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In Love With The Enemy

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24 Year old Alina Maddox, a simple bright girl who lost her father at age 19 to a ruthless Ceo billionaire, Tristan Turner and his father. While planning her vengeance, Tristan mistakes her when his company spirals downwards. In return, he holds her hostage in one of his many mansions. His intentions were to make her suffer, only to find she was innocent. He fell for her, making it impossible for him to let her go. What happens when she accidently falls for him back? Can she forget her past, the maddening pain he put her through in order to love him with all she has? Can he give up his strong ego, his professional, godly and powerful aura to love her? Will he be able to set aside what he always put first, to give her the love she deserves? Can either of them love again when their pasts continue to evolve and determine their fates? Will their emotional connection be strong enough to bring them together when their heads get in the way? Read to find out....

Romance / Drama
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Alina’s Backstory:

Alina Maddox was a brilliant kid. She was very smart, independent and the favorite kid in the family. Her Mother wasn’t around much in her life because she was a doctor and her shifts would be long, and her father would raise her and her siblings, and teach them all he could.

Their father, George Maddox was a Billionaire, he owned his businesses and most of Los Angeles. He was rich, so Alina and her family lived a luxurious life.

Her siblings always loved their life, but Alina was determined to work for what she wanted and not depend on a penny. That’s what she did.

Alina always knew her father got caught up in mafia gangs, and got associated with dangerous people. Her father was friends with Xavier Turner, CEO of Turner Enterprises and owned most of the Country. Little did she know that her father would be manipulated, used, back stabbed, and Killed by Xavier and his son Tristan.

Ever since she found out about her father’s death, her pain was unbearable. George was her best friend, he raised her, loved and cared for Alina, and she knew that he was a busy man but he knew he was a father, and he made sure that his children came first even if he didn’t need to. George and Alina had the strongest relationship out of all the Maddox kids, and Alina took his death the hardest.

Every single day that passed after his death was hard, and every single second was misery. Her pain would get more stronger and eventually all she felt was Anger. All she ever wanted was to seek revenge on Tristan for what he and his father did to George.

‘Whatever happens is what happens, but I promise on everything I love in this fucked up world that I will make you understand, make you suffer, the way you made my father suffer.’ She Thought.

Only she did not know that she would fall for her enemy.....

Tristan’s Backstory:

Tristan Turner is the eldest son of his Billionaire Mafia Leader father, Xavier Turner. When Tristan was a kid, he had a good heart, loved and cared about people, he wanted to change their fate and make this world a better place but that all changed in the blink of an eye.

Since Tristan’s family was a Mafia Family, doing the right thing and being the good person never worked out for him. His fathers and uncles would beat him until he was blue in the face, and his cousins would use him as their pet, making him do whatever they wanted. When he wouldn’t do what they wanted, they would blame him for things and Tristan would get beat.

Eventually, Tristan started to become a cruel person, not caring about anyone or anything. People thought of him as weak because he was always a good person. His family were cruel and it proved their power and strength, and Tristan wasn’t.

He wanted to show everyone that he wasn’t weak, that he will one day rule everyone in this world and he decided no more good guy. His father was using his friend, George Maddox, for more profit and to take over his businesses and everything he ever earned and owned. His father ordered him to kill George, and he did just that. Ever since that day, he showed that he is worthy, that he is strong and eventually will take up after his father and the family business.

Soon he became a very important person. CEO and Billionaire, owning half of every state in the United States and even a few out of the country. Some people loved Tristan and some people didn’t, but he didn’t care. As long as he was in charge, he could care less what happens to anyone.

Only he didn’t know that a girl would change his heart, that he was the reason behind her pain and wanting to be better for her. Only if he knew that he would fall for her and be consumed by every single thing she does, he would have warned himself....

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