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chapter 7

“Is this ok?” I asked.

I’d just stepped out of the shower and into a two piece outfit Ethan had brought me on our browse round the new shopping complex that day. It was a little on the revealing side with its see through top and micro length
Swing Skirt. I only had to tilt slightly forward to flash my black laced thong, It was gorgeous though. The skirt was a shiny red satin and the top a long sleeved black mesh. My black push up bra visible beneath.

“You look gorgeous baby!” He winked as he zipped up his five 0 one’s.

I opted to leave my hair free from tie backs that night feeling thankful I’d remembered my straighteners.

“Jesus your hair almost touches your arse!”

I smiled swinging it round to one side.

“Are you ready for this?”

He glanced at the clock, my eyes following his. Shit, in about ten minutes time they would be here. I gave him a nervous glance, my lips pulling into my mouth.

“Come on, let’s go dampen your nerves.”

I polished off half a bottle of red before they finally showed up.

“Funny eight o’clock”. He said to Brett, pointing out the little hand on the nine.

“Yeah, sorry about that. We got caught up.” Brett told him, pinching Annalise’s behind.

“Hi Annalise” I smiled. Watching her plonk another two bottles on the table in front of me.

“You look nice!”

She really did! She was wearing a white dropped back skirt, it’s front resting high up her thighs and a shimmery black metallic halter necked crop top. Her long red locks hanging in ringlets around her back.

“You look like I wanna get on with this game!” She chuckled as she pored herself a large glass of red.

“Shall we go in the living room peeps, I reckon we might be a little more comfortable in there!” Ethan winked at me as he lead us through.

I headed straight to the red velvet armchair, the other three sat round the large matching corner suite.

“Ah-ah Angel, there’s room for you here!” Ethan patted an empty space between himself and Brett.

“So who’s going first?” Annalise asked, looking at me as I stepped awkwardly across the room to join them.

Damn, I was feeling a little giddy in the head from the drink I’d already consumed but I felt like I needed at least the same again to prepare myself for this. I drank what I had left in my glass straight down shrugging my shoulders in reply to Annalise’s question.

“Ok, I’ll go first, a nice easy one to start us off... Annalise, swap seats with Brett!” Ethan’s first Dare out of the way!

That one wasn’t so bad, my thought leaving in a sigh of relief.

“Now your turn baby!” Ethan’s statement leaving me speechless, damn I’d not even thought about what or who I was gonna dare.

“Do you mind if I, erm, go grab another drink first. It’ll give me time to think.”

“I’ll come with you!” Annalise shook her empty glass .

“Annalise I don’t know what to dare,” I told her as I poured the red liquid into the two glass vessels.

I looked over my shoulder to check she was there, my body jolted. I hadn’t expected her to be so close.

“Shit, you made me jump.” A nervous giggled crackled from the back of my throat.

“Sorry Hun, I was just admiring your arse cheeks!”

Damn skirt I muttered under my breath, my arm shot round the back of me. Fu*k, I was showing half my arse.

I stood up straight, a few drops of red spilled onto the shiny black surface.

“Oh no!” I raised my palms in the air angered by my clumsiness.

“It’s alright, calm down.” Annalise walked off returning with a sheet of kitchen roll.

I lent across to wipe the spillage forgetting why it had happened in the first place until I got reminded by the feel of her long red manicured nails digging into my flesh.

“Annalise!” I gasped, my body tensing up.

“I can’t wait to get my fingers back in their!” She run her hand over my dainty gusset.

I bolted upright turning round I almost bumped straight into her mouth.

“Come on!” I urged, there come looking for us in a minute.

“So, what’s your Dare then ?” Brett asked as soon as I sat back down.

“I erm, erm...”

“What you girls been up to out there all that time?” Ethan chuckled, raising one brow suspiciously.


“I was admiring your girls pretty black thong Ethan!” Annalise cut in. My face matched the colour of the wine.

“Ok, I’ve got my Dare!” I told them.

“Show us all what knickers you have on Annalise!”

I thought I was getting my own back until she lifted her skirt to reveal she had no knickers on at all. Fu*k, this girl was relentless! After the guys calmed down Brett sat forward to take his turn.

“I say Angel should show the rest of us her pretty black thong!”

Ok, this was making me nervous and it was nothing to what was to come. I stood in the centre of the room, turning my back on them i etched up the back of my skirt.

“Show us the front too!” Brett roared over.

I turned back to face them doing the same with the front before scrambling back over to my seat.

“My turn!” Annalise’s tone filled with excitement.

“I dare Ethan to stick his finger up Angel’s love hole and show us how wet she is!”

Fu*k, I felt my nerves prickle against my skin. Ethan lifted my leg off the red pile carpet, his hand disappeared beneath my skirt, he pushed beneath the elastic of my panties, his finger pumped inside me three or four times making me suck in a juddered lungful of air before he removed it. My juices glistened on his finger as he held it up for all to see.

“Annalise..” He said, cleaning his finger up inside his mouth. “Let’s see how wet you are darling!”

She stood herself up in front of Ethan. My heart started to beat hard and fast unsure on what exactly she was going to do. Etching her skirt up she parted her legs. Pushing one finger inside she pulled it out and offered it too his lips. He glanced at me, his expression awkward as he excepted it’s entry.

“Are you ok?” he whispered in my ear as she sat herself back down. I nodded, unsure of my reply.

“What’s the consequence of refusal?” He asked looking to us all for suggestions.

“Your have to bring yourself off..“.

“That’s pointless Annalise you’ve already done that!” Brett cut in.

I’ve not finished!” She poked him in his side

“You have to bring yourself off with a piece of fruit or vegetable in front of us all!”

“And the guys?” Ethan queried, his face perplexed.

“I’m sure you can find somewhere to shove it!” She winked leaving us all with a sickening expression.

“I dare Ethan and Annalise to kiss!” I said boldly.

Ethan looked at me shocked, damn if I could of looked at me I would have done the same. I just knew that pretty soon there would be dares that involved the two of them and although a kiss was the least of my worries, I needed to get it out of the way. Ethan got up from his seat, leaning over Annalise he joined his lips to hers, my heart was beating heavy as I watched their tongues probing each other. He opened his eyes briefly to check I was ok, his hand gripped over my thigh.

I was left feeling unsure if I liked it or not. There was definitely a bit of jealousy running through my veins, but at the same time there was a definite tingle going on between my legs. He took my hand in his as he sat back down at my side.

“Now Annalise and Angel!” Brett rubbed his hands together shifting himself sideways on the sofa.

“With pleasure!” Annalise purred, her mouth going straight to mine.

“This games gonna get fu*king hot!” Brett exclaimed. His excitement visible at his crutch.

“I think you should kiss Brett now Angel... Your the only two left, seeing as the guys are protected by their own made up rule!”

I swallowed hard on her request, my gaze shooting to Ethan.

“Go on, it’s ok” he assured me. “I just done it!”

“Are you sure?” There was something in his eyes that said otherwise.

“Angel, i’ve only got a cucumber would you rather give that a go instead?”

He laughed loudly, the thought making me gulp.

I stepped towards Brett, my movement agitated as I lowered my self down towards his mouth. His lips were bigger then Ethan’s, his rhythm more sloppy. I’d barely been there a few seconds when I gasped straight into his mouth. A finger had entered inside my panties and pushed right into my opening, I pulled myself up abruptly, Ethan was lent forward on his seat.

“Jesus Christ Annalise!”

“Sorry, couldn’t resist the temptation!”

Ethan winked at me as I sat back down. I gulped my drink back rolling my eyes at him.

“Are you ready to up the game Angel?”

Ethan whispered in my ear, his breath sending a tingle down my spine

“To what?” I asked concerned.

“Nothing too major!” I looked at him wide eyed.

“Ok, I reckon it’s about time Annalise gave Angel some proper attention, So...”

He paused, his hand clamped over my thigh as he gestured me another wink my heart pounding in anticipation.

“Annalise top half only, get her hot and sweaty!”

“Ethan!” I seethed at him through gritted teeth as Annalise yanked me to my feet by my hand.

She went straight for my top pulling it up and off over my head. Taking my mouth she wrapped her arms round my back, I could feel her fiddling with my clasp. As she pulled away, so too did my bra. She stood staring at me as she pulled her own top over her head.

“fu*k”! Ethan exclaimed, I looked in his direction, his hand was pushing against the bulge in his jeans.

She pressed her breasts into mine taking my mouth again. Her lips trailed down my neck down past my clavicle and stopped at my breasts, her tongue flicking each one in turn. My head tilted back, my legs barely keeping me up. My hands holding on to her sides. I gripped her skin firmly, stopping the temptation to roam down towards her skirt.

“Ok, let Angel have her dare now before I cum in my fucking pants!” Brett’s voice sounded desperate.

“I think we’re done with Dares baby, come here!”

I made my way over to Ethan, my head spinning with drunken arousal. As I sat at his side his hand went straight for my tit, his mouth taking mine. I could feel a lot of movement at my side, I pulled my head back from his turning to take a look. Annalise was straddled across Brett’s legs, his fingers pumping beneath her skirt.

“Do you wanna join in with them baby?” Ethan’s words gravelled into my ear.

“I, I don’t know?” I stuttered nervously.

He lent in front of me whispering something into Brett’s ear. Taking my mouth again he pulled on my panties until they rolled down my legs and dropped to the floor.

“Lift your leg baby.” He pulled it over his legs, I gasped in his mouth as my other got lifted from the floor and rested down in the opposite direction.


“It’s ok, just relax!” I thought it was laying over Annalise until I realised it was denim I could feel beneath my

A wet tongue started to roll over my nipple, my body tensed. Ethan was still attached to my lips, and I knew Annalise’s chin certainly didn’t feel as rough as that.


My panicked words pushed through to the back of his throat. He pulled back from my mouth his eyes intensely staring into mine.

“It’s ok Angel, just enjoy it!”

His voice gravelled. He lowered his head, taking my other nipple inside his mouth. I pushed my head back against the sofa, my eyes shut, to embarrassed to look. My back arching against their faces, my arousal washing over the fear. one of them was pulling at my skirt, I could feel it bulked up around my waist.

“Ahh Jesus!” My hips jolted up, a finger pushed up inside my opening, there was a hand caressing up and down my thighs on both sides. I opened my eyes leaning my head up. I knew Annalise had got involved now.

Both guys lifted there heads pulling my thighs further apart they watched Annalise as she knelt between my legs, her finger pushing slowly inside then pulling back out to run my wetness over my clit. Ethan and Brett’s hands were running all over my body, their free hands now moving fast up and down there erections. I turned my head to Ethan’s side, he glanced up at me, his eyes heavy and so dark. that’s when I felt her tongue inside me.

“Oh god, ahh yes”.

An elongated groan pushed through my lips, my hand reached for Ethan’s length taking it from his own, his tongue pushed back inside my mouth.

“Give Brett some attention baby.” His request brushed across my lips.

I turned my head to Brett, his eyes were on me, his face slowly moving into mine. As I excepted him inside my mouth, Ethan took hold of my free hand Positioning it against Brett’s length.

Fu*k! I now had two co*ks in my hands and a female’s mouth wedged between my legs.

It was hard trying to keep the rhythm in sync, it was hard to concentrate on anything with the sensation going on between my legs.

“Ahh... Fu*k, Ethan I’m cumming, oh yes, ahh God...”

My cries juddered through my lips, my hips were off the sofa pushing my sex deep into her mouth, my hands gripped tight round their flesh.

“Come on baby, let yourself go!” Ethan’s own words rasped through his throat.

“Ahh yes Ethan...Yes.”

My thighs tightened around Annalise’s head, my body jerking my orgasm into her mouth. My legs flopped down, my muscles jerked forcefully against my skin and my head sunk into the padded back of the sofa. Ethan lent down his lips pressed tenderly against my forehead.

“We’re not done yet Angel!”

His statement bringing my attention to three highly aroused sets of eyes, staring straight back at mine. Annalise stood to her feet, offering her hand out to mine. I accepted, she pulled me up at her side.

“Up guys!” Her request left in a demand.

Brett and Ethan stood at each others side, she beckoned me down on my knees. Ethan’s erection stood to attention inches from my mouth. She lowered herself in front of Brett, our lips sucked them in almost in unison.

“Swap!” Her order made my heart thud inside my chest.

I gazed up at Ethan, unsure. Not just about what I was about to do to Brett, but what Annalise was going to do to him.
He winked, running his fingers through my hair. I took Brett’s length inside with agitation, my eyes etched on Annalise. Her mouth slid over Ethan with ease. At first I was unsure, but the more I watched, the more it turned me on.

“I need some attention Angel, I can deal with these two!”

Her eyes were seeping with arousal. She parted her knees pulling her skirt up round her waist, she had both the guys erections gripped tight in her fists.

I run my hand down her backside, my fingers caressed over her outer lips before dipping inside. Jesus Christ, she was dripping! I pushed over her clit, touching it the way I knew I liked to touch myself. She groaned, assuring me I was doing alright. I watched her suck from one length to the other.

“Move in guys!” She told them.

There co*ks collided as she pulled them closer. Both guys took an abrupt sideways step in opposite Directions.

“Don’t be fu*king prudes!” She pulled them back in, their unwanted contact soon forgotten as her tongue ravished them both simultaneously.

She pulled at a couple of side buttons on her skirt, the whole thing opened up, dropping to the floor.

“Crawl underneath me Angel”. Her words muffled, her mouth full.

Damn, her wetness glistened above my eyeline, I watched it slowly lower down onto my face. I pushed my tongue inside her opening, her cream filling my mouth. Her body smelt of Grapefruit. The body shop I reckoned, I had the same body cream back home.

She withered against my face, I could here a lot of deep groans coming from the guys. My hand shot down between my own legs, my own desire building strong. Within minutes it was replaced with a tongue, I could here Annalise still sucking on one of the guys. Not knowing which one was between my legs was both unnerving and deliciously erotic.

Fu*k, that was me again. My tongue lashed greedily over her clit as my own sex exploded. she let out an almighty groan, her sex pushing down on me so hard I could barely breath. I could tell by the juddered grunts the guys were firing their load too. Annalise stood up, Ethan crawled up my body into my arms.

“Did I tell you I fucking like you ?” I nodded with a coy grin.

“I was wrong.” I looked at him perplexed.

“I God damn love you Angel!” His confession brushed tenderly over my lips.

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