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Short story, medium pace Dylan Black has it all, known as Mr. Perfect. He’d do anything to stay on everyone’s good side, he’d even take in a girl he’d hit with his car to avoid getting a criminal record. When that just so happens, he unconsciously falls for her, but is already engaged to someone else, having being pushed into an arranged marriage. When the time comes, will he follow his mind…? Or will he follow his heart?

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

I woke up feeling good, everything was good. I had a good paying job, a fiance I would be getting married to soon, great house, good friends and a loving dog.

What could go wrong?

I take a shower with a smile on my face and get dressed, putting on my favorite black tuxedo, even though all the others look the same as this one.

I style my hair to perfection and walk out the room, doing a little twirl to boost my mood.

I get down stairs and my dog looks at me curiously and I just nod like I knew what he was thinking.

I make toast which comes out perfectly and a tasty cup of coffee and fill up my dog’s bowl which he happily attacks.

I eat up and drink up my coffee before petting my dog and walking out of my house.

I press the button on my keys and my car beeps signaling its open, I get in and start the car.

I drive to work and get there early adding on to my lucky streak today.

I check in and head for my office, greeting my colleagues on the way.

I open the door to my office and find my boss sitting in the chairs meant for visitors or clients.

“Good morning, sir,” I greet as he stands and shakes my hand.

“Morning, Mr. Black,” He says, “I’m here to consult something that I think should be looked at,”

“Yes, sir?” I ask sitting upright in my chair behind my desk.

“I feel you should be promoted,” He says and I balk.

“Not that I decline, sir” I say, “But why do you see it fit?”

“Well,” He says, “You work a lot and you have the brains to become head of department, you’re talented and I can’t let your talents go to waste”

“I’m pleased sir,” I start, “But I don’t want it to seem like nepotism because I’m going to be marrying your daughter,”

“No,” He says and shakes his head, “You are smart and you are now head of the accounts department. End of conversation.”

He leaves my office without another word, leaving me smiling.

Good luck indeed, today was great, I fist pump the air and whisper shout out my joy, HOD, wow, what and improvement.

I start work and get done in record time, in time to receive a visit from my bride to be.

“Hello, Dylan,” She greets walking into my office.

“Hello, Sophia,” I say and stand up.

Our marriage was arranged by our parents and I was already starting to dislike her.

She was a model, great shape, dental formula even her hair was nicely soft but she was way too judge-y for my liking.

I couldn’t refuse the proposal because I have never gone against my parents.

The only thing I’ve ever done against their will is move out and they still remind me of that ‘mistake’.

“I came to see my father and thought I’d stop by,” She says and walks over giving me those fancy air kisses before smiling, showing off her pearly whites.

“Glad you think of me,” I say and force a smile, I liked my teeth.

They were naturally white whereas I’m sure she went for teeth whitening and a lot of other surgical processes to look the way she does.

“Anyway, got to go, ta ta!” She says before walking out.

I’ve barely had a sensible conversation with her since the day I met her, she’s always on the go, never having enough time to stop.

I needed to get to know her, after all she would be my wife.

What type of husband would I be if I didn’t even know her favorite color?

I pack up my confidential work and close the door locking it behind me.

News was out, that I was promoted. It was on the notice board along with the daily news and updates.

Many congratulated me and I was happy, I was really on a lucky streak today.

Though, I can’t help but wonder what happened to the previous HOD….

I get into my car and start the drive to my place, putting on the radio and finding 69’s ‘fefe’ on.

I wasn’t into such music but it was really catchy so I start bobbing my head to it.

Who knew meaningless songs were so hype. I’m so lost in my thoughts I don’t notice the girl in front of my car.

I screech to a halt after seeing a girl on the road, but don’t stop fast enough to stop from hitting her.

She falls to the ground with so much force I wince as though I’m the one who fell. Did I just hit a person?

I quickly get out and run to the front of my car seeing her on the ground, blood seeping from her head and flowing from her nose.

Without another thought I pick her up and place her in my car, I would drive her to the hospital and hopefully she wouldn’t involve the police.

If I got arrested it would ruin my image and ruin my whole life, I needed to make this girl forgive me somehow, maybe even try to bribe my way out of this.

People around were eyeing me curiously. What, I’m not gonna kidnap her, this isn’t staged and I didn’t plan this.

I look her over as I set her in my car, admiring her natural beauty as she was not wearing makeup.

Dressed in a red dress with a tight fitting waistline, one strap over one shoulder and the other bare, the dress is long almost reaching her ankles but settling in the middle of her shin.

Her blond hair was short, wavy and shoulder length, framing her face perfectly.

I couldn’t really finalize anything with her face because it was covered in blood, so without another thought, I close the door get into the driver’s side and drive off.

I would help this girl no matter what, I couldn’t lose my job because of having a criminal record.

I would beg her not to press charges if it came down to that.

When I get to the hospital I quickly get her in and they immediately take her into the emergency room.

I’m about to leave when I realize she might not be able to pay for the bills and it was partly my fault for hitting her, so I decide to stay.

My dog, Hero, would be so lonely, I’ve never been late.

I guess my lucky streak was finally over. I sigh, this had to be the worst thing that could happen on my lucky day.

I take off my suit jacket and remain with the white shirt and waist coat.

It was suddenly really hot and I was getting worried, what if she died? Then I would be charged with a case of murder, and her family?

They’d probably find a way to have me sentenced to a life in prison, no I couldn’t handle that.

I pray that girl survives, if she doesn’t it’ll be the end of me, may the good news come soon.

My prayers are answered three hours later when a nurse walks over to me and tells me the girl is awake and ready to go.

A particular part of her brain was shocked so she was paralyzed from the waist down.

I follow her back to a room and see the girl sitting up in a bed and a bandage wrapped around her head.

“I’m so sorry,” I immediately say once the nurse leaves, leaving me alone with her.

She turns to me after sometime and looks shocked and frightened for a while, as if she didn’t see me in the room.

She places her hand over her chest as though to stop her rapidly beating heart from escaping.

“You scared me half to death,” She whispers as though she was talking to herself.

“Didn’t you hear me?” I ask

“Oh, I did but I didn’t see you,” She says looking in the area I was standing but not looking at me directly.

Her eyes looked glaucous and glazed over, a mesmerizing color for her faint greenish grey eyes. I wonder why her eyes seem so dull…

“What do you mean, you didn’t see me?”

“Sir, I already told the nurse that I’m blind, so…,” she says in a much louder voice.

“Oh,” I say and wonder, deciding to play the part of a concerned doctor, “How did you get blind?”

“I was born blind,” She says and I nod my head.

“It must be hard,” I say not finding any other words, I felt so guilty.

“It is,” She says, “But my doctor says there is hope of me gaining me eyesight,”

“Really?” I ask, feeling better.

“Yeah, it’s just, they haven’t found the problem,” She say seeming sad, “My nurse suggests they just hit me in the head multiple times,”

“I apologize for hitting you,” I say, feeling guilty and changing the subject.

“You’re the one who hit me!” She exclaims quietly still seeming like she’s talking to herself.

I’ve come to terms with the fact that she has a low voice.

“I will pay for the hospital bills and drive you home, I’m truly sorry,” I say

“I actually don’t have a home anymore,”

She says and I look at my wrist watch.

“I was supposed to be there two hours ago to pay rent, now I’m sure I’ve been evicted, my belongings probably burning somewhere,”

Shit, I’d left this girl homeless by delaying her. I feel so guilty, what can I do to help her….maybe she can stay with me until she finds a place to stay in.

Yes, that’s perfect, I’ve got more than enough room in my house.

“You can stay with me ’till you find a house,” I suggest.

“Are you willing to take in a stranger?” She asks tilting her head to the side with a small smile on her face.

“If it will stop you from pressing charges,” I say and smile guiltily.

“Actually, yes, it will,” She says and smiles wider her eyes still searching for my face.

I smile but before I can say anything more a nurse walks in with a wheelchair.

I feel bad because I landed this girl in a wheelchair and she’s already blind, I feel like an evil person.

I lift her from the bed and set her in the chair, kindly refusing the help of the nurse.

I pay for the bills and wheel the girl out of the room, out of the hospital and to my car. I then realize I still don’t know her name.

I help her into the car and fold the wheel chair placing it at the back before getting into the car fastening the seat belt, for her first then myself.

“My name is Dylan, Dylan Black,” I say, “May I know yours?”

I turn to her and see her thinking like she’s contemplating something, analyzing something.

“I’m Alexis, Alexis Jasper. Everyone else calls me AJ so you can too,” She says and smiles in my direction before looking straight ahead.

That name sounded oddly familiar.

“I’d rather call you…” I say thinking, “Lexi” I say settling for a nickname I saw fit for her.

I put on my playlist this time and drive to my place. It’s then I remember I had left my dog alone, he must be shivering his tail off right now.

At least I still get to keep my job and the police won’t find out about this because if they did, it would ruin me.

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