Nanny for the Mafia

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Dante Rossi known all around the world mostly for the bad reasons, being the Don of the Italian mafia. This capo will need some help for his 4 years old son and that's how Isabella Valenti enters his world. Isabella Valenti nanny for crime families, now she will be hired by the most scary of them all, but she's not afraid, she knows how this works, but when she sees him something will change inside her. What will happen between the two of them? Will something happen between them? Is Dante as bad as they say?

Romance / Erotica
Filipa Ribeiro
4.7 16 reviews
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Dante P.O.V.

"Luca, talk to me about the Giordani's situation." I tell my second in command Luca.

"We're trying to find where the next deliver it's gonna be, we have all our man's in this, and the polizia{police} is on stand by."

"Va Bené{okay}, keep me informed about everything new you find."

"{yes} Don."

"And what about the nanny for Lorenzo?" I asked him.

" I think I found the perfect one, i have the file here, she worked with other crime family and they say only good thing about her." He said and gives me the file.

Nome: Isabella Valenti
Età: 25
Naturalezza: Italy, Naples
Famiglia: Father Francesco Valenti, mother Anabella Valenti both deceased in a car accident in 2012
Competenze: Early Childhood education degree, E-CU, speaks: english, italian and portuguese.
Raccomandazioni: Gallo's family recomendation: Isabella is a sweet girl, has a lot a patience for children, helps around the house with cleaning and food even if we say she doesn't need to. We had her for 5 years and our children love her and call her Aunt Bella. She's caring, and knows how to boss even the most energetic child.The next children to be with her will be perfect safe and she will take good care of him/her. For sure the best nanny. Also she knows what happens in our line of work and doesn't interfere in it. We let her and the kids go on walks out of property and we trusted her 1000% with our three kids safety, she can't fight and use guns when needed to.
Registrati: -----
Alti: Trained in Box, Jiu-Jitsu, Krav Maga, Muay-Thai.

"Alright, call her and tell her to be here tomorrow 7am, i want to talk to her." I tell him.

For my son I want the best and nothing but the best, he is 4 years old, and unlike his father he is very shy and timid, maybe that's because he doesn't have a mother, but he is better without her anyway. I met his mother in my night club, a one night stand, I was so wasted that I barely remember.

After she found out she was pregnant she came to me asking for money or else she was going to have an abortion. First i asked her for a DNA test to confirm he was mine, I offered her to stay in my mansion with all the things she would need, but no, she just wanted money. 10 million was how much she asked for, now i may be ruthless and all that bad shit people talk about me, but I do have a heart and my unborn child didn't have to pay for my mistakes, so when he was born she didn't hold him or even looked at him, by her choice, she didn't want him just the money. That day i held him for the first time was the best of my life. I thought I could put him in kindergarten but in my line of business i don't wanna take that risk.

Let's see now what happen with this nanny, i got to say I am impressed with her file, i had other two before but they are always afraid to be around the people in the house, so they don't last a week. My sister has been helping me with him, but she is young she has her own life.

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