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Chapter 10

It had been weeks and I hadn’t seen Lexi. It was actually weird, we lived in the same house but I didn’t see her once.

These past weeks I’ve been depressed, someone would think I’m going through a breakup.

Everything seemed dull without Lexi and reminded me of her.

Sophia and I have really bonded and are getting along well, she’s changed.

She actually kinder, more thoughtful and its shocking really, but I’m glad she’s changed, because I’m going to be marrying her in a few days, three to be exact.

The gathering Daniel had planned was actually my bachelor’s party.

All my guy friends were there and it was fun. Lexi came by and said hi to Daniel, but that’s all she did.

Didn’t even mention me, it hurt, it really did.

After that Lexi has practically just been staying in her room with Imelda and it was sad.

People noticed my usually mellow mood had dimmed and they were concerned but no one approached the subject.

As a result I’ve been behind on wok, since we were told to go back, and I was in Mr. Michelson’s office right now.

“I understand you’re about to get married,” He says looking at me from across the desk, “So it’s the nerves, am I right?”

“Yes, sir,” I say, not having the energy to explain the real reason.

“Maybe you’ve caught the flu going round,” He says looking at me curiously.

“Um, I’ll go get checked,”

“Say what,” He says and sits up, “You can have the rest of your days off then come back to work a month after your wedding,”

Usually I’d argue about not coming to work but right now, it’s exactly what I need.

I nod and leave his office not waiting for him to excuse me. I lock my office and walk groggily out the building.

People passing by me look at me with worried and concerned looks but I just shrug them off.

When I get to my car I turn and immediately picture Lexi sitting beside me, laughing.

I close my eyes and lean my head on the steering wheel, I’m acting as though she’s dead.

Sighing, I start the car and drive to my place.

I would talk to her today; I’d given her enough time, all this over one kiss?

I mean it meant a lot to me, but I didn’t think it would mean much to her.

When I get to my place I greet the officers, who had now become my permanent security, and head for the house.

Hero walks over but doesn’t jump up on me because I’m sure he can sense I’m not in the mood.

I walk up stairs stomping to her room, not knocking and just walking in.

She’s seated on her bed, facing the ceiling but turns to me when she hears the door open. I close the door behind me and walk to her.

“Imelda?” She calls out.

“Not Imelda,” I say staring at her with so much anger I was afraid I would burn holes through her skull.

“Please leave,” She says and looks away.

“You can’t chase me from my own room,” I remind her, “this is my house,”

“I’ll be leaving tomorrow so you don’t have to worry,” She says

“What?” I ask, shocked.

“Imelda helped me confirm the sale of that house and I bought it,” She says, “It’s already furnished so I’ll be moving in tomorrow,”

“You don’t have to go,” I say

“You’re getting married soon,” She points out, “your wife can’t live under the same roof as me,”

“I don’t want you to go,” I say.

“But I do,” She says and stands up, “I don’t want to cause problems between you two,”

“You won’t,” I say and try to take her hands but she moves them away.

“Well, not intentionally,” She says pushing me away gently, “But what will she think when she finds out she’s living with a girl her husband kissed?”

“This is all about that kiss?” I ask, finally understanding.

“Yes,” She says and tears well up in eyes, “it may not have meant anything to you but I can’t say the same,”

“Actually-” I start, but she’s having none of it.

“I have to pack so I can be ready to leave,” She says turning away from me.

“Why won’t you get it?” I ask and turn her to look at me, “I love you, okay?”

She looks shocked for a while blinking rapidly, before frowning and shaking her head. She moves away from me the tears finally falling over.

“If you loved me you wouldn’t be getting married to someone else,” She whispers breathing heavily.

“I have no choice,” I say and run fingers through my hair.

“Of course you do,” She says and shakes her head, “It’s your life, not your parents’”

I stay quiet, she was right but I didn’t want to go against them.

I didn’t want my father to look at me the same way he looked at Delilah, I care for them and didn’t want to hurt them.

“Leave, please,” She says closing her eyes, making more tears fall.

“Lexi…” I say trying to get to her.

“Just leave,” She says

I nod my head and walk out closing the door behind me. If I knew females were this hard to deal with I would have been better off gay.

I later found out that the whole situation about her parents was solved. The people were taken back to their families and the government officials involved were arrested.

Lexi’s parents are off the hook and so is she, maybe that’s why she want to leave. She didn’t even tell me that her parents were fine.

Who cares anyway? It’s her life, I’m not in it so it shouldn’t matter.

Even Hero seemed sad, she must have pushed him away too.

I walk to my room and go to bed in a bad mood, dreaming of a life where I didn’t follow everything my parents said.

I wake up the next morning to Hero scratching my door, so I get up in my pajama’s and walk to the door opening it.

He looks up at me with a sad like expression and runs to the stairs.

I follow him and find Imelda hugging Lexi goodbye, I also see a taxi waiting outside and frown.

“You’re really going,” I say startling both her and Imelda.

“You’re getting married tomorrow,” She says, “You should be getting your beauty sleep,”

Imelda walks away, choosing to leave us alone.

Why did she make everything so hard, she couldn’t just walk out of my life like this.

I knew I wanted to be with her but I couldn’t because I was getting married to someone else.

“Why are you leaving?” I ask her walking closer.

“Because I want to,” She says.

I shake my head, “So everything we went through meant nothing to you, you don’t feel the same way?”

“Of course I do,” She says and sighs, “I love you, I don’t know why but I do,”

“Then why are you leaving?” I ask

“I don’t want to be the cause of a broken home,” She says, “When you come to your senses you’ll probably love Sophia,”

With that she walks to the taxi with the help of the cab driver. I watch as the car drives out the gate and out of sight.

I get back in feeling the cold breeze. What type of person gets married in December?

Me apparently.

I walk around the house just to pass the time and later Daniel comes over. I’m glad some things haven’t changed, Lexi and Daniel are now really good friends but she just ignores me.

We sit in the living room in silence for a while before finally breaking the silence.

“Is this about Alexis?” He asks, when I keep quiet he continues, “If you love her so much why are you getting married to Sophia?”

“I really don’t know,” I say and shake my head, “It’s too late to turn back now, though, she’s gone,”

“It’s never too late, man,” Daniel says.

We stay quiet for a while before we both change the subject talking about anything but girls and my wedding tomorrow.

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