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chapter 5

“So come on, how did your dirty weekend go ?”

The girls had been probing me about it since I’d arrived back Sunday night.

“Yeah Angel, we want details!” Kirsty jumped in, ganging up on me with Annalise.

“Would you rather us find out from Ethan?” Annalise pouted her lips. We were heading across the field, myself and Kirsty had a free period, Annalise opting to skive.

“Ok, ok!” I halted them, we were a few steps away from the fence, and I didn’t want anyone to hear.

“We got it on ok!”

“Oh my god, Angels not a virgin anymore!” Kirsty screeched.

I prodded her in the side.

“Shut up, keep your voice down will you, they might be over there.” I knew Ethan was, because I’d text him in my last lesson.

“We didn’t have actual sex ok, but we did do everything else”. My embarrassment breaking out in a nervous grin.

“What was he like?” Kirsty asked, her voice still high pitched and raised.

“Good, really good!” I blushed.

“Come on, let’s just get over there!” I urged, reluctant to say anymore.

“I hope you two are not planning on playing any dodgy games!” Kirsty hesitated half way through the fence.

“What else?” Annalise giggled

“I’ve got a boyfriend, maybe I should just go back to my room.”

“Come on.” I said, linking my arm through hers. “You haven’t gotta do nothing.” I assured her .

“You can just watch.” Annalise cut in.

“I’m not a bloody pervert!” Kirsty answered abruptly, her feet coming to a stop.

’She’s winding you up stop worrying.” I told her pulling on her arm giving her no option but to move.

Ethan patted his legs gesturing me to sit on his lap as soon as I stepped in sight. There was two other guys with him, but neither were Brett.

“Girls, this is Zak”. He pointed to a tall dark haired guy, his skin a smooth caramel colour

“And this..” He pointed to the other guy with yellowish blonde hair and intriguing Green eyes. “This is Sam.”

“Hi.” We all greeted in unison.

“And fellas, that young lady there is Kirsty, that one is of course Annalise, but I’m sure you already know that!” He sniggered. They grinned in agreement.

“And this hot one right here.” He told them wrapping his hand round my waist. “Is my Angel!” His introduction of me, melting my heart.

“You’ve gone a bit red there Angel.” the one he introduced as Sam, pointed out.

My head shot round to Ethan, he too had a smug grin on his face.

“That was so sweet” I whispered in his ear. He cupped my chin bringing me to his mouth.

“Ethan, Angel, come on guys your making me jealous!” Annalise’s voice disconnected our lips..

“I can help you out with that!” Zak informed her, he pulled at her hand, she willingly straddled his legs.

“Erm, not me, i’ve got a boyfriend!” Kirsty’s abrupt statement making us all laugh as she raised her palms up at Sam on his attempt to make a play for her.

“Sammy baby, come join us.” Annalise patted a short length of wood to the left of herself and Zak.

I gestured Kirsty to come and sit with us, Joining her on the grass, leaving Ethan on the log, in order to make her feel more comfortable.

The three of us got into a deep conversation about ghosts and the afterlife, quite a chilling conversation when your surrounded by trees, I was just thankful it wasn’t dark. It wasn’t until my ribs were subjected to a painful jab that I even remembered Annalise and the other to guys were still with us.

“What the fu*k!” Kirsty spat.

Her lips formed a circle, her eyes almost popping out of her head. Ethan glanced over at the three of them looking back at us with a smirk. Damn, she was a wild one alright. Her legs were now straddled across the both of them, her tongue darting from one mouth to the other. There was a hand rubbing beneath her skirt from both ends.

“Jesus Christ!” My statement elongated. I looked at Ethan. He shrugged his shoulders

“It’s Annalise!” He remarked in my astonishment.

“I’m gonna head back.” Kirsty was already stood on her feet eager to escape.

“Wait, I’ll come with you.” I told her lifting myself to mine.

“Stay for just a minute.” Ethan stepped towards me wrapping his arms round my back.

“Kirsty, I’ll catch you up.” I called. She was fast stepping towards the fence.

“Is your mate ok?” He asked.

“Yeah, she just feels a bit out of place that’s all. She’s got a long term boyfriend back home.”

“Fair enough.” He nodded understandably.

He took my mouth, his kiss making me feel giddy inside. My eyes were shut, the noises coming from Annalise prizing them open. The first thing my eyes fixed on was that bumper pack of condoms she’d offered me.

“Ethan..” I mumbled his name into his mouth he pulled back, his gaze etched on me.

“I think their erm..”

“Shit!” I gasped.

My eyeline raising in their direction. Ethan spun round, both of us drop jawed to what was taking place. Zak was still sat on the log, Annalise bent over in front of him, her mouth sliding up and down his shaft. Sam was on his knees, his tongue in her sex, his length covered in the rubber ready and waiting to go.

“There gonna do it!” My words panted out from my throat.

“Well this has beat any game of dares.” He remarked, shifting the material of his trousers over his crutch.

“Are you getting turned on?” I asked him.

“Are you not?” He questioned, looking at me skeptically.

Sam raised onto his feet, Zak stretched his arms around her backside, stretching her opening wide apart. It glistened with her arousal. And then Sam took her! lining himself up behind her, he thrust in hard, almost having Zak over the log.

“We should go, give them some privacy!” I suggested.

“She wants you to watch Angel, she wants you to see her get fuc*ed!”

“What?” I looked at him startled by his statement.

“She told Brett, and he tells me everything!”

“She told him what exactly?” My eyes still fixed on them as I spoke.

“She told him she likes you.”

“When, when did she say this?” I shifted my focus to him, Sam had pulled out and Annalise was on the move.

“Last week when you mentioned her and other girls, it got me curious so I asked Brett if he knew of anything.”

Ethan’s attention kept wandering from me to them.

“In answer to your curiosity, no, she hasn’t slept with any girls, but she wants to.”

He paused, I could tell something was going down behind me by his expression.

“She wants to try it out with you!”

I drew in a sharp gulp of air, his information making me feel uncomfortably turned on.

“If you want proof of that, take a look now!” He spun me back in their direction.

“Oh God!” I gasped.

Annalise was sat on Sam’s lap, his hands groping her tits. her legs were spread wide, her fingers sliding over her creamy wetness. And her eyes ... They were directed straight at me!

“See it’s true.” He said, his hand traveling from the small of my back to my arse. My legs trembled as he squeezed my butt.

“Where did the other guy go?” I asked curiously. “Back to lesson I assume.”

“Does that turn you on, that she wants me?”

I was trying to avoid her face, but found my eyes constantly wandering to hers. Ethan pulled my hand down onto the solid length beneath his trousers.

“Does it you?” He questioned.

“I don’t know.”

“Come on, you must know! You’ve kissed her, did that turn you on?”

“I guess so.” I answered shyly.

“Would you like to do what she’s doing now?” He paused to swallow.

“To her Angel?”

His question drawing my eyes back between her legs, my sex pulsated as I watched her fingers delve inside her opening.

“I think so.” My reply honest.

“I know so baby!”

His statement followed his hand entering up my skirt, his fingers meeting my sopping wet panties.

“Don’t Ethan!” My mouth saying the exact opposite of what my body wanted.

“Relax Angel, I don’t expect you to do anything about it right now, just let me touch you.”

I drew in a deep breath. He circled round to the back of me, my skirt begun to slide up round my waist. Annalise shifted on Sam’s lap to get herself a better view.

“Fu*k!” I gasped.

Ethan lowered my panties to my ankles, prompting me to release one leg, her eyes were etched on my sex and he knew it. Pushing my thighs, he widened my legs, my body jerked as his finger slipped inside.

“Your so damn horny baby!”

His breath on my neck making me whither in his arms. I looked back over at Annalise, her tongue was rolling across her lips, she glanced up at me.

“Oh fu*k, yes, oh God!” She moaned with pleasure.

Her fingers were moving frantically over her clit, two of Sam’s were pumping hard and fast inside.

“This is embarrassing, Sam’s looking at me as well Ethan!”

“Don’t worry, his only watching, I’m touching you baby!”

I let my head flop back in the crook of his neck, the thought of being watched both unnerving and arousing. I heard Annalise cry out in ecstasy, heightening my own pleasurable groans.

“I’m cumin’ Angel!” Ethan’s words juddered against the side of my face.

“Damn, I didn’t know you were...”

“Argh ... Fu*k!” His body jerked against my back as his pleasure spilled out. My head lifted, Annalise was walking towards us, my own pleasure surging out. The thought of her touching me, tipping me over the edge.


A two hour detention for missing a one hour lesson gave me plenty of time to contemplate on my actions. And way too much time to discuss it with Annalise, who also found herself sat In the same dingy, under heated office, under the head masters watch. Except the head master buggered off after the first hour, leaving us in there alone.

“Well I won’t say it wasn’t worth it.” She shifted her chair closer to mine.

“Don’t you ever get embarrassed ?” I asked curiously.

“If you asked me that before that game of dares, I probably would of said yes, but now... No! I figured I liked it”.

“That’s not your first time with two guys though is it?”

I recalled a couple of the stories that first day we met her.

“You know it’s not, I didn’t lie to you, ya know. It is my first time with an audience though, I mean being sexual with anyone, except myself”. She giggled.

The memory of that game of dares still on her mind.

“That was definitely your first time, wasn’t it!” She grinned.

“Erm, yeah!” I felt myself blush.

“Did you like it?” I shifted uncomfortably on my chair as she dragged hers even closer. “I er, I felt a bit self conscious.” I admitted.

And I’d started to feel the same way again.

“You’ve got a cute pus*y!”

I looked at her in shock.

“It’s shaven, like mine. I’ve never seen anyone else’s before, like in real life. I just assumed everyone else had hair, unless they were a porn star of course!” She laughed loudly at her own statement.

“Yours was the first I’ve seen, I erm, I actually shaved because of that.” I confessed.


I nodded. “Yeah, I thought it looked ...”

I stopped my thought from spilling out, opting to tell her it looked cool, rather then as sexy as hell.

“Can I tell you something Angel, I mean in confidence?”

“Yeah sure.” Her request had my heart racing.

“You know me by now right.. I’m pretty extroverted, I’m self confident. Basically, what I’m saying is I’m not one to shy away from anything, right!”

“Right!” I agreed full heartedly.

“You make me nervous!”


I looked at her totally gobsmacked

“I like you, you’ve probably figured that by now. With guys, I don’t know, it’s easy I guess.”

She paused, running her hand through her deep red locks.

“To put it in black and white, if you were a guy sitting there, one I liked ... Your tongue would be down my throat by now, and your hands all over my body!”

I stared at her open mouthed, incapable of saying one word.

“Are you getting me?” Her expression unsure.

I nodded my head. Fu*k, I had an inkling she liked me, and with what Ethan had said and what happened that morning, it had definitely proved Me right. But Jesus, I hadn’t banked on a conversation like this.

“Say something, your really making me nervous now!”

“Sorry, I, Christ, I don’t know what to say.”

Tell me you like me aswell, or maybe, just to fu*k off ... Whatever.”

“Of course I like you, but I, I really like Ethan.”

“Angel I’m not asking you for a Relationship hunny.” She laughed amusingly.

“Well what are you asking then?” My tone tinged with irritation.

“Did you enjoy kissing me?” She tilted her head to one side, waiting on my reply.

“The first time I was left a bit mind fucked, but the second time, yes!”

Damn I felt like some kind of criminal being interrogated for committing some dirty, sordid act by some perverted officer that was getting off on the details.

“Would you do it again?”

“What now? In here, what if Mr grieves comes back, what about Ethan?” Now my heart was really thumping.

“Calm down.” She chuckled. “Mr Grieves has well and truly got his pipe out and his slippers on by now, and Ethan.. Come on Hun, his a guy! Do you think his gonna get mad over you getting hot with another girl?”

“Can’t we just wait until our times up, and do it back at mine?”

What the fu*k had I just said I questioned myself. I’d literally just agreed to get it on with another female. Jesus, I hope a kiss is all she wants, I thought silently to myself.

“What and give Kirsty the shock of her life!” she smirked.

“What about your room then?”

As long as you know how to resuscitate someone, I share a room with Francis Titmoth . You’ve heard of Hilary right.”
I nodded, a smile spread over my face.

“Yeah, well it’s her big sister, and I assure you, she’s just as stuck up!”

I laughed.. “Ok, maybe not then.”


“So what?” I asked, my gaze dropped to her hand which was now resting on my knee.

“Well, it seems here is our best option.”

I jolted in a breath, her fingers trailing further up my leg.

“We can’t!” I told her, my hand gripping over hers.

“Not even a kiss?” She pouted her lips seductively.

“Annalise, I don’t know .. I don’t want to go behind Ethan’s back!”

“Give me your phone!”

“What for?” My eyes dropped to my bag, before my hand could follow hers had already reached for it. She pressed her finger over his number.

“Shit, No! Don’t f*c*ing call him!” I panicked.

Hi Ethan, it’s Annalise.
I went to grab it, she shot to her feet and moved to the other side of the room.

I’m in the headmasters office with Angel and we’re alone.
She paused, her eyes locked on to mine.

We’re still feeling a bit horny from earlier but Angel just needs to know she’s got your blessing.
Fu*k! My head lowered into the palms of my hands.

Exactly what I tried to tell her!
She laughed. I could hear her footsteps heading closer to me.

Ethan’s got something to tell you Hun.
I flapped my hand, refusing to take the phone.

Just listen!
she held it against my ear, leaving me no choice.

Hey baby

Hi voice crackled

You and Annalise are gonna finally get it on ah ?....I could detect the amusement in his tone.

You still there ? ....He questioned in my silence


You don’t need my permission Angel, but if it’s my approval your after you’ve got it one hundred percent. One condition“...He added abruptly.

I want all the details!”....A nervous laugh left my lips.

Next weekend baby. I want you at mine!

Ok .. I agreed. Turning my head away from the phone.

“See, I told ya! Guys love it!” She dropped the phone back inside my bag

Come on, let’s go in here.”

Pulling at my hand she lead me to a cupboard coming off the far side wall. It was surprisingly spacious, but damn there was dusty old books everywhere and the stench was rancid.

“I know!” She said, in response to my disgusted expression. But at least if anyone comes in we can claim we were giving it a tidy up.”

“What exactly do you want us to do?” My nerves were starting to show.

“I don’t know, I’m as experienced as you at this, I guess we kiss and go from there!”

Knowing she didn’t know what she was doing either was strangely making me feel more at ease, but the fact I was still not certain I even wanted this was sending my mind into turmoil.

“Relax Angel, you look like some one off a horror movie that’s locked herself in a room Just to find the murderers in there with her!” She sniggered at her definition.

“I’m sorry, it’s just that, I’ve not thought about being into girls sexually before, I’m not even sure I am!”

“Ok, let me lead and we’re find out yeah, no hard feelings if you wanna stop.”

“Ok, I agreed.” My body braced up against the wall.

She put her hands against the wall either side of me, caging me in. Her lips pressed into mine, her tongue pushing its way inside.

“You ok with that ?” She asked her lips brushing over mine as she spoke.


Id already figured I enjoyed kissing her, it was the other stuff I was worrying about. She kissed the length of my neck making her way back to my mouth, teasing it briefly before stepping away. I thought for a minute it was her who’d changed her mind until her hands reached to my blouse, slowly she pushed each button out of its hole. My chest was raising high, my breath slow and deep. She pushed my bra above my breasts, I watched her tongue glide over her lips. Her fingers caressed over my nipples.

“I don’t need to ask if your ok with that!” She gave me a satisfying smile. I groaned in response.

Running her thumb over one nipple, she lowered her mouth to the other, her tongue gently flicking over it. Her other hand was awkwardly tugging at her own buttons.

“Do you wanna try ?” She asked, her breasts now free from their covering.

I stared at them for a few seconds, their size astonishing me again, my hands cupped over them agitatedly, her nipples like bullets beneath my fingers.

“Use your tongue Angel.” She pulled on my head I let her guide me down.

Damn, my tongue was greedy for her, I sucked them into my mouth, my tongue lashing around her erectness.

She guided me back up, pushing me back against the wall, her body pushing into me. I let out a long groan as her nipples made contact with mine.

“Do you want me to stop?”

“Fu*k no” I gasped.

I thought not!”

She stared at me, her eyes heavy and lustful. Taking my mouth again, her hands tugged up my skirt.

“Let’s see how wet you are.” She murmured against my lips, her hand pushed beneath my gusset.

’Oh yes!” She gasped. “You definitely don’t want me to stop Angel!”

A pleasurable groan slipped through my lips as her finger pushed inside.

“So we’re have they gone?”

We heard a deep male voice from the other side of the door. We looked at each other in panic, both scuffling with our clothes.


She pulled my hand from the door handle, pressing her ear against the wood.

“They’ve gone, quick let’s get out of here!”

“That’s another unfinished game Angel!” She stated as we made our separate ways.

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