Together Again

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Rose - A girl from a small town in Mississippi. Xavier - A boy who needs help after some horrible events occurred in his life. Will Rose be able to break his shell? Or will something cause them to break up once more? Join Rose and Xavier on the journey of their lives as they revive old friendships, create new romances, and enjoy each other's company. Or so I've heard. Maybe, just maybe, they won't be able to break the barriers.

Romance / Drama
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Rose - A girl from a small town in Mississippi.

Xavier - A boy who needs help after some horrible events occurred in his life.

Will Rose be able to break his shell? Or will something cause them to break up once more?


“I need your help, Rose.”

“Why me? There are so many other people who could help Xavier.” I responded with a sigh.

“You were the only one who was able to bring him out of his shell after what happened to Emily.”

“Uh...well...what about my job? My hospital? My orphanage? They may be small, but they are big parts of my life! I can’t just throw my life’s work away!” I cried out.

“They will all be taken care of until you get back. I promise. Please, help me save my son. I have no one else. You’re my last hope, Rose.”

I saw tears building up in his eyes as he finished his sentence. I guess, for my old friend, I have to do this.

“Okay. I’ll do this, but only because he’s a friend. And because I know that this is important.”

“Thank you so much! You don’t know how much this means to me!” He grinned from one cheek to the other.

I regretted the words once I spoke them, but I knew they were all true. I guess I should pack my bags. New York, here I come! This is going to be quite the trip.

- Character Profiles -

Main Characters:-

Rose Hartley -

Age: 24 (16)

Occupation: Orthopedic Pediatric Surgeon

Fierce, loyal, sarcastic, intelligent. Loving to friends. Passionate about her job. Hates liars.


Xavier Garcia -

Age: 26 (18)

Occupation: Businessman

Ignorant, protective, stays to himself. Caring to family. Has a harsh reality. Would never hurt his family or friends.

Ryan Harley -

Age: 48

Occupation: Retired Veteran (Rose's Dad)

Can do anything for Rose. Doesn't want Rose to have a boyfriend.


Carrie Harley -

Age: 46

Occupation: Retired Veterinarian (Rose's Mom)

Loves Rose, but puts on a harsh persona because she wants others to be afraid of her.


Alejandro Garcia -

Age: 50

Occupation: Retired Businessman (Xavier's Dad)

Loves Xavier, but he didn't have time to take care of him when Xavier was younger. Now, when he does, Xavier pushes him away.


Sree Garcia -

Age: 48

Occupation: Homemaker (Xavier's Mom)

Will do anything for Xavier, but still doesn't fight for him. Has been weak since her daughter passed away.


Emily Garcia -

Age: 13 (deceased)

Occupation: Xavier's Sister

Was the apple of everyone's eyes. Could light up any room once she walked in. Passed away in the middle of a brutal business brawl.


Holly Lykaios -

Age: 24 (17)

Occupation: Neuro-Pediatric Surgeon (Rose's best friend & coworker)

Pretends to be scary, but would never hurt a fly. Has known Rose since high school.


Aalia Accardi -

Age: 24 (16)

Occupation: Fashion Designer (Rose's best friend)

Sweet. Sarcastic. Sanguine. Has known Rose since 4th grade.


John Hope -

Age: 26

Occupation: Executive Assistant & Businessman (Xavier's best friend & coworker)

Rude. Obnoxious. Only shows his soft sides to his friends and family. Has known Xavier since college.


Jeremy Carter -

Age: 27

Occupation: Teacher & Woodworker (Xavier's best friend)

Kind. Caring. Opposite of Xavier. Has known Xavier since college.

AN: Hey. So, what do you think about the book so far? Tell me in the comments! Let me know who you think is the most interesting!

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