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chapter 9

Ethan’s mates 21st proved interesting. Which made up for the shitty week I’d had. It was my week of painting the town red, the weeks you wished you’d been born a man. And I’d been as grumpy as hell.

Kirsty of course had wanted to know all the juicy details that lead me to be minus underwear on what was probably our most important Hockey match of the year. We won anyway, which was a relief. I was generally one of their best players, but had certainly not shown it that day.

I told her about Ethan, that we’d got it on and even confided in her what he had said. I’d also told her Annalise and Brett had popped round, and that they had got it on. I just didn’t tell her that they had got it on with us.

We hadn’t seen much of Annalise, and luckily when we had she’d kept her mouth shut, until that Friday that was.
We all had a free period at the end of the afternoon, Kirsty wanted to go back into town to Pick up a gift to take back to her mum for her birthday, I wanted to prepare for the party that evening, so Annalise offered to go with her.

“So your a fully fledged lesbian now! When exactly was you planning on telling me?”

Kirsty had just that second walked through the door, dropped her bags and come unannounced into the shower room.

“Jesus Christ Kirsty, I’m in the fu*king shower!” I grabbed the towel off of the rail, covering my nakedness.

“And... Why would that bother you ?”

“Erm, because I’m naked!”

“It doesn’t bother you with Annalise. I’m a girl, what’s the difference ?”

“Kirsty I’m not a god damn lesbian, and even if I was it doesn’t mean I’m happy to flaunt myself in front of anyone and everyone!”

“Annalise told me Angel. You didn’t just ‘get it on’ with Ethan did you! Why didn’t you tell me ?”

“Because I didn’t think you needed to know, and I ..” I paused to step out of the shower. “It’s embarrassing!”

“I’m your best friend Angel!” She walked out of the room looking both upset and pissed off.

I pulled on my leather look leggings, my damp legs making it difficult. Clasping my bra in place and buttoning up my bustier style black sequinned top i joined her back in the bedroom.

“I’m sorry ok, it’s just... It’s a bit of a delicate subject to discuss. I mean, what was I meant to say? Oh by the way Kirsty, me and Annalise ... We sampled each others cum on Saturday night ?”

She screwed her face up. “You don’t have to be so crude!”

“I’m not trying to be, but in black and white that’s exactly what we did!”

“And Brett ?” She questioned.

Damn, she told her about him too.

“I did not sample his cum!”

“Don’t be funny, you know what I’m asking!”

“No... No I don’t! If your trying to get me to admit what Annalise has already told you.. then yes, I did some sexual things with him too!”

“I thought you and Ethan were pretty serious about each other ?”

“We are, I think. Look we’re not in any official relationship but we are close. Things are different between us, they mean more, at least they do to me!”

“And Brett ...., Annalise ?” She raised her brow. “What do they mean to you ?”

“Nothing!” She gave me a disapproving glare.

“God no, I didn’t mean it like that. I like them, of course I do! There my friends, but not how I like Ethan. The sex, it’s just fun, with him it’s deep, it hits me right here!” I placed my hand over my heart.

“And by sex I don’t mean intercourse! I Haven’t done that, not with Ethan or anyone!”

“Angel, I really don’t care what you do, or with whom. I’m your friend, your best friend. I just want to feel that you trust me. You know you can right ?”

“I know, and I do. Look I’m sorry.”

I held out my arms, she walked into them excepting my hug, her body was tense. The exact response i was trying to avoid.

“And you know that I’ve got no intention of trying to get you into bed right, don’t think that just because me and Annalise have”....

“It’s fine!” She raised her palms up at me .

“Really, I don’t!”

I accepted her statement but her awkwardness was not convincing me.

“Do I look acceptable enough ?” I asked.

Id tied my hair high on my head, my face was done and I was ready to go.

“You look fine!”

“You sure I shouldn’t wear a longer top over these ?”

I stepped into my heels glancing down at my tight fit leggings hugging snugly between my legs.

“You look alright, honestly.”

“Ok, thanks.” I replied. My tone disheartened.

Usually I’d get a fantastic or hot, even a jestfull fu*kable. Accepting under the circumstances a simple fine and alright I kissed her agitated skin and headed out of the door.


“You look fu*king hot Baby!”

Ethan looked me up and down as I stepped through his front door.

“Thanks, you look pretty hot yourself!” I told him.

He had light denim designer ripped jeans on the top button was still undone, my tongue rolled seductively over my lips.

“I’ve just gotta grab my shirt Angel, and I’m ready to go, we’ve got a cab coming in about ten minutes.”

“Oh.” My eyes lowered back to his crutch.

“There be plenty of time for that later.” He chuckled, raising my chin he kissed me tenderly on the lips.

“Where does he live ?”

He declined the front passenger seat jumping in the back with me.

“She lives about twenty minutes away!”

“She ?” I looked at him perplexed, I’d naturally assumed it was a boy.

“Yes, she!” He confirmed with a chuckle.

“Carly. She’s an ex- girlfriend.... Don’t look at me like that!”

He took my hand clasping it inside his. My eyes still glaring disapprovingly.

“She is just a friend now Angel, it was a long time ago!”

“It’s fine.”

My tone unconvincing. I turned my head towards the window, The cab pulled into a long drive, a ridiculously big detached house sat at It’s end.

“I take it this is mummy and daddy’s mansion!” My tone sarcastic .

“No this is hers, mummy and daddy are just stupidly rich!”

Fu*k! I seethed through gritted teeth, I hated this girl before I’d even met her. On entering the property I hated her even more. Jesus Christ the entrance hall was bigger than the flat I envisaged spending my adult life in. I followed Ethan down towards a light wood framed glass panelled door. He stopped several times to greet people on his way, none as yet appeared to be Carly.

“There you are.” His arms shot out gripping tightly around a slim, tall brunette. She was stunning... I fu*king hated her!!

“Here I’ve got someone I want you to meet, this is Angel.”

Ok his eyes lit up as he said my name, that was something I guess. She offered me a warm smile air kissing my cheeks both sides.

“So your the lucky lady Eth has been telling me about, hang on to him Darling his too good to lose!”

I forced a smile, her statement awakening a level of jealousy I’d been unaware i possessed.

“Come through grab yourselves a drink, have a dance, enjoy yourselves. Even go for a dip if you fancy... But no shagging in my pool you got that Eth!”

She laughed hysterically, gesturing him a wink before disappearing in the crowd.

“What drink would you like Angel ?”

“I’m ok thanks!”

“Hey what’s up? Don’t be upset, I told you me and her, it was a long time ago.”

“What and the shagging in the pool ?” I snapped my annoyance at him.

“Babe let me just grab us a couple of drinks and I’ll explain ok.”

I found a quiet spot in the corner of the room. I assumed this was probably a living room. All furniture had been cleared just a long table spanned one width at the far end, it’s surface filled with rows and rows of various alcoholic beverages. Ethan returned with two filled glasses in each hand.

“I got you a vodka and coke and an archers and lemonade, although be warned, there’s not much coke or lemonade!”

He gave a cheeky wink as he sat on the floor at my side.

“She means nothing to me baby, I promise you that. She’s just a friend!”

“She still likes you more then a friend!”

“Yeah, I know, but we’re never gonna happen again, it’s long over and it needs to stay that way! “Angel I want you, I’m not inter...”

“Then why bring me to a party of a bloody Ex that you know damn well wants you back!” I interrupted.

I could feel the adrenaline pumping fast through my veins.

“Why are you even here yourself if your no longer interested ? How the fu*k does she already know about me? Do you call her every night before or after you’ve called me?”

My constant flow of questions, giving him no chance to reply.


His voice raised up above the music. A couple of young girls turned there heads in our direction, their amused whispers making my fists clench.

“Angel, it’s not as simple as that. I owe her ok. I owe her my life”.

“Waa, what?”

My expression pained over, my fingers trembled around my glass.

“I was sixteen when I met her. Well, when she found me would be more accurate actually. I was on drugs Angel, I’m not talking the odd bit of cannabis, I was doing coke, L.S.D, whatever I could get my hands on! I was a fu*king wreck! She got me off it, sorted me out. The way I was going I wouldn’t even be here now, i was a total arsole to her. Damn, she was only eighteen herself. My age, yours ! I’ll be damned if I’d wanna take on a druggie and put up with their shit! But she did it for me, and I’ll always be grateful to her for that.”

“I’m sorry!” God, I felt like a real piece of shit and was finding it increasingly hard not to cry.

“Hey, you don’t need to apologise ok. I should of told you all this before you came!”

“What happened, you know... What made you split up ?”

“Just life. I was with her for just over a year, for the first six or so months of that i spent most of my time detesting her because she was stopping me from having what I wanted. And then, I guess we did have a proper relationship, but then i kinda realised I didn’t love her like I thought I did, I loved what she’d done for me. And we drifted apart, well, I drifted from her.”

“But she’s stunning!” I looked at him perplexed, wondering what he see in me.

“She’s gorgeous, yes. But she’s not the one for me!” He shrugged his shoulders swigging back the first of his drinks.

“And did you and her...?”

“Have sex, Yes!”

He finished my sentence off for me.

“The first time was actually in the pool. She’d only just moved into this place. An 18th birthday gift from her parents, i moved in myself for a while. My mum and Dad weren’t too pleased I almost got kicked out of the school, but after some seriously lengthy discussions it was agreed for the best under the circumstances.

I tipped my second drink straight down my throat. His confession digesting painfully. He was eighteen, an adult. I couldn’t expect him to of held onto his virginity just because i had. As much as I realised this, it still filled me with disappointment.

“I’ve erm, I’ve never done it!”

“I guessed that... You’d of hardly been just a virgin to everything else!”

“Have you done it since, with anyone else ?”

“Yeah, once. It was a girl from your school actually. ‘Shelly Jones’, she was in Annalise’s year but her parents moved to London last May.”

I shook my head. “I don’t recognise the name.” “Was she ‘your one’? ” I asked hesitantly.

“Angel right now your my only one!”

He pulled my head towards him taking my mouth with his.

“Wait there a second”. He jumped to his feet, I watched him walk through to the other room.

Carly was at his side on his return. She patted his shoulder turning in the opposite direction as Ethan headed to the drinks table.

“Come on.” He gestured me up. Another four glasses hung from his fingers.

“Where are we going ?” I asked.

He lead me to the far end of the kitchen entering through another door. This one had no glass.


I stood stunned, my eyes fixated on the tiny ripples running up and down the length of the pool.

“I, Ethan, I don’t have a costume!”

“You don’t need one!”

He walked back to the door, locking it shut with a key he pulled from his Jean pocket.

“Are you serious, you want me to get in there naked ?”

“It’s called skinny dipping I think you’ll find!” A cocky smirk broke across his face.

“But I’m, not ready.. I mean for sex!” My words jumbled out of my mouth.

“Your always ready for sex... Don’t panic, I’m not gonna try and shag ya! Carly would kill me, and judging by your face, so would you!”

“What are you waiting for”. He asked, his clothes dumped in a pile at the side of the pool, he lay floating on his back, gesturing me in.

I stripped of my clothes, conscious of his eyes on me. I shivered as I lowered myself in.

“What’s up Baby, you cold?” He swam towards me wrapping me in his arms.

I nibbled his lips, his tongue pushed through to find mine. I got so lost in his kiss, I hadn’t realised how close we were to actually making love until he whispered in my ear.

“Damn girl” my co*ks never been so tempted!”

I let out a gasp. We’d gone from the centre of the pool and I was now lent up against the side, my legs straddled round his waist. I could feel his erection against my clit.. My shaven lips hugging his length. He took my mouth again, his hips gyrating into mine.

“Fu*k, I’ve gotta get you out of here!”

He placed his hand under my backside lifting me out of the water as he climbed the steps.

“I’m sorry Angel, that was getting to hard to resist!”

He placed me down on the cold slippery floor, pulling a towel from a row of hooks he dried me down. I got back into my clothes as he got himself dried and dressed. He turned the key in the lock and then turned and lifted me up.

“Ethan.” I whispered in his ear, my face reddening as he carried me past crowds of strange faces.

“Put me down!”

He continued walking, turning at the end of the hall he started climbing the Stairs. Reaching the top he pushed open the first door we got too, lowering me down onto a four poster bed.

“You might want these!”

Carly’s voice interrupted his kiss. She placed our glasses we’d left by the pool onto a flamboyant white wooden dresser winking at Ethan she walked out of the room closing the door shut behind her.

“She won’t come back will she ?” Ethan was struggling with my leggings.


“No Ethan, I, I don’t dislike her” I stuttered. In fact after what he’d told me I actually quite admired her myself.

“I just don’t want to do anything with her!”

I’m not asking you to share me with her Baby, I’m all yours!” He finally got the leggings free from my legs.

“Can you lock the door ?”

“Angel, she won’t come back ... She’s not even into that stuff, there is no lock!”

“Is that why you like me? Because I am ?”

“I’d like you either way, that’s just a fu*king hot bonus!”

He removed my top, his hands encased round my back fighting with my bra hook. He pulled my bra down my arms, his fingers flicked over my nipples.

“Stop watching the door Angel!”

“I’m sorry, I can’t help it, I really don’t want nothing like that to happen, I can’t, not with her!”

“Angel, I wouldn’t let you if you were begging me, I don’t go back, not once I’ve moved on!”

He filled his mouth with my breast, my back arching into his face. His hand caressed down over my abdomen finding its way between my legs. Pulling on my panties he rolled them down my thighs, laying himself flat out beside me he gestured me on top of him.

“Turn yourself round Angel!” The intensity of his gaze melting my heart. I lowered my sex onto his face taking his length in my mouth. We sucked and licked until we cum in each other’s mouths.

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