your life before mine

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Chapter 11

It was a small gathering, only close friends and family but everything about the decor said big.

Even with a little people here I was still afraid, it felt wrong, everything felt wrong.

Even Daniel, my best man, looked like he was disgusted by everything.

Sophia practically did everything never really considering my opinion, she chose everything and I must admit it looked pretty good.

I wasn’t even nervous or anything, I was just uncomfortable.

I know that with my mom in charge nothing was out of place, but it felt like I shouldn’t be here, like this was all so wrong.

I had no idea what I was getting into, because from everything I’d heard about Sophia, I doubt she’s in it for commitment.

“Man, it’s time for you to go out,” Daniel says coming into my changing room, “Sophia’s almost here,”

I sigh and get up, making sure my hair is okay and my suit has no wrinkles. I turn to him and find him watching me with a sad expression.

“You don’t have to do this,” He says.

“I’ve gotten this far,” I say and walk past him.

I stand where the groom is supposed to stand and see that the church is half empty.

She really didn’t invite many people, but that was good I guess, less nerves.

What feels like an hour later the music starts up and everyone stands.

The doors are opened and standing there in the most revealing wedding dress is Sophia. It didn’t even look like a wedding dress, more like a diner dress and it was way too suggestive.

I wouldn’t want to be remembered as the guy that got married to a slutty bride. If only she let me see the dress before this.

“If you keep that facial expression,” The priest starts, “People will think your holding in a fart,”

I actually crack a smile at that.

I could see that he too was staring disapprovingly at her, I mean you’re getting married in the presence of God and you’re wearing something that would fit a two year old and still be small.

It wasn’t something I looked forward to seeing in my wedding photos years after.

He begins the ceremony and we do as told, with me mindlessly doing everything.

My mind kept going back to Lexi and I kept comparing everything Sophia did to what Lexi would do.

It was really irritating because I imagine Lexi being perfect, and I know she is, but I’m getting married to someone else.

“Do you?” The priest asks, seeming to have asked more than once.

“Do I what?” I whisper to him, I really didn’t get the question.

“Do you take Sophia Anastasia Michelson as your lawfully be-wedded wife?” He asks

The first answer that comes to mind is no. This is wrong, I shouldn’t be here.

I wouldn’t give her the love she deserved because my mind would always be on Lexi.

Lexi is the person I love not Sophia, now I see that you can’t love one but be with another.

She was right, I have remembered her after snapping back to my senses and I know exactly where to find her.

“No, I don’t,” I say and smile, this definitely felt right.

“What?” Sophia asks as everyone gathered gasps.

“I’m sorry,” I say and turn to her, “I’ve wasted your time and my own, I don’t love you at all,”

I look to the crowd and see my parents looking upset and Mr. Michelson not showing any emotion. Well there goes my job.

“I don’t even think I like you,” I say and shake my head, “We don’t belong together, I love someone else and I have to go tell her,”

“It’s that rug rat, right?” She asks dropping the bouquet of flowers.

“No,” I shake my head, “It’s the love of my life,”

I walk to my parents and look at them before smiling, screw my dad, I am my own person.

I walk over to Mr. Michelson but before I can even say anything his shaking his head with a smile on his face.

“I knew you’d say no eventually,” He says, “I’m shocked you even came here,”

“You knew?”I ask

“That’s why I asked her to invite a few people,” He says, “Social embarrassment could be a witch if it wants to be,”

I nod my head in agreement and smile, “That means I keep my job?”

“Of course,” He says, “now go find that girl who kept you sulking all month,”

“Wait…” I say and look at Daniel, of course he told him.

I smile and walk out of the building, into my car and to the address I remember the house she’d picked being.

Once I get to the place I quickly get out of the car and open the gate, running through the gate and ignoring the guard telling me to stop.

A tiny dog runs after me as I reach the door and ring the doorbell, breathing heavily.

“Sir, who are you?” The guard asks.

I don’t answer but ring the door bell again. When I don’t hear a response I open the door and walk around looking for her.

I’d viewed this house when I came to confirm it was a real location and knew almost all the rooms.

When I get to the back yard, I see her sitting on the ground leaning against a tree.

“Lexi,” I say relieved that I’d finally found her.

“Dylan?” she asks looking in my direction, “What are you doing here?”

I walk to her and make her stand cupping her face in my hands.

I finally understood everything now, my parents were obviously using me to do everything they couldn’t accomplish at my age and when my sister failed to fulfill mother’s dream, dad used me for his.

“I’m here for you,” I say, “Why else would I be here?”

“But…,” She says, “isn’t your wedding still…?”

“I put an end to it,” I say, “It was just a waste of time,”

She smiles and hugs me, I hug her back smiling too. Everything was now how it’s supposed to be.

“You’re definitely worth my time,” I say, “I realize that now,”

“Shut up and kiss me,” She whispers before closing the distance.

Yes, ma’am, I answer in my head and pull her closer. Now, I truly was in heaven.

I’d gone through the pro’s and con’s and have finally decided that she will be my only focus.

I’ll make her happy, nothing will make me change my mind.

“Love is blind, I guess,” she says after pulling away and smiles.

That smile…that smile would definitely be the end of me.

But one thing was for sure, her life was more valuable than mine, it will always be…

…your life before mine.

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