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chapter 6

I spent the remainder of the week in a state of confusion. A twisted knot of emotions were unravelling in the pit of my stomach all at once and my mind a tangled mess of thoughts.

I hadn’t ventured through the fence since that last experience, but I had stayed in contact with Ethan over the phone. All his conversations started and ended with curiosity over what happened between me and Annalise. We hadn’t spoke a word of it all week, although she had raised plenty of suspicion in Kirsty’s mind.

It was just little things, the way she looked at me, spoke to me, the way she openly touched me, and the fact I no longer flinched. I still wasn’t exactly sure how I felt about it all myself yet, or how I’d even got myself into this predicament.
I couldn’t deny my feelings for Ethan, I felt funny inside with Just the mention of his name. But Annalise? Yeah, she was hot! I was happy to admit that. But did I Really feel ok with what I was doing?. On that I wasn’t sure.

I’d come to appreciate the beauty of other women, but not in the way guys do. I didn’t fancy Annalise. I didn’t even look at her in a sexual way. Yet when the suggestion was there, when she kissed me, when her hands touched against my skin ... It turned me on!

It felt different with Ethan. With him my emotions come into play. He made my heart flutter, he made me feel warm inside. With Annalise it was raw. I guess people don’t fancy sex toys, yet they still get off on them. At least that was the only logical explanation I could offer myself. Sex was still all very new to me. I’d been sexually aware for a long time, but sexually active was a whole new addition to my life. It wasn’t like I was too young to be participating, christ, I was eighteen.

In fact both Annalise and Ethan were less then a year older then me. If it wasn’t the fact my birthday fell the wrong side of September I’d be leaving in July aswell. That was another dilemma that was playing on my mind, Ethan was leaving in July and we were already half way through January.

Ok he lived just round the corner but he’d already spoke of plans to go to a specialist sports college and that would take him to the middle of London. I didn’t even know why it should even be that great an issue to me It wasn’t like we were actually going out with each other or anything, Not officially anyway. Not that i wouldn’t like it to be. We just spent a lot of time together, enjoyed each other’s company, and made out.

It was Friday and the school day had just came to an end. I’d been on edge all day knowing that the one thing I’d managed to put off talking about all week would soon be awkwardly spilling out of my mouth. I hadn’t planned on keeping it from Ethan, what had happened in the headmasters office that day. There wasn’t really that much to tell seeing as it came to an abrupt end before it had barely began. It was Annalise that had injected the guilt into my vein.

“Ethan was over the woods at lunch Angel, you should of come over.” She’d informed me at the end of school.

It wasn’t exactly a woods of sort, just a long stretch of over grown grass and rows of years old listed trees that the boys Grammar got refused permission to have cut down when they first settled on the location to build. It done us well though, sitting right between the two schools it was a place the two sexes could mix without being in direct view of either side.

“How was he?” I asked. Panicking that he may already know what I’d planned on telling him that night.

“Like a lost puppy.” She expressed a sad face with her eyes.

“Yeah alright.” I laughed. “Did you say anything about yesterday?”

“No Hun, I’ll leave that to you, but seriously that guys got it real bad for you!”

“Why, what did he say?”

“He didn’t say anything, he didn’t need to! As soon as I told him you wasn’t coming over it wiped the smile clean off his face. Honestly Hun, we even suggested having a game of spin the bottle and he got up and pissed off, and that was with Chelsea...”

“Chelsea Coppen?” I interrupted .

“That’s the one.” Her sickening expression matching my thoughts.

“Well anyway, I’m afraid Ethan hasn’t been an exception to the long list of guys that have made it their life’s goal to get inside her knickers.”

I sucked one cheek in, what she’d just said actually hurt!”

“I wouldn’t worry, the only interest he seems to have right now is you.” She rubbed my shoulder assuringly.

Damn, and there was me happy to let someone else feed my hunger in his absence. It had made me feel like total trash even though he had given me his blessing.

“You Haven’t got my black leggings in there have you?” Kirsty was packing her case to go back home for the weekend at the same time I was packing to go to Ethan’s.

“Er, no!” I told her, checking in my backpack.

“Shit I bet I left them in the laundry room.” She tutted loudly.

“Your be ok you know, you’ve been together too long to allow one stupid mistake get between you.”

I could sense she was worried about facing Aiden again. The very fact her leggings we’re neatly folded laying at the top of a pile of clothes already in her suitcase confirmed the mess she was allowing her mind to get in.

“I know we will, it just hurts that’s all.” She knelt on her case tugging the zip around.

“When he touched me...” She paused to swallow.

“After what happened, I just couldn’t help but think about how he’d done that to someone else, to my friend. Your not meant to cry your eyes out in the middle of sex, right!”

“Kirsty.” I whispered, hugging her into me.

I wondered if Ethan would have those same thoughts after I confessed my dirty five minutes with Annalise later that night, the thought bringing tears to my eyes.

“Can I tell you something in confidence Kirst?” My tone was tremulous in her ear.

“What’s eating at you Angel?” She pushed at my arms and reached for my hand. Dropping my bag to the floor she made room for us both to sit on my bed.

“I feel like I might of betrayed someone myself!”

“Ethan...? What have you done?” Her eyes widened, I could already detect disapproval in her expression.

I left out what happened in the woods earlier that day but told her everything that followed.

“That’s not the same Angel, Ethan knew . Annalise told him, asked him even. It’s not like you went behind his back!
Fu*k, i knew something had happened. I can’t believe you actually done it though.”

Well, we didn’t... Not really.”

“Sounds like you done enough to guarantee you would of done if you hadn’t of been interrupted. Anyway, she’s a girl. It’s different from going with another guy!”

“Why is it? Would you of been ok then if Aiden had gone with a bloke?“.

“Fu*k, NO!, that’s definitely not the same.” She screwed her face up in disgust.

“What makes one more acceptable then the other Kirsty?” Her finger rested against her cheek.

“I don’t know, it just is. Guys like girls going with girls, and like you said you had his approval.”

He turned down the chance to get sexual with Chelsea bloody Coppen Kirsty, what if he just said ‘go ahead’ because he felt he had no choice?”

“Jesus christ Angel, your well over thinking here. This is nothing like my situation!”

Fair enough point taken!” I told her. I could see the irritation building up inside her.



Ethan lead me through to the kitchen as soon as id arrived.

“Erm, yeah.” I looked at him with suspicion.

“Get that down you!” He said, handing me half a glass of neat vodka topped up with a splash of lemonade.

“Are you trying to get me drunk?” I raised my brow allowing my backpack to slide down my arm.

“I’m trying to get you to talk, you’ve been avoiding me all week!”

“No I haven’t, I’ve spoken to you every day on the phone!”

“Yeah, until a certain little subject comes up, and then various different ‘something’s’ have come up at your end requiring you to get off the phone!” He looked at me impassively.

I sat awkwardly down on the chair gulping my drink back in one, my face creased up as I swallowed its sharpness.

“Ethan!” I gasped. The bottle tilted over my glass filling it straight back up again.

“What happened between you and Annalise Angel?” He pulled his chair round to face mine.

I moved my focus to my drink, taking another long gulp. Damn my head already fuzzy from the first.

“I’m sorry, I, shit, I shouldn’t of let it happen!” My head dropped to my hands, burying myself from his view.


He pulled my hands away leaving them rested inside his

“Why the fuck are you apologising, after that kiss you shared with her I’ve been praying for more to happen.”

“What?” I raised my gaze to his, swallowing hard on the glint in his eyes.

“I’ve just been a little pis*ed you were refusing to tell me!”

“But, Annalise... She told me you’d walked away from...”

“Getting it on with another girl without you?” He cut in finishing my sentence.

“That’s different!”

God another one saying it’s not the same, I still didn’t quite get why!

“Well if your hoping for a lot of juicy details I’m afraid there’s not much to tell.

“We got interrupted!”

“Serious? Fu*k! What happened?”

“We went into the storage cupboard luckily! And a couple of teachers come into the office, i’m not sure who, but they were obviously looking for us! We waited for them to go then legged it back to our rooms. We never did find out who they were, they obviously assumed the head had already allowed us to leave.”

“And the in between? don’t miss that out!”

He grinned at me, letting my hands drop he moved his to my thighs.

“We kissed and erm, groped about with each other’s lady bumps.”

He smirked. “And ?”

“And she put her hand inside my panties and then we heard the voice from the other side of the door.”

“Damn!” He looked genuinely disappointed.

“Wait there, I’ve just got a quick call to make.”

On his return the spark had returned to his eyes.

“So did you enjoy what you did do?”

His hands were back on my thighs this time caressing the skin beneath my knee length denim skirt.

“I guess so.”

I raised my eyes shyly, he looked at me back his expression demanding a more affirmative answer.

“Ok, yes!” I admitted rolling my teeth over my lower lip.

“That’s good baby, because we’ve got company tomorrow night!”

“Who?” I gasped. My curiosity expelling in a feint whisper.

“Brett and Annalise we’re gonna finish off that game of dares!”

My heart thudded so hard in my chest I thought it was gonna jump out.

“Ethan I’m not sure I’m ready for that!” I panicked. Damn, I wasn’t sure I was even up for it.

“There’s no pressure, let’s just see how it go’s, if all else fails I’ve got a monopoly board.” He laughed.

“Is that who you just spoke to?”

I didn’t, I messaged them both.”

“Well I know what all my dares are gonna be!”

I bit hard on my lip trying to ignore I’d noticed my skirt was now holding together by just one button.

“I don’t. Annalise has stepped up the game now so I wouldn’t be too sure on that!”

Shit! What if she asks me to do things with Brett?”

“Then except your challenge, or face the consequence!”

“What get stripped naked by her, I probably already will be!”

He raised both brows quickly, the blacks of his pupils covering most of the brown.

“I doubt that will still be the consequence!”

What about you, will you be touching her too?”

I wasn’t sure how I would feel about that, the thought was making me a bit jealous.

“Depends what I get dared.” The thought seemingly unfazing him.

“Open your legs a bit baby.”

He pushed against both sides of my thighs, i sucked in a sharp audible breath as his finger pushed under the crutch of my panties.

“Your very wet!” He smiled pleasingly, pushing his finger up inside.

“Have you played these games a lot?” My voice juddering, his rhythm speeding up.

“Not how we’re gonna be playing!”

He lent in to kiss me, his tongue slid up my neck before meeting my lips.

“Have you ever had two girls at the same time?” My question echoed in his mouth.

“Only in my wildest fantasies baby!”

His tongue moved against mine with force, I felt a slight sting down below as he entered a second finger.

“Your so deliciously wet!” He murmured.

And your so deliciously hard I thought as my hand rested down on his crutch.

“Stand up!”

He pulled back removing his fingers, leaving me almost pained from the loss. Opening the last of my buttons he let my skirt drop to the wooden floor.

“We need to lose these.” He said pulling my panties to the ground.

He guided my foot onto the edge of his chair his finger run over my clit, my body shuddered in response. Hastily thumbling with his jeans, he released his length before dipping his finger back inside my opening, pulling it back out he placed it in his mouth sucking my wetness.

“Fu*k you taste so good!” He pushed it back inside.

“Taste baby!”

His finger was pushing against my lips. I opened my mouth allowing it to enter. He watched me suck it inside.

“Damn girl your so hot!” He shifted forward on his chair his mouth heading towards my sex.

“Ahh-ah Ethan!” I gasped.

His tongue slid over my wetness. I watched his hand sliding vigorously up and down his shaft as my fingers threaded through his hair.

It was his arousal pumping out of his tip that had me creaming into his mouth.

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