Through My Love Maze

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As someone said " we love a person to death at the moment when we realize , we will lose them" 'Chris it is raining here , I hope I could be with you .'

Romance / Humor
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Today it was again a tiring day. Every day seems to be the same . Eventhough I expect something interesting to happen , nothing goes by the way I need . While waiting for the bus to head back home so many thoughts just rushed into me . All of a sudden it started to rain .

"Uff .... I haven't got an umbrella with me what to do" .

Again I drifted to my thoughts.

Even if I was lost in my thoughts a cute couple caught my attention. They were running in the rain, shouting in rejoice and they was lost in there world .

"Hey come here , have this umbrella . Your going to catch cold."

" No I won't... catch me if you can ".

" Eeeeeee .... "

They both was just enjoying there moments. A cold chill ran down my spine when I suddenly saw myself and Ben in them .
Yes I too had a beautiful time when we never cared about the world .

Three years ago

The beep sound of the alarm distracted my sleep. I pulled off the blanket form my face and took my phone to see what the time is . I jumped up realizing that if I stay any longer on the bed I will definitely be late for my interview. I ran to wash up and meanwhile i was creating a total mess in my room that made a high pitched voice to raise from down stairs calling out my name .

" Eva... what are you doing there, hurry and come down it's almost time for you to leave. If you get any more delayed you are going to mess up your interview".

That's my mom. Who else is going to shout at that rage of voice at this time . Each and every day of my life starts and ends with her scoldings and comforts , funny isn't it. I am a person who is so bothered about my looks. I always wants to look good around.

Making sure that I am good looking and pretty I headed down and there I saw a dead glare on mom's face . As usual i just avoided that glare and took steps forward to my destination.

The weather was so nice to take a walk . A cool chilled wind was blowing out. I accelerated myself because I can't ruin my interview. Walking down the street I could feel small drops of water on my cheeks . I just went on but then it began to rain heavily all of a sudden . I ran into a shade to take my umbrella out.

"Oh no I don't have one in my bag . I always used to have one . But why not today .... why out off all days ,why today".

I kept on cursing me . But no , as i have to reach there on time i just took my steps forward . I ran as fast as possible to reach the bus stop. I was not bothered about anyone around.

Running so fast , I bumped into a man and fall on the ground .


I was in full rage of anger. I lifted my chin to shout at him then he didn't even wait a second there . It seems like he was in a very hurry . He just felt even without ensuring that I am fine. My dress tore a little bit and I was soaked in water.

"Oh... what to do now, he have just ruined my clothes . What about my interview. "

I was at the edge of crying but then what ever be ,I got up and decided to attend the interview because this job, I need that. I took a deep breath and continued my journey.

Finaly , I somehow managed to finish my interview. I couldn't to all good, even though the board crew said it was nice still I was not confident in myself. I have no hope that I will get this job.
Then I headed back to home .I will have again look for other jobs .

Attending interviews every once in a week ...... will this be never ending saga. I tough to myself to sniffed in annoyance.

Reaching back home it was my mom's turn to mock me . As soon as she saw she was just staring at me . Second's later she spoke up.

"Which is this ugly duckling..."she started to mock me.

"Mom ...."

"Ey.... morning you just went out like a princess now you came as if you got into a fight ."

I just sighed in annoyance

"Mom I just bumped into a person in the morning. "

"Ahaa... too good. Were was you looking to bump into someone . Hmm,
how was your interview. Did it go well."

" About interview, I think did well they said to but I don't think that I am going to get this."

" hmmm ... now go change your clothes. Then go get these things from the store"

Mom then handed over a list to me . I changed my clothes and took my steps towards the store as soon as I crossed the door I suddenly remembered the clash I met with in the morning. Soon I rushed in to grab an umbrella.

" No not again I can run into such idiots".

After collecting the things that my mother wanted I went towards the counter , but before that I rechecked the same list and yes as expected I have left something out . I went looking for nutella in each row. While passing I bumped into someone.

"Oh... not again. "

I looked up straight to see who it was this time but for my shock it was again that same man. The one who bumped into me in the morning and spoiled my whole day.

I kept my basket aside and got ready for a fight . Seems like he didn't recognize me.

"You !!! Yes , you were the one who bumped into me in the morning and threw me in the dirt and it's again you"

"Oh so it was you . I am actually sorr.."

"So you could identify me . Ohoooo , so you was following me. "

"No it's not.."

"You coconut head , what are you planning why are following me"

" let me speak. I am not following you, morning I was in a hurry "

"You was in hurry so...
Can you leave someone like that. What about know. "

"This time it was again a...."

"Again what ?"

This time he didn't allow me to complete my words before I could he cut my words. He raised his voice and he was in a rage of anger.

"Could you just let me complete my words and stop crying like a baby . I told you it was by mistake that I bumped into you in the morning "

" but...."

Again I was cut off by him

" I was running out of my time in the morning , so i had to rush . Know it was just by mistake and it is a very busy store so there's nothing wrong when we bumped into someone by mistake "

"But you could at least say a sorry for what happened "

"I thought to say but I am not going to . Why should I after you made such a big deal out of it."

With that he just rushed to the counter , billed his things and went out. All eyes was on me after he left so I grabbed my stuff and left the store.

When I stepped out of the store there was no trace of him anywhere.

"Ufff.. such crazy people and not even willing to say a sorry . Why did I bumped into him again. Eh... what a day it is . I am never going to bump into anyone. "

While taking my steps talking to myself I was not concentrating on the road . Suddenly I felt a sharp pain on my forehead and this time I didn't bump into a person but a post on the street.

"Ah... that hurts "

I returned back home. Time passed by and night has arrived.

Today was totally not my day laying on the bed I could hear sounds from the outer home and today was the day that my mom told me that new people would be coming to leave in our outer home .

Slowly I drifted to my dreamland.

Due to the sounds from the courtyard I had to wake up early from my sleep.

" hey bring that over here . "

I could hear a man's sound but it was a familiar sound that I have heard . Anyway I was not bothered about how it was and decided to look up on that after I get freshed up . I took my lazy steps towards the bathroom.

I head down after my morning routine.

" morning mom "

"OMG what happened my dear are you sick or what why are you so early today"

"Mom I know you would be surprised but I was disturbed by some noise. "

"Yet you have not decided to wake up early "

I passed a refreshing smile at her and started to encounter about the people who came to leave newly.

"Oh it's a bachelor and he is alone. You should keep distance with him ok"

" Yes mom "

Who is going to keep a distance...

I passed an evil smile and went out to see that young bachelor. He was standing back facing me but soon he turned to a side to get something and I was able to see his side face.

" oh .. oh... "

This guy the Same guy from that morning, from that store. He turned and saw me . He pointed his fingers at me .


I gave him no time to complete his sentence before that I ran inside.

Why is he here again . Why is he in my home. Why out off all these people he came to my home as a new renter. I had so many thoughts in my mind . At the same time that scene also played in my head again and again when he pointed his finger towards me .

"Aunty.. "

I suddenly realized it was him again near the door. But why is looking for my mom to say all the things . To say that I created a scene in the store.

"Hey , come in . Did you settle down "

My mother was talking with him and not so late she called me down to introduce to him . I took my steps towards mom and she asked me to introduce myself.

"Hi , I am Eva ."

He smiled and extended his hand forward and he spoke

"Hi , I am Chris "

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