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chapter 8

I couldn’t sleep that night. I’d laid wrapped in his arms watching his chest rise and fall, his breath deep. Every once in a while a tiny snort would push through his nose making me jolt. My body was shattered, every muscle ached. But my mind wouldn’t quit thinking about what he’d said.

Holy fu*k, he said he loved me! I wasn’t stupid, I knew they were just words of the moment. Jesus he’d just lived out his wildest fantasy ... That’s enough to make you say anything. It didn’t stop me from realising exactly how strong my feelings for him were though.

‘Angel Jenson I think your in love!’ My self confession bringing a tear to my eye.

I still couldn’t quite believe what had taken place that evening. Maybe I was a sleep, maybe I wasn’t really here at all. Yeah maybe I’m dreaming. I run my fingers down his chest allowing that thought to settle my mind as i slowly drifted into unconsciousness.

“Angel, Angel!”

His tone sounded urgent, my body shook as his hand pushed on my shoulder.

“What?” I gasped.

My brain delayed on making out the figure above me that my half squinted eyes were trying hard to focus on.

“You’ve got less then fifteen minutes to get your arse over that school!”

“Shit, the Hockey match!”

I bolted across the room, chucking on a pair of jeans and my fluffy pink jumper. I stuffed the rest of my belongings back inside my backpack.

“I’m really sorry, i over slept as well,” He apologised.

“Hey, It’s fine!”

I glanced up at the clock, Damn... It was almost ten to two.

“Don’t worry, I’ll get there!” I assured him, already out of the door and heading to the stairs.

“Angel, about last night...”

I stopped mid step, my heart fluttered. Was he gonna say something about what he’d said?

“It was out of this world baby... Thank you .

I smiled against my disappointment and continued out of the door.


He never did mention those three words again in the entirety of the time I was still a student at Brookfields and I never confessed my true feelings for him. We never even got round to labelling ourselves boyfriend and Girlfriend.

I’d taken him to meet my parents over the Easter break. I was planning on staying at his for the duration but he’d passed his driving test mid way through, in fact it was on his birthday. His dad surprised him with a set of keys to a brand new Ford Focus, it was bright red and sported the new 2008 face lift.

Of course he was eager to get out in it straight away, so that’s what we decided. We packed a few days worth of luggage and done the hours journey from Sussex to Kent. My mum loved him.. Damn even my Dad thought he was cool. For the entire three days we were there he was known as my boyfriend.

“Ethan his names Ethan”. I would constantly inform them. Ethan would just politely smile, his face tinted a feint shade of pink.

We were sitting round the dining table one evening enjoying a roast beef dinner my mum had cooked up for us. The room fell silent as we all tucked in and then suddenly my mum blurts out..

“Oh to be young and in love again, look at them Jed.”

My dads real name was Edward, but practically everyone knew him as Jed. I looked across at her in shock, swallowing painfully against the hard edge of a Potato that I near as damn swallowed hole.

“You two are so in love!”

“Mum stop it!” I wanted the ground to open up and suck me in.

“Angel darling, I’m just stating a fact. It’s in your eyes, both of you, you’ve got that look for each other that only ever comes from true love!” She glanced at Ethan, then back to me. I closed my eyes tight shut.

“You can’t hide it hunny!” She laughed. “Anyway, it’s nothing to be ashamed of... It’s wonderful, I’m over the moon for You Angel, for both of you”.

She smiled at Ethan, he returned her smile. His hand dropped onto my knee. We didn’t talk about it after that although I’m sure the conversation sat awkwardly on the tip of his tongue for the entire journey back. He spent more time looking at me then he did on the road out ahead.

We still spent much of our time together for the remainder of his days in Sixth form, in fact we spent a further six months in each other’s company before he left to go to London and we still had the occasional fun with other people, but never alone, not even me and Annalise. Except for a couple of mutually agreed occasions and one I had no say over. I don’t know how it came about but we seemed to have made this unspoken Pact ... Pretty much anything went when we were together, but alone it was a strict No,No! Unless of course it only involved ourself!

One particular occasion it only involved myself occurred on that very same day I’d over slept at Ethan’s. I’d sprinted the short distance from his to the school, and headed straight to the sports block, my body ready to collapse by the time I’d reached the lockers. Pulling my PE kit bag out and shoving my back pack in, I joined the rest of them In the changing rooms.

“Where the hell have you been ?” Kirsty gave me a disapproving glance as she laced her shoe.

“Ill tell you later.” I told her pulling my jumper over my head.

A chorus of wolf whistles sounded from the opposite side of the room.

“Shit!” My hands going abruptly to my breasts, I spun round to face the wall.

“I look forward to hearing it!” Kirsty grinned, her face as red as mine felt.

I pulled my white t-shirt quickly over my head, stepping awkwardly into my skirt.

“You planning on keeping your jeans on ?” Kirsty looked at me quizzically.

“I’ve got a feeling I’ve got no knickers on either!” I whispered against her ear.

“I really look forward to hearing it!” She laughed.

Well I was right about the knickers and trying to play hockey without bending over proved to be an extremely difficult challenge. Even more awkward when it was the final deciding match between ourselves and Haywood high. Those girls were lethal bitches, any opportunity to have you over on your arse their take it. With that thought in mind I did attempt to return to my locker.

“Angel Jenson your going the wrong way!”

“Erm, I’ve just got to grab something from my locker Miss Joyce.”

“No time for that girl, come on, we’ve got a trophy to win!”

“Fu*k! Commando it is then I seethed under my breath.

“Looks like you’ve got yourself a couple of fans”

Kirsty informed me breathlessly as she rushed past to whack the ball I’d deliberately avoided. My attention turned to the direction she was running, there was a gathering of spectators at the back of me. In a small gap between two groups I spotted both Ethan and Brett, they had their faces pressed against the barbed wire behind. Ethan waved his mobile at me, I shrugged my shoulders unsure of what he meant.

“The next time I get the ball I’ll whack it in that direction you make sure your the one to go and get it and tell them to get away from there before we all get in bloody trouble”!

“Yeah, ok”. Damn, I had a feeling her weekend hadn’t gone so well.

Jesus, make that a double ‘damn!’ she near on shot it through the fence.

“I’ll get it, I yelled, my feet moving as fast as they could.

“What the hell are you doing?”

I bent over to dig the ball from an overgrown patch of grass it had rolled into.

“Enjoying the view!”

Ethan’s voice was followed by an amusing chuckle from them both. I didn’t catch on at that point, it wasn’t until I finally got a chance to check my Phone that I realised what they had found so funny.

“What’s with the phone?” I asked. Making it look like I was searching for the ball.

Good job Miss Joyce was too occupied with their sports coach to be concerned with what her girls were doing. Although he was pretty hot for a teacher.

“I sent you a message, just wanted to make sure you check it that’s all.”

Ethan still had a smirk on his face.

“I will but get out of here” I told them. Placing the ball on the ground I whacked it hard back up the field.

It was then I had the idea to fake a stomach ache.

“Miss Joyce...”

I caught her attention with my strained tone, my arms wrapped tight round my abdomen.

“What is it Jenson?”

Her eyes raised from the tight fitted t-shirt clinging snugly against the fit sports coaches six pack, her expression agrivated.

“My stomach Miss, it really hurts!”

“Just go and get yourself dressed, and Jenson... Your a grown woman now, not a ten year old!” Her gaze dropped to my chest.

“Thank you Miss Joyce.”

Her attention went back to him missing my involuntary smirk. As soon as I arrived back in the sports block I retrieved my mobile from my locker. Damn, I’d received four messages from Ethan. I opened the first ....

Hey Angel, I’m glad you made it to the match on time. I’ve got a mates 21st to go to Friday night. I wondered if you’d like to join me? (Please) xxx

I smiled at the three kisses as I opened the next.

Loving the no bra/White t-shirt look! I have a bottle of Evian here that would compliment it just perfectly ;)

My laughter turning to a red faced gasp as I clicked on the third. There was no text just an image of me bent over getting that damn ball. My skirt half way up my arse and my shaved in-between fully on show. Little fu*kers I thought, my finger pressing firmly over the fourth.

That pic’s gonna render my porn collection obsolete! I’ve got some seriously dirty thoughts running through my mind right now Angel ;p

I sat myself on the bench my finger pressing against the keypad.

You should of warned me you were taking it I would of posed ;) . And Ethan, GET IT OFF YOUR PHONE!!! A message came back almost instantly


I’ll come with you Friday Xx. I texted, in hope of cheering him up.

You can ‘CUM’ with me now if you fancy meeting up? Are you still not wearing any panties?

I would love nothing more than to ‘CUM’ with you Ethan, but I promised Kirsty I would go into town with her :( . In answer to your curiosity, No! No panties, no bra. And this bench I’m sat on is starting to feel damp. So stop it! (Please). Xxx :)

I waited for the buzz, instead my phone began to ring. Oh shit, I winced at his name on the screen before accepting the call.

“Hi Ethan”.... I was immensely embarrassed now, for sending that last text.

“Hey Angel, where are you?”

“In the changing room. I came off early.”

“Is anyone with you?”

“No, just me. What were you and Brett doing in school?”

“I told you... Enjoying the view!”

“Your off your head. Your get proper done if you get caught! Your not still over there are you?”

“No, I’m back home”. ..... I heard him mumble to someone.

“Is Brett still with you?”

“Yeah. We’re gonna have a bowl down the gym later. I was thinking of booking one of the sauna rooms? If your not busy. What do...”

“Ethan!” ... His name gasped involuntarily out of my mouth mid way through his sentence.

“What’s up Angel?”

“Nothing”.... I paused shifting myself further back on the bench.

“Book it for who? Me, you” ... I paused again “And Brett?” ....His name whispered through my lips.

“Well you kinda worked his appetite up as well baby. I don’t like to see anyone go hungry!”

“Why the sauna?” .... Jesus, I almost laughed at my own quiery. He was practically spelling it out that he wanted to go two on one with his best mate and all I could question was his choice of location.

“Where’s better to get hot and steamy?” ... He chuckled his reply.

“Look I’ve gotta go.” ... I glanced at my watch. Pretty soon this room would be filled with dirt splashed, sweaty girls. I needed to get my shower before I missed my chance.

“I’ll call you later.” ... I ended the call before he had chance to reply.

It was then I shared my first face to face introduction with Hilary Titmoth. I stepped under the shower, my skin prickled as it adjusted to the heat. Ethan’s conversation played over and over in my mind. Thoughts of lying across that brown wood bench in that hot steamy room with my little white towel substituting as a pillow For my head and two hot and sweaty guys devouring every inch of my body refused to wash away with the soap. I soon found myself vigorously washing my insides with my middle finger.

“Oh god, I gasped” my rhythm increasing as my groans joined closer together. I stopped for a brief second, my thighs clamping tight together with the urgency It left me. I swear I’d heard the door creak open and was unsure if the shadow i could see through the white PVC curtain that separated me from the other cubicles had been there all the time, or was the consequence of the noise I had heard. Assuming it was my own paranoia, I allowed my fingers to continue their work.

“What’s going on in there?”

A sharp female voice echoed through my ears. Shit, an abrupt end come to my imminent orgasm. My knees bent, my opening tightened up around my fingers. The interruption Painful. I pulled my towel from the rail, wrapping myself in it before agitatedly sliding the curtain back. Fu*k! Hillary Titmoth ... AKA... Lady bloody muck! Head girl five years in a row was standing tight lipped staring straight at me.

“What exactly were you doing in there?”

Ok so I could play it two ways here, the good way or the bad. I opted for the bad.

“Masterbating!” My reply direct.

Her pale complexion turned a nasty shade of red.

“Sorry did I shock you? I thought perhaps you already knew. You were, after all standing outside for a good five minutes before rudely interrupting, I mean whats all that about, get to hot for you in here?”

“Your name!”

Her fingers twiddled nervously through her ash blonde hair.

“Angel!” She glared at me unamused.

“Your name!” She repeated

“Angel Jenson!”

She shook her head.

“Do you really expect one to believe such nonsense?”

“Angel Jenson!” I repeated again. “That is my name”

I pulled out my student identity card from my jean pocket, that lay scrupled in a heap at the far side of the room. I’d not shared any of her classes, never been that bright. So she’d not noticed me enough to know of me, although I certainly knew of her. Hilary Tit-Muff, as we called her, didn’t get off on sex, she got off on power, but her hesitance to stop me straight away and that glint of arousal sparking from her eyes despite her annoyance, confirmed to me sex was her weakness. I doubted she’d ever done it, that would of spread round the school quicker than the plague had infected London. But I’d certainly put a good wager on her going at herself like a rampant fu*king rabbit at every opportunity she gets.

“I will be reporting you to the head for this!”

“That’s a shame, I was hoping to let you off!”

“What do you mean let me off?”

Jeez, I wished she’d take that imaginary toffee out of her mouth when she spoke.

“For perving!”

“I was doing no such thing!”

She was getting flustered, her feet shifting from one to the other.

“Just like I wasn’t masterbating!”

“But you said...”

“I know what I said.” I cut in.

“Let’s get it over with then!” I looped my arm through hers, her body flinched at my touch.

“Where are we going?” she panicked.

“To have this out In front of Mr Grieves. My word against yours hunny and let’s be honest, we both knew what the other was doing, and neither one of us is likely to admit it!”

“Fine!” She spat.

Her arm yanked from mine. Huffing at my victorious expression she legged it through the door.

“Can’t make tonight. Sorry, maybe another time though? Xxx .

I texted back to Ethan. My nerves had been activated enough for one day!

Thank you for reading -x-

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