” Kirsty asked, hiding her amusement.

“Only tonight.” I replied, unsure myself.

“We’re see you Sunday then!” Annalise giggled .

I put the last of my toiletries in my backpack, before hugging Kirsty and Planting a kiss on her cheek.

“Hey don’t leave me out!” Annalise remarked, her arms stretched wide, waiting.

She pulled me in tight, leaning her head back in line with mine.

“Have lots of fun!” She winked, turning her head as I went to kiss her cheek.

Her lips catching mine she squeezed my arse, her mouth against mine longer then necessary.


“Angel, let me take that for you.” Ethan requested, taking my backpack off my shoulders.

I followed him up to his room, giggling under my breath, the place spotless.

“If you wanna use my wardrobe, go ahead, saves getting your clothes all creased up.”

He winked as he sat down on the edge of his bed, his eyes watching me intensely as I unpacked my stuff.

“Where can I put these?” I asked awkwardly, two days of underwear in my hands, just in case.

“Anywhere but on!”

I’m joking! use the second drawer down.“He laughed at my shocked expression.

“Do you fancy a drink?” He asked, already making his way through the door.

I accepted, following him back down the wooden stairs.

He lead me through a long hallway towards an oak glass panelled door at the end.

“Wow!” I exclaimed. As he gestured me through.

The kitchen spanned the width of the house, solid oak units framed its walls, a black granite topped island sat in its centre. Over the far side of the room a long rectangular dining table stood proud. It’s gloss black top sparkling under the low hanging light.

“Take a seat.” He pulled a chair out from beneath the table.

“Is vodka ok?” He asked, lifting a heavy looking circular globe, numerous bottles squashed together inside.

“That will be great, thanks.” I lent my back against the black padded leather chair.

We sat chatting for hours, working our way through the bottle of Smirnoff.

“Oops, I best go get another one!” Ethan said, his words slightly slurred as he tipped the last few drops of coke into my glass.

“Or not!” I replied, gulping a mouthful of neat vodka.

He laughed as I choked on my stupidity.

On his return, he stood at the back of my chair, his arm encasing round me as he tipped the soft drink on top of the hard.

“You look seriously hot by the way!” He placed the plastic bottle on the table, his hand moved back, resting on my shoulder.

I’d spent fifty quid on my dress earlier that day so I was kinda chuffed he’d noticed it. I’d spotted it at lunch, the three of us had popped into town. We were meant to be just browsing, but there it was hanging from a pointy nippled plastic dummy, beckoning me inside the shop.

It was a deep blood red with double netted short sleeves and sides, my skin visible beneath. The front and back, a thick velvet material, the top shaped round my breasts. Yeah, it looked pretty hot, I knew that and I was glad he thought so too. I lifted my drink to my lips, its contents dribbling down my chin. The tenderness of his lips against my neck causing me to shudder.

“Sorry baby.”

He whispered in my ear, a surge of arousal shot through my core. I tilted my neck back, his hand gripped round my hair, his trail of kisses covering every inch.

“Ahh that’s so nice!” My words mixed with a pleasurable groan.

I turned my head, catching his mouth, teasing me with his tongue he cupped my breast with his free hand.

“Someone’s got no bra on again!” He sounded impressed.

He took my neck again, his lips and tongue gliding hungrily around its circumference. His hand shot across to my other breast giving it some equal attention. My own hand simultaneously heading beneath the hem of my dress.

“Stand up Angel, let me take this off for you!”

His hand released my hair, he tugged at my dress. I stood to face him, he spun me back round, lowering the zip.

“Raise your arms.” He requested, pulling the dress up and off in one quick tug.

“Damn girl, your beautiful!”

He circled around me, stopping at my front. Taking my mouth hostage, he released his own trousers, shaking them to his ankles and kicking them off his feet. I pulled back, the temptation to look at him too strong, his length restrained inside his Calvin kleins. He pushed his fingers through each side of the thick black elastic band, lowering himself as he pulled them down.

“Fu*k!” I gasped.

His face inches from my red satin panties. He pressed his lips against the material before standing back up on his feet, clearing the bottles and glasses off of the table, he lifted me off my feet, lowering me down gently on the jet black top.

“What you were about to do before I undressed you, do it now Angel!” His voice gravelled.

I gulped as it sunk in what that was. I raised my knees, my face reddening at the intensity of his stare.

“Lose these.” He said, pulling the thin material down over my legs.

Shit, I’d shaved, I remembered as my hand cupped between my legs. It looked sexy as hell on Annalise, so I’d given it a shot myself. I heard him growl, confirming he liked the look.

I pushed my finger inside, pulling it back out, spreading the wetness across my clit.

“Fu*k baby that’s hot!” His voice leaving his lips in a growl.

I tried to keep a slow pace, my fingers speeding up without my permission. He lent down between my parted legs, his tongue briefly entwining with mine.

“Let me taste you Angel!” His request filled with an urgent need.

“Ethan.” I groaned, pushing down on his head in acceptance.

He wasted no time, his head buried deep between my legs within seconds.

“I’m sorry, I’m gonna cum!” I screamed, the sensation engulfing me, my body fuelled with a level of arousal I’d never reached.

His fingers dug into my thighs, my hips tilted up off the table, pushing my sex deeper inside his mouth. I lifted my gaze, his finger caressed over my clit making me jerk. He glanced up at me, his eyes heavy and dark. His hand was gripped tight around his erection, it’s tip wet and glistening. My tongue slid out through my lips, my teeth scraping across my bottom lip as i pulled it back in.

“Do you want to?” He paused, his eyes dropping to my mouth then down to his length.

I shifted forward on the table, he encased my waist, helping me down on to the chair. his solid length was in direct line with my lips, I tilted my head back, catching his gaze, my tongue wetting my lips. Taking it in my hand, I licked my lips again. My heart pounding heavy against my chest. He cupped the back of my head with his hand, edging me closer.

A loud breath seeped through the gap between my lips and his shaft, a tingle had started up again between my legs. He pushed on my head, urging me to take more of him in. Fu*k, I didn’t know what the hell I was doing but his flesh felt so damn good in my mouth. I sucked down to the point of gagging, my mouth at full capacity.

“Oh yes baby!” His remark assuring me that what ever I was doing, was working.

“Fu*k Angel, I’m gonna cum!”

His breath was Jaggered, the muscles in his thighs tensing up. I pulled my head back, pumping his explosion down onto my thighs.

“Did I tell you I liked you Angel?”

I nodded

“Well I was wrong, I really fu*king like you!”

My heart fluttered inside my chest.

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